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  • Smithd170 on October 18, 2016

    This is why Facebook games are becoming more popular. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging fdabfegdbadgddbd

  • anon on January 19, 2015

    I can’t watch this documentary from youtube here, because its not available. Gee, I wonder why.

    And people are not alone with having a weird feeling about this. I too felt that many details were left out in the official story.

    I live in germany. Long time ago in history class, I was told that Hitler completely destroyed the German economy by some kind of weird program regarding the employment system that supposedly caused a lot of inflation.
    What my history classes have also told me is that the people you see in the speeches etc were only the most radical supporters of Hitler (funny considering the origin of the word “radical”). Now this articles claims all people loved him.
    What’s also weird is that Hitler was said to be a horrible artist and thus rejected at art schools. However, being an artist myself, by looking at his paintings, he has this eye for detail not many seem to have. His technique was pretty advanced already, and he indeed was able to draw people. He seemed fascinated by architecture and geometrical shapes in particular. All this indicates that he 1) was ready to push his boundaries by paying attention to detail 2) put love and passion into what he does and 3) willed improve constantly (likely on all personal, professional and emotional levels). In short, artists (or anyone who keeps themselves busy with the crafts) tick differently, usually for the better. These are creative, innovative people. SO what would make a creative mind like him go politics and (supposedly?) murder so many people? – this is something I have always wondered.

    And indeed, the more I read into this, the more I am gaining the impression that he indeed had good intentions, at FIRST. Supposedly, there was a point when the NSDAP had a very humanistic party program, UNTIL certain members have joined the party (who supposedly were freemasons). And from that point onwards, the party program was profoundly changed to include racism, police state like laws, abolishing basic human rights etc. Sadly I do not know the details anymore. Hitler also promised not to start another war. The information I got this from is a Youtube video that showed an interview with a close friend of Hitler. The video was released after he died, because apparently the info is so hot he wanted to kept it secret under all costs in fear of his own life. I think his name was “Hellmann” or “Herrmann”. If you’re lucky maybe you can find something on that in English. Or maybe even this documentary covers that.
    Some other sources I’ve read suggest that Hitler was under some kind of influence or mind control by “alien” forces. Maybe that’s the reason the 3rd Reich experimented with saucers (some of these still buried on German land, and Government refuses to comment on that let alone salvage them – there’s a documentary about that as well). It seems crazy. But do I hope the truth will come out eventually.

    For anyone wondering about law situation after WWII ended – look up SHAEF laws. Supposedly all european nations have signed those laws proposed by allied forces, and it states that anyone who spreads “information that helps the enemy” can be subject of execution. Supposedly these laws are still active too.

  • Daniel on December 30, 2014

    IG Farben and Wall Street Money and the goal of global pharma domination is the root cause of WW2.
    And your 6 hour movie doesn’t talk about it. Cool story bro.

  • Chris Williams on May 28, 2014

    Hi – I just submitted a comment and was told that I might be a spammer. Please have a look at the content of what I have written. I am a strong supporter of this site and it is inexplicable that I could be regarded as such if you read what I actually say!!

    • TGSNTtv on May 28, 2014

      Hi thanks. We get spammed a lot so new comments with links etc automatically get put into a spam box. Not to worry, we check all comments, spam as well. Your comment has been approved.

      • Chris Williams on May 28, 2014


  • brian768b on May 7, 2014

    Right on Jeremy, for your comment above. Even when I was a boy in Ontario, I felt that there was something precious within Nazi Germany that was being kept from us. I felt there was something really vital for our future there. Dennis Wise opens this up for us. At the end of the documentary he describes utopia lost. -Brian Ruhe

  • anonymous on May 2, 2014

    Again i ask : this seems to be only the half-truth – as it is sounding like fan club of hitler –
    key things unanswered here in this story:
    1. how could hitler fund his grand schemes and military without support from industrial houses – german and american
    2. wasnt hitler an arm chair general – just making his forces run here and there
    3. why could not hitler stop the war when he knew germany is almost lost
    4. why he had to die in a bunker mysteriously ?

    source – henry mackow – hitler was indeed a jew himself financed by industrial powers
    hitler lead the poor germans into a war – by his intoxicating speeches of hatred
    did not hitler have few key military posts by jews – milsch leaders ?
    as shown in this series how few people like leon degralle, otto skorzeny , martin borman escaped death from post war trials – while most of hitlers real generals were hanged

    • Chris Williams on May 28, 2014

      Anonymous – I’ve had a look at some of what Henry Mackow has to say but I am not familiar with his evidence that Hitler was financed by the industrial powers. If you could provide a more specific reference to his claim in this regard I would be happy to give you my opinion on it. But in the absence of something more specific and noting Mackow’s reliance on some pretty thin speculations (eg. he notes at one point that Mae Brussell said there was a Hitler in the Pentagon who was responsible for the Vietnam War, and so Mackow concludes it was probably Hitler himself se ref:

      The evidence brought to light by Denis Wise shows us that while Hitler hated what the Jews and international bankers had done to Germany – and fear of what he saw as the existential threat to all of Europe from Jewish Bolshevism, his focus was not on destroying the Jews but on protecting and rejuvenating Germany. Hitler didn’t want or need international capital to finance his activities. His program of economic rejuvenation resulted in startling economic progress precisely because it rejected the usury that went with some foreign investment. And of course the German people – who remain industrious to this day despite their hardships – rose magnificently to the occasion.

      It is simply not true that his speeches are full of hate – they are full of stirring rhetoric about Germany and what he wanted as its glorious future. Yes he wanted to end Jewish influence in German culture that was the source of so much of his popularity. And of course we have known for many years now about the transfer agreement which saw the relocation of German Jews to Palestine – which continued right up until 1939.

      There are also many speeches which clearly articulate the extent to which he went to prevent war with Europe and America.

      As to him being an armchair general, I would really recommend you have a read of Richard Tedor’s book Hitler’s Revolution. I found this book as revelatory as Wise’s videos. What is particularly startling is the extent to which Hitler’s war effort was undermined from the very beginning by the Junker class of Generals and other senior officers, traitors like Tresckow, Gehlen, Beck and Canaris who had nothign but utter contempt for ordinary German soldiers or the people and who wanted desperately to get in with the Allied command as a way of taking over Germany after the war (something at least the Allies never granted them).

      It is, in fact, amazing that the German war effort was actually as successful as it was giving the traitorous acts of some of the key players – and this can be attributed to the amazing efforts of the local commanders and soldiers and I believe to Hitler’s guidance of the strategy despite the efforts of the traitors in his senior ranks, along with the help of some key loyalists. Moreover, Tedor brings evidence to show that Hitler was never one to try and impose his will on military discussions. Given his distinguished war record, he might have been forgiven for indulging in a bit of arm-chair generalship but – despite his unchallenged authority – Tedor shows that Hitler sought to draw out the views of all in order to reach a conclusion, including dissenting views.

      As for 3, why he didn’t stop the war when it was lost. You might ask the same question of those Germans trapped inside Stalingrad when the battler was lost. Germans continued to fight because, as I noted above, they saw Bolshevism, in particular, as an existential threat. This is why, except for that narrow Junker class of officers, Germans remained fiercely loyal to Hitler right to the bitter end.

      Hitler was not going to give either the Allies, or the Bolsheviks the satisfaction of capturing him. As Goering says at the end of these videos “he was our sovereign” – capturing him, and humiliating him would have been the last indignity for the German nation. Something that at least Goering is glad was prevented from happening.

      • Chris Williams on June 7, 2014

        Further to my previous comment in response Anonymous I’ve done some more research and while I can see what Anonymous is referring to in relation to funding by industrial houses of Germany and America “to fund his grand schemes”. In particular, I presume he is referring to the $135 million loaned to Germany in the 1920s and 30s through the American bank of International Settlements, established in the early 20s under the so-called Dawes Plan. There was also the supply of oil by US Standard oil for Hitler’s military rebuilding (The IG Farben Company ; and also and Fritz Thyssen, using Prescott Bush’s firm, ‘Brown, Bush and Harriman’, – were the conduits for this assistance from the US).

        Of course Hitler accepted funds from international bankers to rebuild Germany, and oil from US interests. Germany was on its knees. The fact that such international banking interests were the same ones which were also funding Germany’s enemies – including Stalin – says something about their complete lack of any morality in their worldview.

        But it doesn’t really say anything about Hitler. Hitler could see that Germany faced a looming existential threat from Bolshevism and the task of rebuilding Germany’s national defenses was urgent. It is interesting to speculate as to how the war would have gone had Germany not done the one unpardonable thing which was to introduce new independent, interest free currency. Up until that point the international bankers were probably happy for Hitler to win the war.

  • Milan Peter on April 25, 2014

    Who is author of this nazi-propaganda? Why this nazi fan is hiding his name if he is so proud of all this bullshit? have you ever been guys in some auschwitz? It is total bullshit. Sick!

  • Alejandro on April 8, 2014

    The Fuhrer is and will always be in our hearts

    • john bull on March 18, 2016

      Here Here! Adolph Hitler Was A Genius!

  • Jeremy on March 23, 2014

    I always thought something was amiss with the official story I was taught in school and university. I have been to Europe, spent a few weeks in France. I have been to Normandy, I had my “American Cemetery” moment…. The whole thing is such a sad affair… But, always, in the back of my mind I knew something was wrong. I felt there was another side to the story. There aren’t ANY books or programs telling the German side…. Hell, it is illegal to discuss revised history in some countries. I am 40 years old. I am tired of the fear being labeled racist, anti semitic, xenophobic, or homophobic. The truth will set your free! Thank you!!!…. And truly, No more fear!!!!!

    • Chris Williams on May 28, 2014

      I can highly recommend Richard Tedor’s, Hitler’s Revolution, available through Amazon.

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