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Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude

This article was written for mature and thoughtful people who want to understand today in light of yesterday. It was not written for baboons who start to howl the moment they hear “Hitler” – the way the monkeys of my youth used to howl in front of my window in South Africa when they heard a thunderclap.

Its author is a relatively young South African banker by the name of Stephen Goodson.

At the end of November 1918, Adolf Hitler returned to Munich and then proceeded to a military camp in Traunstein in south-eastern Bavaria. When the camp was disbanded in April 1919, he went back to Munich, which was still being ruled by a Soviet republic founded by a Polish Jew Kurt Eisner (real name Salamon Kosmanowsky).

At the beginning of May, a few days after the communist revolution had been terminated on May 1, 1919 by the Bavarian Freikorps, Hitler was summoned as a member of the 2nd Infantry Regiment to attend a course on political instruction. The purpose of this course of lectures was to provide the soldiers with a background of politics, which would enable them to monitor the many revolutionary and political movements present in Munich at that time.

One of the lecturers was a former construction engineer turned economist, Dr Gottfried Feder (1881-1941).(1) His first lecture was entitled “The Abolition of the Interest-Servitude”. Hitler was enthralled by what he heard, and this was to be a turning point in his political career. The following quotations from Mein Kampf reflect his initial thoughts.

“ For the first time in my life I heard a discussion which dealt with the principles of stock exchange capital and capital which was used for loan activities. After hearing the first lecture delivered by Feder, the idea immediately came into my head that I had found a way to one of the most essential prerequisites for the founding of a new party.

To my mind, Feder’s merit consisted in the ruthless and trenchant way in which he described the double character of the capital engaged in stock exchange and loan transactions, laying bare the fact that this capital is ever and always dependent on the payment of interest. In fundamental questions his statements were so full of common sense that those who criticized him did not deny that au fond his ideas were sound, but they doubted whether it be possible to put these ideas into practice. To me this seemed the strongest point in Feder’s teaching, though others considered it a weak point.(2)

And again,

…I understood immediately that here was a truth of transcendental importance for the future of the German people. The absolute separation of stock exchange capital from the economic life of the nation would make it possible to oppose the process of internationalization in German business without at the same time attacking capital at such, for to do this would be to jeopardize the foundations of our national independence. I clearly saw what was developing in Germany, and I realized then that the stiffest fight we would have to wage would not be against the enemy nations but against international capital. In Feder’s speech I found an effective rallying-cry for our coming struggle.”(3)

Further, he wrote,

“The struggle against international finance capital and loan capital has become one of the most important points in the program on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.”(4)

A few weeks later Hitler received an instruction from his superiors to investigate a political association called the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers Party). At this meeting held in the Sterneckerbrau Inn in Munich, about 20 to 25 persons were present. The main speaker was Dr Gottfried Feder.

Shortly thereafter Hitler joined this party and received a provisional certificate of membership numbered seven. His first act on assuming control of the party was to rename it the Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party).

Feder, who was the principal drafter of the party’s 25 points, became the architect and theoretician of the program (5) until his unfortunate dismissal as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in August 1934.

Approximately 40 percent of Feder’s ”The  Program of the NSDAP” is devoted to economic and financial policies. Below are some of the highlights.

Adolf Hitler prints its two main points in leaded type:

“THE COMMON INTEREST BEFORE SELF-THE SPIRIT OF THE PROGRAM  ABOLITION OF THE THRALLDOM OF INTEREST – THE CORE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.” “Once these two points are achieved, it means a victory of their approaching universalist ordering of society in the true state over the present-day separation of state, nation and economics under the corrupting influence of the individualist theory of society as now constructed. The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering; it gives no thought to its people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality, less easy to estimate.(6)

“Break down the thralldom of interest” is our war cry.(7) What do we mean by thralldom of interest? The landowner is under this thralldom, who has to raise loans to finance his farming operations, loans at such high interest as almost to eat up the results of his labor, or who is forced to make debts and to drag the mortgages after him like so much weight of lead.

So is the worker, producing in shops and factories for a pittance, whilst the shareholder draws dividends and bonuses which he has not worked for. So is the earning middle class, whose work goes almost entirely to pay the interest on bank overdrafts.(8)

Thralldom of interest is the real expression for the antagonisms, capital versus labor, blood versus money, creative work versus exploitation. The necessity of breaking this thralldom is of such vast importance for our nation and our race, that on it alone depends our nation’s hope of rising up from its shame and slavery; in fact, the hope of recovering happiness, prosperity and civilization throughout the world. It is the pivot on which everything turns; it is far more than a mere necessity of financial policy. Whilst its principles and consequences bite deep into political and economic life, it is a leading question for economic study, and thus affects every single individual and demands a decision from each one: Service to the nation or unlimited private enrichment. It means a solution of the Social Question.(9)

Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state within the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest.

Relief of the state, and hence of the nation, from its indebtedness to the great financial houses, which lend on interest.

Nationalization of the Reichsbank and the issuing houses, which lend on interest.

Provision of money for all great public objects (waterpower, railroads etc), not by means of loans, but by granting non-interest bearing state bonds or without using ready money.

Introduction of a fixed standard of currency on a secured basis.

Creation of a national bank of business development (currency reform) for granting non-interest bearing loans.

Fundamental remodeling of the system of taxation on social-economic principles. Relief of the consumer from the burden of indirect taxation, and of the producer from crippling taxation (fiscal reform and relief from taxation).(10)

Wanton printing of bank notes, without creating new values, means inflation. We all lived through it. But the correct conclusion is that an issue of non-interest bearing bonds by the state cannot produce inflation if new values are at the same time created.

The fact that today great economic enterprises cannot be set on foot without recourse to loans is sheer lunacy. Here is where reasonable use of the state’s right to produce money which might produce most beneficial results.”(11)

Feder was appointed Secretary of State for Economic Affairs when the National Socialists came to power on January 30, 1933, but his efforts to implement official National Socialist economic policy were immediately frustrated by Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, who had been appointed President of the Reichsbank in March 1933. Schacht was an enigmatic character. Although he was born in Tingleff, Schleswig-Holstein in 1877, his family originally came from Hungary. In 1903 at the age of 26 he joined the Dresdner Bank, and in 1908 he became a Freemason.

He was also a student of Hebrew(12) as he deemed that knowledge of this language was necessary if one wished to advance one’s career in banking.

Schacht immediately set out to destroy Feder’s plans, which culminated in the latter’s removal from office in August 1934, after Schacht had been appointed head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

This tragic dismissal may be partially attributed to Hitler’s lack of a deep understanding of financial and economic matters. He admitted as much when he first met Feder in 1919,

”Thus the judgement arrived at by Gottfried Feder determined me to make a fundamental study of a question with which I had hitherto not been very familiar.”(13)

A somewhat attenuated version of monetary reform was introduced. In order to finance the state’s work and rearmament programs, two dummy corporations called Gesellschaft fuer Offentliche Arbeiten (Offa) and Metallforschung Gesellschaft (Mefo) were established. These corporations accepted bills of exchange from suppliers who fulfilled state orders. These bill of exchange were then discounted at the Reichsbank at a rate of 4 percent. They were issued for three months only, which was clearly unsatisfactory in view of the long-term nature of the various projects they were financing. They could, however, be extended at three monthly intervals for up to five years.

In January 1939 matters came to a head when Schacht refused extension of RM3 billion worth of Offa and Mefo bills, because of fears of “inflation”. On January 7, 1939, he sent Hitler the following memorandum:

“1) The Reich must spend only that amount covered by

2) Full financial control must be returned to the Ministry of Finance. (Then forced to pay for anything the army desired.)

3) Price and wage control must be rendered effective. The existing mismanagement must be eliminated.

4) The use of money and investment markets must be at the sole discretion of the Reichsbank. (This meant a practical elimination of Goering’s Four Year Plan)”(14)

By these means Schacht intended to collapse the German economy, which during the period 1933-39 had increased its gross national product by 100 percent. From being a ruined and bankrupt nation in January 1933 with over six million unemployed persons, Hitler had transformed Germany into a socialist paradise and the most powerful and prosperous state in the history of Europe. He angrily rejected the recommendations of the Reichsbank, describing them as “mutiny”.(15)

On January 19, 1939 he sacked the impudent lackey of international finance.(16) Without further ado he instructed the Reichsbank to issue all credits requested by the state. A form of Federgeld (Feder money) was now in circulation, although the bills of exchange still attracted nominal interest.

A new Reichsbank law, which was promulgated on June 15, 1939, made the bank “UNCONDITIONALLY SUBORDINATED TO THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATE.”(17) Article 3 of the law decreed that the bank should be “directed and managed according to the instructions and under the supervision of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor.”(18) Hitler was now his own banker, but having departed from the fold of international swindlers and usurers he would, like Napoleon Bonaparte, suffer the same fate: an unnecessary war followed by the ruination of his people and country.

Events quickly unraveled. On March 31, 1939, Poland received a blank check(19) from England, which unilaterally offered to guarantee her sovereignty; not only if Germany invaded Poland, but also if Poland invaded Germany! This merely served to stiffen Polish resistance to Hitler’s genuine desire to achieve a permanent solution of all outstanding issues emanating from the Treaty of Versailles.

During the next five months the Polish government progressively intensified the oppression, harassment of and attacks on the 1.5 million ethnic Germans living in Poland. These attacks, in which over 58 000 German civilians were killed by Poles in an orgy of savagery, culminated in the Bromberg Massacre on September 3, 1939, in which 5 500 people were murdered. These provocations and atrocities were stoically ignored.(20) Eventually Hitler was forced to employ military intervention in order to protect the Germans in Poland.

On August 30, 1939, in an act of great statesmanship, Hitler again offered to the Poles the Marienwerder proposals,(21) namely retention of the existing 1919 borders, the return of Danzig (97% German), the construction of a 60-mile autobahn and rail link connecting West and East Prussia (from Schoenlanke to Marienwerder) and an exchange of German and Polish populations. On the orders of the international bankers, the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, strongly advised the Poles NOT to negotiate. This is how and why World War II was started. The ensuing forced war resulted in victory for the international financiers and defeat and slavery for all the people of Europe.

Today the bankers reign supreme. The European Union with its commissars in Brussels and its so called “European” Central Bank headquartered in Frankfurt,(22) increasingly resembles the old Soviet Union. However, with the recent ongoing “sovereign” debt crisis and the collapse of the Euro, the plan for a united Europe anchored in perpetual debt enslavement has received a major setback and has indeed started to disintegrate.

Notwithstanding the inability of Adolf Hitler to permanently liberate Europe, it behooves us to appreciate that what he achieved was not done in vain. It is incumbent on us to learn and understand the fundamentals of usury and to spread that knowledge relentlessly, until our material and spiritual liberties have been restored.

End Notes

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Source: Veterans Today

  • CB on November 20, 2016

    Unfortunately, the italics text is rather fine
    and too pale. The expression \”au fond\” — being
    in this italics text — is likely to go MIA with
    most readers.

    CODE: benumb

  • Steven Rowlandson on June 2, 2016

    This article just confirms my belief that there can be no place in white nations for live Jews, Semites, Sodomites,Satanists or Freemasons. They all got to go! Either on their feet or feet first.

  • friend on December 16, 2015

    i just recently found this website. realy interesting info on here. i am asian and i never realy believed the info the media puts out on adolf hitler. can anyone confirm that nazi germany was not a racist country or ideology or have i got it wrong. would hitler have considered coloured people less than white people

    • James on May 13, 2016

      Here’s what Hitler had to say on the matter:

      “Pride in one’s own race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.”

      I suggest you do a Google image search for “Wehrmacht Asians” – The results are quite enlightening!

  • Unique College Essay Paper on September 10, 2015

    Hitler said that anti-Semitism be widespread in Vienna while he enthused there, a little which he establish disturbing awaiting he realize so as to all the newspapers.

  • Ronnie on June 7, 2015

    Good article. I think it worth mentioning that there was another great individual across the Atlantic who was responsible for getting a nation (Canada) out of the great depression through monetary reform around the same time as Adolph Hitler and his name was Gerald Grattan McGeer known as “the True Father of the Bank of Canada” McGeer insisted that no nation is able to control its economy with out a publicly accountable and publicly owned national bank. Some excerpt from his book entitled “The Conquest of Poverty” (removed from public archives) are as follows:

    “No one has any right to say that a national regulation and supervision of the monetary system cannot or will not produce both progress and prosperity until it has been given the same trial that International private banker rule and management of the Canadian people’s monetary system has enjoyed.”

    “Responsible government must now destroy banker rule, or banker mismanagement of public credit will destroy responsible government and the civilization that brought it into being.”

    “The private money system is run by a few profit-seeking individuals. It is useless to accept any scheme of national banking or planned economy from such a group.”

    “Main theory of private banker management: Lower interest rates and encouraging borrowing through advertisement thus creating booms of prosperity and then, at any time they choose, raise interest rates, deny new loans into circulation thus causing a depression.”

    “The plain fact is that the government has entrusted the standard of living of the Canadian people to the care of a very few rich men that the government should have guarded the people against.”

    • Dave on August 16, 2015

      Very much the way that the money speculators operate. Buy at a low price, wait until it goes high and then they all sell fast, busting the country’s entire economy at the same time. That drives the price down so far that they can buy 5 times as much for the same price. Rinse and repeat.

      Meanwhile, with their economy in tatters, the people have to live with runaway inflation and their wages are now worth only a fraction of what they did before. The money speculators care only for their own financial gain, they don’t give a damn about the people’s lives they destroy in the process.

      Look at Indonesia in the early 90’s When I went there, the Rupiah was 4,000 to the pound. after the money speculators finished, it rose to 27,000 to the pound, nearly 7 times less than what it was before. The whole country went into economic depression and people struggled to feed their families. All for the greed of a few money speculators wanting to make a fast buck.

    • eoghan ryan on February 9, 2016

      A very pertinant peice of advise for todays youth,.

    • konwayk on May 11, 2015

      It is an interesting article by David Duke. But it must be noted that Jews have nothing to do with the religion of Old Testament. Jews are often confused with Judeans (aka Hebrews).

      Judaism began in 500 AD with the completion of Babylonian Talmud which can be read here –

      When Jews say the land of Israel belongs to them, they are saying this according to the teachings of Babylonian Talmud.

      Bible teaches that the ownership of the land of Canaan (ancient Israel) belongs to God (Leviticus 25:23). God “leased” the land of Canaan to Hebrews (Judeans) under the condition that they will keep the laws of God. Hebrews didn’t keep God’s laws and murdered Jesus Christ and the Prophets (Leviticus 18, Leviticus 20:22). So they were ejected permanently out the land of Ancient Israel in 70 AD.

      Majority of Jews being Khazars was pointed out by Benjamin Freedman.

      The language “Yiddish” spoken by Jews was of Khazarian background. Yiddish has very little to do with Hebrew aside from the fact that Khazars adopted Hebrew alphabet for Yiddish.

      On the top of that, the language of Hebrews in first century Israel was Aramaic. Not Hebrew.

      Hebrew was revived during Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135 AD) by False Messiah Bar Kokhba. This was pointed out by Dead Sea Scrolls Archaeologist Yigael Yadin.

      Former Jew Benjamin Freedman points out that the history of Khazars converting into Judaism is explained in Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 15, the 1911 three pages, under the word “Khazar.”

      Many Jews have the name “Kagan.” “Kagan” was Khazarian word for a person in high authority such as “King” or “Priest.” Archibald Ramsay in his book “The Nameless War” mentions about this.
      Stalin’s right hand man was Jew Lazar “Kagan”ovich. Lazar Kaganovich’s sister Roza “Kagan”ovich was Stalin’s mistress.

      Khazars have a disease called “Kasak disease” (also known as Tay-Sachs disease). Since most of the Jews are Khazars, they have this disease. So Kasak disease (aka Tay-Sachs) is also known as “Jewish disease.”

      Benjamin Freedman explained the below information in his 1974 speech.

      “I have with me, now, a circular that I received in the mail last week, the March of Dimes put it out with the assistance of the Rockefeller Foundation, and they recite the whole thing; because they have found, in recent years, that the Khazars are carriers of a disease that no other people in the world have. Here’s the circular that they got out. It’s called, “Kasak Disease” (The Jewish Disease – Tay-Sachs). I have known about it for years. The New York News newspaper had a full page on it, called “The Jewish Disease.” They explained the whole thing, so I went into it, investigated it, and gave a little money to one or two clinics that were trying to do something about it. The Eastern Europeans, of Khazar ancestry, known as Jews, are carriers of this Kasak disease. When one Khazar marries another Khazar: (I don’t say so, Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Jewish Memorial Hospital, the Rockefeller Foundation, they’ve all done a lot of work on it. They published these figures and these statistics . . .) that one out of four children, when one Khazar marries another Khazar, or of that ancestry, that child can’t live beyond three years. And the death that that child suffers is too miserable to describe to you. Out of the others, two of them become carriers, and one is clear.”

  • bucket on February 21, 2015

    Very good article and very true, if you know a little about modern history. The very same thing is happening here in the U.S. today. You dont need to mention the ethic group,it is the same group that Hitler dealt with . Their Homeland is not Israel but Khazar, Russia, Ukraine to be more exact, they have never set foot in Israel.
    I enjoy reading about history , jmo, the one thing that opened the door for the Banksters here in the U.S. was the repeal of the Glass Stegal Act by none other than Bill Clinton in 1995,it had kept the Wall Street Gangsters under control for decades .
    I also agree that the Banksters have boxed themselves into a corner ,they have no place to go, unlike history.They also need the U.S. Military to protect them the B.R.I.C.K.S. countries are hot on their trail.
    Will be interesting to see how it all plays out now that they own the U.S..

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