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  • sayem on March 28, 2015

    Bengal famine of 1943. Total deaths 1.5 to 4 million. Source Wikipedia.

    By August 1943 Churchill refused to release shipping to send food to India.Initially during the famine he was more concerned with the civilians of Nazi occupied Greece (who were also suffering from a famine) compared with the Bengalis,[68] noting that the “starvation of anyhow underfed Bengalis is less serious than that of sturdy Greeks”.

    • konwayk on March 29, 2015

      From what I know of, Churchill was both Anti-German and Anti-Indian. Churchill said that Indians are the beastliest people right next to the Germans.

      That explains why he starved millions of Indians to death so that he can destroy Germany completely by stealing supplies from India and forcing Indian soldiers to fight for Britain. Britain was happy to cooperate with him in destroying Germany even after Adolf Hitler and Germany showed mercy to British by allowing them to escape at Dunkirk.

      Andrew Jackson was right. He used to say “Never trust the British.”

  • ode vera on January 11, 2015

    No such thing as a “clean” war. war is war, all the same.

    • konwayk on January 11, 2015

      Yes, there is a clean war. A clean war is a war where the war is fought in a righteous manner.

      In both World War 1 and World War 2, Germany fought in a righteous manner. Everything was clean from the side of Germany.

      As for Both Great Britain and America controlled by Jews, there was nothing clean about their actions during World War 1 and World War 2. The only exceptions among Allies were General Patton, his Third Army, and Admiral William Leahy.

  • Mike on December 14, 2014

    I wonder what the real numbers are of the German victims. it must be at least 1.5 million!

  • Sandun Dhammika Perera on October 14, 2014

    I’m from a country where we have sad memories under British emperor. When I was a child I used to hate British and English people. But sooner I understand it’s not English people but it’s their greedy politicians and queen who are greedy and even against their own people.

    Today I’m not hesitate to say English people are really high class people. I really respect English literature and English modern arts.

    Holocaust is a fabricated lie and shameless Queen’s army of UK did those crimes not only against Germans, but think how many people they have killed in India. Indians didn’t went to UK to invade their country. Neither English people want to go and invade other countries.

    But the shame thing is still same politicians and their family descendents are ruling Britain.

    • Eberhardt von Jahwe on October 14, 2014

      Thank you for your comment Sandun. Very rarely do we hear the views of “We the people”. All we are “told” is from the media.

      As a well traveled individual it isn’t until you meet people, not pre-conditioned, media-fed, free thinkers who actually live in their country of residence do you even begin to understand a culture, a way of life, lived by the people themselves.

      Instead of going on holiday somewhere, staying at a designated resort, one needs to experience the life of the land they are visiting to really know.

  • Christian Cruzata on September 23, 2014

    I am thrilled by the question: Did we fight a clean war? that I read at the beginning of this article. My grand father is a WWII veteran. He proudly served in the french army and he told me once that one of the nastiest events in mankind history is WWII. War is never clean, war sucks. Those who won the war, lost it and those who lost it, lost it twice.

  • Erik on May 24, 2014

    When Winston Churchill talk about how “evil” Germany is, and after 1945 Churchill sought to replace England population with Africans and Muslims, with the deliberate intent to commit genocide against the English people, it tells you how sick and evil Winston Churchill really was.

    If he cared for the British people, He would have excepted Hitler peace offer and kicked the bankers out of the UK.

    If he really cared for the English people, He would have not created the conditions for the racial genocide of the White race in England by having it replaced by Negroes, Arabs, Middle Easterners and Pakistanis.

    If he really for the English people, He would have made peace with the original Anglo-Saxon forefathers of the English people who live in Germany – The Germans.

    The Germans are the original Anglo-Saxons – forefathers of the English people. Making peace within the larger Germanic race wouldn’t hurt.

    If he really cared for the British people, He would have kept Britain out of shameful war with his Germanic cousins – The Germans, and thus Over 400,000 British Soldiers and citizens would have had their lives saved.

    If he really cared for the British people he would have joined forces with Germany against the devil itself – Stalin & Bolshevism – in a combined attack against the Zionist creation – The USSR.

    If he really cared for the British people he would have made peace.

    Churchill not only committed a crime against Humanity by starting thje process of bombing innocent civilians, but he also was the worse leader Britain ever had, Judging by what we see happening in Britain today.

    In fact the British Nazi party was a good chance for making peace with Germany and uniting forces with it against communism, But sadly it was to late to little to effect British politics.

    Erik, The mountain man.

    Zionist occupied Scandinavia.

    • Jimi on May 27, 2014

      You are correct.

      Germany did not want to harm its genetic offspring England. It is the many millions of non-whites in England that will eventually destroy England and the English people.

    • Frank White on June 1, 2014

      This is true. Also, Hitler held back many times. This is well know fact. He loved the Brits and refused to bomb them into history. He could have kicked the snot out of them with the Luftwaffe alone.

    • Eberhardt von Jahwe on October 14, 2014


  • konwayk on May 22, 2014

    Great Article about Horrors caused by British Bombings. German bombings in England cannot be counted as atrocities due to the fact that it was British who turned out the down the peace offers of Germany. So Germany “had” to attack since England declared war on Germany.

    It will be also great if there is an article about what Jews did to Germans at the concentration camps.

    Dennis Wise’s documentary shows that Allies shot 560 SS men at Dachau concentration camp. Jewish inmates at Dachau killed 40 SS men by beating them to death.

    I wonder how many Germans in total were killed by Jews in all concentration camps.

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