Part 15 Battle of the Bulge

  • rev on June 2, 2016

    all i can say is…SEIG HEIL

  • Danny on March 5, 2016

    Man,i think they’re trying they’re best to block these videos. Its taking forever to buffer.

  • Stoyan Stoyanov on October 23, 2015

    This video should be rated “S” for spoilers…

  • marios on August 6, 2015


  • Charlene Gallego on July 5, 2015

    What is wrong with you ppl? So you espouse that because the numbers reported from a dept in Germany reflects aushwitz total deaths an how they died is substantially less than commonly reported , the entire holocaust was a lie?

    You have to know that is deranged logic!

    Furthermore, naturally Hitler told his compatriots and idolizers to be peaceful since every nutcase wants to appear sane and that is all there is to those words. Besides, killing any undesirables to many by that point was like exterminating bugs. They were swept up in their twisted beliefs and encouraged by the fact that it took so long to stop them. However, they were STOPPED and every single nazi wannabe needs to realize that fact today.

    Dennis Rader, “BTK” serial killer wrote an ad in a local paper saying “Rex it will be okay”. He was a resist wannabe leftover nazi switch out who was friends covertly with the Bush and Carcano family out of Argentina whom assisted in the end of the war 2 and snuck many, incl Himmler and Mengle out of Soviet and others captivity.

    Why is’nt that on this greatest story?

    Someone will do a sequel in the next ten-twenty years and hopefully you fools will recall this comment.

    • Patrick on July 10, 2015

      This documentary doesn’t claim Hitler was a saint, it simply provides another side of the story. Germany was not the sole evil nation of World War 2, and if anything made more moral choices than many of the allied nations involved. In each country there are groups of people employed to make the enemies look bad, and there is no “clean up crew” to sort out the truths at the end of the war. World war 2 was not “evil country vs good country”, but a war brought upon by circumstances that would lead any nation to be faced with the hard decisions that the German people had to make.

      • day max on October 5, 2015

        I found respect for hitler after watching this everything he was fighting is still around now look whats happening to Russia

        • Todd Taulbee on October 14, 2015

          me too. Stalin was pure evil. He just happened to be useful to the allies

    • anne on August 17, 2015

      holohoaxicity is the religious belief created bythechosen bumss after realisation that swimming pools, hospitals and theaters couldnot a deathcamp make.

    • Queenbee on August 31, 2015

      I won’t because it was boring…

    • bob on August 19, 2016

      hi. i\’m not pro-hitler but i\’m just the kind of person who has the habit of getting both sides of the coin, & in case you\’re interested in knowing the other side of the story, read on.

  • Maude on July 2, 2015

    Do you have to be a racist to post here?

    • Noble Wolf on July 2, 2015

      Define racist.

  • Erik on June 28, 2015

    WW2 Tank Battle (Film) where WW2 German tanks proved to be superior to American tanks. The following scene shows how the good guys (Germans) had better tanks than the Jew Tool Americans who where led by the Satanic NWO. I wish Germans had won this fight though. 🙂

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden – Which isn’t beautiful anymore thanks to the third worlders we have here.

    • Maude on July 2, 2015

      The Fury scene is a fantasy as envisioned by a Hollywood director with no knowledge of tanks. The 76mm M1A1, even with the standard APCBC ammunition, could defeat the front hull plates of the Tiger I from 100 yards (gun shield) to 400 yards (front hull plate), and the sides and rear (which had the same protection) from typical combat ranges. With the tungsten carbide-cored and highly-accurate Hyper Velocity Armor Piercing round, the M1A1 could defeat any of the Tiger I’s plates from typical combat ranges.

      A report by the commander of a unit of M18 tank destroyers (armed with the same M1A1 gun) summed up his dealings with the big German cats as follows: “[T[he enemy tank can be easily out-maneuvered and is extremely susceptible to two-way attack.”

      Although they had excellent frontal armor and powerful guns, the German heavies, often put into production when they were still in the prototype stage, suffered from mechanical reliability.

      • Garrett Brown on September 23, 2015

        They were penetrating because they were using M18s, not Shermans. Unless you’re referring to fireflys, which the US hardly used, no Sherman could penetrate the frontal hull of a Tiger, not even easy 8s.

  • Hitler Fan on April 27, 2015

    I watch this movie before “As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me”..very sad story.

  • konwayk on August 19, 2014

    Even at the end of World War 2, Adolf Hitler was hoping that Great Britain will come and help Germany fight against USSR. With the exception of Great John Amery and few British people, nobody bothered.

    But if General Patton knew about the intentions of Adolf Hitler and Germany, then he and American soldiers would have immediately rushed in for helping out Adolf Hitler and Germany against USSR.

    From the very beginning, Patton distrusted Bolsheviks. Patton’s suspicions with Eisenhower began when Eisenhower deliberately slowed down his proceedings to Berlin before Soviet Forces could reach there.

    For Example, Patton believed Eisenhower wrongly prevented him closing the so-called Falaise Gap in the autumn of 1944, allowing hundreds of thousands of German troops to escape to fight again. This led to the deaths of thousands of Americans during their winter counter-offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge.

    Later, General Patton’s ambition to get to Berlin before Soviet forces was again thwarted by supreme allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, who gave Patton’s petrol supplies to the more cautious British General Bernard Montgomery.

    • Todd Taulbee on October 14, 2015

      And then they killed Patton because he wanted to come home and tell the truth about the allies and Stalin. He wanted top attack the Russians.

  • Ritter on May 7, 2014

    Could we get a response as to whether Rost’s escape is legitimate? Someone has commented here saying it is not, along with what metapedia and also wikipedia state.

    • Dennis Wise on May 11, 2014

      I first heard of Rost’s escape from an ex SAS soldier. He and I believe the story to be true but to get it passed so it could be released, there were certain parts added. Just like in other films some parts are deleted, so a certain minority in the movie industry allow it to be released.

      • Khan Baloch on December 31, 2014

        Nazi Rule was a real hope for the humans sufferings at the hand of Jews and Western Democracies. We got hopes again as we see Nazi lovers rising again as well Muslim World is also rising. Afghanistan is a best example. Soon Jews would receive their reward for their conspiracies

        • Marc de Logères on January 13, 2015

          Khan Baloch, you are a DESPICABLE MUZZRAT!! I suppose you must be a devoted ISIS sympathizer! May be you are even over there in Iraq with your buddies, mass-murdering innocent people, as you stinking moslems always did through History!

        • hymie on March 31, 2015

          Khan Baloch, you are a mentally sick person and should have a sex change and present yourself as a jihadi bride to isis. At least then you will serve some purpose in this world

          • anne on August 17, 2015

            ISIS = Israeli Sadistic Inbreeding Sickos

        • Bill on January 14, 2016

          Not all Jews are bad

        • JEFF on February 19, 2016

          wow you really have an open glad you know the intentions of the muslim.resist zionist occupation.we know who muslims are and the real ones fight for thier land.the extreamist are there but we understand that.we know their cause.muslims even call jews zionists XD

  • Rogier7305 on April 8, 2014

    Comprehensive researches, condensed in 2010 into a three-hour radio feature by radio journalist Arthur Dittlmann for the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Company),[8] left serious doubts about the authenticity of the events told in Rost’s original story. For example, no prisoner of war camp existed at Cape Dezhnev in the Far East of Siberia at the time claimed in the book; Rost was not a Wehrmacht officer as depicted in the story; the German Red Cross, with headquarters in Munich, never received any inquiry about his whereabouts, which is unusual for a ten-year imprisonment; and Rost had been released from a Russian prisoner of war camp on 28 October 1947, about two years before his alleged escape in 1949-1952, which he therefore could not have accomplished.[9]


    • Furious Crapjacket on October 31, 2015

      Oh, well if Wikipedia says it, it must be the truth. Wikipedia also says 19 muslims flew hijacked planes into the wtc and we all know that to be true, don’t we?

      • Erik on November 1, 2015

        911 was an inside job carried out by elements form the US government and the Israel Mossad.

        The Zionists and the Globalists did 911.

  • Erik on March 19, 2014

    Without the need to engage in a two front war and divert precious resources to all fronts, do you think Germany could have won WW2.

    At the time. Germany was the second largest industrial power in the world.
    One of the reasons for Germany’s defeat apart from a two front war, was the fact that they had underestimated the Russian winter and failed to knock Russia out before the winter set it,

    Another reason for the defeat was that the German war economy was not totally mobilized to war since the Nazis did not want to hurt the moral of the German people. During the first years of the war, the economy was a peacetime economy. The wanted to wage a “cheap war”. So even though Germany’s industrial base was larger than that of Britain, France and the USSR.
    The Soviets still managed to produce more tanks and aircraft. Only in 1943 the German economy was set to “Total War” mode. In contrast, The British went to Total War mode already in 1940, The Soviets already in 1941, and the Americans already in 1941.

    Only after one year when the German economy was set to “Total Production”, In 1944 Germany’s war production was larger than the of the USSR and second only to the US. But IT WAS TO LATE. The war was gone.

    Reasons for Germany’s defeat:

    1. Two front war. i,e divert important resources to fight other fronts and protect the Reich.
    Germany lost tens of thousands of aircrafts fighting the western allies (UK,US). These aircrafts could have being used to destroy the USSR. Also Thousands of anti aircraft guns (the 88) were used to protect the Reich from British And Americans bombing, instead of being used to repeal the Soviets. Unlike the USSR, Germany was forced to divert resources to maintain naval warfare against the British and Americans. About 1300 German Submarines and dozens of Battleships and Destroyers were produced by Germany during the war to fight the Western allies, instead of translating the resources to more Tanks, Aircraft, fuel and men power to fight the Soviets. In contrast, The USSR could have used all of its industrial capacity to produce ONLY tanks, aircraft, guns, etc without the need to worry about diverting resources to naval warfare.Historians like Richard Overy. talked about this issue.

    Germany also wasted important resources, fuel etc on producing tens of thousands of V1 and V2 Rockets. Historians agree that this was a waste of Fuel and Resources that could have being translated to at 20,000 more warplanes.

    Germany fought in many fronts.

    Even Stalin had confessed before he died that without British and American support, the Soviet Union would have no chance.

    2. Roosevelt aid to the British and The Soviets.

    3. German economy was set to “Total War” mode to late i,e 1943.

    Paradise Lost because of these unfortunate blunders..

    • Erik on March 23, 2014

      I Just want to make my previous comment clear.

      No doubt Germany could have won if those blunders mentioned were avoided.

      The Soviet Union could have not stand the pressure when one considers the fact that over 12 million soviet soldiers (Civilians not included) had died in the war.

      Germany’s economy was set to “Total War” mode too late i,e in March 1943 after a speech given by Dr. Joseph Gubbles, It was after the Stalingrad and North African turning points in the War.

      Germany was forced to fight in many fronts against all of the Great Powers. It was forced to divert resources i,e fuel, manpower and production capacity to maintain these fronts.

      The western allies (U.K and U.S) predicted that the USSR would fall if the USSR will not be supplied by the Western allies.

      Germany also had to waste important resources to defend Europe from Western invasion. In Norway alone – a country with a population of about 3,500,000 people, Germany had to station around 400,000 soldiers and hardware. In France Germany had to station around half a million troops. In Italy about 400,000 troops and many tanks. And I can give many such examples. all of this meant less pressure on the USSR that could have being the difference between Germany winning the War and Germany loosing it.

      • hymie on March 31, 2015

        The nazis were a bunch of IDIOTS. If they had the jews on their side, then they would have won the war, no matter how many fronts they were fighting on

        • anne on August 17, 2015

          you need a smackon your hymie jewman. nobody can stop the eventual revenge the gentile will exact from the truthmovements globally, there will be no hiding behind goy puppets

    • thomas pesek on November 2, 2014

      It sounds as if you are claiming, had Germany not lost the war, it would have won it.

      HA HA HA

      and as if you are claiming the allies didn’t fight fair by opening several fronts.

      HA HA HA

      You lost, deal with it !

  • JefVL on January 22, 2014

    What is the movie that these scenes (from the escape) come from?

    • TGSNTtv on January 23, 2014

      Hi, thanks for asking. The scenes where the German Soldier, Cornelius Rost who escaped from the Russian Death camp or ‘Gulag’ comes from a German film called, ‘As far as my feet can carry me’.

      • prince of persian on January 17, 2015

        Great Movie . the soldier came to Iran in the end of Movie

  • John Galt on December 18, 2013

    What is the name of the music in this part? The music you picked for the Greatest Story is just incredible.

  • Himanshu on November 20, 2013

    The remastered video has been removed from utube.Please make it available here

    • TGSNTtv on November 20, 2013

      Thank you. YouTube has deleted one of our accounts and a number of other videos. We are migrating to another platform, meanwhile, we found another copy elsewhere. Thanks for your support. TGSNTtv Team

      • Erik on April 27, 2014

        Dear Dennis Wise,

        I suggest That your videos will be posted on True Tube. YouTube, much like Wikipedia, is full of lies, political correctness, censorship and nonsense. Wikipedia may be 95% accurate but another 5% is complete deception, lies and political correctness, especially on issues that are protected by political correctness i,e racial realities, jews, gays ww1 and ww2 history etc.

        much like Wikipedia, YouTube is owned by Zionists Jews Hence “JewTube”,

        Uncensored and objective data can be found on True Tube,

        • konwayk on April 27, 2014

          You can check instead of Wikipedia for facts. Wikipedia is run by Jews and they only allow the information they want you to know.

          Whenever I try to put facts on wikipedia long time ago, they try to change it to the way they want it. Metapedia is run by Christians and truth seekers. With youtube, Dennis Wise’s first version of the documentary (Part 1- 22, and Babylon before Hitler) is posted on youtube by corpse1 and he successfully was able to keep the documentary till today despite the Jewish oppositions. Here is the link to the documentary.

          • doctor otis on December 30, 2015

            Captured German soldiers paraded in Moscow in 1944 followed with hugh water trucks for flooding the streets (cleaning) the passing of German troops in Moscow. TRUTH-German soldiers not feed for 48 hours prior to their march, but given soup with casscara and other plentiful natural herbs causing extreme diarrhea, thus showing the soviet people the “fear german soldiers” have for them. Most soldiers cut their pants to allow crap to pass to pavement. THUS german crap all over Moscow streets, planned, H20 trucks ready…good read Degrelle “eastern front” makes this video mild..Leon tells, reaffirms the truth of it ALL.

        • hymie on March 31, 2015

          You certainly have issues with jews although a long time ago your lineage was jewish. You also sound like a frustated closet queen just by the style of your talk.

          • anne on August 17, 2015

            your troll time is over…..time to bang head on wall hymie.

          • Erik on September 4, 2015

            Hi Mr. hymie the troll

            “You certainly have issues with Jews although a long time ago your lineage was Jewish”

            25% of peoples on earth hate Jews according to ADL. Maybe 25% of the humanity are Jews themselves i.e. we have 2 Billion Jews on this planet?! 🙂

            I also hate snakes. Does it mean that I’m a snake myself?! 🙂

            I also hate Terrorists, Rapists and Serial Killers. Does it mean that I’m a terrorist, rapist and serial-killer myself?

            Do we need to “love” Terrorists, Rapists and Serial Killers in order to “prove” that we are not Terrorists, Rapists and Serial-Killers?!

            – Nice attempt to discredit anyone who exposes Jewish agenda to destroy this world : “everybody who hates Jews must be a Jew himself”. Very funny : ) .

            No, I’m not a Jew. I’m an ethnic Swede born in 1985 in Götaland, Sweden. I’m tall, blond and blue eyed – a typical “Nordic” or “Hallstatt Nordid” type. My parents are Christian. Even though I myself not a Christian. However, I do believe in a higher power or “God”.

            They used to say about Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich that he was a Jew. Another attempt to discredit our Great Adolf. Hitler wasn’t a Jew and neither is Heydrich.

            Heydrich : (Typical Nordic type – certainly no Jew)


            The reason I talk about Jews in a negative way is the same reason that National Socialist Germany, gentiles in general talk about Jews in a negative way. Jews were expelled from 100 nations during the past 2,000 and for a good reason: Like a poison they or their leadership destroy their host nations with degeneracy and theft.

            I have no issues with individual Jews who came to see the light (David Cole is a good example) and I respect those Jews.

            I hate Jews as a group because of their BEAVIOUR not because their race per-se. But that doesn’t mean that I hate EVERY Jew. The fact that I recognize that Jews AS A GROUP are a poison to this planet is based in reality and historical facts. Hatred is Good if it is placed right.

            When someone rapes your wife in front of you and kills your children wouldn’t you be justified to hate that individual?!

            Would such hatred be moral? The answer is YES. It is moral to hate evil and despise evil. Hate is good and moral if properly placed..

            Yes I hate what Jews do to my beautiful Swedish people. Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre comes to my homeland Sweden and exploits the good heart of our people – our compassionate gene – as weapon of destruction and genocide against us.

            She wants Swedish babies to not be born anymore. She wants the genocide of my people. Why wouldn’t I feel hatred towards her? Is antisemetism just a irrational disease? or is it based in reality?

            This reality:


            There’s a rational explanation and logical justification for Anti-Jewish feelings. It is called JEWISH BEAVIOR.

            I became Antisemetic when I realized that Jews are behind the destruction of my people in Sweden. I wasn’t born Anti-Jewish. I BECAME Anti-Jewish.

            The reason I talk about Jews in a negative way is the same reason I talk about Black and Brown people in a negative way – Their behavior NOT their race or color.

            Blacks and Browns destroy my once beautiful country. They rape our women and they commit MOST of the crime. And they threaten the very biological survival of my people in the long run. Why wouldn’t I hate them?! If someone breaks into your home destroys it with filth, rapes your daughter in front of you and still demands that you let him a room to stay wouldn’t you hate them?!

            If an enemy army invades your land and try to wipe out your race and your culture would you still scream “LOVE AND TOLERANCE!” or would you HATE them and destroy them and save your people?!

            LOVE doesn’t mean being stupid and a fool. Multiculturalism does not bring love in the end. It bring more hate than ever before and a lot less love than ever before. Why? because it goes against Nature. It goes against Natural Law. If you truly want a world with a lot more love and a lot less hate you need to reject multiculturalism. Societies that are comprised of one race and culture tend to be more peaceful. If you truly want a world of love you should enable each race to be preserved in its natural habitat. Races should preserve themselves and reject multiculturalism and yet at the same time respect each other. This is harmony = Natural Law = National Socialism.

            I don’t hate blacks because of their race or skin color per-se. I hate them because of their BEAVIOR. because of how they behave as a group. You might as well say “every White man who hates blacks MUST be a BLACK himself” 🙂

            “You also sound like a frustated closet queen just by the style of your talk.”

            You are also accusing me of being a “queen” i.e. a homosexual. If you read my posts and comments on this website you’ll come to realize that I very much despise and hate homosexuality. Every person whose healthy in body and mind is physically repulsed by Homosexuality. No, I’m not a queer (Thank God 🙂 ).I’m 100% Straight male,married with two twin babies on the way. I sexually desire women and only women, that is, I’m 100% normal sexually.

            The very idea of Homosexuality (Sexual relations between men) repulses my.Homosexuality is offensive to me and the very idea of two males having sex together makes me want to puke.

            I’m sexually attracted to women thank God :). There’s nothing more beautiful and attractive than a woman’s body especially a Nordic woman.

            Liberals always try to accuse people who are tired of the sick Gay agenda by saying that they are “gay themselves”. This trick doesn’t work on me 🙂 Nice try BTW .

            Gud Med Oss

            Occupied Sweden.

          • Erik on March 5, 2016

            Point I want to clarify to the comment I gave.

            By \”hate\” I don\’t mean \”hate\” as you understand the term. It is not \”hate\” in the same sense that one might hate something to the point of wanting to exterminate it or hurt it. Angry at them would be the accurate way to describe it. But it\’s more like sadness than anger. I\’m more angry at ourselves for allowing them into our land in the first place.

            But obviously I naturally have negative feelings towards Blacks and Muslims seen the crime, rape and destruction to brought with them into my land. But I don\’t \”hate\” them to the point that I want to \”exterminate\” their kind or hurt the innocent among them especially the elderly, the women and children. But I do have feelings of anger at them to the point of wanting to teach them a lesson which they will learn only after they – their males – are dead in great numbers.

            This is war. War cannot be won if one is not willing to defeat and destroy they enemy. Weakness is not the answer as \”nice guys finish last\”. At war one might have to do the most difficult choices. Kill more of the enemy in order to SAVE more of your own. No other choice. I care about my own race. I don\’t care about others. I can\’t take care of others. You\’ll have to stick to your own. If you won\’t stick to your own you\’ll be reminded by others where you really belong. That\’s nature. I cannot identify with Africans, Arabs or other non-whites. I have no relation to them. We cannot relate to each other. It\’s better to stick with your own.

            If we are at war then we are at war and we shall do everything we can to ensure that our race have a future.

            If they start rioting in our streets, burning cars, throwing stones and bricks at our people, raping our women etc.

            For each of our women hurt by them, for each of our people harm or killed by them. We shall kill 100 of their males rioting in the streets and putting our people at harms way. We will not harm their women or their children as it is immoral and shameful for us to go down that road. But their MALES – those who riot in the streets shall be our target of destruction.

            My point is that they will pay next time as the gloves would be off. It more like teaching them a lesson than it is revenge. Next time they will know it will hurt if they behave the way they behave.

            They shall drink from our baltic sea next time they riot.

            Gud Med Oss

    • toppestofkek on January 11, 2014

      Jewtube you mean

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