Part 12 Mussolini

  • Jon on December 1, 2015

    This is a very powerful segment. I had never fully analyzed my childhood indoctrination concerning those iconic images of people being ‘herded into cattlecars’. What an eye-opening perspective.

  • konwayk on June 23, 2015

    One of the things Jews and their stooges hide is the difference between “Kill” and “Murder.”

    In Aramaic, the word “qtal” can mean “to kill” or “to murder.” It depends on the context.

    In Bible, Killing is a lawful execution where a person can execute another person for self defense (Esther 8-9), during war times (1 Samuel 17, 1 Samuel 15, etc), for stealing in his/her house during night (Exodus 22:1), treason (Joshua 7), and for violating the laws of the bible (Leviticus 18, Leviticus 24:15-16, etc.).

    Murder is an unlawful execution where person executes a person contrary to the laws of the bible (2 Samuel 11, 1 Kings 21).

    The Pharisees took the concept of “Killing” and “Murder” in the Bible and twisted them and used it in their Traditions of the Elders (later Talmud) for their deceptive purposes.

    As you know, Talmud teaches that it is perfectly lawful to destroy non Jews.

    Since the law of Jews is Talmud, Jews teach that any execution that is obedient to Talmud is an act of Killing while any execution contrary to Talmud is an act of Murder.

    That is one of the major reasons why Jews don’t feel guilty for the atrocities (Russian Holocaust, Hamburg, Dresden, etc.) committed on non Jews.

    Since Jack the Ripper (Polish Jew named Kosminski) executed women according to the teachings of Talmud, Polish Jewish community in Britain saw Kosminski’s executions as acts of “Killing.” That is one of the reasons why Polish Jewish Community refused to give Kosminski to Non Jewish Police in Britain.

  • Andrei on January 31, 2015

    If Hitler was a good guy, why did he team up with Mussolini, a bad guy since i can’t find anything good about him, everyone says he was a bad guy.

    • Noble Wolf on February 1, 2015

      What have you read about Mussolini that makes him a “Bad Guy”? What did he do that was so bad? Thanks.

      • Kauai on June 18, 2016

        During the Italio-Ethiopian War Mussolini used chemical weapons on the Ethiopians which was horrific. One thing I’m confused about according to wiki, Hitler supplied the Ethiopians with 16,000 rifles and 600 machine guns to fight agains Mussolini in 1935, because it says, so Italy would be weakened when Hitler would have to face Italy for control over Austria. Why would Hitler go against Mussolini in 1935 if in 1943 he would rescue him??

    • Cartier McCloud on January 19, 2015

      There’s no way to delete previous comment. I found the answer a few videos down.

  • konwayk on December 21, 2014

    Whenever Allies (controlled by Jews) say “International law”, they are using Talmudic double talk to deceive non Jews.

    FDR, Churchill, Stalin, and Jewish leaders often used Talmudic double talk in their speeches.

    Whenever they say “international law”, they are referring to the teachings of Talmud. Bombing of cities like Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Frankfurt are the results of the teachings of their “international law” which is Jewish Talmud.

    When Jews and Jewish leaders talk about “free speech being allowed for every human being” in Allied controlled countries, they are applying Talmudic double talk.

    When they say “Humans”, they are referring to only Jews. According to Talmud, only Jews are human beings. Non Jews are animals.

    Here is a great video by Brother Nathanael that shows Talmudic double talk (aka Talmudic double standard) applied by Jewish Obama and Jews in America to deceitfully promote Multiculturalism.

    • Sihing Brody Delestre on January 28, 2015


    • Arthur Richard Francis on January 25, 2016

      I thought Obama was Muslim?

  • konwayk on July 2, 2014

    We know that Neville Chamberlain had severe pressure from World Jews and America on driving Great Britain into World War 2. Before he died, he revealed America and World Jews forced Britain into war against Germany (mentioned in The Forrestal Diaries from 1945.)

    But one of the most honorable things about Chamberlain was he was a pronounced opponent of the use of the bomber as a weapon of terrorisation (mentioned in David Irving’s book “The Destruction of Dresden” (1995), Page 7-8).

    With Chamberlain, he had a public guarantee to respect German civilian lives. This applied till the last day of Chamberlain as the prime minister of Great Britain (May 9, 1940).

    But when the Anti-German monster Churchill became British prime minister on May 10, 1940, the British government now publicly proclaimed that it reserved the right to take whatever action it considered appropriate in the event of German air raids on civilian populations.

    So the cabinet on its very first day of office under Mr Winston Churchill, the new prime minister, was able to dispose of Mr Chamberlain’s public guarantee to respect German civilian lives (David Irving’s “The Destruction of Dresden” (1995), Page 8-9).

    That was the beginning of the horror on German civilian lives which resulted in horrors like Operation Gomorrah (the bombing of Hamburg) in 1943, and the bombing of all German cities (Dresden, Rotterdam, Berlin, etc.).

    Churchill was both Anti-German and Anti-Indian. This is evident when Churchill called “Indians (India) as the beastliest people in the world next to the Germans.” [Mark Weber speaks on Hitler (Time – 26:00-27:15) – ]

  • vjernost on May 10, 2014

    Someone really needs to proof the video captions. “Communisum” is not a word and there are many grammatical mistakes. This makes the project look unprofessional. Also, the inclusion of a cover of a Skrewdriver song does not make it seem very objective.

    • TGSNTtv on May 10, 2014

      Hi, thank you.
      We are working on the transcript and translations and the DVD version has already been updated with new subs and fixed typos.
      This version here on the site is still the older one, and as soon as all captions have been made we’ll update here.
      Thank you for your opinion.

      • mojtaba on December 30, 2014

        i am working on translate too
        in Persian (it’s my language, so the best one), Arabic, Germany, Japanese and Spanish
        i thought maybe i can help u in translate

  • konwayk on February 15, 2014

    There was a German movie called “Ohm Kruger” (starring Emil Jannings) released in 1941 which was made under Joseph Goebbels. The film was made under a high budget. This film shows the attack of the British on the civilian population (during Boer War) by destroying their homes and also sending women and children in concentration camps. This attack on the civilian population in the film foreshadows the horrifying Operation Gomorrah (by RAF and USAAF) in 1943.

    It looks like British used the same attack pattern just like they did in South Africa, India, and other British controlled countries.

  • OJE on February 4, 2014

    In 1920 my Grandparents went from west-prussia to Hamburg. During this Bomb-Holocaust they and my mum stayed here

    I think the jew Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin are the greatest mass-murderers the world have ever seen – and who did the war-crimes? only the german.

    These mass-murderers only want to make their war-criminals forgotten. Now, when i know the truth, i cant forget and im not sure if i could forgive the things the english, american and sovjet-people did to the german people.

    And today … the greatest enemy of the german people (and in my opinion in the rest of western europe and us its the same) is the german government, hope the truth will find her way.

    Please apologize my english, was a long time ago when i learned it at school.

    Something for those who understand german:


    Sieg Heil – Sieg Heil – Sieg Heil

  • konwayk on January 16, 2014

    grzes, please don’t jump into conclusion before watching the entire documentary. I encourage you to watch the entire documentary.

    I would like to provide this information from public newspapers.

    Please look at the “huge” list of “6 million Jews” in the newspaper articles starting from the year 1900.

    Here is the link –

    Let’s look at this link (Newspaper – Daily Sentinel, Rome, N.Y., Tuesday Evening, January 31, 1939) –

    It says 6 million jews in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia have been murdered as of January 31, 1939.

    But Heinrich Himmler ordered the creation of Auschwitz camp only in April 27, 1940. Concentration Camps like Belzec, Majdanek, and Chelmno were only built in 1941. Treblinka, Plaszow, and Sobibor were only built in 1942. Another important point is the so called official Holocaust story claims that Nazis only started killing Jews at concentration camps from 1941.

    You can get the rest of the information from the documentary.

    • prince of persian on January 12, 2015

      Looooool Bro

  • grzes on January 16, 2014

    Do you really think that there were no HOLOCAUST???!!! In concentration camps people were getting REAL shower and treatment of typhus???!!! What about the Nuremberg Trials where the nazis admit all the massive murderes???

    • Oni_ansatsusha on February 22, 2014

      You do know most of the people who “admitted” it were tortured by the allies right?
      You also know there was no way to do the mass executions without killing all the German guards too right? because the doors to the “gas chamber’s” were made from wood.
      also there were ovens next to the “gas chamber’s” and H.C.N gas is explosive.

      Every story, every myth that came from the Jews who went to one of those camps can be dis-proven.

    • irokoin on April 22, 2014

      We do not think, we know, and unlike the jews, we can prove every word we say:

      It is ridiculous to imagine, and above all to pretend, that 24,000 people could have been gassed at Auschwitz each day – in batches of 3,000 at a time – in a room of 400 cubic metres. Still less could this have happened, in batches of 700 or 800, in buildings with a floor space of 25 square metres and a height of 1.9 metres, as has been claimed with regard to Beizec.

      Twenty-five square metres is equivalent to the floor space of a bedroom! Would you succeed, Most Holy Father, in putting 700 or 800 people in your bedroom? Seven hundred to 800 people on 25 square metres works out at 30 people to the square metre. A square metre 1.9 metres high is the size of a telephone box! Can you picture, Your Holiness, thirty people piling into a telephone box in St. Peter’s Square or at the Great Seminary of Warsaw? Or on a simple shower stand?

      If the miracle of thirty human bodies planted like asparagus in the goldfish bowl of a
      telephone-box, or the one of the 800 people crowded around your camp-bed, had ever been realised, a second miracle would have immediately been indispensable.

      Otherwise the 3,000 people – the equivalent of two regiments -crammed together so fantastically in the Auschwitz chamber, or the 700 to 800 people piled up at Belzec (on account of having 30 occupants to the square metre), would have perished almost
      immediately as they would have been asphyxiated by the lack of oxygen!

      There would not even have been any need for gas! Before one had finished piling up the last arrivals, bolting the doors and dropping the gas into the room, most would have already stopped breathing! ZyMon B would reach only corpses. (This gas was supposedly either dropped into the room through slits,, through holes, by chimney, in the form of hot air, in a vapour, or was discharged along the ground: you can take your pick)

      As anyone interested in science can find out, this Zyklon B was, in any case, inflammable, adhesive and dangerous to use. A twenty-one hour wait would consequently have been necessary, even indispenclable, before the first corpse was pulled out of the wondrous chamber.

      As has been related to us with great pleasure and a thousand spicy details, one would then have been able to extract all the gold teeth and all the filled teeth, the latter being prudent hiding-places for diamonds! This would supposedly have been done to each batch of 6,000 rigid jaws (3,000 people) which death had drawn together, and to 48,000 jaws each day – if one believes the official figure of 24,000 gassed everyday in Auschwitz alone!

      — Leon Degrelle, Commander of the Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front, LETTER TO THE POPE ON HIS VISIT TO AUSCHWITZ, 20th May, 1979.

      Here’s the link, in case anyone wants to read completely:

    • tomas rader on October 19, 2014

      Hair cutting, delousing, a uniform, pulling rotting teeth, new shoes, confiscation of tradeable jewelry, … sounds like indoctrination at the federal prison alcatraz. And smoking is even gone now. To this very day this is a normal incarceration routine in the US. Bed bugs, lice, and fleas are a common contamination. We have soap that kills these varmints in the laundry now. Back then … burn the clothes. Such a sham perpetrated as a pretense just to steal property … desert at that.

  • paschn on January 7, 2014

    I can only handle one part every few days. Being only 2nd generation U.S., (Out of Frankfurt), this is pretty emotional for me. Consider the world today had the West’s “leaders” been honorable men and helped Germany to free Russia/Eastern Europe of the Bolshevik Jew infection! No Central Banks, no pitting Christian against Muslim or this nation against that solely for the “pleasure” of the Synagogue of Satan. The horror unleashed upon mankind because of the Neo-Judas class servicing their Jewish “Masters”! It strikes one silent.

  • Truthseeker on November 24, 2013

    The truth is so refreshing

  • vigithunor on November 14, 2013

    Cattle die, kinsmen die
    So oneself will also die,
    But I know one thing that never dies,
    The name of heroes who have done well.

  • Wilson on October 25, 2013

    …over 50,000 will be be fried to death..

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