Part 20 Confessions by Torture

Part 20 Confessions by Torture

The London Cage, a series of nine cages in Britain where the torture of Germans took place.

  • Truth First on May 7, 2016

    These truths are the MOST PAINFUL I have ever had to learn! The evidence is so compelling, it cannot be denied that the real holocaust victims were the Germans! Anyone who cannot see this after watching this far, is blind and unwilling to see/acknowledge the truth. Because of this film, I am now compelled to learn & understand more about the many things that were opened here. And have the utmost respect for the leadership of Hitler, his vision and the gentle strength of the Germanic peoples (which I understand & know as a descendent of these people). And today, we still see this genocidal agenda continuing in Europe with the hatred of White people, and the multicultural agenda. I should not be surprised that the parasitism on these intelligent & hard working people continue to this day. But, you wait and see, they are not going to take it anymore!

    See this:
    Published on Oct 16, 2015
    Supremacist Jews (like this genocidal maniac) want to destroy the White Race by forced multiculturalism and Diversity IE: forced race mixing of whites with non whites to create one race without Identity or any Culture, that can be easily manipulated and controlled. Without Identity and without Culture we are nothing but complete slaves.

    The White Race is the last race the Zionist Jew has not been able to conquer. Zionist Jews seek to conquer the White Race (by stealth) to completely enslave humanity and bring about a Zionist Jewish Supremacist, (NWO) New World Order, which will cause total chaos and destroy humanity, with no possibility to ever reverse the damage. The Zionist Jewish Supremacist is (the enemy of world peace)….
    Do your own research, but beware there is massive twisting of this topic of white genocide.
    One person who addresses it rationally & scientifically (but calls it out) is Stefan Molyneux. See: podcasts or youtube channels. Great intelligent philosophical conversations with listeners, interviews etc. etc.

    • K Robert Johnson on May 25, 2016

      The Germans started WW II with their invasion of a sovereign state…Poland. Hitler bullied the allies for Austria and for the Sudetenland amongst others before this invasion. Whatever the Germans received, they deserved it all. I find it quite convenient that all the Germans\’ atrocities are not addressed so far in this \”documentary.\” I will, however, continue viewing it. I must say that I do not believe the concentration camp prisoners were gassed. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

  • TheOne on January 21, 2016

    Great series. I just have one question. How about Joseph “The Angel of Death” Mengele? Did he perform his awful experiments in the manner they tell us today?

    Besides this, I think the holohoax is one of the worst things “happening” in our society. What I mean by this is the somewhat unspoken agreement about the false atrocities Germany committed. Gas Chambers are a lie, there weren’t six million jews murdered, not even 6 million people, jews and non-jews, died in the death camps.

    This document by the Red Cross (I Think) shows the number of people whom died in concentration camps. While 370k people are a lot, we must remember that these people mostly died of typhus an malnutrition! Which we have the Allies to thank for, those motherfuckers bombing the railroads, so things couldn’t be transported as easily.

  • Edward on October 15, 2015

    I am very interested in the American Civil War. I am a southern partisan. What happened during WWWII is very similar to what happened here in the USA during the Civil War. The South was pushed to the tipping point by her enemies (just as the Germans were) and goaded into firing the proverbial (and literal) first shot. The yankees (like the British) now had their excuse to go to war.The Southerners fought with honor and dignity to defend their land and families from invasion, not to keep black men in bondage. The Germans did it the same. Even if you accept the official history that Nazism was evil and Hitler a monster, the common German soldier and civilian was not. The northerners, despite some men honor amongst her ranks, fought a vicious war of attrition and terror. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman was his generations Gen. Curtis LeMay. The razing of Atlanta was the same as the holocaust of Dresden (or Tokyo). An honorable enemy has been demonized and must be continually offered up for immolation in order to salve the consciences of those who perpetrated far greater crimes.

    • Jerry on January 5, 2016

      The south was straight out slavery and that shit was wrong.

  • Richard McKaig on September 4, 2015

    Two things come to mind for me. I have been told about the lampshades made from the tattooed skin of inmates. Let me point out that the tattoos were of pictures no the inmate numbers. Jews are not allowed to get tattoos so the material must be from another source. If all the Jews were put into camps and they are allowed to write home twice a month, who is at home to get the letters?

    • anastasia on October 6, 2015

      There must have been someone, or they wouldn’t have written the letters. There were Jews living freely in Berlin at the end of the war

  • Guest on August 15, 2015

    The entire world has been deceived, betrayed and dishonored by the Allies of Evil.

  • annebeck on July 20, 2015

    Question; is it not possible to watch these videos in full-screen? I’m not seeing a way to blow up the screen. If you can think of a way, I’d appreciate it.
    I have never seen many parts of this, so thanks for posting it all.

  • Gabriel on July 12, 2015

    I would like an explanation on the Tattoos the prisoners had? It didn’t seem to cover that.Other than that I literally cannot believe the lie i have been living. My country teaches this shit in school: Germans attack poland and killed jews USA UK AND USSR save the day…what in the actual fuck…

    • konwayk on July 12, 2015

      Jews and Jewish criminals had tattoos, because they were plenty in numbers at German concentration camps. So they were identified much more easier through tattoos.

      Jews were trying to starve Germany to death starting from March 24, 1933. Jews also murdered Germans like Wilhelm Gustloff and Vom Rath. For the safety of Germans, Jews were sent to concentration camps.

      During World War 2, Many Communist Partisans were Jews and they didn’t wear uniforms. This also posed a big threat to Germans since they attack from anywhere in disguise since they were not wearing uniforms. That is another reason why Jews ended up in concentration camps. It was all done for the safety of Germans.

      For more information about what happened at German concentration camps with actual footage, I recommend the documentary “The Holocaust unveiled” which is available here –

      Prior to the demonization of Hitler with Holohoax, Jews demonized Andrew Jackson with “The Trail of Tears Hoax.” Here is the link to the details about this –

      Along with the power of money and the power of countries through the world, Jews and their stooges control the entire education system and they promote propaganda to brainwash people for their destructive plans.

      Ever since 1913 with the establishment of Federal Reserve, USA became under the complete control of Jews and Britain. By 1917, Russia became under the complete control of Jews through Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. Poland created World War 2 by violating Polish German non aggression pact through persecuting Germans in Polish regions. But Jewish media deceptively made it look like Germany created World War 2 to deceive Americans into entering WW2. Jews are always perpetrators while they play the victims in front of the media to deceive non Jews.

      When Britain declared war against Germany in September 1939, they dragged Soviet Union into it and also deceptively dragged US into World War 2 through their agent FDR.

      I also recommend the new documentary of Dennis Wise called “New World Order: Communism by backdoor” which is available here -

      • Brian on January 25, 2016

        Konwayk, thank you for your additional clips but would you mind contacting me via email as there are a few things you’ve mentioned that i don’t understand. Thanks again. B

  • Kristallnacht on December 23, 2014

    Das grösste Problem unserer Zeit

    Eine notwendige abermalige Begriffsbestimmung: Arbeitslager, Vernichtungslager – KZ.


    Um Fehldeutungen vorzubeugen, muß noch einmal betont werden, daß kein Revisionist jemals die Existenz von Konzentrationslagern in Frage gestellt hat. Diese gab es bereits für die Buren um 1900, von Engländern eingerichtet. Diese gibt es immer noch, z.B. Guantanamo, von den Amerikanern eingerichtet.


    Nachdem wochenlang im Internet zu lesen war, daß es „den Holocaust nicht gab“ müssen nun alle Verfahren neu aufgerollt werden, bei denen denkende Bürger nach Paragraph 130. Absatz 3 StGB wegen Leugnen des Holocaust verurteilt wurden.

    Diese Bürger haben keine andere Straftat begangen, als daß sie aufgrund ihrer Kenntnis von wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen zum gleichen Ergebnis eben schon früher kamen: Daß es den Holocaust nicht gegeben haben kann.

    Alle Betroffenen sollten sich unverzüglich an die zuständigen Gerichte wenden, um diese erst einmal auf die neue Sachlage aufmerksam zu machen. Dann sollte der Kontakt zu den jeweiligen Rechtsanwälten aufgenommen werden, um zu klären, wie nun vorzugehen ist.

    Es war schon unerhört, daß nach der Reduzierung der Opferzahl von Auschwitz, die den Bürgern offiziell bekanntgegeben wurde, keinerlei Erklärung, bzw. Entschuldigung wegen Falschinformation erfolgte. Noch bedenklicher und mit einem Rechtsstaat unvereinbar war die gleichzeitige Inhaftierung des Chemikers Germar Rudolf, der ebenfalls aufgrund seiner chemischen und damit naturwissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen des Zyklon-B als mögliches Vergasungsmittel zu dem Ergebnis gekommen war, daß es den Holocaust, so wie dargestellt, nicht gegeben haben kann in Auschwitz, während der Spiegelredakteur, der das Gleiche in einem Aufsatz aufgrund neuer Archivfunde etc. mitteilte, straffrei blieb.

    Jetzt haben wir wieder ein solches inakzeptables Vorgehen: Auf der einen Seite sagen die Kommandanturbefehle von Auschwitz, daß dieses ein Arbeitslager für die Rüstungsindustrie, aber kein Vernichtungslager war und die Ludwigsburger Zentralstelle für Verfolgung von NS-Verbrechen klagt etwa dreißig, inzwischen über Neunzigjährige an, daß sie im Vernichtungslager Auschwitz beteiligt gewesen seien, an der Ermordung von Hunderttausenden Menschen.

    Wenn der Bürger nach dem Grundgesetz immer noch der oberste Souverän in dieser Bundesrepublik ist, dann hat er eine Verantwortung für eine funktionierende, dem Recht und der Wahrheit verpflichtete Justiz. Diese Verantwortung hat jeder Bürger. Es ist daher jeder aufgerufen, sich für die Wiederherstellung von Recht und Gerechtigkeit einzusetzen.

    Ursula Haverbeck

  • Kapitan on December 11, 2014

    There were no more than 4 million Jews living in Nazi-occupied territory. As the Nazi army advanced, the Jews fled rather than be captured. On June 30, 1965, the West German government announced that 3,375,000 Jewish “holocaust survivors” had applied for reparations. Now, if we subtract 3,375,000 from 4,000,000, that leaves 625,000 unaccounted for. If we take 625,000 and add a zero to the figure, we arrive at the fictitious and truly fantastic six million lie.
    But we all know its BS because the population of Jews actually increased 1939-45.

    • Laura on December 23, 2014

      Reparations were permitted to all descendants and all those impacted rather than any strict limitation or proofs. The reparations continue to this day and seem to be given to descendants continuously.

  • Forrest on September 29, 2014

    Alex Jones clowned Piers Morgan on gun control about 4-5 months ago. That was one of the most watched episodes and shortly after, Morgans ratings bottomed out. He got “outed” “The Resistance”
    This is alot like the Confederate States of America. Brainwashing history of US public fool system. Called “The Civil War”…NOT. The South did not invade Washington to overthrow the govt. It was The War of Northern Aggression. And 500,000 poor folks did not kill each other so 2% wealthy couold have a field hand. Grant had slaves, Lee did not a little fact thats never al.. It was about $$. Cotton was king and the South had it. As opposed to Oil today. But like this info here…try “splainin” that one Lucy to the dumbed down public. All they know is a goon threw a ball to a goon this weekend.

    • Jason on November 16, 2014

      Northern War of Aggression? Give it a break… All Wars are BANKERS WARS…

      The Civil War was caused by the Banksters, the Zionists, the Globalists, etc. (i.e. Whatever the hell you want to call them, but to put it simply the JEWS, who were also the carpetbaggers who screwed you Southerns over and bought everything up cheaply after the War) The History of it was Lincoln was fighting the Banksters, which was a good thing.

      “The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained as one block, and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their finanacial domination over the world.” – Otto von Bismark

      Bankers created the War in attempt of bringing the US back under their rule 77 years later due to Andrew Jackson routing them out. (the same way they attempted to in 1812 with a war)

      The South was being financed by the international Banksters. The Banksters offered Lincoln a loan at 24 – 36% interest, he said no thanks, it was the whole reason he started printing Interest Free Money, aka the Green Backs, in the first place.

      Under the advice of Colonel Dick Taylor, Lincoln started printing legal money via the Constitution stating. “Why, Lincoln, that is easy; just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes… and pay your soldiers with them and go ahead and win your war with them also”

      and then

      “The people or anyone else will not have any choice in the matter, if you make them full legal tender. They will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given that express right by the Constitution.”

      The Central Bankers loaned Napoleon the 3rd of France, 210 Million Franks to seize Mexico and station troops along the southern border of the US taking advantage of the Monroe Doctrine and return Mexico to Colonial Rule. Also at the same time Great Britain moved 11,000 troops and positioned them menacingly along America’s Northern border.

      If it wasn’t for assistance from Russia the United States would have probably been taken back over by the Banksters and the North given back to Great Britain and the South given back to France.

      The United States staying a strong union was one of the major things that eventually helped in abolishing Monarchies.

      “If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” – Times of London

      There was a lot more too this than you think, much more than is widely or publicly known. As we all know History can be manipulated and controlled, they say it is written by the winners no? 😛 That and as Orwell said “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.”

      Then Lincoln himself stated, “By the adoption of these principles… the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity.”

      “The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.”

      McGeer came out with proof of Lincoln’s assassination due to the Banksters in 1934, according to the research in the video greenbacks were in circulation until the 1994 Regal Act

      • konwayk on November 16, 2014

        When Lincoln was re-elected as President, he made it quite clear that he would attack the power of the bankers, once the war was over.

        The war ended on April 9, 1865, but Lincoln was assassinated five days later, on April 14.

        An 1866 letter by Mary Todd Lincoln (Wife of Abraham Lincoln) claims that Vice President Andrew Johnson knew John Wilkes Booth and about the plot against Abraham Lincoln (

        It must be noted that Andrew Johnson (became President after Lincoln) was a Freemason and he was never really attacked by John Wilkes Booth. Freemasonry, Illuminati, Zionism, Communism (later Bolshevism), etc. are creations of Judaism which can be read here –

        Like Andrew Johnson, Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, FDR, Churchill, and Stalin were Freemasons and they represented Judaism. The details about Freemasonry can be seen in Dennis wise’s new documentary “New world Order:Communism by backdoor” which is available here –

        • Jason on November 19, 2014

          Well I’m also pretty confident that Russia (The Czar) helping America / Lincoln during the war was another one of the big reasons they decided to murder the Czar and totally destroy Russia with Bolshevism / Communism / the Red Terror.

          There were many other reasons, but I’m sure it was payback for that as well.

          • Kristallnacht on December 27, 2014

            Awesome Infos here! thank you all a lot Guys, for helping to understand what the Jews took away from our School reading lists.

            Yahweh is EL= Saturn = Satan,Occultscience101,here is why ~ Ø ~

  • Marco Hanuman on August 23, 2014

    An interesting chapter of the Jewish Bolsjeviks history is the Walpurgisnacht Sovjet Commune 1919 i Munich. It was an attempt to export the Bolsjevik revolution to Germany. A larger group of Russians were let into Germany and Munich where they went about threatening and killing civilians and telling people, that they were now liberated from the evil bourgeosi, and that Munich was now a ‘free sovjet’, a Bolsjevik commune. They also announced, that all transport of milk would be stopped to the city, so that the evil bourgeosi breed, their children, would starve to death as deserved.
    The citizens of Munich were terrified, but voluntary German militsia intervened, killed half of the intruders and made the rest flee like cowards leaving their own comerads to die behind them.
    The Munich citizens and the Germans in general remembered this incident. From here on they knew exactly who the Bolsjeviks were and what could be expected of them in the years to come. And they were very right.

  • konwayk on June 18, 2014

    All Jews who claim that they are Holocaust survivors and receive pension for so called Holocaust should be considered as murderers.

    By supporting the existence of fictional Holocaust, they drove multitudes of Germans to severe punishment and execution for fictional Holocaust. After that, they applied for Holocaust pensions and “steal” Holocaust pensions.

    The same pattern can be seen with King David. King David deceitfully drove an innocent gentile named Uriah to his death and stole his wife.

  • Reed on June 17, 2014

    Anti-Semetic agenda ruins this film. It’s not impartial.

    A lot of people commenting aren’t truth seekers, they want this to be true in order to validate heir racism.

    That said, l do like how the film highlights attrocities committed by the Allies, it’s part of the war which is unspoken and swept under the rug.

    But it doesn’t cancel out the attrocities millions of Jews suffered at the hands the Nazis, which is documented and which IS fact.

    All sides and all evils should be culpable, that includes Hitler, Stalin, Roosvelt, Truman, Churchill.

    They were attrocities committed by humans on humans, regardless of their nationality/race/religion.

    • konwayk on June 17, 2014

      You talk like Stalin!

    • Charles chapman on June 22, 2014

      i am proud to be anti-semitic and hope to be 10x more so next year. these christ-hating fools need to be opposed in everything

      • Joe Smitenberger on July 9, 2016

        And I am proud to be giving you a thumbs-down.

        \”and hope to be 10x more so next year. these anti-semitic fools need to be opposed in everything\”

        -Charles chapman, 6-22-14

    • Fred on July 23, 2014

      I agree with you, Reed.

      Additionally, there isn’t 6 hrs of “new material” here (facts about the war that haven’t been conveniently avoided in the classrooms). Just give us the new stuff without the antisemitism in about 90 minutes, and you’ve got a great product.

      • konwayk on July 24, 2014

        There is no such thing as Anti-Semitism in this documentary since Jews are of Khazarian origin.

    • tomas rader on October 18, 2014

      We already paid the japs repatations once. No lifetime pensions. The zionists should also be held culpable who worked with stalin and so documented 50 million russian dead by starvation. Thr soviet revolution was jewish from beginning to end. Follow the money and discover who financed the wars. Clue … not a gentile.

    • Barb Whitesell on September 8, 2015

      How can the people commenting here on this awesome radio site ‘not’ be truth seekers? Makes no sense, they are more truth seeking then you, they all came in with an open mind and no blame and you came in here already with accusations. Also whose racist anymore? No one cares about anybodys skin color or religion. We never did. Its the zionist jews of America that started it all. They have been usurping our country for over 100 years and we DID NOTHING.

  • Jocke on April 8, 2014

    were did you get the photos and videoclips of the concentration camps? Also were can i listen to more testimontals from those camps that never went mainstream. Also were can i find stories from germans that was adults when hitler rose to power,who didnt speak of hitler as bad

  • Drew Thomas on April 7, 2014

    I now have the difficult task of relaying this information to other close friends and family. I don’t know where to start since the “victors” stories and propaganda are so deeply entrenched that I am labeled a “heretic” for even the mere suggestion that maybe the story of the two world wars has not been truthfully explained. Now what?

    • Marc Thorleif Magnusson on July 24, 2014

      I’m with you!

      • konwayk on July 25, 2014

        What I do is I spread the word through youtube by sending the message about this documentary in “Discussion” of youtube member’s website.

        I don’t post them publicly, because Jews will delete them.

        So if you want to sent the message to your friends and relatives, then send the message to them with a nickname specifically created for youtube account that your close friends and relatives are not familiar with. That’s what I do.

    • Long live truth on September 6, 2014

      Be brave friend. Keep learning, keep speaking truth. We must be inspired by the bravery and sacrifice of the TRUE hero’s of the second world war.
      Out of this most profound of tragedies we must rise up and utterly defeat the lies and liers who maintain their empire of filth and evil.

      Bless you brave lovers of TRUTH, FREEDOM and LIFE!

    • orlando on October 16, 2014

      well my friend star doing what is correct, telling the real facts to people specially those who can listen and the serious people and responsible people who know the magnitude of the lies and their consequences, as well as the effect of telling the truth , we have to be clean and honest, after all what i have seen in these videos i know that some people will start asking more serious and profound questions and others will thank endlessly to Mr. WISE for his work and deep impact of world wide magnitude, and also some other will say like me from the bottom oh their heart, “” HEIL HITLER””, my respects to Sir ADOLF HITLER.

  • Ananth on April 7, 2014

    I think you mean ‘In 2013 [not 2003]…’ at 5.00.


    A seeker from India.

    • Dennis Wise on April 8, 2014

      Hi, Yes you are correct. However, this is not the final version. I have spent most of this year working on a final DVD version to add some scenes and improve quality of sound and vision. Also to eliminate any slight errors which people have found over a period of time. Thanks your comment is appreciated. Dennis

      • orlando on October 16, 2014

        Hi Mr. wise before everything my appreciation and endless thankfulness and Respects top you, i want to comment you something i read and suggest a little advice if it is useful, i read not so long ago a comment of a guy i forgot his nickname or user name, the point is that this guy was a Jew or pro Jew or someone who got a shock and doesn’t know how to handle the truth, it made me laugh that i his criticizing comment, he was complaining about the facts that you expose , he said the following: “” the videos are made in a way to impact the people, and the music , yes the music is even worse because it impacts even more”” , this made me laugh because the guys was complaining about this and my suggestion is that is the musical factor is essential in the psychological impact, well i just want to suggest you to keep an eye o the musical aspects of these videos that’s all thank you again.

      • orlando on October 16, 2014


  • usykur rahmat fillah on March 26, 2014

    I will say it Loud, I HATE JEWS. Even when i am writing this comment now, Jews in Israel Massacred 1.5 Milion Muslim In Gaza Almost Every Day. They Embargoed That tiny area. Not Allowing any Suplies in. Why in every Place where Jews in Control there is destruction.

    And Thanks to the video, it deepening my Hatred to Jews.

  • Colin on February 3, 2014

    I am not seeing episode or twenty

    • TGSNTtv on February 3, 2014

      Hi Colin, if you are using Internet Explorer may we suggest you use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers instead? It also may be you need to update your software. Does the “Can’t see this Video? Click Here” link also not work for you?
      TGSNTtv Team

  • konwayk on January 2, 2014

    I thought I should share this documentary if anyone is interested. But this documentary reveals the footages of German concentration camps with footages of so many great things Germans gave to Jews at concentration camps including the footages of swimming pools, art, Library, Post Office, etc. .

    In return, Jews and Allies (controlled by Jews) killed and persecuted millions of innocent Germans and Jews are still stealing pension from Germany for so called Holocaust. Just like Adolf Hitler’s last testament said, it was Jews and people who worked with Jews who are responsible for WW2.

  • konwayk on December 22, 2013

    Here is an interesting information I found.

    “We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them sympathies in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they dont know what to do anymore. When this is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete. It will never be definite. The reeducation demands thorough, steadfast nurture like English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.”

    – Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

  • Christ on December 22, 2013

    So much for the “Never again” slogan!

    One day that slogan will refer to the lies told for decades in schools, cinemas, media, governments etc.

    • Adam on January 26, 2014

      The lies continue to be told daily to children around the globe, I was one of them in the U.S.A.

      My interest in history and pursuit of truth in history has filled my free time for years now, certainly over a decade and a half of study. I am 50 years old. My finding are that of which fills the screen in this first ever documentary. There is no doubt what so ever that the U.S.A. supported the wrong side in WW2 and WW1.

      I found it very difficult to break free of what I was taught in the public school system in the U.S. about this time in history. Once the realization set in that I had been lied to for so many years by my own government, I felt a deep sense of betrayal, my trust, broken, never again shall I take in what is taught as truth until I have fully researched it for myself.

      One of the problems I have came across in the search of truth is that some of these areas are still closed and will not be opened until all that existed has perished, be it the people themselves that are responsible or their children, it is closed until there is no possible course of action to be taken to effect those responsible.

      Had Germany won the war, the world would be far better off for it. Hopefully one day the truth will win out and Adolf Hitler will be remembered for his great accomplishments. He is with out question one of the greatest leaders of all time. A life and work cut short by that of which consumes all it touches, greed.

  • Devon P on November 10, 2013

    This film is the only one that has ever made me break down in tears.

    • bender1980 on January 3, 2014

      You’re not the only one. A number of clips, such as the Stalingrad loss, the Goebbels family suicide, and a few others brought tears to my eyes.

    • Guillermo Etxenique on August 19, 2014

      Indeed. It is impossible not to break down in tears, my friend, specially when you watch so much hate, so much brutality and pure insanity from those who rule the world in darkness and pain. How can I watch this atrocities without dry my tears thinking about that great sacrifice by people like me, like you, like us. Beautiful and strong people with hopes and fire in their souls. With an iron will and pure love for our dignity and freedom.

      In September of 1938, in the city of Santiago de Chile, my home, 60 members of the Nationalsocialist Party(Yes, we had even deputies in Congress representing to the 20.000 party members) were massacred by the government with the same diabolical hatred known in Europe. So, it is hard to watch in 6 hours the crash of the Beauty without think about in millions and millions who died all over the world and specially in Europe just for build their own freedom and their own dignity based on work, loyalty, love, respect and dedication to his country.

      I think, after watching this documentary, that we are obligated to live our lifes in way to worhtwhile all that sacrifice of those who planned, worked and gave their lives for a better world for those who would come after them.

  • James Hallman on October 13, 2013

    You can't believe a damn thing that the Jews and Allies say about so-called German atrocities.

  • Vero Sanchez on September 24, 2013

    I can't imagine this omg how evil is this ?

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