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  • cch on February 10, 2015

    Ok. Reply to sir konwayk.
    Perhaps I also shouldn’t believe KMT’s historical book, which written by the KMT’s and Chiang’s side. Maybe there’s something hidden.

    Sorry for bothering. There’s usually some new thinkings flow in my brain.

    • konwayk on February 10, 2015

      Yes, you shouldn’t trust KMT historical books either. They are not trustworthy.

  • cch on February 10, 2015

    Ok. Reply to sir konwayk.
    Maybe I also should not believe KMT’s historical book, which written by KMT’s and Chiang’s side.Cause perhaps there’s still something they hide.

    Sorry for bothering. There’s usually some new thinkings flow in my brain.

  • konwayk on February 8, 2015

    Yes, it is after Xi’an incident.

    • cch on February 9, 2015

      Ok.Got it.So it was a pity for
      Chiang having no option but to cooperate with China’s communist party, and against Japan. Um,sounds reasonable.
      Anyway, thank you.

      • cch on February 9, 2015

        So we should have pity on Chiang?

        • cch on February 9, 2015

          I mean,should Chineses blame on him lose China?

          Cause our book said he lost people’s support and due to Soviet’s support and the other reasons causing he lost the civil war.

          • konwayk on February 9, 2015

            cch, It is better to post everything in one post. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to follow. I would say that China should blame completely on Communist Party and partially on Chiang since Communism brought nothing but disaster on China.

  • konwayk on February 7, 2015

    cch, Chiang Kai-Shek’s army had oppositions against Japanese army as well. But some from Chiang Kai-Shek’s side did go on to work for Germany and Japan during World War 2 in order to stop communism.

    It must be noted that the Communist Party in particular used the anti-Japanese stance as their most powerful political weapon starting from early 1930s. The Chinese Soviet Republic (established in November,
    1931, in Ruijin in Jiangxi province) issued an unofficial proclamation of war against Japan in the name of the Central Government on Apr. 26, 1932. On September. 18, they also issued an official proclamation of war by telegram.

    The 1937 August 31 issue of New York Times and the 1937 September 1 issue of New York Herald Tribune revealed that the war between Japan and China was caused by China.

    In Aug. 31, 1937, article in The New York Times by Shanghai correspondent Hallett Abend, we find the following:

    Foreigners Support Japan

    “Official foreign observers and officials of various foreign governments who participated in various conferences here in seeking to avoid the outbreak of local hostilities, agree that the Japanese exhibited the utmost restraint under provocation, even for several days keeping all of the Japanese landed force off the streets and strictly within their own barracks, although the move somewhat endangered Japanese lives and properties.

    “Opinions may differ regarding the responsibility for the opening of hostilities in the vicinity of Peiping early in July,” said one foreign official who was a participant in the conferences held here before Aug. 13, “but concerning the Shanghai hostilities the records will justify only one decision. The Japanese did not want a repetition of the fighting here and exhibited forbearance and patience and did everything possible to avoid aggravating the situation. But they were literally pushed into the clash by the Chinese, who seemed intent on involving the foreign area and foreign interests in this clash.”

    • cch on February 7, 2015

      Got it.Thanks.But why Chiang opposed Japan?

      And my history book appearances Japanese army occupied the three eastern-north provinces,and attacked a bridge , which regarded as “7/7 incidence”,and then it started “the war invade China”.

      Can you explain what’s going on?

      • cch on February 8, 2015

        Oh, I see. If what just I red in my historical book or not. Chiang was captured by his man who called Chang shei liang. So Chaing had no way but chose to against Japan?

        • konwayk on February 8, 2015

          cch, why do you believe the claims of mainstream texts? You already know how much they lie about Hitler and even Senator McCarthy who was trying to stop the spread of Communism.

          Chinese declared war against Japan in 1932 and moved against Japan. So it was the fault of Chinese since they were the ones who moved against Japan.

          As you read in my previous post (with American newspaper article), Sino-Japanese war was caused by China.

          You shouldn’t believe what Communist China says. Here is a video about Nanking Hoax.

          Bridge incident was actually caused by Chinese.

          This is clearly written in the local cease-fire agreement that was concluded on July 11, four days after the actual incident.

          The first item on the three-item cease-fire agreement says: ― “The representative of the 29th Route Army expresses his regrets to the Japanese forces, and declares that those formerly responsible will be punished, and those who will in future be responsible will take precautions to never again provoke such an incident.”

          China clearly assumed the responsibility. The 29th
          Route Army was a force of approximately 150,000 controlling northern China under the command of Gen. Song Zheyuan.

          The local cease-fire agreement is agreed to by Qin Dechun, acting commander of China‘s 29th Route Army, and Matsui Kyûtarô, head of the Japanese Army Beijing Special Military Agency.

          After December 1936, Chiang Kai-Shek had stopped attacking the Communists and he promised to forge cooperation and connections with the Communist Party.

          This can be read in detail in “The Second Sino–Japanese War Was Caused by China — A Criticism of the ―Japan-as-Aggressor” View by Moteki Hiromichi.

          This was causing conflicts with Japan since Chiang Kai Shek and Communists are moving together against Japan after December 1936. On the top of that, Chinese signed a secret non aggression pact with Soviets in 1937 which allowed China to get war supplies from Communist Soviet Russia to fight Japan which created even more conflict.

          • cch on February 8, 2015

            I thought I understanding what you said. So I said if the” Xi An incident” affected Chiang and forced him to against Japan?

  • cch on February 7, 2015

    Were there non-Aryan soldiers in the “white” Waffen SS?(What I asked is if in the “white men’s” army, I known there were some other colors men in the SS.)

  • konwayk on February 5, 2015

    This reply is for cch. You have to understand that China was in the process of becoming a Communist country by the end of WW2. This is what FDR wanted. Japan was opposing the spread of communism.

    Second, FDR knew that in order to enter into war against Germany, he has to be at war with Japan, because of tripartite pact between Germany, Italy, and Japan. So FDR and Jews believed that supporting China against Japan was a major key in bringing Japan into war against US which allowed US to enter into war against Germany.

    • cch on February 5, 2015

      Sorry for another question.But except USSR, the other allied would like to see China communization?

      • konwayk on February 5, 2015

        One of the purposes of World War 2 was to establish Communism throughout the world. Communism and Freemasonry represents Judaism. FDR, Churchill, and Stalin were Freemasons.

        “Marxism is the modern form of Jewish prophecy.” Reinhold Niebur, speech before the Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, October 3, 1934.

        “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.” – The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935.

        General Patton found out about it at the end of World War 2 and tried to stop it. But Allies murdered him. After WW2, Senator McCarthy noticed that Communism was taking its toll in America. That is why he did everything he could to stop Communism.

        Dennis Wise’s documentary “New World Order: Communism by backdoor” will also answer many of your questions. Here is the link.

        • cch on February 5, 2015

          Ok,thank you for your answer.
          Nice talking.

          • cch on February 7, 2015

            But if Japan really want to oppose the spreading of Communism, shouldn’t it get together with Chiang kai shek to against China communists? But it decided to against the Chiangs.

            And what the education I received told me

          • cch on February 7, 2015

            And what the educations I received told me Japan have the ambition to build “Great East Asia ground”(sorry for the formal name). How can we explain that?

  • Misha on November 27, 2014

    Dennis Wise you are moron!!! You do not have any idea about history !!!

    • konwayk on November 27, 2014

      Misha, look yourself into a mirror. You will see the best example of a moron.

  • robert st.thomas on June 8, 2014

    One story is good, till another is told.

    My interest in Adolf Hitler is based on the observation that a false tale often betrays itself.

    Coming soon is a work I call, The Last 40 Hours of the Messiah: The Greatest Story Never Told. When one attempts to discuss the events surrounding both world wars, in an apologetic manner, one is usually met with negativity. The apologist (made to feel guilty) one finds himself giving a “pre-discussion disclaimer” to make clear that he is not a supporter of evil or a “historical revisionist.” It is for those reasons why the truth in explaining the events about Adolf Hitler continues to be censored. The Last 40 Hours of the Messiah: The truth will make you free.

  • mayhem east on May 19, 2014

    Can someone honestly tell me why did japanese joined with Germany? Why are they so harsh for the people of Archepilago (Philippines)? If only they could have been nice like the germans?

    • konwayk on May 20, 2014

      Japanese were nice. They wanted peace. Not war. But FDR created several problems for Japan in such a way Japanese had to attack America. Japanese attacked Philippines, because there were American airforce bases (under General MacArthur) in the philippines.

      You also have to understand that FDR had war plans against Japanese ready by September 11, 1941. FDR’s war plans against Germany and Japan were publicly published on December 4, 1941 in the newspaper “Chicago Tribune” with the headline “FDR’s war plans!”(Three days before Pearl Harbor Attack).

      • cch on February 4, 2015

        Sorry,no offensive.So Japan attack America first.What I have a question is:Wasn’t it violated the international law? If yes,how can we defend?

        • konwayk on February 4, 2015

          It was FDR and America who first violated the international law.

          Starting from March 1941, Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease bill into law. In April 1941, FDR expanded the program by offering lend-lease aid to China for their war against the Japanese. This is a policy that violated U.S. neutrality and international law.

          This was actually good enough reason for Japan to attack USA. But they tried to go for peace. But FDR and America (on July 26, 1941) froze Japanese assets and tried to suspends relations.

          By September 11, 1941, FDR prepared his war prospectus against Germany, Italy, and Japan. But Japan again tried to go for peace. But FDR and America refused and deliberately “forced” Japan to a position where they had to attack Pearl Harbor.

          Here is an information from Benjamin Freedman’s 1974 speech –

          “Now, Mr. Roosevelt figured, and it’s in Mr. Stimson’s diary, in his own handwriting, which is in the room at Yale Library containing all Mr. Henry L. Stimson’s papers – he was the Secretary of Defense. He wrote in his diary important things that went on (in his own handwriting) and under November 25th, two weeks before Pearl Harbor, he wrote, “The President sent for us to come to the White House. I thought it was to discuss the war in Europe, but he told us that we had to be at war with Japan but he didn’t want it to look as if we fired the first shot! But, the only way we could be at war with Germany was to be at war with Japan. Then automatically, under their treaty, we were at war with Germany. That’s how we got into World War II.”

          At the end of November 1941, Japan said that their plan is to attack next weekend (December 6 to 7, 1941). But FDR and US hid this information from US public. FDR’s war plans against Germany, Italy, and Japan were published on December 4, 1941 in American newspapers.

          Admiral Husband Kimmel, the commander of U.S. naval forces at Pearl Harbor, later said to the New York Times: “FDR was the architect of the whole business. He gave orders that no word about Japanese fleet movement was to be sent to Pearl Harbor.” (Source –  Book “The Pariah Files- 25 Dark Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know, Pg. 105).

          It must be noted that USA attacked and sunk a Japanese submarine MORE than an hour before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. USS Ward (a group of Navy reservists from St. Paul, Minnesota) attacked and sunk a Japanese two-man submarine a little more than an hour before the Pearl Harbor Attack. More than one hour before the 8 a.m. attack on Pearl Harbor, the commander of the Ward sent this message to headquarters in Honolulu: “We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area.” John Wiltshire (associate director of the University of Hawaii laboratory) said “They sounded the warning and no one listened.” (Source –

          • cch on February 5, 2015

            Ok,now here’s the other question:why America aided China against Japan?What’s it’s intention?

  • Mark on February 7, 2014

    Please fight against the genocide that is going against the European peoples. They try to replace Germany’s population with Turks, Arabs and other non natives. They Try to replace Englads population with Africans and muslims. They same goes for all European nations. They want to destory the white race .They have used the holocaust alleged to Hitler in order to create guilt in the German people and European peoples so they can’t defend their ethnic and racial existence. This so called multiculturalism in white countries and only white countries is a scam designed to bring about the racial and ethnic destruction of Germany and all of Europe. To blend them out of existence by lowering their birth

    rate via feminism and alien immigration of alien races into Europaen nations.

    Look at those link with patient. Be open minded. The future of the European people depends on it !!!

    Spread the message (look at a way to do it legally without breaking the laws but by using the law)

    Listen to the audio files of Horus, it will instruct you how to do this legally:

    Preserving Human Diversity and Freedom by David Duke:
    Possibly the greatest documentary and video by Dr David Duke

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    mass migration of non – Europeans into European nations and only European nations is destructive in that it rejects the natural order created by nature, as nature evolved every race of humanity in its own specific geographical regions on the earth. It also shows how this policy of immigration into the nations of Europe will ultimately destroy diversity, as it creates the conditions for the racial genocide of the European peoples. If you combine low native European birth rate and mass migration of different races into Europe, that will inevitably mean the eventual Genocide of the European peoples.

    The definition of genocide is defined by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1948.

    Article 1- The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.
    Article 2- In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
    • (a) Killing members of the group;
    • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
    Article 3 – The following acts shall be punishable:
    • (a) Genocide;
    • (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    • (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    • (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    • (e) Complicity in genocide.
    The current situation of low European birth rate, alien immigration that creates the conditions for interracial sexual contact constitutes a Genocide of the European people.
    The UN definition of “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. Describes this condition perfectly. Genocide is a crime punishable by death and when the national revolutions for survival take place in Europe, those politicians in Europe and those who financed them will face the ultimate punishment for : 1) Treason : Supporting policies that go against the interest of their own nations. 2)

    Supporting and creating the conditions for the racial genocide of the European peoples as defined by the UN.

    To oppose race mixing is not “evil” and “racist”. To want to preserve your racial identity and your heritage is not evil and racist. Africans are doing it in Africa, Arabs are doing it in the middle east, Indians are doing it in India, Chinese are doing it in China, Japanese are doing it in Japan. Racial preservation and opposition to race mixing is the most natural and healthy thing in the world and any people and race has the right to preserve itself. Not giving the right to the European nations to preserve their racial and ethnic character is nothing short of GENOCIDE. But what the Globalists deed, is that they have brainwashed and conditioned (through psychological associations) the European peoples that if they want to preserve their racial and ethnic identity, by opposing alien immigration, than they are somehow “evil” and “racist”.
    Using this clever and diabolical trick, they want to destroy European instinct for survival as a race and as a people.
    They want to brainwash Europeans to believe that simply wanting their race and heritage to exist, is somewhat “wicked”, “Evil”, “Racist” and “illegitimate”.
    The real racism is AGAINST the white race, Not BY the White race.
    I know that there are some week minded Europeans and “liberals” that are brainwashed to welcome their own destruction.

    The next decade or two are critical for revolution in European countries if they wish to survive as a race. I find it difficult to believe that Sweden , for example, could be saved democratically. 20-30% of Sweden population are already non Swedes (mainly Arabs, and negroes) And the number is growing, while Swedish birth-rate is very low. By 2050 Swedes will be a tiny minority in their own homelands and by 2100 they will be no more true “Swedes”. The only way to save Sweden by deporting the non Swedes back to their natural homelands is by taking over the government by force. Same is true for the UK , Holland ,France & Germany.

    If Europeans won’t wake up within the next 10 or 20 years, By 2050-2100 there will be no more true Europeans left.
    If you can tell me that the saving of Europe can be done democratically I’m willing to hear you out . But I have a sense of dread and I’m not optimistic it can be done democratically. The aliens are too much in numbers and many ethnic Germans, Swedes, Danes, British and Frenchman are so brain dead and brainwashed they don’t even consider the danger to their peoples existence as important. This is the sick mentality of Jewish Hollywood that teaches .White peoples that their very existence is of no importance.

  • Marduck on February 5, 2014

    I am a Jew, and I am amazed to learn the truth about Hitler and Germany.

    I believe Germany was demonized for no reason. The UK, France, America and the Jewish people should ask for fogiveness from the German people and the rest of the 100 million europeans murdered by international Jewish finance who started WW2 and the 20 million Eastern Europeans murdered by Jewish Bolseviks in the USSR.

    Please save the European peoples.

    Stop the genocide against the peoples of Europe through third world immigration. Stop the Zionist criminals.

    • Erik on February 7, 2014

      You are right. in the past century about 100 million Europeans were killed due to Zionist actions and the Jewish bankers who lead the New World Order :

      1. WW1 with its 20 million dead Europeans was a provocation of the Jewish bankers and Zionist influence.
      2. WW2 with its 60 million dead Europeans was promoted and funded by the Zionists to destory Hitler and Germany as they knew that Germany was a threat to their NWO plans (Germany was the only European nation powerful enough to defeat France, Britain and Russia and kick the bankers out of Europe with their evil plans for the Europeans like the genocide of the white race via non white immigration invasion to Europe and their taking over Europe’s economic and military might just as they did in the US which is enslaved by the Zionists.
      3. The murder of about 20 millions Eastern Europeans by the Jews who controlled the USSR.

      All in all, about 100 million Europeans were murdered in the past century by Jewish actions – the largest holocaust in history- and they still have the nerve to blame the Germans for the Jewish holocaust which is now proven to be a fabrication to a large extent, used to “guilt” Germans and Europeans in general to except the destruction of their own race and people in their own homelands by Zionist led invasion of tens of millions of Africans, Arabs and Asians into European lands. If you oppose the destruction of your own race and people they are going to call you a “Racist” and a “Nazi”.

      Hitler knew how evil they are and how they want to genocide the European peoples though the invasion of millions of non whites into Europe (now Sweden, France, Germany, Holland and the UK are already about 20-30% non white (mainly Africans and Arabs. If this is not stopped and reversed the White race will become extinct in 50-100. This is GENOCIDE under international law and once the the Peoples of Europe wake up the politicians in Europe and the Zionists that funded them will face the death sentence. Hitler already said in 1942 how the Zionist bankers want to replace the Population of Europe with Africans and Asians and blend Europeans out of existence via the politicians they control. He said that “Germany must not loose the war for it is a battle of survival or extinctions for the German and the peoples of Europe. He knew what the Zionist want to do to Europeans.

      National Socialism was not against other races. it was only about the improvement of the German and the White race. Hitler was only try to preserve the Germanic and the white race. He was not a “racist” per se. he was proud of the white race. that in itself did not mean he “hated” or “wanted” to harm or exterminate other races. in fact the Nazis respected the Japanese and the Chinese race. the Nazis called the Japanese “The Aryans of the East”.
      Hitler only wanted the White race to be preserved but he also respected other races (like the Arabs and Africans) right to be preserved and exist.
      Hitler was no more “racist” for being proud and wanting his race to exist than a Japanese being proud in his race and want it to exist.

      Basically the British fought Hitler because they wanted their country later on to be invaded by non Europeans and their beloved English race to be blended out of existence with the tens of millions of Arabs and Africans. Good for you England!!! if you had excepted Hilter’s peace offer and Joined Germany, your people would not have being blended out of existence as it is in England today. Shame on You England!!! instead of joining your Germanic cousins, you’ve became a racial extension of Africa and Arabia. It shows how sick and traitor Winston Churchill really was. Instead Britons prefer being politically correct while their race is being wiped out in the own homeland. By going to war against you German cousins (the pure Saxons and Angles) you’ve not only lost your Empire, you’re loosing your people in your own homeland – The British Isles themselves.

      The Jews are also behind radical feminism – a tool used to depopulate the Europeans,
      they are behind the promotion of the destruction of the family. They are behind the “open border” policy into the west that threatens the very existence of the European race.

      They, in 1973 had the disorder of homosexuality removed form the list of medical disorders and normalized and then pushed on our children – PUSHING A PATHOLOGY ON OUR CHILDREN. BY ignoring human physiology and the obvious fact that the human body is physically designed specifically to the opposite sex and not the same sex. the human body is not designed for the same sex (homosexuality) any more than for animals, Volkswagens and PC monitors. But the mental insanity of those Jewish psychopaths is trying to turn reality on its head by trying to convince us that their medical disorders and deviances are actually “normal”.

      Basically the Jewish Zionist Mafia are behind every destructive movement in western society. they actually LOVE anything that is UGLY, SICK, DEVIANT, MORAL, GOOD, HEALTHY, really the enemies of humanity. no wonder they’ve been kicked out from Germany and any European country they’ve lived in. People will stop being antisemitic once Jews will examine their anti social behaviour and correct it.

      I call for all Jews to Join the good fight. fight against the Jewish Zionist elite. You can still redeem yourself.

      • Erik on February 7, 2014

        I put a correction to my last reply here. the last paragraph said :

        “Basically the Jewish Zionist Mafia are behind every destructive movement in western society. they actually LOVE anything that is UGLY, SICK, DEVIANT, MORAL, GOOD, HEALTHY”

        it meant to be :

        “Basically the Jewish Zionist Mafia are behind every destructive movement in western society. they actually LOVE anything that is UGLY, SICK, DEVIANT and call it MORAL, GOOD and HEALTHY”

        Sorry for the error.

      • Kristoff on April 12, 2014

        if you knew anything about history, Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years, vast majority of it kept under wraps because in medievil times they didn’t have the internet to post selfies together or whatever. Rome, Greece.. both empires homosexuality was prevalent.

        Also as somebody who works with Animals and have worked with penguins… you do realise homosexuality in one shape or form has been observed in over 1500 different species right? You going to say that jews forced that upon them too?

        I’d love for this to viral, people do need to wake up and smell the coffee regarding the whole central bank scam.. but having uneducated comments on here like this guys drivel about homosexuality being forced upon people and it being unnatural(if it wasn’t in some way natural, animals wouldn’t do it at all… we are animals ourselves after all).. really wont help.

        sorry to be a buzzkill.

        • Erik on April 13, 2014

          You can say all day that this disorder is normal,

          try to do it in Russia,

          Go to Russian and tell Russian children that this pathology (i,e homosexuality) is “normal”. tell them that lie and you’ll end up where people like you belong i,e in Prison.

          but before prison

          Do you deny the fact the the human body is designed specifically for the opposite sex??!!
          Why do you deny that 2+2=4 ?! Why do you deny reality?

          You are indeed in a bad shape , I can’t blame you for you not being in touch with reality.

          you came to believe that an orange = apple.

          maybe you don’t need prison. maybe what you need is a psychiatric help.

          but before we can recognize the truth on any subject we must be free to do so, i,e doctors have to not be pressured by “political correctness” in order to do so.

          BTW. It was the Jews, who were behind to normalization of this disgusting disorder and its promotion not only in Germany before the Hitler era, but also in the U.S and the rest of the world.

          Jews are behind the normalization and promotion of this pathology.

          Until the mid 1990 almost all medical associations around the world, including the World Health Organization, recognized homosexuality as a disease as a medical problem.

          What was changed???!!!!!

          did human biology and physiology change.

          Did the fact that the human body is designed specifically for the opposite sex change??!!

          Did the fact that the human body isn’t designed for the same sex anymore than for animals, cars and airplanes change??

          let me explain

          No one is denying that homosexuals have existed for the entire history but also all kinds of genetic defects and disorders.

          Can we argue that the zoophilia (biologically the same as homosexuality) is “normal” because it existed for eons??

          Can one argue that all kinds of diseases and genetic problems are “normal” since they have existed for eons.

          No one said homosexuals are criminals. What they say is that they are sick. and yes they are.

          Their mind is not in line – not in agreement with their physical design. they are not in a state of harmony. dis-harmony.

          now let me explain to you way 2+2 = 4 and not 5.

          It seems that your mind is indeed in a critical state of reality perception.

          Homosexuality (or homosexual behavior) is an EXCEPTION in nature, not the rule.
          and it happens in rare situation when there is no female around (just like humans in prison) or as a way to showcase power and dominance i,e has nothing to do with same sex sex tendencies.

          Furthermore, homosexuality can potentially exist in animals as a result of hormonal imbalance in the womb i,e a genetic defect. Humans and animals who are based on male and female design can develop such hormonal abnormality. (i,e if something can potentially go wrong – it will go wrong)

          Is “born that way” mean “meant to be that way”.

          Homosexual behavior in animals.

          The entire normalization of homosexuality was a political move

          The history of the APA’s decision to change its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is worth examining. Homosexual activists used intimidation and deception to force the APA to remove homosexuality as a mental illness from the DSM of psychiatric disorders. For example, in 1970 homosexual activists contacted a prominent and highly-respected member of the APA Board of Trustees, and received a polite letter in return (on his letterhead and bearing his signature), declining to endorse their position. The activists then purchased the APA mailing list, used the letter as a guide to print up the board member’s stationery, and forged his signature at the bottom of a letter fully endorsing the homosexual agenda, mailing it to every APA member. (Bayer R. Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis. New York: Basic Books, 1981.)

          ‘‘The result was not a conclusion based upon an approximation of the scientific truth as dictated by reason, but was instead an action demanded by the ideological temper of the times.’’ From 1969 to 1971, homosexual activists stormed the annual meetings of the APA, demanding the normalization of homosexual behavior. Scheduling the 1971 annual meeting in San Francisco was an invitation for disaster: homosexual activists invaded the meeting, screaming and kicking, throwing chairs, seizing microphones, and denouncing psychiatry as ‘‘the enemy incarnate.’’ (Ibid.)

          The DSM was challenged at the 1973 meeting of the New England Psychiatric Society by homosexual activists. They recommended that the nomenclature’s section on ‘‘sexual deviation’’ be renamed “sexual dysfunction.’’ Later that year APA Trustees ruled that homosexuality would no longer be listed as a ‘‘mental disorder’’ in its official nomenclature of mental disorders, and recommended that it be replaced by the term ‘‘sexual orientation disturbance.’’ (Kuchta JC. ‘‘Psychiatry, Amendment 2 and Homosexuality,’’ Rocky Mountain GOLD, March 1993, p. 3.) It is worth noting that the vote of the rank-and-file membership was 54% to 46%; thus it is a slender majority, and there is a substantial minority of psychiatrists who yet believe that homosexuality is a mental illness.

          The membership of the American Medical Association disagreed with the APA’s decision. A 1975 AMA membership survey found that 69% disagreed with the removal .’’ (Kuchta, 1993, supra.) Additionally, psychotherapists such as Elizabeth Moberly, Gerald van den Aardweg, Joseph Nicolosi, Charles Socarides, and Masters & Johnson have reported much success helping homosexuals to recover, thereby proving the point that it is curable. (Schwartz MF & Masters WH. ‘‘The Masters and Johnson Treatment Program for Dissatisfied Homosexual Men,’’ American Journal of Psychiatry 1984, 141: 173-181.)

          Most modern societies recognized homosexuality as a medical disorder . For example, a 1992 survey by the APA’s Office of International Affairs in conjunction with the APA Committee of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Psychiatrists surveyed 125 psychiatric associations around the world. It found that all but three associations consider homosexuality a mental illness or a sexual deviation. American psychiatrists are joined only by their colleagues in Denmark and South Africa in their efforts to redefine homosexuality and protect the ‘‘right’’ of homosexual adults to conduct consensual sexual relations in private. (‘‘US Psychiatrists’ Views on Homosexuality Differ from Colleagues’ in Other Countries,’’ Psychiatric News, Vol. 28, No. 17, September 3, 1993.)

          I bet you’ll find mental disorders and genetic defect in all kinds of animals species..

          No one said homosexuality is “not natural” in the sense of existing in nature.
          Down syndrom is also very “natural”. All kinds of genetic problems and diseases are “natural”.

          About “Gay Marriage”

          What I am trying to figure out is how is any thinking person supposed to come to the conclusion that homosexuality is any more “normal” than the other deviant sexual desires. Homosexual people say that it doesn’t matter that our bodies obviously weren’t designed for homosexual activity any more than any the other deviant desires, not to mention that not a single religion (which over 90% of humans follow) condones and many specifically condemn it. Additionally, there is not a single livign organism that has found a need to reproduce homosexually.

          Before I can come to terms with allowing homosexual people to “marry”, a term that signifies the natural and obviously correct orientation for humans to couple, someone needs to explain to me how I’m supposed to separate homosexuality from zoophilia and pedophilia in more concrete terms than legal and consent. Because to me, while they are all urges that point in different directions, they are all abnormal in that they bastardize the instinct that points human affection in a direction our bodies were designed.

          We can’t look to the APA since they have already destroyed any credibility as a scientific organization with their social stance on this subject. The decision to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders is suspect.

          how can you deem homosexuals “normal” but you have to “educate” people into believing it too.

          Especially with no scientific proof that homosexuality is any more medically normal than the other sexual defects.

          For example, I have heard that homosexuality “might” or “could” be population control. Really? Well couldn’t zoophilia fall under that umbrella too?

          No kids will result from it. Sounds plausible to me. I mean if you are gonna ignore procreation and biology and the PRINCIPLE that the human body is designed ONLY for the opposite sex, and just do “what works” men have been having sex with animals forever.

          Why is zoophilia still a disorder? Some members of the APA have pointed out this discrepancy, so I’m not the only one to come to this conclusion.

          And in the DSM III they state “stated that sexual contact with animals is almost never a clinically significant problem by itself”.

          So should we consider declaring zoophile “normal” too? Just as with homosexuality, the largest problem the zoophile seems to have is the “uneducated” (i,e brainwashed) masses.

          And what about the “other animals do it” defense for homosexuality. There have been instances of cross species sex documented. In fact National Geographic did a article on it.

          Interspecies Sex: Evolution’s Hidden Secret?

          I mean if we are to come to the conclusion that Zoophilia “normal” and I don’t see how it’s not if homosexuality is.

          What about the “I was born this way” or “would I choose to be gay” reason.

          Most genetic defects and psychiatric disorders have a biological basis and people are indeed “born that way’. That does not make them “normal”.

          Well do you think someone chooses to love a goat, dog, or horse? Sounds like quite a stretch considering the social climate of the today. According to this zoophile,he would like to marry his animal lover..

          “Philip Buble is just one of many zoophiles who think that they should be able to marry their four-legged loved ones. The argument that they raise to support their position is that since the definition is of marriage is no longer restricted to a union between a man and a woman, it need not be restricted persons. People like Buble should not have to endure discrimination and a loss of self esteem due to their sexual orientation and lifestyle choices.”

          We’ve changed the laws prohibiting homicide to allow for those that choose to abort, we are being asked to change the marriage laws to allow for those that choose to marry their own gender, why is it such a stretch for us to change the law a bit more to allow for a person to legally recognize their love for their animal lover. I mean since procreation, and physiology and physical PRINCIPALS can’t be used as basis for marriage laws, what is there to keep it from happening. All we are doing is recognizing “love” and who are we to control what “people do in their bedroom/barn/trailer” though “unfair laws based on religion?

          BTW regarding Greece and Rome. Only brainwashed people like yourself would thing that the forefathers of European Civilization had legitimized such a disgusting disorder.

          there is an OBVIOUS design to nature and the human body, If nature meant people to be “homosexual” (or Zoo) it would have designed their body in such a way.

          Homosexuality was never practiced in large numbers. Not in Rome nor in Greece,
          It was a lie promoted by some Jews and gays in order to normalize their sick behavior in the minds of the brain dead masses. Since Greece and Rome were great civilization the’ve had associated homosexuality with them. (I wonder why not with African tribes in sub saharan Africa?!!? very interesting)

          it was and remains a diseased activity that only a tiny % of the population finds appealing. and also a very dangerous lifestyle.

          Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the U.S population, they make up the majority of AIDS and HIV cases.

          I only ask that you use your mind and think logically.

          • steve on December 9, 2014

            You seem to have an inordinate amount of energy on the topic.

            Just sayin’.

        • Morba55 on April 13, 2014


          You are a demagogue did you know that?!

          Shouting “uneducated” at others like a mindless idiot.

          You are very “educated” aren’t you?!

          no one said that homosexuality doesn’t exist in nature, IT DOES, but so does every other disease or sickness, even among animals. Homosexuals are “freaks of nature” i,e they represent a medical dysfunction ,abnormality and an unexpected behavior.

          The reason homosexuality is legitimized is because we live in a politically correct society. The same people who tell you that race isn’t real.

          When people say homosexuality isn’t “natural” they don’t mean “it doesn’t exist in nature”. what they really mean is that it is “abnormal”, that it is not the way it

          was meant to be. And yes nature did not mean people to be born gay anymore than he meant people to be born genetically blind or Autistic. Yet these conditions exist in nature because they represent an abnormality or a genetic defect. Defects EXISTS in nature and are by definition “natural”.

          But are they normal and healthy ?! No, they aren’t.

          If you say something true about Jews you are called “anti-semite”.

          If you say something true about homos, you are called “homophobe”.

          if you say something true other races you are called “racists”.

          So then, how can people speak freely on such subjects?! how can we get people like you to use their brains for once?!

          homosexuality is as “natural” as Autism and Congenital disorders. It is can be a hormonal defect i,e a female brain in a male body and vice versa. End result of this genetic defect is for a man to have female sexual tendencies and vice versa. Same sex sexual attraction is thus, abnormal and incorrect.

          It does not represent a normal and a healthy sexual development.

          It is a pathology that was normalized from the 1970s and mid 1990s by political (not medical) forces. That the resolution to be considered by the APA is driven by politics, rather than the rules of medicine and science, was asserted by Ronald Bayer, M.D., in his book ”Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis.”

          Dr. Bayer, a psychiatrist who favors many of the objectives of the gay rights movement, proves that the decision to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders was political and can never be scientific – unless you deny human biology completely – but by doing so you’ll have to deny biology in regards to any other genetic problem or disease.

          if one denies biology (i,e reality) than being born genetically blind is completely “normal” since the biological aim of the eye is “not relevant”. If human biology (i,e Heterosexual design of the human body) isn’t relevant in regards to homosexuality, than human biology is also not relevant in regards to any type of a birth defect i,e all birth defects and genetic defects and illnesses are thus “normal” and “healthy”.

          By the way, congenital disorders exist in far more that 1,500 species. Yes, it can be
          “observed”. Should we teach our children then that being sick is “normal”.

          homosexuality exists in in animals as much as any other genetic disease or abnormality that exists in animals. Out of many tens of thousands of animals species, this abnormality (i,e disease, anomaly) was observed in around 1,500. but you want to create an impression that this is a “normal” and “common” behavior among each of these species . It is not.

          Even within those 1,500 species it is uncommon and happens rearly. Even though such behavior is “visually” homosexuality , it does not have to imply “same sex attraction” or “Orientation”. It is mostly as a way between males to showcase dominance or just being curios.

          I bet, that if you look for it, you could find any specific disease or disorder being observed in many thousands of species. I mean, if you really want to normalize any kind of disease, you could do it.

          Sane and normal people can look at the design of the human body, observe that the human body is designed for the opposite sex, and specifically for the opposite sex and have logical conclusion that homosexuality represents a disorder.

          But people like you can’t use common sense. Even autistic people can deal with a puzzle.

          Why can’t you?! because the politically correct line numb your mind?!

          You can’t argue with a heavily brainwashed and programmed individual. True information don’t mean anything to people like you.

          For example WTC7 fell because it was demolished using controlled demolition. It is obvious to anyone to see, yet the government denies that and tell you that an orange is an apple. Who would you believe? Common sense or your government ?!

          This is an ORANGE:

          Common sense (human physiology) concludes that homosexuality is a disorder.

          Can’t you open your eyes and see that?!

          2 men or 2 females are physically no meant for each other, not designed for each other i,e this is an ORANGE i,e a sickness.

          Why would you believe the politically correct line that tells you that this is an APPLE?!

          My dog smells my shoe, does it mean he is a “Shoesexual”.

          My dog mounts on my cat. and “have sex” with her. Does it mean my dog is sexually attracted to animals?!

          Furthermore, among animals, sexual attraction is based on smell, not on vision like among humans, which means that the entire concept of homosexual in

          animals doesn’t make any sense. A male dog or lion has his brain programmed to recognize the smell of the female and react sexually to that. How does he

          recognize another male??

          What about cross-species sex (Zoophilia). It was observed in about 8-12% of the animal kingdom and among many different species .

          Cross-Species sex is observed in nature.

          It is “natural” as well?!

          Should we teach our children that cross-species sex (i,e bestiality) is “normal” as well?!

          Should we tell young children that bestiality is “natural” and “normal”?!

          After all, it “exists” in nature.

          A dog and a cat “having sex” (cross-species sex in action)

          cross-species sex (zoophilia) is “very natural”, isn’t it!? ….. Should we teach our kids that sex with other species (say a horse) is “normal” then?! After all, we are “animals” ourselves?! aren’t we?!

          We have to expose the mental insanity of people like you.

          You and people like you are the “uneducated” and insane . parrot the pc line mindlessly without using their brains.

          We can’t understand these people, echoing “Uneducated” and “Homophobia” ends all discussion in their minds.

          Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of those who try to make our children sick. We’ll get rid of you soon. We’ll do exactly what Hitler did.

          sick perverts.

        • Temple.Of.Tyr on April 14, 2014


          What have you being smoking?!

          homo (like a flu) is an abnormal phenomenon that “exists” in “nature”

          Homos in ancient Greece were despised, They were not legitimized.

          most people – normal and healthy people – just like people of today felt disgust of such behavior.

          The ancient Greek law had deprived gays of many social activities. In fact, they were punished by the Greek law if found to to engage in either homosexuality or bestiality.

          much like the holohoaux, gays and their jew supporters want to distort realities by pissing on the natural order.

          but Truth Will Out eventually.

        • Lisa on April 16, 2014

          Dear kristoff, I think you should “educate” yourself before calling others “uneducated”.

          You were taken hostage by the prevailing “politically correct” religion of “homosexuality is normal” line of thought. Truth is not always “fashionable” and “nice” and sometimes requires digging in order to uncover.

          As someone who’s an MD, I have learned about what its like to tell the OFFICIAL line on such matters and what it is like to LIE by being “politically correct”.
          Our science is also tainted by political correctness and lies. don’t be naive to think that it’s not. For example, in today’s political and social climate it is not “politically correct” to tell the truth that homosexuality represents a disorder . Many MDs know that if they tell the truth that homosexuality is a medical problem (i,e a disorder) they can lose their job. “homophobia” is equated to “anti-semetism”.

          It is like Jews. you cannot speak about the Jews. They had become a “sacred cow”. Gays and Bisexuals also became a “sacred cow”. Therefore, doctors, if they want to keep their job, are FORCED to pretend that homosexuality is “normal” behavior even though it is obviously not.

          An important event that made this political climate was the political (not scientific!) move of removing of homosexuality as a medical disorder. In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders (DSM)

          “It was the militant organization of homosexuals, not any scientific breakthrough, that led to the removal of homosexuality from the list of diseases of the American Psychiatric Association in 1974.” (Weeks, Sexuality, p.85)

          “The decision of the American Psychiatric Association to delete homosexuality from its published list of sexual disorders in 1973 was scarcely a cool, scientific decision. It was a response to a political campaign fueled by the belief that its original inclusion as a disorder was a reflection of an oppressive politico-medical definition of homosexuality as a problem.” (Weeks, Jeffery. Sexuality and Its Discontents Meanings, Myths and Modern Sexualities, p. 213)

          Why was it decided at this specific point in time that homosexuality was “not a disorder” after being recognized as such throughout human history ? For certain it was not a decision based upon scientific evidence, for human biology and physiology dictates its abnormality. No, it wasn’t a medical decision, It was as a result of a three-year social/political campaign by gay activists, pro-gay psychiatrists and gay psychiatrists, not as a result of valid scientific studies. Rather the activities were public disturbances, rallies, protests, and social/political pressure from others outside of the APA upon the APA. There also was a sincere belief held by liberal-minded and compassionate psychiatrists that being truthful in this regard i,e acknowledging the abnormality of homosexuality by listing it as a medical disorder supported and reinforced prejudice against homosexuals. LYING on this subject by removing the term from the diagnostic manual was viewed as a humane, “progressive” act.

          Another influencing factor was ignoring the objective biological criteria by manipulating the criteria used to define psychiatric and medical conditions. Only those disorders that caused a patient to suffer (“Subjective Distress”) or that resulted in adjustment problems (“Social Disability”) were thought to be appropriate for inclusion in the DSM. It is worth noting that using this new manipulated criteria, Zoophilia/Bestiality is completely “normal” form of sexual behavior since it is not necessarily associated with “Subjective Distress” or “Social Disability”.

          Adding to the push for removal was an acknowledgment of the extraordinary resistance of homosexuality to psychiatric intervention, for overcoming homosexuality. Even though that’s not a sufficient excuse for the removal as many psychiatric disorders have biological basis, even from birth, and have no cure and thus cannot be overcome.

          Beyond political pressure there were also humanitarian (non scientific!) motives for the “normalization” of homosexuality. Thus is a another non-scientific reason why the profession removed homosexuality from its diagnostic manual. The first reason is that psychiatry hoped to eliminate social discrimination by removing the stigma of “sick” attributed to homosexual people (Bayer, 1981; Barnhouse, 1977). Most psychotherapists are personally committed to removing emotional distress and diminishing the destructive effects of socially-imposed guilt. There was a leap of assumption that continued diagnosis of homosexuality would perpetuate society’s prejudice and the homosexual person’s social suffering. However, while the humanitarian intent must not go unappreciated, failure by the profession to find a consistently successful cure should not be the criterion for determining “normalcy” . We are resorting to the logic “if we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.”

          Even though the humanitarian motives were made using the best intentions, the “normalization” of homosexuality proved to be devastating and damaging to society as a whole. One cannot ignore reality and normalize what is objectively sick without causing tremendous damage to what is healthy (the Straight majority). some of the worst things imaginable happened with the best intentions. I believe that the “normalization” of homosexuality is a crime against humanity , not only “the medical hoax of the century” as Charles Socarides MD had described it.

          The medical profession is responsible for diagnosis–for identifying what is “disease” or “loss of ease” within the person. It is not for the profession to erase diagnosis for lack of a cure. As I’ve mentioned before, it is not a sufficient excuse for removing this disorder from the list of disorders as many medical disorders have biological basis, even from birth, and have no cure. We are again resorting to the logic “if we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.” Can one argue that being born blind or autistic is “normal” since we can’t fix it ?!

          The silence among researchers was not brought about by new scientific evidence showing homosexuality to be a normal and healthy variant of human sexuality; rather it became fashionable not to discuss homosexuality as a problem any longer, and when one considers the amount of pro-gay brainwashing in todays media, the medical establishment has to conform to that.

          It possible that there could be some predisposing genetic factors; but in this regard we see a parallel with many other birth defects, congenital disorders or genetic defects i,e. we continue to acknowledge these conditions as problematic and disordered, we continue to treat them. As I mentioned before, can one argue that being born blind, physically paralyzed or autistic is “normal” since we can’t fix it ?!

          Another reason was the social climate in the 1970s in the United States. was a time period of great social upheaval and change, civil rights for blacks, the Vietnam war, and of course, the “sexual revolution”. Though the Board of Trustees voted 13 to 0, a referendum sent to 25,000 APA members only 25 % responded, and of these only 58% favored removing homosexuality from the list of disorders. Follow up surveys of the members of the APA continued to show that majority disagreed with the political decision and continued to recognize homosexuality for what it is : pathological and a disorder. If the entire membership of the APA had the opportunity to vote on the subject, homosexuality would have remained officially listed as a disorder in the DSM.

          Also APA members report that the problems of homosexuals had more to do with their inner conflicts then with stigmatization by society at large. It is not what is now termed “homophobia” (which is analogues to “Pedophobia” or “Zoophobia”) . Ronald Bayer MD in his book, “Homosexuality and the American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis” covers in depth the removal of homosexuality by the APA from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders.

          Prior to the APA’s 1973 convention, several psychiatrists attempted to organize opposition to the efforts of homosexuals to remove homosexual behavior from the DSM. Organizing this effort were Drs. Irving Bieber and Charles Socarides who formed the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Deletion of Homosexuality
          from DSM-II. The DSM-II listed homosexuality as an abnormal and disordered behavior under section “302. Sexual Deviations.” It was the first psychosexual disorder listed..

          After much political pressure, a committee of the APA met behind closed doors in 1973 and voted to remove homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder from the DSM-II. Opponents of this effort were given 15 minutes to protest this change, according to Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, in “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth” . Satinover writes that after this vote was taken, the decision was to be voted on by the entire APA membership. The National Gay Task Force purchased the APA’s mailing list and sent out a letter to the APA members urging them to vote to remove homosexuality as a disorder. No APA member was informed that the mailing had been funded by this homosexual activist group.

          This action taken in the APA had devastating consequences on psychosexual and social life according to Charles Socarides MD in a article published in The Journal of Psychohistory, “Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality.” He described a political movement within the American Psychiatric Association in which through social/political activism resulted in a two-phase radicalization of a main pillar of psychosocial life. The first phase was the erosion of heterosexuality as the single acceptable sexual pattern in our culture. This was followed by the second phase being the raising of homosexuality to the level of an alternative life. As a result the disorder of homosexuality became an “acceptable” psychosocial institution alongside heterosexuality as the prevailing norm of behavior.

          “In essence, this movement within the American Psychiatric Association has accomplished what every other society, with rare exceptions, would have trembled to tamper with, a revision of the basic code and concept of life and biology: that men and women normally mate with the opposite sex and not with each other.” (Socarides, “Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality,” p. 321)

          Dr. Charles Socarides has set the record straight on how homosexuals inside and outside of the APA forced this organization to remove homosexuality as a disorder. This was done without any valid scientific evidence to prove that homosexuality is not a disordered behavior. Dr. Socarides, writing in Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality writes: “To declare a condition a ‘non-condition,’ a group of practitioners had removed it from our list of serious psychosexual disorders…” .

          Socarides continued: “For the next 18 years, the APA decision served as a Trojan horse, opening the gates to widespread psychological and social change in sexual customs and mores. The decision was to be used on numerous occasions for numerous purposes with the goal of normalizing homosexuality and elevating it to an esteemed status. Socarides writes : “To some American psychiatrists, this action remains a chilling reminder that if scientific principles are not fought for, they can be lost—a disillusioning warning that unless we make no exceptions to science, we are subject to the snares of political factionalism and the propagation of untruths to an unsuspecting and uninformed public, to the rest of the medical profession, and to the behavioral sciences.”

          The removing of homosexuality as a sexual disorder was as a result of a three year long social/political campaign by gay activists, pro-gay psychiatrists and gay psychiatrists, not as a result of valid scientific studies. Rather the activities were public disturbances, rallies, protests, and social/political pressure from within by gay psychiatrists and by others outside of the APA upon the APA. The action of removing homosexuality was taken with such unconventional speed that normal channels for consideration of the issues were circumvented. This action taken in the APA had dramatic consequences on psychosexual life according to Charles Socarides in a article published in The Journal of Psychohistory, “Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality.”

          Socarides writes the removal of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual was a false step with the following results.

          “This amounted to a full approval of homosexuality and an encouragement to aberrancy by those who should have known better, both in the scientific sense and in the sense of the social consequences of such removal.” (Socarides, Charles W. “Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality,” p.320-321)

          “Writing about the 1973 decision and the dispute that surrounded it, Bayer (1981) contended that these changes were produced by political rather than scientific factors. Bayer argued that the revision represented the APA’s surrender to political and social pressures, not new data or scientific theories regarding on human sexuality.” (O’Donohue & Casselles, Homophobia: Conceptual, Definitional , and Value Issues, p. 66 in Destructive Trends in Mental Health The Well-Intentioned Path to Harm editors Rogers H.Wright, and Nicolas A. Cummings.)

          In this article he described a movement within the American Psychiatric Association that through social/political activism resulted in a two-phase radicalization of a main pillar of psychosocial life. The first phase was the erosion of heterosexuality as the single acceptable sexual pattern in our culture.

          This was followed by the second phase the raising of homosexuality to the level of an alternative lifestyle. As a result homosexuality became an acceptable psychosocial institution alongside heterosexuality as a prevailing norm of sexual behavior.

          The hijacking of science in the APA by those advocating homosexuality has now taken a very interesting twist. 30 years later after this decision by the APAs Psychiatrist Robert L. Spitzer, M.D. who was instrumental in the removal of homosexuality in 1973 from the lists of sexual disorders in the DSM now admits that he had manipulated the criteria used to define a disorder and that the decision to normalize homosexuality was driven by “political correctness”, not by objective science. ( See : )

          “The APA’s very process of a medical judgment arrived at by parliamentary method set off more arguments than it settled. Many members felt that the trustees, in acting contrary to diagnostic knowledge, had responded to intense propagandistic pressures from militant homophile organizations. “Politically we said homosexuality is not a disorder,” one psychiatrist admitted, “but privately most of us felt it is.” (Kronemeyer, Overcoming Homosexuality, p.5)

          As for the argument that homosexual behavior exists among animals. It is no excuse, as cross-species sex is also found in about 10% the animal kingdom as so are many genetic abnormalities and diseases (flu etc) . Furthermore, homosexuality among animals, as in humans, is a disorder that can result from hormonal imbalances in the fetus. As for the argument that Gays are “born that way”, it is also no excuse. Many psychiatric disorders have a genetic and biological basis and people are indeed “born that way”. Can one argue that blindness , Down Syndorm etc. are “normal” conditons since people can be “born that way”?!

          It is worth noting that from 1993 to 2001, the World Health Organization (WHO) and almost all (122 out of 125 i,e 97%) of medical and psychiatric associations around the world continued to recognize homosexuality as a medical disorder and a sexual deviation. (‘‘US Psychiatrists’ Views on Homosexuality Differ from Colleagues’ in Other Countries,’’ Psychiatric News, Vol. 28, No. 17, September 3, 1993.).

          From 1993 to 2001 ,”liberal” and “politically correct” dogma forced many of these medical associations of them to “normalize” homosexuality by having it removed from their list of diseases.

          Political correctness forced the APA to play with words and manipulate definitions . For example only those conditions that are associated with “subjective distress” and “social disability” are to be included in the list of disorders and since homosexuality (or bestiality) per se is not associated with “subjective distress” and “social disability” therefore homosexuality (or Bestiality) should not be listed as a disorder. It is worth noting that since the human body is physically not designed for the same sex (i,e. homosexuality) anymore than for animals (i,e. bestiality) the current requirement for defining a disorder (i,e. “Social Disability” and “Subjective Distress”) are TOO NARROW and are LACKING. Why? since they completely ignore and don’t take into account the physiological aspect that dictates that same-sex sexual attractions (much like human to animal sexual attractions) per se are abnormal and disordered, regardless of whether such tendencies are associated with “subjective distress” and “social disability”.

          Can one argue that bestiality is “normal” since it isn’t associated with “subjective distress” and “social disability”?! According to our current definition of a psychiatric and medical disorder, one can make argument that bestiality/zoophilia per se is also “normal” sexuality since according to APAs Dr. Sptizer definition , this condition (i,e. bestiality) isn’t necessarily associated with “subjective distress” or “social disability”.

          Here is an example of how “political correctness” forced the medical establishment to “play with words” and manipulate and ignore reality, in regards to homosexuality, in DSMIII They write:

          “Is homosexuality a psychopatholohy? The crucial issue in determining whether or not homosexuality per-se it to be regarded as a mental disorder is not the etiology of the condition but its consequences and the definition of a mental disorder. A significant proportion of homosexuals are apparently satisfied with their sexual orientation, show no significant signs to manifest psychopatology (unless homosexuality, by itself, is considered psychopathology), and are able to function socially and occupationally with no impairment. If one uses the criteria of distress or disability, homosexuality per se is not a mental disorder”

          (Diagnostic And Statistical Manuel Of Mental Disorders, 3rd Edition)

          Now for the sake of argument, just replace the words “homosexuality” with “bestiality” and “homosexuals” with “zoophiles”.

          “Is bestiality a psychopatholohy? The crucial issue in determining whether or not bestiality per-se it to be regarded as a mental disorder is not the etiology of the condition but its consequences and the definition of a mental disorder. A significant proportion of zoophiles are apparently satisfied with their sexual orientation, show no significant signs to manifest psychopatology (unless Bestiality, by itself, is considered psychopathology), and are able to function socially and occupationally with no impairment. If one uses the criteria of distress or disability, bestiality per se is not a mental disorder”

          (Diagnostic And Statistical Manuel Of Mental Disorders, 3rd Edition)

          You see why Political Correctness is a complete madness?! Our entire science is tainted by it. MDs know the madness of it but can’t speak openly against the “normalization” of homosexuality, otherwise they’ll loose their job. when the choice of telling the truth is not available, why wouldn’t they lie and declare homosexuality “normal” ?!

          To recognize reality and acknowledge that homosexuality is obviously a disorder has become a “hate speech” in todays culture, and MDs also have to “conform” to the politically correct line by pretending that homosexuality is “normal” . telling the truth about gays is much like telling the truth about “Jews”. It has become a “hate speech”. We live in a politically correct society where “TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE” (i,e. telling the truth will not protect you), where TRUTH is LIE and LIE is TRUTH.

          As for the question “is homosexuality a disorder ?” It depends on whether you want the OFFICIAL i,e. the “politically correct” answer or the TRUE/OBJECTIVE answer?! officially NO, but truthfully and objectively YES.

          But if you ask me, I’d prefer being objective and truthful on this matter i,e homosexuality was and remains a disorder. It doesn’t require a genius to see and
          understand that the human body isn’t anatomically and physically designed for the same sex (i,e. homosexuality) anymore than for animals (i,e. bestiality/zoophilia) and thus, homosexuality (i.e. same-sex attraction) is NOT a normal sexual orientation and SHOULD NOT be promoted as a “choice” to our children.

          But, unfortunately when one repeats a lie over and over again, the lie becomes the “truth”. the entire campaign to “normalize” of homosexuality is an example of that lie.

          Wish you happy life! 🙂

          • Neo on May 16, 2014

            You made a good point.

            Many psychiatric and medical problems have biological basis and have no cure or treatment and the people inflicted by them are indeed “born that way”.

            But even though such medical problems have no cure or treatment, we continue to recognize them as diseases and dysfunctions, we continue to list them as disorders – we don’t redefine reality by “normalizing” them, we don’t redefine reality by “normalizing” the abnormal.

            The days when people are forced to pretend that homosexuality is “normal” are over.

            Homosexuality (same sex attraction) is abnormal and soon it will treated as such.

          • Jimi on May 23, 2014

            Not only Jews and LGBT people are the “sacred cow” of “political correctness” and “Liberalism” , but also the silly idea of “there are no human races” and “There’s no difference between men and women”.

            Political Correctness is a serious mental illness that needs to be eradicated without mercy from this planet.

            According to PC the disgusting disease of homosexuality is Ok when in reality it is no different than bestiality.

            Physically: Men are meant for women and women are meant for men.

            Men are not meant for men. Women are not meant for women.

            Humans are not meant for animals.

            According to PC there is no racial difference between an Aryan in Europe to between a Nigerian in Africa.

            PC is a form of mental disease as people inflicted by it, are disconnected from reality and don’t have a healthy perception of reality. Even Autistic children can tell racial differences, even Autistic children can tell that Gays, Lesbian and Bisexuals are sick people, Even Autistic people can tell that homosexuality is no more “normal” and “healthy” than Zoophilia or Bestiality.

            Even Autistic people can tell the obvious differences between man and women.

        • steve on December 8, 2014

          There’s no sex act two men can engage in that a man and cannot. And very often do.

        • tim on January 22, 2015

          You don’t know nothing about History or Animals. How many of the animals you describe are there to be treated and “cared” by people like you.

          You are just a faggot trying to justify his on abnormal a diseased sexual orientation looking for the world to be tolerant to their disgusting agenda.

          Go and try to “rationalize” your disease to the Muslim World and lets see how fast you’ll end up underground.

          I don’t hate gays but I do hate the agenda being pushed on society.

          don’t try to push your disease onto our children otherwise we will be brutal and unforgiving.

          HOMO = SHAME & DISGUST


  • The Greatest Story Never Told on September 19, 2013

    Radio Interview by RCN Radio by Deanna Spingola: An Interview with Dennis Wise, the Producer/Writer of The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

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