Part 24 What If Germany Had Won?

  • Zeljko on November 22, 2016

    Definitely a GREAT documentary! Thanks!!

  • Schlomo Shekelberg on September 28, 2016

    The Arabian epoch (…) was the most cultured, the most intellectual and in every way best and happiest epoch in Spanish history. It was followed by the period of the persecutions with its unceasing atrocities.

    Only in the Roman Empire and in Spain under Arab domination has culture been a potent factor. Under the Arab, the standard attained was wholly admirable; to Spain flocked the greatest scientists, thinkers, astronomers, and mathematicians of the world, and side by side there flourished a spirit of sweet human tolerance and a sense of purist chivalry. Then with the advent of Christianity, came the barbarians.

    Adolf Hitler, Secret Conversations, 1941-1944, Farrar, Straus and Young, 1953, p. 493, 542

    And the Jews call him racist.

  • JoeG629 on May 1, 2016

    Agreed. I don’t think the majority of people really care one way or another if a same sex couple lives in the neighborhood. The Jewish involvement comes when homosexuality is taught in grade school and actively encouraged in college. It’s the Jews shoving it down the Goys throat that most object to.

  • Waffen SS on March 25, 2016


  • Nigel on March 21, 2016

    You cannot place homosexuality in the same category as drugs, feminism, etc. because it is a naturally occurring phenomenon found in ever animal species on the planet. Its a scientific fact, and the reasons for finding it in individuals varies greatly. But primarily it is as a result of men getting classified as \”queer\” because as boys they might be different from the herd. They are then marginalised and told they are \”gay,\” thus finding other boys who are also marginalised. Well what do you think will happen? Stop placing such high standards on boys and calling them \”gay,\” otherwise you will actually end up making the thing you despise. Homosexuality is not a product of Zionism or the Jew. No two people share the exact same qualities, and because of such human variances, some men might be \”girly\” and some women could be \”manly.\” So what, get over it. Its up to each individual to treat children as people rather than objects and allow them to be whoever they are without influence one way or another.

    • JD on May 6, 2016

      I agree. This series has left an incredible mark on me, but I don’t understand the fixation on homosexuality. Sure, being gay was illegal and heavily frowned upon in most countries during this time. Hell, it wasn’t until the late 1960’s that homosexuality was decriminalised in the United Kingdom. Of course it was seen as perverse and wrong, as was the status quo. Perhaps Hitler also saw it as a symbol of Berlin’s struggles; alongside starvation, prostitution, homelessness and unemployment. However, I don’t agree that homosexuality would have been eradicated today had Hitler won the war. It’s a non-issue. Sexual freedom, in my opinion, is a hallmark of a progressive society. To say that the status quo of the 1940’s would still be evident now is a little short sighted.

  • Waffen SS on February 18, 2016

    If more people knew the truth about WW2 and hitler. I wouldn be very happy. TGSNT is the most life changing documentary ever.

  • Kristallnacht on February 12, 2016

    16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her country (hard-coded subs)

  • Erik on November 11, 2015


    National Socialism is a world view for White Peoples based on the ideas and concepts of the German racial nationalist, philosopher and statesman Adolf Hitler.

    Owing to the tragic and unnecessary suffering which took place during the second world war, and because certain powerful elements in our society to this day maintain an interest in obscuring and concealing the truth, 70 years after the war’s end massive misconception still exists in Europe and America today about what National Socialism was and is.

    The National Socialist Body Of Beliefs is founded on three principles:

    1. The first principle is NATURAL ORDER.

    We the National Socialists believe that the universe is governed by natural laws,and that in order for man to be happy and successful he must first learn what these laws are and follow them.We believe that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate from, or distinct from it. Because of this we believe that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of nature and not in opposition to them as is the case today.

    2. The second principle is RACIAL IDEALISM.

    Racial idealism is based on a love of one’s own people and one’s own race .It means placing the interests and the welfare of the racial community to which you belong ahead of your own personal interests and desires. As racial idealists we have no wish to harm, exploit or persecute any other racial groups despite of persistent media propaganda campaign of abuse and deliberate falsification to the contrary. We believe that humanity is not one – but many – and that the destruction of any part of humanity is the destruction of humanity itself. We do not wish to harm any other race or take away the land of any other race. We are only interested in protecting our own people against extinction – a fate that is very likely to happen if nothing is done about present conditions in Europe and America.

    We believe that all men are NOT created equal, and that any attempt to equalize the unequal will result in an immense human suffering which we want to prevent by refusing to ignore reality. Just as every individual within a society has its own strengths and weaknesses, so each race of humanity has certain qualities that make it different from other races.

    We believe that the Aryan race has the right to maintain its biological and cultural integrity and that we have the right to control our own destiny and be free and independent just as we believe that any other race has that same right. We also believe that the Aryan race has the right to defend itself from every physical or spiritual assault. We believe that the survival of the Aryan race is important to all mankind as all races can benefit from our technological, scientific and spiritual progress. Our progress is Humanity’s progress.

    3. The third principle is UPWARD DEVELOPMENT.

    We seek upward development of the Aryan race. We want to see our race improve and go higher in evolution. This can be done by encouraging a high birth rate among those sections of the Aryan population which are the healthiest, strongest and most intelligent. At the same time our science should work to eliminate hereditary weaknesses, diseases and defects among our people. Our goal is that each generation of Aryan children will be better than the one before it.

    National Socialism does not teach or advocate any kind of racial hatred. It simply states the reality of nature, that different races have different abilities and different needs. These different abilities given by nature are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and CANNOT be changed by social or political dogma or by enforcing dictatorial policies of racial integration which effectively undermine and destroy Aryan identity and Western Culture.

    National Socialism is simply accepting the world as it is and forming morality accordingly for society to work best in the most efficient and healthy way. National Socialism is coming to terms with reality. This will help us lessen human suffering. We don’t see the world the way we WANT it to be – We see the world the way the world IS . No destructive “Political Correctness” is allowed.

    Despite the fact that German National Socialism was combined with Christianity, National Socialism in itself does not advocate one earthly religion over another.

    We are also a Spiritual Movement. We believe that the universe we live in is a system designed to direct the soul toward a higher state of development and evolution. We believe that we should evolve not only biologically or racially but also spiritually. In contrast, Capitalism and Communism regard humans as cattle , as an economic units of production and consumption without soul and spirit. Capitalism and Communism are Materialism. Both were and are Jewish world views and are material with no spirit.

    National Socialism understands that Man cannot be truly happy without the spiritual side of life. We see Man as a spiritual being inside a biological body. We believe that the physical body (Race) and the consciousness (Soul) are depended on each other to work for a higher humanity. The higher the quality of the vehicle in which the soul resides, the higher humanity we shall have.

    National Socialism’s ultimate goal is to lessen human suffering in the world and to create a world where every race is preserved, a world with more love, joy and harmony. This vision can only be achieved when we follow the Natural Laws created by God.


    Gud Med Oss

    • Ryan on January 14, 2016

      This description of national socialism is very good explained.

  • Erik on November 7, 2015


    Here’s a scene from Director Peter Jackson’s film “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”.Based on Tolkien’s Novels, “The Lord Of The Rings” was was based elements from Germanic Mythology and Folklore and includes creatures presented in that folklore such as Orcs, Dwarfs, Trolls, Elves, Magic & Spells as well as Dungeons and Dragons.

    German composer Richard Wagner based much of his work on Germanic (Nordic) legends as he greatly admired the Germanic forefathers of the German people and their folklore. Adolf Hitler liked Wagner’s work above all other German composers as Wagner was a true symbol of the spirit and the heroism of the Germanic people.

    The scene from the film represents the forces of light presented by the Aryan race vs the forces of darkness and ugliness that rule our world. It represents our battle for racial preservation and racial survival as well as our Aryan Ideals of Goodness, Beauty, Honor, Self-sacrifice, Courage and Bravery.

    This war against forces of darkness begin first in our own hearts and minds .Only when we cleanse our hearts and minds from the liberal poison of the past 50 years and start regaining our honor and sense of integrity, can we fight to protect our borders,our lands, our race and our children from a dark future:

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on November 2, 2015

    Faith In Our Fathers. We Must Never Ignore Our Natural Instincts:

    These are healthy instincts. They are their to protect us from harm. Listen to our racial instincts.

    Defend & Preserve God’s creation. Defend God’s Most Beautiful & Advanced Creation. Defend Our Race!

  • Erik on November 1, 2015

    911 was another proof that we are indeed ruled by Satanists (NWO).

    9/11: The live footage they made disappear
    Filming the event:
    Decade of Deception:
    The 911 event – A “conspiracy theory?!”
    Gen. Stubblebine on 9/11:
    Evidence on the 911 false flag event:
    The Russians join the show:
    Dr. David Ray Griffin – 911 Myth & Reality:

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on October 20, 2015

    Why Genetics Matters. Identical Twinks . Why monkeys,deer and black babies develop differently than white babies. Why political correctness means “leftist” and “liberal”(i.e. mentally insane) academics think they have the “right” to rule the world i.e. they can “redefine” reality and nature according to their Wordism (Word). And the MANTRA.

  • Mac Kelly on October 19, 2015

    First off all I would like to start by saying a huge thanks to Dennis Wise for not only taking the time to create this brilliant film but also providing it free to watch, though I will be purchasing the remastered DVD when I’m finished.
    When they say multicultural they really mean multiracial preferably of another religion too. The thing is Europe already has multiple cultures there’s Irish culture, English culture, French culture, German culture, Spanish culture, Swedish culture, Hungarian culture, Italian culture, etc.
    More than 170,000 Syrian migrants flooded into Europe last month alone. Guess how many Syrian migrants flooded into Israel….. 0. They wont take them, no multiculturalism for the jews.
    Hitlers National Socialism not only saved Germany for certain ruin but turned it into the most powerful nation in the world in 5 years. He boosted the confidence of the people and made them proud of their ethnicity which brought a sense of unity among them. Where as nowadays it’s the opposite we are constantly made to feel guilty about being white Europeans. We need to stop the diluting and destruction of European culture before it’s too late.

    • Gerard on October 20, 2015

      Very well said Mac kelly! Sadly I don’t know the truth about history anymore, I’m so confused.. but you are correct in what u say about Syria and Israel =0 how do they get away with the obvious?? This world and all its lies are truly disturbing -as I said I’m very confused and very angry that I have been lied to through school education-the brainwashing system etc..Europe is no more I’m very sad to say!

      • Erik on October 24, 2015

        Gerhard. Europe is only gone in our mind. If we believe that everything is lost then everything will indeed be lost. Don’t promote defeatism. Don’t destroy moral. Things will get worse yes. But than our freedom will be won. When the economy of the European nations will be destroyed due to the fact that Europeans have to support hordes of third worlders who put nothing of value onto the economy and only consume the taxes and labor of the productive white population, then only then the revolution for our freedom and survival will come. Remember we can deport the tens of millions of those third worlders but we will have to forget about their “rights” and put our RIGHT to survive first. There will be rivers of blood in Europe within the next 10-20 years when Europeans wake up and start doing something about it. Millions of third worlders will die in the upcoming civil war for White independence in Europe and American. Islam will be crushed in Europe. Non-whites will walk in fear in the streets of Europe when the Aryan race finally wakes up and start doing something about its right to survive. tens of millions of non-whites refugees will escape Europe out of fear for their lives and safety in a much faster rate then they came to Europe. Thousands of European politicians, academics and media personal who serve the false god of “Political Correctness” and Material degeneracy will be hanged from the top of the trees for promoting the genocide of their own race and folk. It will be a day of reckoning. Mixed race couples and their children will be forced to leave Europe when the instinct for survival within our race is lit.

        As long as the White man as a good life nothing would be done. Things will have to get worse before they improve. Things have to get worse economically and socially wise and then our survival instinct and our desire for freedom will set the rules. There will be no rules of war then. Only survival instinct. If you have a non-white face in Europe when that time comes, you will be the first target and you better run. Then, there are no rules. Survival instinct will set the standard in the upcoming war. Not being “nice and polite”. I’m not advocating violence against innocent non-white people, I’m just giving you a picture of what’s GOING TO HAPPEN when society is in chaos. The pay day will come and our race shall win the fight for the freedom and life of our people. We have the MORAL RIGHT to do so. The right of SELF PRESERVATION is a God given right that all creatures have and we have it to. No one can argue with the right of any race to survive including our race. In fact there is no higher morality than to fight and die for the right of your people and your race to LIVE for you LOVE them so much and care for them, for our race is one of God’s creation and there’s no higher morality than to fight and die for the survival and preservation of one of the greatest and most beautiful creations of God – our race. Our intention needs to be holy. Personally I won’t fight out of hatred towards the aliens in my country, but out of what is RIGHT. We need to be motivated by what is RIGHT and what is RIGHT is the right of our race to LIVE. BTW the number of non-whites and Third Worlders is of no importance. They don’t have any power given to them by natural law. Don’t forget that in Sweden few years ago, several hundred of our Nationalists managed to scare and defeat thousands of third worlders who run away like chickens. Their males – those who resist deportation- will be our target of destruction. The women and children will be deported back to their ancestral homelands afterwards as they cannot resist. Our race is indeed waking up gradually from the brainwashing of multiculturalism.

        Hitler fought and died for the right of our race to exist. We shall continue His tradition.

        Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on October 12, 2015
  • P226 on October 11, 2015

    It makes you wonder why Nazis and the Germans are so vilified? What did they do that was worse than those pieces of Bolshevik crap and their Jewish Communism which has caused death, poverty, oppression, and suffering around the World?

    The last photos in this film clip made me see how degenerate the West is today- homos, unmarried and unreproducing promiscuous arrested development heterosexuals, race mixing, ghettos, drugs, economic decline, immorality-its all disgusting. I regret ever being a dumb teen and accepting the messages from Hollywood as cool. They’re not cool they’re toxic trash and anyone with any kind of brain can look at who all the studio executives in Hollywood are the Khazars.

    Germans have always been a great and innovative people. Look at weapons-who makes finer small arms than HK, Sig Sauer, Glock, Steyr, etc. German cars sell at a premium-no wonder theyre better! Master products from superior people.

    • Gerard on October 20, 2015

      You were making good points up until you said Germans are superior people! It’s a shame you ruined it by claiming your nation is the superior one to all…but your car’s are good though lol but please,open your mind up! Germany for Germans,the UK for its own and France and so on….and Israel for everyone lol

      • Erik on November 3, 2015

        Yes, ethnic Germans (and Germanics in general) are a superior people (in physical beauty, intelligence and creativity) because of their superior ancestors from Scandinavia who could build the most advanced scientific and technological society in history when they lived in snow and mud.

  • Joe Olse on September 23, 2015


  • Erik on August 15, 2015

    The Genocide Of The White Race & The Death Western Civilization :

    Putin Talks White Genocide :

    In contrast, What is National Socialism :

    Life, Racial Pride, Upward Development towards A higher state of being rather than racial degeneration, sickness, perversion, ugliness and destruction…

    If you – yes I’m talking about YOU the person reading this – don’t care about the survival of your race and your people and the future of YOUR children, than YOU are the most disgusting person on this planet, and you should be ashamed of yourself… In contrast I feel tremendous anxiety seeing my race and my people driven toward extinction. Do you feel that anxiety?! I ask you again, do you feel that anxiety?! If you don’t, than you don’t love your people and you should be ashamed of yourself!

    Thousands of generation that made YOU what you are genetically being wiped away in favor of Third World genes who don’t belong in your country. You are loosing the game of evolution and survival. You are becoming and extinct dinosaur.

    On the other hand, I LOVE my people – the White and the Germanic people – more than ANY thing on earth, I feel that this love is burning like fire and will not sell my race and my FOLK for any sum of money or any personal gain. I put my race and my people and my nation BEFORE my personal desires. Can you say the same thing about yourself?!

    Join a nationalist movement in your country, WORK for the preservation of YOUR people…The future of our race and the future of our children is at stake here. Forget about your personal pleasures and desires for now. We don’t have much time. Time’s Running Out.

    Bring the people who are behind this alien invasion into our ancestral homelands to justice, repatriate the invaders, don’t let your people die out….

    Gud Med Oss – Occupied Sweden

    • Patrick on September 27, 2015

      I know, such a great way to sell us socialism, isn’t it? Yet another movie created by a jew to drive people in the direction they want. What direction is that you ask?.. in every direction! Every god damned thing out there is created by jews to help jews, and you idiots continue to watch and listen, and eat it up! You’re all going to die and kill off your own race because you can’t think for yourselves!

  • Erik on August 11, 2015

    Dr. David Duke explains how Europeans have the moral right to preserve their race and that there is no higher morality than that of opposing genocide of one’s own people – genocide through assimilation. He explains that only a sick and coward person would allow his race or his people to be displaced. No different if someone allows another man to take his own wife. It is sick and disgusting. But this is what we had become thanks to international Jewry who had programmed us to allow the extinction of own people.

    Europeans Wake Up! Don’t let our people die out!

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on August 10, 2015

    Dr. David Duke compared the situation in America and Europe today, where so much of the energies of the majority populations are going towards insuring their own replacement by minorities and immigrants. Dr. Duke explains how disgusting and evil people can be to allow aliens races to replace themselves and their genetic heritage. This is genocide. Dr. Duke says that only a SICK people and only a SICK race would allow itself to be replaced in its own natural habitat by alien genes of aliens races. Of course the Zionists are responsible but we are allowing this to happen by not doing anything.

    No Black man, Asian Man or an Arab would allow his people and his race to be replaced in its own homeland. What had happened to us as Europeans?! How could we , the greatest race on earth became so soft?!

    Europeans wake up! Remove the Non-whites from Europe. Forget about their “rights”. These Non-Whites don’t have any right to take away your land, your women and displace your race in your OWN land!

    Awaken your people. Protect your heritage! Don’t let your people to die out.

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Erik on August 9, 2015

    A brave Croatian Professor, Author and former Diplomat Tom Sunic addresses members of the National Front at the 45th anniversary meeting. He explains that the ONLY solution to save the peoples of Europe from biological, cultural and economic extinction is REPATRIATION. This is the way the White Races could be saved from genocide. He explains that the time is NOW or NEVER. He also explains that the removal of 50,000,000 Non-Europeans from Europe can be done in a very short time if the desire to do so is there.

    In 1945 15,000,000 ethnic Germans were driven out by the Soviet Army in a matter of Months using immense military force without consideration of “human rights”. Removal of 50,000,000 Muslims and negroes and other non-Europeans from Europe can be done in the same way in a matter of two years. Such massive removal of people happened before and it can happen again. All we need to do as Europeans is to forget about the “rights” of the so called non-Europeans who don’t belong in Europe to begin with, and put our right as Europeans to EXIST and SURVIVE as RACE and a CULTURE in OUR ancestral homelands of Europe. It is our right as Europeans to exist in our own land that is under attack. Self-Preservation is the first law of nature and it’s about time that we shall respect that law. Non-Europeans have their own lands and they should go there.

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Tia on August 3, 2015

    Multiculturalism isn’t only genocidal for the White Race, but it is also a economic disaster.

    You can’t expect to have a First World Nation with a Third World Population.

    Why don’t people get it?!

    • Erik on August 14, 2015

      Dear Tia, People don’t get it because they are heavily, heavily programmed by more than 50 years of Marxist Leftist and Communist brainwashing about the races of mankind being “equal” to each other in abilities and intelligence. This is complete nonsense. Races are not equal in the real world! There is no “equality” in nature. Just as individuals within a race are not “equal” in their abilities so are the races of mankind not “equal”.

      But people tend to mix political ideologies (Leftism) with Reality (Nature). They live in a world of fantasy. People don’t want to face reality. The truth is painful sometimes. Sane and logical people see the real world while they (liberals) pretend that the real world doesn’t exist.

      FACT: you cannot create or maintain an advanced technological society if your population is made up of Black and Brown people. You simply can’t. They don’t have what it takes and it’s genetic and biological. It cannot change by social programs.

      I always make the point when people use the “racist” card against me :

      “What do you think would happen to the German economy if all of Germany’s population is replaced with that of Somalia!?”

      and they can’t answer this simple question, because they themselves are aware of the fact that the races are NOT equal in any way, shape, manner or form . They “want” the races to be equal.

      We all “want” the races to be equal (BTW I “want” to grow wings so I can fly like a bird 🙂 )I wish the races were equal (I wish I had wings 🙂 )But the reality is that they are not(Damn, in the real world I don’t have wings 🙁 )

      We need to face reality once and for all. They project their desires i.e. “wanting the races to be equal” onto the real world but the problem is that in the REAL WORLD the races are NOT equal and this is the REALITY that they don’t want to accept because they are like little children who can’t face reality.

      Liberals and Leftist are not adults. They are like little children, completely disconnected from reality. They need Psychiatric help until they get better and start to see the world the way the world IS rather than the way they WANT it to be.

      Listen to this show: Michael Harris Radio Show with guest Harold Covington about the Zionist destruction of America and the Myth of Racial Equality”:

      Also, Here’s “My Awakening: A Path To Racial Understanding” By Dr. David Duke on the subject of racial realties. Download it in sections free.

      Gud Med Oss – Occupied Sweden.

      • Tia on August 21, 2015

        Hi Eric, Thank You.

        How do you define “Racism”?

        • Erik on August 24, 2015

          Hi Tia, Many people were brainwashed in believing that so called “Racism” is just a irrational disease like “Antisemitism”. So called “racism” is caused by Whites living near non-whites especially Blacks and Browns. The behavior of the Blacks and Browns in terms of their primitive behaviors and crime will create “racism” in every civilized individual.

          I can tell you that no one “dislikes” anyone for no reason. Gentiles don’t dislike Jews for no reason, Whites don’t dislike Blacks and Browns for no reason. There’s always a reason for disliking someone.

          I define “Racism” as hating or disliking people because of their race for no other reason other than their racial background.

          I don’t “hate” anyone because of their race per-se. I hate them because of how their racial group behaves as a group. Blacks and Browns are in general more violent than Whites and this creates so called “Racism” among whites. I promise you that if you were to flood Japan – a civilized yellow people – with Somalis, Nigerians and Muslims, you will eventually make a “racist people” out of the civilized Japanese people. Why? because the Japanese wouldn’t put up with the behavior of the Blacks and Browns and the rape of their women and the destruction of their cities with all the filth that Blacks and Browns bring with them. The Japanese will be less forgiving than White people like me and they will cut these Blacks and Browns to pieces. Slanders of “racism” don’t work with them.

          Whites have been fooled to accept the rape of their women and the destruction of their race and their people – the genocide of their very biological existence – using psychological warfare methods like shouting “racism” at people.

          Slanders of “racism” don’t work on me anymore.. I and the Nationalists who love our people will not rest until every Black and Brown face is removed from our streets. My race has the right to live and slanders like “racism” aren’t gonna stop me. What will future generation of our people would think of us?
          That we sacrificed their well being and long term survival out of fear of a simple world, one word : “Racism”.

          I don’t want these Blacks and Browns in my country because of the treat they pose to the long term survival of my race; the crime that they bring with them and their fanatic and primitive way of life. I don’t dislike them for what they are – I’m not a “racist” – I dislike them because of the existential treat they pose to my people and the crime they bring with them.

          Every race on this planet would behave just like me in case of existential treat by alien immigration to their natural habitat. If multiculturalism was to effect Japan or Korea then the Japanese and Koreans would be forced to become so called “Racist”. That’s human nature. Not only white nature. People and races are different and have different interests which may conflict with one another. Why would I as a proud Swede allow a Somali or a Muslim to intermarry with us?

          When we get rid of the Marxist system that protects those who are used as a tool to kill our race, We the Nationalist would defend our women from this sick racial poisoning with fire and sword. There will be one option for these aliens to avoid our wrath and save their lives and it is to go home. Repatriation.
          Otherwise Sweden will a hell for them. Our Germanic/Viking didn’t fight and die for thousands of generations just to be displaced by Third World genes who don’t belong here and who can’t even wipe their own asses without our support. No civilized people would agree with its own genocide and make no mistake about it. It is genocide. Assimilation IS genocide. The Japanese and the Koreans wouldn’t agree with their own biological and cultural genocide (That’s why Korea now has race laws and I respect that :).Why should we – Germanics – agree with it?!

          If they were to live in their own homelands I would have no problem with them because so called “prejudice” will be created in the first place.

          Occupied Sweden – Gud Med Oss

          • Martynas on October 20, 2015

            This is the issue, and you have to find a common ground with all this leftists and socialist. Tell them that the problem is not a race, and is probably not (come on, US president is brown, and he is very intelectual, at least compared to milky predecessor), problem is cultural and integration, invasion of barbarians into europe, there are just too many too quickly and it brings social and cultural tensions that deviate into hatred, racism and crime.

            But Europe is not going to be overwhelmed because of humanist politics, it is going to be overwhelmed because Europeans dont make babies anymore. Come on, average Italian woman is 1.1 babies, average age for Italian woman to give FIRST childbirth is 31, we will i die out because of this.

    • Erik on August 18, 2015

      After seeing what Black and Brown people are doing in my homeland Sweden in terms of raping our women and destroying our beautiful cities with their drugs and violence, I hope you can understand my anger.

      They rape our women and instead of putting a bullet in the back of their head like we should be doing , we continue to feed them and house them in our land. We are too nice to them and it’s our fault…We are too nice and it needs to change.

      New University Study Claims Americans Subconsciously Associate Black People With Apes:

      Is there any logical explanation and justification for this “racist” observation?!

      Yes, the Emperor has no cloths 🙂

      HAC and NF members discuss the above politically correct university “study”:

      Teachers More Likely To Label Black Students As ‘Troublemakers’:

      I wonder why?! 🙂 Maybe because there’s a justified reason for this?!. “racist” FBI seems to agree with me 🙂 :

      “Racist” FBI and Police Admit Black Crime Rate – The Color Of Crime (FBI & Police Statistics) Download Book Free PDF:

      HAC interview With Michael Harris Regarding the “Color Of Crime”:

      Discrimination against blacks linked to “dehumanization” , study finds :

      I always wondered what is the reason for this “discrimination” ?!

      If equality “exists” in nature,then why didn’t Nigeria, Somalia or Black Africa invented their own space program and technology and put man (their man) on the moon?!

      If equality “exits” in the real world then why do Black people and Brown people are in need of “Affirmative action”!?

      That’s because nature – not the white man – has discriminated against them. Nature is the real “racist” here not us.

      With all this “discrimination” against Blacks by “evil” white people like me, the standard of living of Black people in White countries is many times better than that of their brothers in Africa.

      If the White man is the reason for Black failure,why is it that Africa was and is a fourth world hellhole before and after the white came?!

      You people will never be able to solve society’s problem if you continue to ignore reality and pretend that the enemies that are destroying your society and raping your women are actually your friends. They are not your friends. Reality will remind you that they are not your friends. They are aliens who don’t belong in your country and need to be removed from your country.

      Nature is “Racist”, FBI is “Racist”, Everybody is “Racist”.. Blacks are innocent victims who do nothing to provoke society against them…

      Yes, The Truth IS “racist”

      Gud Med Oss

  • Joe on July 19, 2015

    When I realized what we had lost I started to cry…

  • Leo Lundgren on July 17, 2015

    The truth must out!

    Today I say, Russia, save Sweden!

    I need a german version of this episode, because I have many friends in Germany I want to show this to.

    Is there a link of this 24 episode and/or all the documentary in German?
    That have to exist!

  • FA3Asia on June 25, 2015

    In regards to the title of this part of the documentary (What if Germany had won?); all I can say is, I’ve pondered and fantasized about that outcome many times over the years. I think the world would truly be a paradise, a literal Heaven on Earth, in comparison to the decaying crap-hole it’s being turned into under Zionist control.

  • Erik on June 12, 2015

    A group of German girls line up to learn musical culture under auspices of the Nazi Youth Movement in Berlin on February 24, 1936

    These Girls represent the beauty of the Nordic race before Jewish led Multicultural started destroying and degenerating the beauty of our race through Fourth and Third World invasion.

    Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS. He’s here with his daughter Gudrun Himmler, who was a proud National Socialist and proud Germanic (Norse) racialist after the war:

    All Germanics Worldwide ! Fight For The Germanic Family!

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Aryan Truth on June 1, 2015

    I just can’t understand why the Jews want to destroy Europe through multi-culture?

    Jews will not be safe under the control of low IQ, non-creative Ape looking people from the

    Europeans have been the people most tolerant of Jews.

    Without White Americans and Europes support Israel will not exist.

    The Zionists are stupid.

  • Tim on May 16, 2015

    Dear Erik,

    There are even Non-Whites who seem to agree with you about the fact that the greatest White Supremacists are Non-Whites:

    1. “Racist” Whites will be more kind and humane towards Blacks than Blacks toward Blacks. Even Blacks agree with that: 🙂

    Jewish Dr. Michael Levin is a Pro-White Jewish activist who admits the Superiority of the White Race in terms of Creativity and Civilization. Levin is one of the few Jews who are Pro-White and anti NWO.

    BTW Congratulations for having twins :), and I hope that the Swedish people wakes up soon to restore Sweden to its rightful owners!

    I wish all the best and take care of yourself and your beautiful Sweden. 🙂

    • Erik on May 20, 2015

      Thanks 🙂

  • Erik on May 12, 2015

    Political Training By Prof. Bob Whitaker :


    What is the Untrained Eye – Coming to terms with reality. No Politically Correct Nonsense:

    The Stupidity of “Political Correctness” and Why Race Matters When It Comes To Economy:

    Why Aryan Beauty And Aryan Creativity Rules The World:

    Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:

    Why The NWO is led By Idiots and Fools :

    Silliness Leads The NWO:

    What is Truth:

    The WW2 Generation is the Weakest Generation:

    It Is Immoral for Children to be born in a POOR non-white World – They deserve better life :

    Further Info and Audio Files by Bob Whitaker:


    Occupied Sweden

    Gud Med Oss

  • Ghaz on May 11, 2015

    You don’t need to be German or white to know the German peoples war was just. Just looking at whats happening today in terms of marxist multi-culturism, financial theft by the elites, pedophilia, war and death.

    I am not even white and truly understand their cause and what they fought for. The world would been truly better, no endless wars, no financial rape of the free people of all races. Too much misconception of the German people saying they killed any non-white who didn’t have blue eyes or blonde hair but simply preserving their heritage and blood.

    “How can you except to maintain a technology based modern economy with tens of millions of non-whites in Europe who average IQ is 70 to 85?!” intellect isn’t just based on your genes. You could say USA has the lowest IQ on the planet.

    Out of curiosity though if the whites were not in danger would you still condemn your child if he/she fell in love with a non-white?

    • Erik on May 15, 2015

      Hi Ghaz

      The US is being destroyed by becoming a multiracial society, where the most productive element of the US – white America – is being forced to pay extra taxes to fund the unproductive and lazy Third World population. The Founding Race of the UNITED STATES is the White Race. It is the Race that made the US economic powerhouse. If all non-whites leave the US tomorrow America will be a paradise as White Creativity won’t have to support and fund hordes of people who put nothing of value on the economy, who put strain on the economy, who TAKE AWAY more than they GIVE AWAY.

      If Whites leave America tomorrow living America to Black and Mexican Rule, America will be destroyed economically COMPLETELY, IT WILL BE ANOTHER THIRD WORLD NATION and will look something like Sudan, Nigeria and Mexico in terms of its GDP and Productivity.

      In fact there are Organization in America waiting for the collapse of the US due to racial reasons :

      White Americans Wake Up:

      Further Info Regarding The North West Front:

      Sorry, for not being “Politically Correct”. I’m sick and tired of people ignoring reality, of people ignoring the elephant in the room.

      If you are offended by the above info and links go and Jump off the Empire State Building In NY. If Reality is offensive for you to accept, you can kill yourself, but DO NOT do it at the expenseof our children’s FUTURER, HEALTH, FREEDOM AND WELL BEING.

      1. Human Races are NOT EQUAL in terms of their ABILITIES AND MENTALITY. They are ONLY equal in terms of their HUMAN RIGHTS AND HONOR.
      2. Homosexuals suffer from a sexual disorder which is damaging to ignore. If you can’t treat yourself go hide in a cave, but do not impose your sickness on others.
      3. Men and Women COMPLEMENT each other, not competitive with each other.

      Adolf Hitler was RIGHT. Ignoring reality will cause a suffering beyond imagination. Political Correctness is a sickness. It is a sick Marxist ideology. It is a sick and destructive ideology that ignores reality and thus create SUFFERING. Ignoring reality – not telling the truth out of fear of offending peoples feelings – will cause more SUFFERING AND PAIN IN THE WORLD than OFFENDING THEM WILL.

      It is a sick and destructive ideology that suggests that ALL races are equal and are 100% the same. It is a sick and destructive ideology that says that there are no difference between Men and Women thereby destroying the family – the most basic unity of society. It is a sick and destructive ideology that suggests that sickness (Homosexuality-Transgenderism) is “normal” and “healthy” condition. It is a sick and destructive ideology that tolerates every form of injustice, vice, sickness and evil under the guise of “human rights”, “Gay Rights”, “Minority Rights” and “Women Rights”.

      Non-whites have the right to be offended by truth!
      Homosexuals have the right to be offended by truth!
      Feminists have the right to be offended by truth!
      Jews have the right to be offended by truth!
      Marxists have the right to be offended and HANGED!

      No, I don’t want my child to date a non-white. I have self dignity and pride in my race. I don’t “hate” other races but I have the moral courage and self dignity to defend my race and my people. My wife is pregnant with Twin Swedish babies on the way. They will be tall, blond and blue eyed like their father – me. We are a young couple. This is our first children.

      If my child was to date non-white, I would be upset of course, I won’t agree with his or her behavior, I will be sad , but I will continue loving my child despite this. I would regard him sterile for the rest of his life.


      Occupied Sweden

      Gud Med Oss

  • Hitler Fan on May 3, 2015

    Very sympathetic and sad about the elimination of the white man by the Zionist nation. You should know that the Jews are cowards real people and they are very afraid exterminated by the Christians and the Muslims.

    As Joseph Goebbels said, “Jews are clever, but they are not wise.” In other words mean “White people are wise but they are not clever.”

    If you think the Europeans are very wise, intelligent and clever, why are you so easily corrupted by Jews as compared to Muslims or other nations such as India, Indonesia, Africa, the Arabs etc.

    You certainly know the history of Jewish life under the government of the Islamic Caliphate, they are not given the freedom to manage the affairs of the state in terms of financial, business, public administration and so on until now although there is no Caliph of Islam. But the Jews were given the freedom to continue to practice their own religion.

    You Christians should follow the teachings of Jesus, not Paul of Tsaurus a Jew as well, of course you know why Jesus personally hate the Jews who had been tortured and killed the Prophets and Messengers of God (Heavenly Father), and perverted the teachings of Moses for their own interests. They are the Jews so wicked and cruel and willing to kill the prophets and messengers of God, what else you are not Jewish is regarded as “animals”, goyim, Gentiles etc.

    Take a look, “The History of the Crusades War”

    Since the Crusades the Jews want Jerusalem (Palestine), tens of thousands or millions of Christians have died to seize a piece of land of Jerusalem from the Muslims and so many deaths among the Muslims and defend Jerusalem. They were Jews, instigated the priests of the Christians to seize land owned by the people of Palestine administered by the Islamic government at that time. This happens not since the WW1 and WW2 the Jews wanted Jerusalem.

    What can we do, let the Jews have Israel and let all the Jews come to Israel and expel them (the Jews) in your country to Israel. Eliminate the legal system and the Jewish Talmud which has been widely used in your country and replace the government and the public with the true sons of your nation.

    Remember Iran’s ex-supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had repeatedly said “that Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive.” Or “Israel should be wiped out of the face of the world,”

    Will likely come a time when Christians, Muslims and others will unite to eliminate the influence of the Zionist Jews on earth.

    • konwayk on May 6, 2015

      Thanks to Internet and this documentary, Jews cannot be clever anymore since people can find their deceptions much more easier.

      Jews have nothing to do with the religion of Old Testament. They just tell this to steal Palestine in order to establish New World Order. Here is the link to the truth about Judaism -

      The teachings of Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul are one and the same. But Jews and Jewish stooges posing as Christian leaders don’t reveal the conflicts between Apostle Paul and Talmudic Pharisees. But instead, they distort them.

      Here is the link to all the details about what was going on in Apostle Paul’s letters.

      They do the same thing to Hitler’s written works. They distort them in order to hide the truth.

      • Hitler Fan on May 6, 2015

        I really liked and admired a man like Adolf Hitler, not only to the German and European hero, but he is also a hero to many people on earth except the Jews (Zionist) the demonic evil, treacherous, wicked heart, liar, cruelty, inhumanity and envy etc

        Regardless of race and religion, we humans are descendants of Adam and Eve will give full support people like him, who are now very difficult to find a substitute as his

  • Kristallnacht on April 17, 2015

    Vladimir Putin in Israel (Путин в Израиле – Россия Израиль)/(we must remember the holocaust, the victims, the executions..Because future Generations have to know the truth heroes of the Second World War and to distinguish between the truth and lies,)

    and for comparison

    The Zionist Red Army by David Duke

    • konwayk on April 17, 2015

      Yes, Putin cannot publicly expose Holohoax. If he does expose Holohoax, then there will be war between him and Jews which is exactly what Jews want. He is the last remaining threat for Jews in order to establish New World Order.

      David Duke also faces this difficulty. David Duke often uses “Zionist” as part of the titles of the videos to publish his videos instead of “Jewish.” But he is able to mention “Jew” or “Jewish” in the contents of the video.

      Fortunately, Brother Nathanael can use “Jew” or “Jewish” all the time to criticize Jews. One of the reasons is because he was brought up as a Jew in his early days.

  • g on February 11, 2015

    In school they said Adolf only wanted a the superior race which blues eyes, blonde hair to survive and prosper. Here this is telling me he supported multiculturalism, gay rights etc.

    So comes to my question. What does Nazism really stand for? This documentary claims the world would be a better place, I do agree on the Bankers and Zionist would no longer control the world for their Agenda but for the other claims? No propaganda please, just be honest. The Ukraine civil-war anti-Russian (the pro-west) Ukrainian people are marching with Nazi symbols and chanting death to all enemies.

    • konwayk on February 12, 2015

      You are mistaken. Hitler never supported Multiculturalism. Hitler wanted every culture to survive. He felt that the cultures often conflicted when they live together just like you see now in Europe and America.

      I think you should rewatch Part 14 – General Leon DeGrelle for the best definition of National Socialism.

      Zionism, Bolshevism, Communism, Multiculturalism, Freemasonry (aka Illuminati) represents Judaism.

      National Socialism has to do with the survival of German culture and other cultures as well throughout the world. National Socialism respected other races throughout the world.

      Ukrainians who are marching with Nazi Symbols are Jewish stooges trying to demonize National Socialism just like the media did for the past 70 years.

      The school never teaches anything factual. If Hitler was a racist, then how come he fought with Japan against Allies?

      Hitler even considered the cultures of Chinese and Japanese superior to German culture.

      “In saying this, I promise you I am quite free of all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable that one race should mix with other races. Except for a few gratuitous successes, which I am prepared to admit, systematic cross-breeding has never produced good results. Its desire to remain racially pure is a proof of the vitality and good health of a race. Pride in one’s own race—and that does not imply contempt for other races—is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilisations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilisation to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.” Adolf Hitler (13th February 1945).

      Thousands of soldiers from countries in Asia and in Africa fought for Hitler and Germany. Africans were treated equally in Germany.

      Hitler was loved by Americans until 1941 when FDR and Jews started brainwashing Americans into believing the lie that Hitler was a monster.

      In 1939, Princeton University asked its incoming students to list the world’s greatest living people. Einstein came in second. Adolf Hitler came in first.

      Check this link –

  • sajith on January 4, 2015

    I get that multiculturalism is not for europe but what about certain countries in Asia which are historically multicultaral?

    • konwayk on January 5, 2015

      In Asia, I agree that there are countries with several different cultures. But I want to point out that the term “Multiculturalism” actually refers to “Marxist Multiculturalism.”

      In Marxist Multiculturalism, God has no value and the rights of foreigners are favored over the rights of natives. This endangers the natives of the land. That is what happening in Europe.

      In Asia especially from Middle East to countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, most of the people believe in the existence of God. They also value the rights of the natives more than foreigners.

  • Laura on December 23, 2014

    Great job with compiling all of this information. Can you please explain or provide some of the information explaining why the ethnic Germans were in the lands they had always inhabited but were suddenly attached by their neighbors. I’m not apposing the facts of their victimization I’m just asking for more of the details because it seems like a story untold. Thanks for all your care for the truth.

    • konwayk on December 24, 2014

      That was mentioned in Part 5 – War Declared. But let me give you an explanation.

      In 1916, Germany and her Allies won WW1. They sent peace offers to Great Britain.

      They also sent peace offers to America so that America can help them in ending World War 1. But Great Britain wanted to continue WW1, because they promised Jews Palestine which was later written in Declaration called Balfour Declaration after US entered WW1.

      After Britain backstabbed Germany through Phony Balfour Declaration, US was brought into war against Germany by lying to Americans that Germans were the aggressors.

      After illegally defeating Germany and her allies, they cut up German regions and these parts were given to newly formed Poland and other countries. So German regions ended in newly formed Poland.

      Here is the link to Germany’s peace terms in 1916 –

      • Donald on January 12, 2015

        How do you know Obama is a homosexual?! How do you know he is sexually attracted to men?

        I am shocked to learn that the US president is a sexual pervert and a sexual deviant..

        Perversions rule the ruling elite.

        Can you name one sexually normal (Straight) person within the elite?

  • Dennis wise on November 16, 2014

    Hi thanks! Well it shows since Saddam was hanged how Iraq has fallen apart. He was the lion in the jungle, whom once the US removed him, saw the implosion of Iraq. Not even the Americans could stop the daily killings with car bombs and death squads. I believe Iraq is far worse off today than ever they were under Saddam. The Americans cut and run but not before they tied up Iraq legally with Bremer’s 100 orders. What they did in Iraq mirrors how they have legal control of Germany, but worse. I don’t know why you say Saddam cracked, there was nothing he could do just like Hitler before him. The exact same Zionists who attacked Germany attacked Iraq. Also Saddam was an active friend of the Palestinians and not just talk like most countries while the genocide continues. Whatever anyone thinks of Putin, he is the only one who seems to have any sense. The west are led by war mongering psychopaths, but hey nothing changes…right?

    • konwayk on November 16, 2014

      I agree. The same thing can be said about Gaddafi. When he was in power, Libya had so much prosperity. Gaddafi was very honest in his speeches and even exposed Jewish role behind the death of JFK.

      But after Jews murdered him for opposing Jewish Petrodollar scam like Saddam, Libya collapsed.

      Let’s hope Jewish control in the west collapses. Unlike those days, Jews are losing their media control since everyone has now access to find out the truth through Internet.

      Dennis, I thought I should share this with you. History Truths at youtube shared this information with me. Here is the website.

      Use this site, copy & paste YouTube video link there at the bottom and watch youtube videos that are blocked in some countries.

  • konwayk on November 11, 2014

    Putin is a great leader. He is trying free Russia from Jewish control.

    That is why he and Russia made BRICS Program with Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. These countries are trying to free themselves from Jewish control over money.

    You can get the information about Putin from Brother Nathanael. Here is a video about Putin –

    Here is a video about BRICS Program –

    We don’t know whether atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein are Jewish hoax or not since Saddam Hussein had opposition against Jews. Saddam Hussein was killed by Jews, because he opposed their Jewish Petrodollar scam.

    Here is a video about it –

    • AdolfInFlesh on January 21, 2015

      Lot of love for Putin here,surprisingly so! Isn’t he an advocate for multiculturalism? Doesn’t he imprison native Russians for speaking out against immigrant crimes & what not? Isn’t he a Merkal esque opposer of “anti-semitism”?

      As for the BRICS,aren’t these countries more or less communistic?

      • rexshard93 on January 22, 2015

        In order to understand Putin, I suggest you look into the videos by Brother Nathanael.

        Here is one good video –

        Thanks to Putin, Russia is now a Christian country. Putin’s Russia is billion times better than Bolshevik Soviet Union.

        Putin knows Jews are moving forward to create another war against him and Russia. So he makes his decisions carefully.

  • Joachim on September 21, 2014

    Get over the gay thing, Ernst Roehm was homosexual.

    • Dennis Wise on October 5, 2014

      That is true. What is your point? Every country in Europe was anti-gay at that time, non more than England. I think you need to get over it.

  • ibrahim on September 18, 2014

    Firstly I want to congratulate you for defending and trying to spread your ideology in spite of publics opinion about nazizm. Secondly I want to say that I don’t share your dreams about a perfect society.

    I just wanted to ask one thing. I’m a Turkish. There are so many people in Turkey that sympathize with Hitler and Nazizm. Because of it’s stand against Zionism and it’s Nationalizm. What happens to Turks in your utopia?

    • konwayk on September 18, 2014

      If Germany would have won, then Turks would have complete control over Turkey and it would have been free from Jewish control and Jewish destructions.

      Many people don’t seem to realize the control of Jews on the entire world and how they create destructions in nearly every country.

      Let me give you an example. Armenian Holocaust.

      Mainstream media claim how young Turks (Muslims) were behind Armenian Holocaust. But the truth is it was Jews and Crypto Jews who disguised themselves as Muslims to kill around 1.5 Armenians. They disguised themselves as Young Turkish Muslims so that they can put the blame on the Turkish Muslims.

      Check this link –

      Today, there is ISIS. ISIS is called Islamic terrorist group by mainstream media.

      But what is the truth?

      ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

      Check this video –

    • Kristallnacht on September 18, 2014

      How are Turks and Kurds have been Islamized?
      Enlightenment is now called the series of events IBKA, which is aimed primarily at people of Islamic faith. The inaugural event was held in Cologne on 1 March 2008.

      About 60 participants listened to the speakers Erdogan Aydin from Turkey.

      The event was opened by Arzu Toker. She explained: “This series is the first one I under the IBKA, together with German enlightened people, organize. The events are aimed primarily at people of Islamic faith. However, since both the younger generation often can not read good Turkish, and many enlightened German who supported this event and would like to hear the contents, the events will always be bilingual. Our aim is to impart knowledge rather than faith.

      I’m convinced: To elucidate of devout Muslims, it does not contribute much in, to be content merely with a positioning against Islam. Also, events that are intended only for German, rather deepen the trench to the believing Muslims.
      I trust in the natural endowment of man with his brain, and content myself with the exchange of information. Many, especially veiled Turkish women claim that it is their identity. The story of how it reflects Erdogan Aydin, shows that the historical origins of the Turks are not Islamic. I hope that you will gain new insights. ”

      Erdogan Aydin gave a lecture on the history of Turkey and its Islamization:

      We have never asked us how we have become Muslims. Because we were so socialized that we firstly never questioned the love of God and religion in question, secondly were left in the belief that we had accepted Islam, of course, and free will.

      Let us begin, however, to question, we find also in the Islamic sources, a number of details that show us that our Islamization a terrifying and brutal history is based. The official and traditional lore try to hide it. Today, in this our age, in which the Schariaanhänger become increasingly stronger, it is more important than ever to rid the Islamisierungsgeschichte of her veil. Only then, it seems to me to be possible to create a democratic Turkey and to achieve the democratization of migrants from Turkey. To understand the story, we must go back to the beginning:

      Like Judaism the Israelites, as the Zoroastrian doctrine of the Sassanids, and the Kurds, such as Buddhism of the Chinese and the Indians believed the Turks against the Islamisation of a religion that originated from their own political, economic and cultural history: shamanism.

      The Islamization of the Turks was not a God-given enlightenment – as already not the Christianization of parts of Europe – but is the result of out between 670-950 cruel wars of conquest in the original settlement area of ​​the Turkic peoples in Central Asia – before the Turks for their part, now as Muslims , immigrated to Anatolia and established there as Seljuks and Ottomans own dominions at the expense of the Christian Byzantine Empire.

      In general, the Islamist parties access to the pious statement that the Arabs, the Turks simply wanted to convert to Islam. But that’s not the only reason. Because wars allowed to gain wealth through war booty.

      The Arab warrior wanted a quick way to become rich and secure. Their living conditions were at that time very hard. As a shining role models to them were those men who had joined Muhammad and to have become dizzying rich in no time by military campaigns in connection with the religious permission from the spoils of war. Arab warriors were later followed by their families, and thus came the first “migration movement” of the Arabs. They migrated to Iran, Turkmenistan, Bukhara, Baykent, Samarkand and in many others, then prosperous large cities. Since the Turks Although externally known by the violence to Islam, but secretly continued to practice shamanism in their homes, they were forced to take control of their orthodoxy Arab families in their homes. The then commander Kuteybe managed to colonize large parts of the country. The Arab families facilitated both the security of the political power of the Arab commanders as well as the spread and control of the practice of the Islamic faith.

      The statements about the brutal Islamization of the Turks is based inter alia on recognized also by Islamic sources Islamic historians such as Taberi: “Who can bring me a Turk’s head, gets 100 dirham.” So the Muslims beheaded Turks and took their money. They scattered apart the Turks and decimated them. Their property was taken as war booty. Kuteybe attacked talkan. Innumerable were the victims by the sword. Turkish men were hung along the streets on the trees. Then Mervalarüd was attacked. The ruler fled, Kuteybe took two his sons caught and said: “I swear by Allah, even if I had only so much life left to utter only three words. I would only say, Uktülühü uktülühü uktülühü ‘(Kill them all Kill them all, kill all) “.

      So they killed all and sent their heads to Haccac (the client from Kuteybe who received only one-fifth of the war booty). After the conquest of Samarkand sat Kuteybe his brother Abdullah as Emir new one and returned to mevr. ”

      The most important aspects of nearly 300 years of Turkish-Arab wars were:

      The murder of about 100,000 Turks.
      The enslavement of over 50,000 Turks.
      The cities were robbed, plundered the people for the spoils of war.
      All riches, destroyed historical works, burned.
      Only the largest Turkish massacre “talcs” about 40,000 Turks were beheaded and hung along a 24 km long road from trees.
      Massacre “Curcan” Turks were the 40,000 beheaded, the river flowed red, the bodies were hung on trees again.
      The promise, “if you surrender you, your life will be spared,” was never maintained, the people were, whether man or woman, with the statement murdered “Sharia recognizes no promises.”
      Arabs received by these wars and the war booty from great wealth.
      The Turks asked the Chinese in vain, to save them from the bestiality of the Arabs.

      Erdogan Aydin satirized the attitude that today’s Turkish nationalists who make a pact with the Islamists, because it would contradict the history of the Islamization of Turkish nationalist ideology actually thoroughly. Translated with Google translator. You can use it to translate it in Turkish –
      Nazism in Radical Islam – Albert Pike’s WW3 in plain view –

      İyi şanslar Arkadaşim.

    • Dennis Wise on October 5, 2014

      What is your point? Muslims fought for Hitler.

      • Kristallnacht on October 7, 2014

        Die Islamisierung, darum geht es. Die Sunnitische Islamisierung Dennis. Darum gibt es Aleviten, Schiiten usw. Weil im Sunnitischen Islam die Sharia als einziges Gesetz vom Koran ausgerufen werden kann. Das bedeutet die totale Unterwerfung, diese viele nicht wollten. Darum haben sie zwar Allah als einzigen Gott anerkannt, aber nicht Mohammed als seinen Propheten. Darum gibt es doch heute die ISIS, weil sie die Sunna verbreitet. Wusstest du nicht, im Koran steht das eines Tages die ganze Welt Islamisch sein wird, und das es dann zum endkampf gegen die Juden kommt. If you controle Literature, you controle what ppl think ! Dont u remember Dennis ? The Religions are the Weapons of the Jews. Islam will win, they call it everywhere. And Islam is just a tool, like Christianity is, for slavery. Im sure the Turks wanted a split off the Arabs. Turks prayed a Islam with Love, never with hate. And the Arabs or Saudis are Destroying old Turkish made Moschees, coz they hate’em. My point is, Turks wanted to be free, and spreed his own Islam, an Islam with love. But tht’s not possible for the Jews or Saudis, coz this is not useable for them. Where does so much Money goes what is taken from all over the World of Gojims ? Much goes in the Sand of Saudi Arabia, Dubai. Digital Money is made to use their Money all over the World. To have more influential over the World.

        • Kristallnacht on October 7, 2014

          Islam in europe: “Take their wives as war booty” in 03:25 isnt it a Warning ? The Salafists are already in Europe, they came up but after some protests now in the background again. Waiting when the time is right. I guess when we’re (the whites) in a Minority in Europa, maybe in America too. 90% of all immigrants in Europe are Muslims. In 2030 France will be a Islamic Republic. In 2050 Germany. Demographics explained: The Islamization of Europe and in German language .. Die schleichende Islamisierung Europas

      • Kristallnacht on March 9, 2015

        Nationalsozialism in Islam meets Adolf Hitler

        In 0:32 u can see some Turkish Flags with the Moon and a 8 prong Star. My Question is why 8 prongs in this time, and now the Turkish Flag has 5 like many other Muslim Flags. U can find this 5 Star prong today on many products like on Heineken Beer, just watch for it and u will perplex how much u’ll find it. And in 4:07 u can see Soldiers wearing a Palestinian Flag on the Jacket with two 7 prongs Stars. My question is why 7 prongs ? Turkish had 8 … What does this prongs mean ? Well, on over the Stars is something written in Arabic. My Friend here told me it says ” For free Arabic Countrys” So Dennis, real Muslims foughted for the protection of their peacefully Islam, and their Homelands.

    • tomas rader on October 18, 2014

      They stay in turkey? Send the US a postcard and let us know how that muslim caliphate thing is working out for ya … hope better than last time. The US is a wonderful multicultural society. No inter racial strife in this experiment. If the zionists love blending so much .. why not lead by example. Instead Israel law would make apartheid south africa blush. Carter has that correct.

    • Outre on October 24, 2014

      Turkey found by permission of and cooperation with British. Hitler was totally aware of this as well as all of leaders and politicians in Europe at his time. Mussolini was in Lausanne Conference for Italy delegation.

      Ottoman Empire and Turkey are totally different things. Ottoman Empire was a independent country just like its ally Germany. But Turkey, as naturally, was a consequence of British/US/Jew policy on Middle East and Union of Islam.

  • Anon on August 29, 2014

    All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

    “If anything, the law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods…But legislation cannot change the human heart. The only way we can accomplish that, the only we can achieve a Final Solution to racial prejudice, is to create a mÇlange of races so universal that no one can preen himself on his racial ‘purity’ or practice the barbarism to safeguard it. The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. And it may be that time is growing short. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the colored. The sooner we adjust to this fact, the better it will be for our children. For we might well acknowledge, even the most enlightened of us, that we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races.” (Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg, Maclean’s Magazine, September 5, 1967).

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige,, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause.” (Jewish Playwright Israel Cohen, A Radical Program For The Twentieth Century. Also entered into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957, by Rep. Thomas Abernathy).

    “We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.” (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)

    “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

    What kind of a world would it be, after all, with ONLY “Jews” (Ashkenazi-Khazars)? They’d be left to cannabalize each other.

  • Ibrahim on August 14, 2014

    If you love Adolf Hitler, then do some research on the Gentile prophet of Arabia, Muhammad son of AbdAllah, whose utopia survived and expanded until it was finally dismantled (by guess which people) in Istanbul about a century ago.

    • Sam on August 23, 2014

      Islam is a slavery Religion, to conquer non-islamic Contrys. Muhammad Married an 9 Year old Girl named Aisha. And Al-ilah was the prefer of Muhammads clan, the Moon. So what u call Islam, is in real a praise to the Moon.

      Muhammad and Aisha Love Story

      Allah the Moon God

      If u control Literature, u control what People think! by Dr. Ray Hagins

      p.s Christianity is the Suncult to praise the giver of life, the Sun!

      Jesus the Sun

      • Sam on August 25, 2014

        Religions are the Weapons of the Jews

        • konwayk on August 25, 2014

          I would say that “religions” are the target of Jews. By firmly establishing Communism through New World Order, Jews want to destroy the existence of God which will destroy all religions.

          But in order to destroy a religion, Jews will work within that religion to destroy it.

          As we all know, Jews are evil parasites.

          In order to destroy a particular religion (For Example, Christianity), Jews will secretly hire their stooges and make them religious leaders by providing a Master’s degree or PhD since Jews control education system.

          Martin Luther King Jr., John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Larry Huch, etc. are great examples of Jewish stooges.

          These religious leaders follow the instructions of Jews and teach false instructions to people. But not the truth. Brother Nathanael made a great video about the deception of John Hagee called “Exposing Zionist Christians” which can be seen here -

          Jews also use other deceptions such as Hanukkah and Kosher to drive Christians into New World Order. Many Christians don’t realize this deception.

          Jewish Hanukkah has no relation none whatsoever to do with the actual celebration “Feast of Rededication” which had to do with keeping the laws of God (1 Maccabees 2-4, John 10).

          Here is the link about Jewish deception of Hanukkah –

          Kosher deception –

          Kosher slaughter is also based on Jewish satanic book called Kabbalah.

          Many Christians don’t realize this and mistakenly believe that it is based on dietary laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Bible.

          Kosher scam is one way of driving Christians into New World Order (Luciferian religion created by Jews).

          On the top of that, Brother Nathanael points out how each Kosher product secretly contains “Kosher tax.”

          In other words, we are giving money to Jews for their destructive plans through each product with Kosher label in it.

          • Sam on August 25, 2014

            Thanx for all ur posts @konwayk, all are really informative. I always thought so, tht the Religions (even Christianity) were made by Hebrews. You told me tht Christianity is older than Judaism. Well, i know tht Jews has written most of the Al-Quran, coz in this time they were the only one who could write in High-Arabic language. And i know tht Jews still controll the Bible, and the Al-Quran. They made Jesus weak and always forgive able, so Christians will mostly forgive 😉 and in the Quran, i did read some stuff like.. it is allowed to lie in War times, and tht u can use the Quran to conquer, and later to spread a beauty Islam. Tht remembers me on the Talmud, where it is written tht a Jew never talk the truth to non-Jews. Or it was in the Thora, but there is no big different i guess. And who Muhammad was and what he did is easy to research. As i see, Muhammad was an non-reader and he was used to be the first who spread Islam. They send him on a Mountain to starve. There was an Men on tht Mountain who were banned off the City (Medina or Mekka) coz he believed in one God. Well, on the Mountain Muhammad had his inspirations. He felt down and shacked all his Body and did a weird sound like an sick Camel. (so it is written) The Angel Gabriel came and gave Muhammad his first Sura. It was not Sura 1, idk which Sura it was, somewhere in the middle. Well he told his wife Chadidscha he were doomed and he wants to suicide. But Chadidscha (she was 15 years older)comforted him, lifted him up again, and told him that he was called to be a prophet. Also Chadidschas cousin Waraqa bin Nawfal old and blind, Mohammed confirmed his mission as a prophet of Allah. The first person who was joined to the new religion just his first wife Chadidscha. It was followed by Said Ibn Hareta and Ali. Muhammad died at the age of 62 years in the arms of his beloved wife Aisha particularly. The cause of death was the long-term effects of poisoning.


          • Jam on August 26, 2014

            What is the religion of Jews? Is it Satanism ?

      • Amr on September 2, 2014

        LOL, If you believe that, then the Zionist Jews brainwashed you like the other millions. They fear Islam so they make it look bad for people to hate it as their end is on the hand of Muslims and their non-Muslim Allies. Zionist Jews hate all religions alike. Don’t let that get to you.

        • Kristallnacht- on September 13, 2014

          Amr, i know it’s hard to believe when all ur Family and all ur Life is Muslim or Christianity, even for Jews. But how to set urself free when all of u believe in the same ? U see its a Devilswheel. The only truth is Budism, watch inside urself and u will see/feel where u come from, what it means to be a Human being. Maybe when ur older, maybe .. good luck ! Jews Banished From Countries 109 Times Since 250AD befor Zionism was even qualified The Jews in Egypt – For a real understanding of the Jewish national character, knowledge of some basic circumstances of Jewish history is indispensable. Friedrich Schiller provides us with the foundation in his lecture The mission of Moses. Moses is the name of the mythical founder of the Jewish religion, and nothing is backed historically at its history. Nevertheless, the Moses myth is highly revealing about the inner essence of Judaism.

          It is said that the nomadic tribe of the Hebrews had stayed for several centuries in the territory of the Egyptian empire. His relationship with the Egyptians was V.A. determined by the contrast between well geratenen, civilized, neat people and their instinctive abhorrence of one unclean and ignoble race of men. So how would you now understandably keep a certain distance to a foul-smelling tramp who probably possible even unasked served in the gardens of the neighborhood, so kept the Egyptians of the Hebrews distance, so they did not dissolve in the Egyptian people, but a growing group formed in its territory. Schiller writes in this regard: Such a segregated crowd in the heart of the empire, idly through their nomadic way of life that held under very closely, but had in common with the state no interest, could in a hostile invasion are dangerous and easily fall into temptation, the weakness of the State, their idle spectator it was to use. The state prudence counseled so to guard them sharp, employ and think to reduce their number.

          And has a state (ie, the interests of the state people) maintained its interests, do not act so? (The better alternative would, of course, get rid of that state within a state, by identifies the relevant people and institutions meet that it’s not coming back.) So shows us the history of a people, which penetrates into the territories of other nations and not desired there is. Were asking the Jews a state within the state is: in medieval Spain and Europe in general, in the German Empire, in Czarist Russia, in the Soviet Union, the United States of today. Today is called the attempt to get rid of this state within a state, “persecution”. As an alternative, we should further ado will come hot all strangers after presentation of the Jewish lobbyists and meet him bring an appreciation that goes beyond all my own. Moses as an archetype – The situation of the Hebrews in Egypt changed radically with the appearance of Moses. Whether it is a historical personality or the symbol of a comprehensive development in this figure, is secondary; in any case it represents an archetype and embodies principles that have been repeated many times since then.

          According to the legend, Moses was exposed in a reed basket, which was supplied to the bathing Pharaohs daughter. By the added hurrying after finding true mother offered himself as nurse for the foundling, the Jewish influence on the Egyptian otherwise behaved child was saved. Moses was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries and frequented the circles of power, so that it stood open to incredible influence.

          Just took Jews as Heinrich Heine and Albert Einstein like the advantages of the German education true to make their knowledge and their influence then for the benefit of their own people and to the detriment of the foreign law.

          According to Schiller matured in Moses now the plan to free his tribe from bondage. The reaction was initiated by, that he was a murderer and so alienated the Egyptian society completely: He once saw a Hebrew mistreated under the blows of an Egyptian Fronvogts; this sight overwhelmed him, he killed the Egyptian. Soon, the fact is rumored that his life is in danger, he must shun Egypt and fled to the Arabian desert. But how were brutalized slaves rise above great civilizations? Moses stroke of genius was to deceive his own people by selling them the mysteries of Egypt as a specifically Jewish religion. The key of this supreme, universal knowledge, the sacred Tetragrammaton “Iodine he vau he,” so was the name of the Jewish people of God, Yahweh, who allegedly used his power only for the sake of the elect people of his group and to the detriment of all other peoples.

          Psychologically developed this trick just as enormous as ominous effect. The self-esteem of the people slaves was raised as intended, but simultaneously created a delusion of omnipotence and chosenness, which should be the most important driving force of Jewish behavior in the course of world history.

          As we have seen, the people of the Jews is characterized since its inception by a bad character. In individual cases it may be possible that a man ennobled his character with great willpower, usually remain true traits but for life-determining. Among peoples, it is no different: Although here is due to the long periods of time and the external influences (immigration and mixing) more dynamic, typical properties can but over centuries and millennia track.

          Exactly on this knowledge to distract the fashionable claim for all the environment was responsible. So we should be getting them to trust the liar, the thief and the murderer, va if he is a stranger. The loudest and most vehement occurred since time immemorial Jews for these dangerous scams.

          The Jews therefore came through the development in Egypt, whether Moses actually was the decisive figure or only a symbol, a strange mixture of appropriated from other sources of knowledge (and thus power) and the lower traits of a slave people.

          Let us therefore clear: the essence of Judaism and Kabbalah are not Jewish origin, but consist of universal knowledge whose source is the Egyptian mysteries. Nevertheless, the Jews are naturally keen (and they firmly believe), all this, represent a Jewish invention merit Jewish and Jewish Auserwähltsein. Similarly, the Jewish media want us to believe their people there out of sheer genius and Nobel Prize winners, although those Jews who distinguished themselves in any area did so almost exclusively on the basis of other achievements (see, eg, the mentioned Heine and Einstein). Source:

  • Ibrahim on August 14, 2014

    A lot of you probably dislike Islam out of your dislike for Muslim immigration. However, all the points listed at the end of this video of how Europe could have been can be achieved through Islam.
    Although Islam does not regard race, it does acknowledge the wisdom of marrying into your own culture, eg Arab with Arab, Pak with Pak etc, but this is not a strict rule.
    I am hoping that one day the people in the West will make Islam their own without any coercion. It can save the day.

    • Henry on August 15, 2014

      The people of the west will not make your your religion their own. They have their own identity as much as you have your own. You have the right to practice Islam in the middle east or in Africa but you don’t have the right to impose it on Europe and the rest of the non-muslim world.

      How you Muslims would feel if White Europeans had imposed Christianity on you?!

      Unlike you in the Muslim Third World, we can do that since we have the military might to do that.

      Soon your kind would be removed from Europe. The peoples of Europe have the right to exist just as the Arab world has the right to exist – but in Arabia not in Europe.

      If you start opposing repatriation we’ll have to resort to other means that you won’t like and believe me – you know and I know – we have all the power.

      You will not destroy the peoples of Europe, the beauty of Europe and Western Civilization with you fanatic way of life.

      The peoples of Europe are waking up – non Europeans and Islam WILL BE REMOVED FROM BRITAIN AND EUROPE.

      Islam does not acknowledges “live and let live”.

      You protest in the street of Britain and Europe saying that toy want to impose your people and your Islam on Europe?!

      How dare you!?

      Your days in Europe are numbered.

      Soon we’ll kick you out of Europe without being too nice to you and than try to impose your race and your primitive religion and way of life, on the snakes living in deserts of Arabia.

      • T on August 26, 2014

        In the interest of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

        Muslims are not trying to destroy Europe or Modern Western Civilization (at least not deliberately). Rather it is Modern Western Civilization which seeks to impose her rule upon the rest of Mankind (on behalf of Israel). Western Christendom underwent a secular Godless transformation into the secular Modern West wherein a Judeo-Christian rapprochement took root. Usuriuos capitalism, communism, promiscuity, feminism, secularism et al are the illegitimate products of that godless transformation and no Muslim took part in that! The Modern West is close to serving its purpose by its creator, The Anti-Christ, and now it is being destroyed, a civilization committing suicide by its very own dagger, to use a phrase by a non European philosopher. If you want your Europe back you must break out of the Godlessness and the Judeo-Christian rapprochement that your countries are saturated with. But remember what many European nations did to the only Western nation that tried to liberate herself? You cannot do this own your own.
        Do you not see that they who control power in your Modern West are trying to stir up civil war? It seems you are falling for it.
        Your military might (NATO) is the loyal guard dog of Israel and is committing oppression against peoples around the world (and also helping ISIS et al who dance to the tune of the Anti Christ). Thus creating refugees. Guess where they will go to?

        Most Europeans are NOT waking up. They are living in the land of delusion or apathy. Most European nations will again be on the wrong side of History when WW III kicks off big time. My advice to you is when the World of Orthodox Christianity and the World of Islam make a military alliance to fight against NATO you should endeavor to support that alliance.

        BTW Europeans can accept Islam without losing their European identity. Africans accepted Islam and retained their identity, Indians accepted Islam and retained their identity, Indonesians accepted Islam and retained their identity. Islam is NOT a race.

        • Kolo on April 26, 2016

          Well said
          Remember Cause and Affect

      • parcival on September 2, 2014

        “How you Muslims would feel if White Europeans had imposed Christianity on you?!”

        Let’s think about what the Spanish and English did to the native americans of north, central and south america. Ummm… oh yeah! They imposed Christianity on them! I guess every culture has been the worst of mankind at some point or another. I’m a Christian, but not to any church because I believe in the state of christhood. These talks on this part of the series are ludicrous. I can’t believe we still have many people out there believing in an ultimate form of spirituality or skin color. I’m a fifth white. My kids are, in all simplicity, bi-racial. The last few seconds of this film in this chapter make me question again the validity of its claims about history. No gays? No interracial peoples? Who cares?! You have only so much time to reach the conclusion of YOUR life and this is how you want to spend it? Concerning yourself about how OTHER people live? Our great teachers of history taught us better, but I suppose it’s just selective hearing and reading. God granted us all and each free will. What would happen to you if you gave it back to Him, and not to anyone or anything else on Earth?

      • IMTIAZ on November 12, 2014

        yes no one likes to leave their homeland wether arabia or other third world countries , it is the whites with your allies the israelis who are killing millions of people by bombing cities like baghdad afghanistan etc , leave this lands and dont interfere with their resources oil and others and we will live you in peace

    • Wulf on August 23, 2014

      If Islam is so great as you maintain why is it that all the Islamic nations are so backward? Who was first on the moon?, who developed penicillin, RADAR, X Rays etc? If your Islamic values are so great why do you lot all want to live here? You want to slag us off yet live by our bounty, if you dont like western Christendom then you know where the door is. Remind me? Why are you here?

      • Erik on August 24, 2014

        Hi Wulf,

        Muslims and other non-whites shouldn’t live in Europe. In the long run it is genocidal for us. I want to preserve my people in Sweden. I don’t want alien races of different gene pools living and mixing with us. Not because I hate other races but because We have the right to preserve our race and our people in our own homeland. It is a natural human desire and every race every people on earth has this desire. No people should except their racial, biological and cultural genocide. It is not “racism” to want your race and your people to live and continue. The real racism is destroying a race.

        I’m very angry every time I see a Swedish girl dating a non white (Arab, African etc.). It is killing our race and our people. The instinct for your kind not to go extinct is a healthy instinct. It is not “racism”. The real racists are those who want to destroy our people and our Germanic heritage.

        Swedes are not trying to wipe out the black race in Africa. We are not trying to wipe out the Arab race in the middle east. We are not trying to wipe out the Turkish race from the face of the planet by breeding them out of existence.

        But they are trying to wipe our race and our people from our ancestral homeland – Sweden Itself.

        We don’t need to justify our right to exist to anyone but ourselves.

        We will hang the social engineers who brought the third world into Europe. They promote the genocide of our race and our people and they shall receive no mercy. We will hunt them down until all of them are destroyed the same way the want to destroy us.

        They will pay greatly.

        A day will come soon enough and those who want to destroy our blood will pay greatly. The aliens and their mixed race babies will return back to their countries.

        I don’t need to justify the right of my people to exist to ANYONE.

        My motivation isn’t “hatred” to alien races. My motivation is LIFE for my people in Sweden and in all other Germanic lands of Europe.

        Asians, Arabs and Africans don’t face this dilemma since their nations aren’t flooded by alien races -their people are not facing extinction. I’m sure they would have acted the same.

        Our biological existence is at stake.

        The Swedish people has the right to live and I’m ready to fight and die for the right of my people in Sweden and in all Germanic lands of Europe to live.

        I will not sit and do nothing while my race and my people is dying.

        • Jam on August 26, 2014

          Erik, You are indeed proof that in our ugly world there’s still beauty and courage left – people who fight for the highest values : the very survival of their race.

          You are proof that there’s honor still left in this world.

          I salute you.

        • Amr on September 2, 2014

          BTW, That’s exactly what Islam teaches you have the very right but also there is a freedom of choice. Mixing the blood not always a bad thing most of the time is a good thing, like taking the best Genes from both races just like the German Shepard, although at the same time keeping the values and culture of both races within the family of the individuals. For Example, I’m half Palestinian half German and extremely happy with for loving and having the cultures of my both sides 🙂 and I would love to marry a Germanic lady some day to share the suffering of our people and to teach our kids to care for others.

      • Amr on September 2, 2014

        LOL, Because Zionist Jews destroy the Arab world and the image of Islam. Islam teaches to never be on the Offensive until attacked. Do you think the Arab countries happy of the oppression they living in and their values and valuables sold out to Jews. Look where the Jews decided to live in the Middle East as their code to be near our enemy then divide and conquer.

    • Lyle Gorch on October 15, 2014

      Yes, Islam is their own, and an honored religion of old, BUT the West has their own as well, which to is in honor of old–although today it is..’Rat’-stricken! The Catholics were invaded after W.W.II, and the Demon cast degenerates into the Priesthood, and today we are definitely feeling their wrath in ALL areas! Government, education, etc., ETC.!
      Now, the Handschar Division found the Muslim SS, fighting honorably with the Christian Waffen SS! Hitler provided nice gifts at holiday of the Koran encased in silver to them..So, WE DO NEED TO WORK TOGETHER–BECAUSE TOGETHER IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN EVER DESTROY THIS UNGODLY MENACE…
      The Jew!

      • HitFanLer on May 2, 2015

        “Europeans can accept Islam without losing their European identity. Africans accepted Islam and retained their identity, Indians accepted Islam and retained their identity, Indonesians accepted Islam and retained their identity. Islam is NOT a race.”

        I agreed…my nation race identity after embracing Islam still practice our own culture.Just as Hitler’s dream of his own German people identity… Christianity

  • Peters on August 12, 2014

    Dear Dennis Wise,

    Do you believe there’s any chance in stopping the evil that is currently ruling this world?

    Do you believe the peoples of Europe can be saved?

    Do you believe that the promotion of sickness, perversion an degeneracy could be stopped?!

    Society is demoralized and brainwashed; People are numb like zombies, they had lost the capacity to tell truth from lies.

    BTW I’m happy to see that there are people posting on this site who are still in touch with reality and are aware of what’s really going on (Konwayk and Erik for example).

    What do you think Dennis?! Is there hope left for the West?

    • konwayk on August 12, 2014

      Peters, I thought I should share this information with you.

      I do think there is hope for the west.

      Dr. Alan Sabrosky (an honest jew like David Cole) predicted that if America finds out that it was Israel behind 911, Israel will be finished.

      The impact will be far more stronger when the entire America and the whole world finds out that they have been deceived through Jewish lies about Adolf Hitler, Germany, and everyone who loved him and supported him.

      In order to reveal this truth to Europe and America, I uploaded this video here –

      Currently, Jewish power is slowly weakening through BRICS which is revealed through Brother Nathanael.

      Here is the video.

      • Peters on August 13, 2014

        Thank you, Konwayk for the info.

        I’m glad to see honest Jews like David Cole, Paul Eisner and Dr. Alan Sabrosky who speak against the Zionist NWO.

        Brother Nathanael is also a brave Jew.

        It proves not all Jews are bad.

        But we have to expose Jewish Extremism/Zionism and the evil that they do to this world.

        The most important thing right now is to save the peoples of Europe from extinction.

        Repatriation is essential, otherwise the genocide would be complete. The situation isn’t nice. It is morally right. It is a moral obligation. There is no higher morality than that of saving European mankind from extinction. I bet that every African, Asian, Indian or Arab would have done the same for is people.

        • konwayk on August 13, 2014

          I want to point out that Brother Nathanael is not a Jew.

          Although he was brought up by his parents as a Jew, still he completely disagreed with it.

          A Jew is someone who obeys Talmud. This is something Brother Nathanael opposed ever since he was young.

          That’s why he became a christian immediately after he became independent.

          Judaism began only in 500 AD with the completion of Babylonian Talmud.

          Here is the link with quotes from Jewish rabbis themselves.

    • Dennis Wise on August 12, 2014

      In all honesty, the only way it could possibly change is the removal of the people in power. That unfortunately would mean another world war. The only other possible way is a military revolution in the US, but how probable is that is anyone’s guess.

  • Stefano on August 9, 2014

    I do not think that we are living a normalization of deseases, quite the opposite. I am a teacher, and if you read the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)there is a full spectrum of supposed mental ilnesses so that almost every kids have a mental problem. In the U.S.A, two children in five are medicalized for ADHD of other behavioral or mental disturb!! Of course behind this there is Big Farma and those who want to dumb down our society. Sexual matters are different. I think that making homosexuality normal is the first step to make PAEDOPHILY normal and legal. Count how many people coming from the elite group in governments, banks, military etcetera are involved in this kind of shit against childern…

    • Erik on August 10, 2014

      You are correct.

      Organized Jewry (Not Every Jew!) is behind the destruction of the Western World. Of course there are individual Jews who speak against Jewish anti-gentile mentality and I respect them. But organized Jewry or International Jewish movement is at war against the West. They are behind the promotion and normalization of everything sick, abnormal and destructive during the past 40 years : homosexuality, abortion, multiculturalism etc.

      The removal of “Homosexuality” from the DSM-II was lead by Jew Dr. Robert Spitzer who admits it was a politically correct move to normalize this pathology.

      Here’s APAs Dr. Rorbert Spitzer admitting that the decision to remove Homosexuality from the list of disorder was based on politics and political correctness and not on science. He had changed the definition of a medical disorder in order to make it possible to “argue” that it is “not a disorder”. (He came up with the “subjective distress” and “social disability” criteria for defining “normalcy” i.e. as long as the condition whether homosexuality or bestiality, isn’t associated with “subjective distress” and “inability to function in society” than the condition should be considered “normal” never mind human anatomy that dictates that such orientations represents PERVERSIONS and DISORDERS. They redefine reality by “playing god” and declare what is medically sick is actually “normal” using some manipulated criteria that will enable them to piss on reality:

      Here’s Mr Spitzer admitting to normalizing what is sick in the quest of “political correctness”:

      In 2013 the APA had removed Gender Identity Disorder (GID) i.e. Transgenderism from the DSM and declared this pathology “normal”.

      Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD) is also on its way out to be removed from the DSM and be “normalized”.

      Zoophilia/Bestiality or Zoosexuality is also on its way out of the DSM to be “normalized”.

      This people ignore the Heterosexual design of the human body i.e. the fact that physiologically, anatomically and sexually men are meant specifically for women and vice versa i.e. humans aren’t physically and sexually designed to be with the same sex anymore than with animals or space shuttles, but this is the type of insanity of these mentally insane people. They try to “play god” and declare that what is abnormal (medical disorder) and a perversion (i.e. same sex attraction) is actually “normal” and “healthy”. These people are sick and insane and we have to expose their anti-social, anti-human behavior. They are psychopaths. Make no mistake about it. Sadly, these psychopaths had manged to brainwash many brain dead individuals into excepting their psychosis.

      Look at what kind of sick and abnormal “lifestyle”, these infected animals promote as “normal” and “choice” to children under the guise of “Tolerance” for the “poor” LGBT. (of course we should show love and compassion for gays but we SHOULD NOT tolerate for their sexual orientation to be presented as “normal”. When it’s obviously not, not statistically nor functionally (Physiologically,same sex attraction is no more “normal” than human to animal sexual attraction)

      Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talks about the danger of the homosexual “lifesyle”.

      The CDC admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the United States population, they make up the majority of AIDS and HIV cases:

      About the DSM-5, They obviously manged to “normalize” disordered conditions, especially in areas of political correctness due to political pressures and “liberal” (i.e. psychotic) world view.

      By the way I’m not a religious person (I’m just a software engineer). But one does not have to be religious to understand that 2+2=4 and not 5.


      Zionist Occupied Sweden.

      • Stefano on August 11, 2014

        Dear Erik, it will come a time when people like us will be labeled as disordered and perverted. Take your pills Erik and get back to sleep…

        • Peters on August 13, 2014

          Dear Stefano, It seems to me that you are the one who is under sleeping pills.

          Unlike you, Erik truly cares about the health and survival of his people.

          He is a brave man and the fact that he isn’t “politically correct” is even better. This is what we need right now.

          If we had more people like Erik, this world would have been much happier and much healthier.

          • Stefano on August 13, 2014

            I totally agree with Erik. The problem is the the vast majority of the people are not politically corret; They are merely ignorant. They do not give a fuck about these topics. What matters for most of the people is watching football, gambling, drinking alchoolics, fucking… some people who do care are too scared to be labeled as racist to speak out. So what’s left? few people who speak in the desert with nobody who listen. Be realistic: nobody wants this society but we deserve it! because we watch our women raped by africans, we watch our shopkeepers robbed, we watch our money spent for their assistance, we watch them bringing here their deaseses, we watch them not caring about our environment. And what do we do? Nothing.

          • Erik on August 15, 2014

            Thank you 🙂

          • alex on August 22, 2014

            Abba is the best!!! 🙂

            The Swedes are a beautiful people.

      • Henry on August 15, 2014

        Great Post!! Nice to see some common sense!

      • john on August 21, 2014

        I totally agree with the comment above.

        Only a psychopath would tell children that sexual desire toward members of the same sex as oneself is medically “normal”. In reality it is abnormal and disordered.

        The DSM has being totally politicized. Many doctors admit this.

        I want to point out that the man behind the White Genocide Mantra, Prof. Bob Whitaker wrote on his website that he would like to see the people who promote gay tendencies to the public hanged as well.

        Promotion of the homosexual disorder and White genocide should be punishable by death.

        I agree with with him. Promotion of this abnormality should not be tolerated.

        He wrote it in his blog in whitakeronline.

  • Anonymous Coward on August 3, 2014

    utter crap.

  • konwayk on July 27, 2014

    This is a post to all Europeans out there.

    Few days ago, Brother Nathanael made an excellent video called “Ukraine’s False Flag Plane Shoot Down” where US “deceptively” blames Russia who is trying to be a christian country under Putin. Here is the link to the video –

    In Discussion section of this video, youtube member named Mike Doesseo pointed out that Ukraine is going to be the 2nd Jewish homeland to eventually replace Israel as now too many people know the Khazar origin.”

    This has been confirmed to be true. The plan is Jews are planning to take over Ukraine as their second homeland by creating a war against Russia and destroying Russia. From what I know of, this is the next plan of Jews after they destroy all of the innocent Palestinians.

    Here is an article published this year – “Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine”

    If Jews end up back in Ukraine, then there will be at least 10 Stalins in the future instead of 1 Stalin.

  • Erik on July 25, 2014

    Look what had happen to my homeland Sweden, Ethnic Swedes are facing genocide through non-white immigration. This is ethnic cleansing and genocide. In Sweden, we can’t even celebrate our ancient Germanic (Nordic) heritage. We can’t even mention speak of our forefathers, the German tribes that created the Swedish nation in a positive why. Midsummer is barley celebrated. We are forced to live med alien invaders who are hostile to us and raping our women on a massive scale. Thousands of ethnic Swedish women – the Jewel of the Germanic race – had been raped by non-white immigrants/invaders. Most of the crime in Sweden is committed by non-white immigrants. Social services can’t take the pressure. Swedes can’t have children since they are forced to fund the non-white invaders who have 6 or 7 children per couple while we only have 1.2-1.5 per couple (Below Replacement Level). By 2050 or 2060 we are going to be extinct by low birth rate and “assimilation” (code word for GENOCIDE). This is GENOCIDE. The Low birth rate in itself could have being less of a problem if we had our nation so we can survive. But our leaders who are controlled by the Zionists, are imposing on us conditions of life that will bring about our own extinction as a people – we are to be ethnically cleansed in our own homeland. All of the many thousands of years that our Germanic ancestors had fought and died for so the Germanic race in Sweden (and in the rest of Germanic Europe) can survive are going to be wasted in short period of 50-100 years.

    We don’t even have our own country anymore. Europeans are not allowed to LIVE and SURVIVE as unique expression of nature. We are not allowed to have our own home so we can survive. Africans are allowed to have their exclusive Black Countries, they are allowed to have a home so they can survive. Same is true for the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Indians, The Arab nations, The Turks etc. They are allowed to have their exclusive homelands so they can survive. White people are NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE! WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE PRESERVED. AND IF WE OPPOSE OUR OWN EXTINCTION THAN WE ARE CALLED “RACISTS” AND “EVIL”.


    This is Sweden Today – The once proud Germanic nation is facing extinction:

    Bob Whitaker explains the genocide programs against Europeans:

    hjälpa mig! Hjälp! Help me save my Sweden (and Europe) ! My people is dying. My race is dying, YOUR RACE IS DYING 🙁

    SPREAD The Mantra (consistent message)if you are white and live in a white country. One breakthrough in one white country can start the process of freeing all white countries. that is used to bring down the politically correct system that’s destroying the White Race.

    Listen to the last 17 minutes it will explain the genocide issue.

    BTW. I speak for proud all Swedes, I curse the Allies, I curse Churchill I curse all of those who fought to destroy our Germanic brothers in Germany 70 years ago. Because of criminals like you who had sold our people, the existence of our people and the white race a whole for dirty Jewish money, the White Race World wide is dying. You have helped the Zionist cancer to spread.


    • Peters on July 28, 2014

      I am completely identified with you.

      What kind evil would promote the destruction of an entire race?!

      How come the leaders of the European nations became so wicked, so evil as to impose a program of racial genocide on their own founding gene pool?!

      How insane can these people be to commit treason against their own people and their own country, to work endlessly for the demise of their own race, their economy and the beauty of their culture.

      Why did they sell the very existence of their race to the Zionists?!

      What kind of sick mind would want to destroy the peoples of Europe and the beauty of Europe?!

      I cant understand why?!

      Erik, I shed tears for you, I shed tears with you 🙁

      • konwayk on July 29, 2014

        Jews always separated themselves from other races and consider other races as animals due to their obedience to Talmud.

        Churchill was Jewish. So he considered non Jews as animals. I think this link below will answers all of the questions on the separation of Jews from non Jews.

    • Henry on August 20, 2014

      Dear Erik,

      I cry with you 🙁

      To oppose the ethnic cleansing and genocide of your people is not racism. It is the most natural and healthy thing on Earth.

      The Germanic peoples are the most beautiful race of humans. Don’t let such beauty go extinct.

      Save your people in Sweden!

    • Kelly on August 22, 2014

      Dear Erik,

      The fact that you don’t tolerate lies, irrational thinking and injustice proves that you have a good soul.

      You hate wrong and injustice and that proves that you are a good man – a responsible man.

      You don’t want disorder, perversion and genocide to be imposed on your people – you are a man of high morals and responsibility.

      Your people, The Swedish people need you to be their leader. In fact the entire Germanic race need you to be their leader.

      From what I can read you truly love your people in Sweden and your Germanic heritage.

      May God let you and other Swedish Nationalists save Sweden from the evil and perversion that’s being imposed on it, the same way another Germanic hero ADOLF HITLER had saved Germany as presented by Dennis Wise’s video “Babylon Before Hitler”

      Good Luck

  • konwayk on July 13, 2014

    Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told has reached 1000 thumbs up as of July 12, 2014. c0rpse1 (who uploaded the documentary on youtube) did an excellent job in fighting against the jewtube to keep it on youtube.

    This documentary is actually making more people also realize the hidden public perversions.

    For Example, alleged homosexual Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama is now believed by many to be a man. Not a woman.

    Here is the video with evidences –

    This video reveals Michelle Obama’s big hands, adam’s apple, etc.

  • Kalin on July 4, 2014

    It’s not that folks actually like the Jew, Steven Speilberg’s movies so much as it is the Jew controlled media makes them think he’s a great man and that his movies are great. That’s one thing the Jews do is promote each other, especially if it’s a lie. They are shameless liars. Look up a document titled: “Albert Einstein: a Jewish Myth” by Dr. Paul Bowers.

    Indeed it was written:

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Jesus of Nazareth to the Pharisees, John 8:44

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Jesus of Nazareth to the Pharisees, Mat. 23:15

    “Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.” Jewish Encyclopedia, 1905, Subject: “Pharisees”

    • graham jardine on July 25, 2014

      and your point is??

  • Tancred on July 1, 2014

    If Germany had won then none of the decay so apparent in Western societies these days would have happened. We would be living in an orderly and disciplined world, where everyone would know his place and exactly what would be expected of him. Instead, we have democracy and chaos; and in this chaos only the rich and powerful prosper, while everyone else struggles.

  • Erik on June 23, 2014

    White Rabbit Radio Interview With Red Ice Radio:

    White Rabbit Radio Interview.

    And please don’t listen to Alex Jones. He’s a fake. He doesn’t mention the genocide against us. Also he fails to mention that JEWS are behind the new world order. These so called “illuminati” are basically JEWS.

    Jewish extremists and Zionists are behind the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the peoples of Europe by non-white immigration. World Jewry is behind the New World Order. And it is not a conspiracy. It can be easily proven to anyone who’s open minded and can think for themselves.

    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

  • Anon on June 9, 2014

    Can anyone explain to me how it is that the international Zionists controlled both the western allies, and the communists, but then the entire cold war happened?

    If they were all controlled by the same people, than I cannot understand why the 40 year nuclear global stand off occurred.
    Was it all fake? Was it real? Did the Zionists create a beast that they could not control? **The Communists**

    Can anyone explain this to me? This is the big final thing that is preventing me from totally becoming a National Socialist.

    • Erik on June 10, 2014

      International Jewry controlled Great Britain and The British Empire through the Jewish Rothschild Banking Family. The British Empire was really led by Jewish elements. The Jews Controlled the United States mainly from 1913 via the Federal Reserve Bank where Jews like the Warburg, Rotschild and the Rockefellers (Zionists rumored to be of Jewish Origin) families had the monopoly of printing money, bribing politicians and buying the US government through money. Why no politician talks about the fraud of the FED?! simple because they control the money, and they control who is elected, and those who are elected are bribed by a lot of money. Presidents of spoke against the NWO were murdered (John F. Kennedy for example).

      Why there was a cold war between the west and east if both sides were controlled by the Zionists?! Simple. Until 1950s Jews lost their power in the Soviet Union and the bulk of the power was removed over the the Untied States. The First communist government in the USSR was almost entirely Jewish. But since communistic ideas were thought to be better implemented in the west the had removed most of their power over the the US, Britain, France and the UN.

      Today most commusntic ideas had being implemented in the West : Cultural Marxism, Genocide of Mutli-Culturalism. Feminism, Affirmative Action, Sexual Marxism where every form of sexual deviance, sickness and abnormality is being promoted as “normal”. Abortion, Sick values and Satanism. We have to remember that the religion of Communists is not only Judaism or Talmudic Judaism (Kabala) but it basically Satanism.

      Satanism is their religion and this what they believe. This is why they do the devil horns with their hands. The Jews are behind the NWO.

      Satanism is about going against the healthy and normal order of nature. This is why they seek to promote race destruction (Multiculturalism) in order to destroy true racial diversity created by nature. This is why the promote the murder of Abortion. This is why the promote the abnormality and sickness of homosexuality on our children and our society. This is why they are trying to redefine marriage and family for the vast majority of the population (the normal/Straight population) by allowing those who nature never anatomically intended to be sexual with one another (anymore than he intended people to be born blind – yet this abnormality exits) and have children to “marry” and adopt children at the expense of the health of society and the poor children adopted in such pathological “unions”. We are asked to redefine reality, biology and marriage to accommodate the pathologies of a tiny percentage of the population.

      This is why they are even starting promoting the idea that Sickness of Zoophilia is normal.

      I’m not a religious person. I don’t follow any religion. But I still can see that sick evil people are running the world and are trying to mess us up physically, psychologically, morally etc.

      These people are sick and insane, and the only thing we can do is to expose their insanity to the world until people wake up and start to defend themselves, their racial heritage and the mental and physical health of their children.

      • mario on June 16, 2014

        You’re 100% right.

        Mulitculturalism is geNOcide. White geNOcide. That is its end result.

        “Liberalism” is a psychiatric disorder. Modern Liberalism is far more destructive to the peoples of Europe than any plague – Even the black plague – or World War that has ever taken place in Europe.
        To support and promote the destruction of an entire race is abhorrent; and ignorance coupled with lack of any kind of analytical ability is no excuse. “Liberals” who promote homosexuality, abortion and alien immigration into European lands are simply mentally ill and disgusting human beings.

        Soon “Liberals” will have no where to run as they will be hunted down and eradicated without any mercy in the upcoming revolution for the survival and health of or race.

      • Steve on November 1, 2014

        Erik,You’re correct about the Gay “Adoption” thing. The poor children are sacrificed on the altar of “political correctness”. These children don’t have any “human rights”. They are raised in an abnormal environment because society is forced to pretend that same-sex tendencies are “normal”.

        In reality such tendencies represent a medical problem.

        How long should society accept this?!

        The children adopted by homosexuals are facing injustice.

        These institutions are going to be sued for millions when these children grow up and find out that they have been messed up because of these adoptions.

        Why gable on these children’s life and well being. Why let them be adopted by freaks of nature – a tiny minority of sexual deviants – when these children could be adopted by a normal couple?!

        Is this what they call “moral and just”?!

        It is a twisted morality of pure evil and injustice.

        God bless you Erik for telling the painful truth! 🙂

    • Lukas on July 3, 2014

      Their are 2 sides on every coin.The zionists create crisis’s to get what they want.In your case the (cold war) was established to setup the united states as the world super power.

  • Erik on June 8, 2014

    Objective (No PC driven) data on the objective scientific research on the sexual differences between males and females and the origins and causes of that perversion and medical problem we know as ‘homosexuality’ (Same Sex Sexual Attraction), and who is behind the promotion of this pathology in our society.

    My Awakening Audio Book – Chapter 13 – Sex and Society

    My Awakening Audio Book – Chapter 13 (Part II) – Sex and Society

    Download the entire audio book completely free. It deals with racial, sexual, and historical realities from and objective (Non politically correct) point of view. If you want to find objective information on such matters in a media controlled society where telling that 2+2=4 is forbidden, this is where you can find the truth.

    If you care about the survival of the white race and the physical and psychological health of your children, please spread this audio book to as many people as you can.

    Until 1973 the American Psychiatric Association listed Homosexuality for what it is : A medical disorder. Then, Jews funded Gay activists to protest and make the APA remove homosexuality from the list of disorders.

    This was done by lies, tricks and manipulations. For example in order to excuse and justify the removal of homosexuality as a disorder the APA had to redefine the entire conceptual basis for defining a medical disorder. For example only those conditions that caused the individual to suffer or that didn’t enable the individual to function in society, where considered appropriate for the inclusion in the DSM list of disorders.

    Since Homosexuality (or for that matter Zoophilia/Bestiality and Necrophilia) aren’t necessarily associated with Distress and Social Disability, therefore it should not be listed as an official disorder and thus in effect “Normalized”.

    This politically correct lie by the APA was possible only when the APA ignored the physiological and anatomical criteria in regards to homosexuality. The physiological criteria is the ONLY objective criteria by which homosexuality is indeed a medical disorder. Since Homosexuals are sexually attracted to objects with whom their body was not designed for (Whether it be animals, same-sex, cars, plants etc.) They are biologically and anatomically incompatible and yet they want to “marry” and make us agree with this.

    Unlike dogs or cats, Humans are designed to walk on TWO legs, not on all FOURS like a dog. An individual human whose mind is telling him to walk on all fours like a dog would be considered “sick” since his mind is not in line, not in agreement with his physical designed. The same is true for homosexuals, They are obviously physically designed to be withe the opposite sex and NOT with the same sex, but they were born with a genetic or hormonal defect that makes them sexually attracted to the same sex and want to be with the same sex. In this case they are not different than a person who is obviously designed to walk on TWO but his mind is telling him to walk on FOURS like a dog. This is weired, isn’t it!? homosexuals are also weird. They can scream all day that they are normal and healthy, but they are not. They can fool some weak minded people with IQ below 30, but the cannot fool human anatomy and reality.

    Most modern societies recognized homosexuality as a medical disorder . For example, a 1992 survey by the APA’s Office of International Affairs in conjunction with the APA Committee of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Psychiatrists surveyed 125 psychiatric associations around the world. It found that all but three associations consider homosexuality a mental illness or a sexual deviation. American psychiatrists are joined only by their colleagues in Denmark and South Africa in their efforts to LIE and redefine homosexuality (and thus reality) and protect the ‘‘right’’ of homosexual adults to conduct consensual sexual relations in private. (‘‘US Psychiatrists’ Views on Homosexuality Differ from Colleagues’ in Other Countries,’’ Psychiatric News, Vol. 28, No. 17, September 3, 1993.)

    World Health Organization (WHO) listed Homosexuality as a disease until mid 1990s. Then, It had adopted the APA’s politically correct set of criteria to define a disorder (Subjective Distress and Social Disability) by which if a person is happy with his diseased sexual tendencies the APA or the WHO will no longer insist in the need to list the condition as an official disorder i,e if a person is sexually attracted to the same sex or to animals, as long as this sexual tendency is not associated with distress or with inability to function in society, then such individual (whether it be a homosexual or Zoophile) should not be officially considered “medically disordered” and should be treated as “normal”.

    This is the scam, by which one of the serious sexual disorders and medical problems had being “normalized”.

    Humans are not physically and anatomically designed for the same sex any more than for animals or rocks, but this is the result of “Political Correctness”.

    The problem is that not only homosexuality (i,e same sex attraction) per se is a disorder but also the promiscuous nature of homosexuality (i,e many partners) is also VERY dangerous in terms of AIDS and HIV.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talks about the danger of the homosexual lifestyle.

    The CDC admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the United States population, they make up the majority of AIDS and HIV cases:


    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

    • Erik on June 10, 2014

      One thing I wanted to add to my comment.
      Jewish Doctor, Robert Sptizer was instrumental in the APA’s “politically correct” driven – non scientific – move of removing Homosexuality from the list of disorders.

      He admits that the “normalization” of homosexuality was based on his manipulation of the criteria used to define a medical disorder.

      He also admits (or implies) that the decision to remove Homosexuality from the list of disorders was not based on science but on political correctness and his coming up with a definition that “made possible” to “argue” that homosexuality was “not a disorder”.

      The new definition that Dr. Spitzer came up with is the “Social Disability” and “Subjective Distress”. Using this definition as long as an individual (Whether it be Homosexual/bi or Zoophile) is not in distress, i,e happy with his disordered sexual tendencies and can still function in society the APA will no longer insist in the need to list this disordered condition as an “official disorder” in the DSM.

      If you are objectively disordered and you don’t suffer from your objective disorder than you are “not disordered”. This is an oxymoron that only brain dead people can tolerate.

      Using this pseudo-scientific definition of a disorder is the reason why one of the most serious sexual disorders had being normalized. This new definition ignores the fact that homosexuality (or Zoophilia) is in itself a disorder based on a biological criteria, regardless whether it is associated with distress or inability to function in society. Can one argue that Zoophilia (Cross-Species Sex) is “normal” since it is not associated with distress or inability to function in society ?!

      According to the APAs new definition of a disorder, if you have sex with animals, as long as you enjoy it and can function in society, your are not disordered!

      Of course not! but this is how some sick minds managed to destroy common sense, to destroy our science and credibility in the name of “Political Correctness”.

      Here’s APAs Dr. Rorbert Spitzer admitting that the decision to remove Homosexuality from the list of disorder was based on politics and political correctness and not on science. He had changed the definition of a medical disorder in order to make it possible to “argue” that it is “not a disorder”.

      Dr. David Duke and Dr. Fields on the subject of the normalization of that disorder in our society.

      And what about the “there are some animals that do it” defense for homosexuality?

      There have been observation of cross species sex documented. Interspecies sex is found in about ten percent of the animal kingdom. In fact National Geographic did a article on it.

      Interspecies Sex: Evolution’s Hidden Secret?

      Maybe it is “normal” for humans to mate with other species too? Are we Zoophobes if we don’t want to teach our children to have sex with a horse or a dog? mean if we are to come to the conclusion that Zoophilia is “normal” and I don’t see how it’s not if homosexuality is.

      Homosexuality in animals, as in among humans, is an EXCEPTION to normal animal or human behavior, an in humans and animals it represents a disorder, an abnormality that results from hormonal imbalances in the fetus, by which an individual human or animal can be born with a birth defect in which it as a brain (or mating center) that is inconsistent with the physiological and anatomical design of his sexual body i,e the body is anatomically and sexually designed for the opposite sex but the brain pulls the other direction. For example a male can be born anatomically and sexually male, but the mating center in his brain might be of a female, a female brain is by definition sexually attracted to males, in this case we have a situation of the individual being in a state of dis-ease or “disease” or not being “in line” with his physiological design, his brain and his body are not in line, not in agreement with each other. This is the brain-body dis-harmony we know as the “homosexual condition”. In many cases, in humans and animals such disordered and abnormal activity does’t have to have a sexual motive, it can be an expression of dominance etc.

      Since the humans are not anatomically designed to be with the same sex anymore than with animals, by logical deduction homosexuality represents a disorder and an abnormality much like any other birth defect or illness that exists in nature. By logical deduction blindness is a defect since the biological aim of the eye is vision, the fact that some humans and animals may be born genetically blind due to some abnormality in the fetus and the fact that diseases and abnormalities like flu, homosexuality or Zoophilia (cross-species sex) exist among animals and humans doesn’t make these conditions “normal” or “healthy”. Diabetes, cancer, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Down Syndorme, Blindness, Congenital disorders, and many other genetic diseases and birth defects exists in nature as well, among humans as well among animals, but much like homosexuality, these conditions represents an exception to normal human and animals condition and the fact that homosexuality, cross-species sex or flu exists in species of animals doesn’t make “normal” or “healthy”. Defects and abnormalities exists in nature and are by definition “natural” – that doesn’t make them “normal” or “healthy”.

      What about the “I was born this way” or “would I choose to be gay” reason.

      Most genetic defects and psychiatric disorders have a biological basis and people are indeed “born that way’. That does not make them “normal”.

      Well do you think someone chooses to love a goat, dog, or horse? Sounds like quite a stretch considering the social climate of the today. According to this zoophile,he would like to marry his animal lover..

      “Philip Buble is just one of many zoophiles who think that they should be able to marry their four-legged loved ones. The argument that they raise to support their position is that since the definition is of marriage is no longer restricted to a union between a man and a woman, it need not be restricted persons. People like Buble should not have to endure discrimination and a loss of self esteem due to their sexual orientation and lifestyle choices.”

      Say no to normalization of perversions, Use your common sense. Don’t let any body fool you that 2+2=5. or that socket is meant for a socket or plug for a plug. Don’t be Autistic!.

      • Jimi on June 11, 2014

        You’re right. Inter-species sex (Zoophilia) is found in about 10% of animal species. In other words, Zoophilia is found in thousands of species. That doesn’t make Zoophilia (Bestiality) “normal” or “healthy”. Defects and abnormalities DO EXIST in nature. That is why we have doctors to treat and prevent such perversions from spreading

        I think that the Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) “community” should open its arms to the “Zoophile” community and be called the “LGBTZ” community from today.

        Gays seek “tolerance” from society for their perverted tendencies. I want to see them showing the same tolerance towards Zoosexuals.

        When one considers that homosexuals are no more sexually “normal” and “healthy” than Zoosexuals, I don’t see why they shouldn’t except each other. In both cases we have people that are not in agreement with their reproductive system, sexual anatomy and bodys design.

      • eee on June 15, 2014

        Even Autistic people can look at the design of the human body and see that Men are meant for Women and Women are meant for Men. Even they can see by looking at the design of the human body, that Men are NOT meant for Men, Women are NOT meant for Women and Humans are NOT meant for other species of animals.

        Even Autistic and mentally retarded people aren’t that stupid to even think that homosexuality is “normal”.

        Only crazy, insane or brainwashed people with no critical thinking – people who are unable to think for themselves would believe that homosexuals are “normal”.

        I have a little kid who was never effected by the pro gay brainwashing presented in the Jewish media. While walking down the street, we saw two gay men. My little kid screamed in front of the people in the street “Dad, Why are these men like that, they are not meant for each other?!” And every body in the Street started laughing. Everybody could see the obvious and the abnormality of it but said nothing as it was not politically correct. My little kid knows nothing of political correctness. He only sees the obvious and says it.
        It had reminded me the old story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
        Why are there homosexuals/bi people? For the same reason there are Zoophiles, pedophiles, handicapped, genetically defective and other deviant, mentally or physically ill people in our society – its a genetic defect as much as any other.

        Homosexuals (or Zoophiles) are not ill because they can’t reproduce, they are ill because they ARE NOT MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. It is the physical PRINCIPAL that matters.

        Much like any other ill, I just wish Gays to not be offended by the truth. Truth is no “hate”.
        Lie is the greatest hate and injustice for lie is damaging to society.

        Homosexuality is a disorder and those inflicted by it are not criminals as it is not their fault.

        • mario on June 16, 2014

          You are right.

          Nice to see some honesty!

          Protecting our kids is the most important thing right now.

          The Jewish media is insane.

      • Stargate on July 4, 2014

        You are right.

        One does not need to be a doctor to recognize that a person whose mind is telling him to walk on all fours like a dog has some kind of issue going on in his mind.

        Same is true for Gays. Their are physically meant for the opposite sex but their mind is telling them to be with physically incorrect object – same sex.

        There are inflicted by disorder want us to redefine reality for them.

        This is the kind of sickness the Jews managed to “normalize” in our society.

    • eee on June 15, 2014

      How does one prove he is not a “racist” now days?! By supporting policies and programs that will bring about the extinction and genocide of a race of people – the white race!

      How does one prove is not a racist?
      By hating is own race!

  • DazUK on May 23, 2014

    Best documentary I have ever seen about WWII, it’s amazing how we have been brain washed over the decades about Hitler. I’m not saying he was a saint but he was obviously the envy of other European countries and the west. The major thing that catches me is that crime was virtually none existent same with unemployment, plus money made from working went straight back into the country. I applaud what he did and attempted to keep doing (see for mentioned)

    BTW anyone know where I can find the picture from 12:54 🙂

  • konwayk on May 20, 2014

    We know that Germany, Italy, and Japan are “entirely” portrayed as evil after World War 2 by the media. We also know that criticizing a Jew was completely unthinkable especially after World War 2.

    I thought I should share on how the media portrayed Germany, Italy, and Japan as entirely evil while criticizing even a single jew was considered Anti-Semitism immediately after World War 2.

    There was a good fantasy/comedy film called Here comes Mr. Jordan (1941) which was released in USA (August 1941) before Pearl Harbor Attack (December 7, 1941) and US entering World War (December 8, 1941). This film portrayed “Heaven” in such a way where every righteous person can enter.

    But after World War 2, there was a movie called “A Matter of Life and Death” (1946) directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (A Hungarian Jew). This film also portrays Heaven. But totally different. In this film, not a single German, not a single Italian, and not a single Japanese can be seen in heaven. But there are several British, Americans, etc.

    In 1947, there was a Hollywood film released called Gentlemen’s Agreement (won “Best Picture Oscar” owned by Jews) which focuses on the so called Anti-Semitism.

    Along with the spreading of communism, Jewish tactics after World War 2 through media also allowed to prevent a non Jew from “even criticizing a Jew.”

    This only allowed Jews to create more and more horrors including the hidden ones. Notice the fact that most of the serial killers are either Jewish or with a Jewish background (David Berkowitz, Joel Rifkin, Ed Gein, etc.).

  • GERARDO on May 17, 2014

    As Mexican and Latin American i have this to say.

    Latin amerian nations are a Mix of Amerindians, europeans(Spanish,portugues,bit of Frenchs and Germans) and blacks, we are a nation of half-breeds; Mestizos. Our culture is Mix, but this mix result as a NEW culture, so what happens with these:

    Our forge started about 500 years ago, but mestizos were a minority not acceped by amerindians/blacks neither by europeans so we have no place and we borned in a miserable condition with a VOID OF OWN IDENTITY. About 200 years mestizos rise as the dominant population on the continent.

    As result of our lacking identity we are still easy to manipulate by Allien influence, and only in recent decades we are fighting to find our own way. But now that we are the dominat colture in America something very sad is happening, the orignal colture/Breed of this land (amerindians) is perishing and fighting to survive, IT’S A COLTURE SUSTITUTION!!! the unnatural and forced mix lead to something new but there was not integration between europeans and native culture, what remains of aztecs in Mexico are still aztecs and the spanishs remain spanishs, the natives doesn’t have spanishs manners and spanishs doesn’t have aztecs manners. The Mix doesn’t result in a ”richer” colture for both(or more) sides, results in something new with lack of identity.

    If a french procreate with an asian there is no reason to be a problem but if that mix is push to thousands or millions we have a problem.

    They are twisting ”cultural exchange” wich it’s a good thing -in proper conditions- to a nasty kill of roots.

  • Joe on May 17, 2014

    I remember being forced to watch $hitlerslist at school and it’s not even real, WOW.
    I am so sick of multiculturalism. My country Australia, or little Jew S of A is a complete joke. Yea most whites like to say I am not a racist I like blacks etc. Just wait until it’s to late or your blue eyed blonde haired daughter starts screwing one and having a mixed baby then see how much you love them.
    We need to make a stand now, too much talking if you ask me. People with some power and money need to act. Use need to act now.

    • Erik on May 18, 2014

      Europe and America are on a racial time bomb. One day that bomb will explode. Out sick evil and insane politicians are the first who will pay for this white genocide with their lives. We Europeans are going to fight to the death before allowing our race and people go extinct, so there will be a future for our children. When the racial war for the survival of the white race takes place in Europe and America, I will be very sorry for the non-white population who won’t agree to go back to their own countries. If non-whites and Muslims in Europe think that they are going to destroy us they have another thing coming. We’ve got all the weapons, we’got the military alongside the deadly weapons our white race produced, The best tanks, the best aircrafts the best anything. I will fight to the death before allowing my Sweden all of Europe become a third world shit hole like Iraq, Syria, Nigeria or Somalia. When white people wake up there is no force in the world that can stop us. White Europeans invented the industrial revolutions, modern science and modern weaponry, We had about 85% of the planet under our control. We will fight to the death and we shall win with ease in the upcoming racial war for our survival that’s being imposed on us by the Zionists and our traitor politicians who sold the future of our race and people to the devil itself – International Zionism and Organized Jewry.

      We shall win in this war. Even if white Europeans will become a minority we will still win that war. Our higher intelligence, organizational skills, talent and creativity will enable us to win that war. And we’got all the weapons.

      The non-white population in Europe will be repatriated. Those who will go back to their natural countries willingly shall get compensation for their repatriation. Those who resist and start acting violently by burning cars and hurting innocent white people in our streets shall get an iron feast of the Aryan Race : Bullets, Fire and destruction from the skies. They themselves will suffer so much pain that they will beg for us to send them back to their third world messed up countries.

      If I need to be brutal so my kids and the White race has a future, I shall be as dictated by nature and the rules of survival.

      The more white people wait the difficult it will be in the future.

      Once our kids are a minority and a tiny minority they will not be shown the same compassion from the non white population as we – whites – show to them. Being “nice” to those third world hordes that live among us is not guarantee that they will be nice to us. In fact even now they are not nice to us. What will be the case when they are in the majority?!

      Sweden never known crime in the levels that it knows today. Most of the crime in Sweden is from non-white immigrants.

      In the UK and the rest of Europe is the same.

      We shall fight to the death before allowing our race to go extinct and before allowing Europe to become a Muslim hell on earth.

      • Neo on May 18, 2014

        Erik, please protect Sweden and make sure Swedish Nationalists are in touch with other White Nationalists in Europe.

        The future of our race will be decided within the next 10 or 20 years.

        Our actions now will decide whether our race survives or extinct.


      • TolkienTeutonic on May 19, 2014

        What you said Erik reminds me the warning of the racial war Enoch Powell gave in the late 60s in his “Rivers Of Blood” speech.

        But sadly this is a war we must wage if our race is to survive.

        If nothing is done Europe will become a muslim non-white continent within only 2 or 3 generations – by 2050 or 2060 given the high non white muslim birth rate. Our children have a horrible future waiting for them in Europe if we don’t do something soon.

        In order to avoid terrible racial and religious conflict in the future the non whites and Muslims have to be removed from Europe now.


        Erik I bless you as there is no higher moral cause than the cause of those who fight for the survival and life of our race – our white European race.

        May God be with you and all true sons of Europe.

      • eee on June 15, 2014

        Hi Erik, I support you totally.
        God bless you. Reading your posts I came to realize that you are one of the most honest, truthful, justice loving people to ever post in any forum or comment section.

      • IMTIAZ on November 12, 2014

        no problem then dont grab our resources and stop killing people in the middle east they will leave (do not worry i am a third worlder)

  • Ben Clayton on May 7, 2014

    The only thing the Jew fears is the rebirth of white pride. So they seek to create a slave class of coffee colored, low IQ, uneducated mongrels with no sense of tribal identity, and no standard to rally around. But they have underestimated the Aryan. We fight best when our backs are against the wall. As they increasingly marginalize us in our own ancestral homelands, the jew’s agenda of white genocide will be impossible to hide, and the more united and determined we will become to defend ourselves. The Jew World Order will fall victim of it’s own hubris.

    • JMan2444 on May 11, 2014

      I’m pessimistic, most white people don’t have a clue whats going on – they won’t do anything until its too late.

      • Erik on May 11, 2014

        Most Whites know that something is wrong. Deep down they know it. But most of them don’t seem to have the courage to stand up and fight for their people. For example, in the UK I’ve heard that many white Brits have left the city of London since they can’t tolerate the barbarity of the non-white population : The crime the religious hostility of the muslims etc.

        In Sweden it is the same.

        The enemy always says “Diversity is a Strength”,

        That is a lie, Like many other lies created by the Jews,

        Diversity within nations is the opposite of Strength. Diversity within nations is division, hate, and conflict for the long run and even racial and cultural genocide.

        Do you think the ancient Germanic tribes of Europe would have agreed for their land to be occupied and inhabited by Muslims, Arabs, Africans etc?! Of course not!

        Here’s the TV series called “VIKINGS”. The Vikings were Germanic peoples that were fierce warriors and noble family men. The TV serues is completely free and it tells the story of the Germanic peoples of Scandinavia before they excepted Christianity as their faith. There are 2 Episodes for now. (3rd Episode comes in 2015)

        • Neo on May 13, 2014

          Thanks for the amazing link.

          Political Correctness is a form of insanity because its end result is racial suicide, broken families and sick and dishonest society. When people adopt political correctness they basically causing damage to society since PC is about ignoring and denying reality.

          Thank you Erik.

        • Jimi on May 21, 2014

          I’m very worried about the future of the White Race.

          I am not positive about the situation.

          Most Whites seem to care more about Lady Gaga and TV than about their racial survival.

          Even if they know something is wrong they don’t act.

          • konwayk on May 22, 2014

            Don’t worry. There are other races outside of the white race who are extremely concerned about the survival of white race.

            This is because if white race gets doomed in the future, then so is the entire christianity and the truth. Other christians from other races will be easy targets for Jews.

            Fortunately, African Americans and Africans are realizing the fact that they have been completely deceived by Jews. They are learning that Jews were behind the African slavery and also corrupting both Africans and African Americans through communism, drugs, racism, etc.

            Today, Many Indians are realizing the fact that they were controlled by Jews through British Empire till 1947.

            Under the rule of British Empire, Mahatma Gandhi was under the “wrong” impression that it was Christians who ruled British Empire. That’s why he said to British – “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.”

          • Erik on May 22, 2014

            Dear Jimi

            I understand why you feel that why. I also have a sense of dread about what’s happening in European nations. I see it first hand in Sweden. But DO NOT WORRY. Our moral needs to be strong in order to win. Weakness is not the way of our forefathers.

            We shall win this fight. More and more white people are waking up. Today due to the Internet it is much easier to spread the message.

            I’m not coming to this from a Christian standpoint. I am not Christian or religious person. I do not follow any religion. But I do respect Christianity as it is part of our European culture and civilization. For me it is far better for Europe to be a Christian continent than a Muslim continent.

            One does not need to be a religious or Christian person to understand that we live in a sick society and things need to change.

            But I still believe in Justice and values of sacrifice and honor. I do believe in a moral order and we shall win.

            There’s hope left. DO NOT WORRY.

            You can help in awakening more white people.

  • Erik on May 7, 2014

    I’m again sorry for the error. I guess the videos are managed by JewTube incorrectly.

    on David Duke site there’s a video called “European Awakening”. A beautiful video on on the preservation of European mankind and heritage:


    if the above incorrect links of could be erased I’ll be glad.

    • TGSNTtv on May 7, 2014

      Not to worry, thanks for the great links and information!

  • konwayk on May 4, 2014

    Erik has posted lots of great posts about the dangers of Multiculturalism.

    But I thought I should also share my views on Jewish tactics on increasing Multiculturalism.

    In order to increase Multiculturalism on the innocent white non jews, they increase “White guilt” by claiming that white non jews were behind the African slavery. But thanks to Tony Martin, David Duke, and others, we know that Jews were behind the African slavery, white slavery, etc.

    A topic that never comes up is how Jews owned White slaves (For example, Irish slave trade). This white guilt “forces” the innocent white non jews to accept multiculturalism which is destroying their future completely.

    This is the same tactic used with the innocent Germans. Instead of slavery, Jews use “fictional Holocaust” against the Germans.

    With Africans and African Americans, Jews deliberately give them the false notion that white non jews were behind the slavery in order to increase violence.

    By deceitfully spreading violence among innocent Africans and African Americans, Jews are destroying White non Jews, the neighborhoods of both Africans and African Americans, and the religion of White non Jews, Africans, African Americans, and many other non Jews – Christianity.

    Jews also use drugs in order to increase the violence. I hope Adolf Hitler’s medical system will replace all these deceitful medical systems in Europe and in America controlled by Jews

    Thanks to this documentary, the truth is spreading everywhere. I write this with the hope that all innocent non Jews will have a wonderful future.

    • Erik on May 6, 2014

      I think I already explained that the Zionists try to “guilt” Europeans to except their own destruction. This is the weakness of us Europeans that we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of the other guy and show compassion even when it’s killing us. It is our weakness and it is pathological. Swedes, like all Germanics are very nice and polite people, It is a good thing up to certain degree but when your people is been ethnically cleansed in your own homeland by immigration invasions of alien races (non whites) than this can become pathological.

      What I did with myself is that I let my logic and common sense rule rather than my feelings. Hence i know it morally just to deport all non-whites from Europe since it OUR right to live that is under attack.

      Under the guise of “Labor need”, “Anti-Racism”, “Tolerance” and “Refugee Rights” the zio globalists are carrying out the largest program of genocide in the history of humanity.

      We should not let them. I like the beauty of our people and our culture and all what our forefathers did to get us to where we are. I like the Germanic/Nordic light physical features of our people. I want my children to look like me i,e tall, blond and blue eyed . Yes “It’s nature to want to be with your own”.

      Multiculturalism is not only genocide to the peoples of Europe but also to the economies of White countries. How can you expect to maintain a modern economy – technology based economy – with tens of millions of non-whites in Europe whose average IQ is 70 to 85?!

      But we have to remember that our people has been brainwashed by criminals. Do you think the ancient Germanic tribes or the Vikings would have agreed their land to be taken and invaded by Africans and Arabs?! Our forefathers would have fought to the death to make sure our people and race survives. Our Germanic forefathers didn’t go though any form of brainwashing our generation went through.

      What’s the difference between being invaded by a foreign army and your country taken by aliens by force to between multiculturalism!? there’s no difference!

      Europeans today willingly allow their country and their people to be occupied by aliens. These aliens did not come with guns, with tanks, with weapons to take over our nations. They were let in by TRAITORS in our own governments who were pressured by the Zionists to to such a criminal act.

      Europe shouldn’t except “Refugees” from third world countries. These so called “Refugees” are in many cases not even refuges. They are just people who want to exploit the white race and live on his expense. They will end up destroying Europe Just as they destroyed their own nations in Africa and in the middle east.

      What does Sweden, which is thousands of miles away from Somalia or Nigeria have to except refugees from those countries!? What don’t they demand that from Japan or China or Turkey?!

      It is because they are ANTI-WHITE!!

      If this refugee policy continues and the “refugees” aren’t repatriated, it is Europeans that will eventually become “refugees” in their own countries.

      Multiculturalism and “refugee rights” is a genocidal scam. How do I know that? because race-mixing = genocide, and because they don’t seem to demand it from non-white nations like Turkey, Japan, China, Tunisia, India, Korea etc.

      • nick on June 26, 2014

        Your anger is healthy and justified Erik. You see the destruction of your own people in Sweden and you are naturally and rightfully angry. We need more white people like you and the White race would be saved.


    • Kelly on August 22, 2014

      Hi Konwayk,

      Of course Multiculturalism is a danger. It threatens the long term racial and biological survival of race. The human species is comprised of different races of humans, much like different races of dogs. Every race of humanity has a value. Every race of humanity has the right to live.

      What do you suggest that Erik should do? How do you think he should act in term of saving his people in Sweden from extinction?

      • konwayk on September 7, 2014

        Sorry about the late reply. I didn’t noticed this post before.

        One of the things that can prevent from spreading multiculturalism is the permanent establishment of the language of the country as the only language.

        For Example, Erik’s country Sweden. If a person needs to stay in Sweden as a permanent resident, then he must speak Swedish and respect Swedish culture. This means that they can stay in Sweden as long as they like.

        But they cannot work in any jobs associated with Government of Sweden. That belongs to Swedish people.

        Another point is citizenship. Only Swedish people in Sweden must have the citizenship which will allow Swedish people to control Sweden. So if a foreigner commits a major violation, then Swedish people can transfer him/her back to his/her country.

        One of the biggest dangers in Europe is foreigners are bringing their language and establishing it over the language of the country.

        If you go to Miami (Florida), then you will see that around 60% of people in Miami don’t speak English. Their language is Spanish.

        Because of this, many Americans moved to Northern side of America. I like Spanish and encourage the learning of Spanish. But the attempt of establishing Spanish as the language of Florida cannot be permitted. The language must be English.

        In Hitler’s Germany, they did permit foreigners to live as residents. You can live in Germany as residents. But Hitler’s Germany didn’t allow them to be citizens.

        This allowed Germans to control the country the way Germans wanted.

        It must be noted that Many Foreigners lived in Germany during the rule of Adolf Hitler as residents.

        During WW2, Indians provided their support for Germany against their battle against Great Britain and USSR.

        But the major key to all of these problems is driving Jews out of every country to an island like Madagascar and total destruction of Judaism in all of the countries.

  • Erik on April 29, 2014

    Dr. David Duke Interview with Knud Eriksen of Denmark regarding White Genocide. Amazing Interview med Knud Eriksen who is one of the smartest people in Denmark.

    The Mantra (consistent message) that is used to bring down the politically correct system that’s destroying the White Race.

    Explanation on WHY the mantra Works:

    Here’s an EXAMPLE of ant-German propaganda : It shows Hitler Youth as irrational.

    • Erik on April 28, 2014

      “Anti-Racist Hitler” is good in the message it brings in regards to the danger of multi-culturalism, but the reality is the the real Hitler was NOT even racist. He just wanted to preserve the German and the peoples of Europe. Still today in the minds of the brain dead and brainwashed masses, Hitler is still wrongfully thought to be a racist figure.

      Hence WhiteRabbitRadio used Hitler. In consciousness of many people Hitler is still mistaken to be a racists. That’s the reason the video is intended to the brainless masses.

      Still, I don’t like making fun of Hitler. But I must say that “Anti-Racist Hitler” is the best thing we have at the moment to fight Jewish led multiculularism.

    • Erik on April 28, 2014

      Soon Barbara Lerner Spectre will be hunted down and be brought before tribunal for promoting genocide. I came into contact via insiders I work with, they answered me via email, including Swedish Nationalists,

      As far as I was told we have a list of about 50,000 social engineers, politically correct officers, academics, media personal, politicians and businessmen and especially those who lead the genocidal plan against Europeans : The Jewish extremists,

      These people will be shown no mercy, people like Barbara Spectre Lerner who wants to destroy my beloved Sweden and the beauty of our people and the peoples of Europe will soon be executed, We have judges in Europe, especially in Germany and Russia on our side, Once banks fall, the hunting for those who promote multiculutralism, political correctness,homosexuality and all forms of destructive agenda on our societies will be hunted down and destroyed for ever.

      These criminals should know. they want to make us not able to walk safe on our streets, its about time that they will not be able to walk on theirs. YOU’RE NOT GONNA WALK AWAY. THE PAY DAY IS COMING!


      • James on April 28, 2014

        I agree.

        Once the NWO is destroyed the hunting for those who are behind the promotion of multiculturalism, homosexuality, degeneracy, abortion and drugs will begin. The hunting will begin.

        Once the sexual perverts, the traitors and the Jews are removed from the media we shall deal with them for the crimes of making our society sick and destroying it.

        Look at the twisted films the Jews present to our children. Films with blood and gore like the “SAW” series.

        How are such sick movies are even legal?! It doesn’t make any sense.

        Questioning and criticizing the Jews that are behind these sick hollywood movies is considered a “Hate crime” than can have you punished but pushing such sick movies to poison the minds of people isn’t a “hate crime” against humanity?!

        When I’ve watched the “SAW” movie series I almost became physically ill. It is so disgusting that they allow such films to be produced.

        But else can you expect from Jewish Hollywood?!

  • Louis on April 9, 2014

    The multiculturalism is a touchy subject, I feel it wasn’t handled appropriately in this video.

    I believe most issues about multiculturalism are religion, aggressive ideologies and language barriers.

    As for different races sexually mixing, that’s not a real problem c’mon now. I don’t feel like to “stay with my own”. I love many different cultures and find many different races attractive.

    • Erik on April 10, 2014

      You wrote :

      “As for different races sexually mixing, that’s not a real problem c’mon now. I don’t feel like to “stay with my own”. I love many different cultures and find many different races attractive.”

      I know you don’t have bad intentions. But you have being heavily, heavily programmed i,e brainwashed to believe that 2+2=5 . let my explain LOGICALLY why.

      But why do you support GENOCIDE of the physical and cultural beauty of the peoples of Europe ?!! Why do you want the beautiful Germanic people of Sweden (and all the peoples of Europe) to be blended out of existence with Muslims, Arabs, Somalis, Nigerians, Pakistanis, Turks etc ?! Are you insane ??!!

      Why do you support destroying natures (or God’s – if you are a believer) creation and diversity ?! Why do you support GENOCIDE?!

      I hope you are sane and not insane as only insane and evil people would support that.

      I don’t think you are stupid or evil. I DO THINK, however, that you’ve being brainwashed by criminals and it’s not your fault.

      Why is it genocide – short explanation:

      Genocide is defined by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1948.

      Article 1- The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.

      Article 2- In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
      • (a) Killing members of the group;
      • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

      • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
      Article 3 – The following acts shall be punishable:
      • (a) Genocide;
      • (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
      • (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
      • (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
      • (e) Complicity in genocide.

      Genocide does not have to be violent in nature. The UN definition of (C) “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”;

      (e) “Forcibly (it is forced – there was no voting regarding immigration) transferring children of the (racial) group to another (racial) group” – is a perfect description to what is going on today in white nations.

      (d) “Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group” (White people in Europe can’t afford to have children as a result of the alien immigration invasion since they are forced to fund the aliens and their birth-rate and are worried in bringing children to the world in an increasingly conflicted and violent “MultiCultural” society.

      You don’t even need the UN to rely on. Just use your common sense, Genocide is simply the destruction of a race of people.

      Why would you support such an evil and insidious thing of destroying real diversity given by nature?! USE YOUR BRAIN FOR ONCE! and realize that you’ve being HEAVILY, HEAVILY PROGRAMMED AND BRAINWASHED by people who are the enemies of the Natural World and the Natural Order (This is what they really mean when they talk about “New World Order”).

      TRUE “diversity” of races and cultures in the long run is ONLY POSSIBLE in on a GLOBAL level and NOT WITHIN NATIONS. it is common sense. Why?
      Because of you mix everyone by immigration and integration and race mixing you will end up DESTROYING TRUE DIVERSITY.

      What the globalists present as “diversity” is actually “anti-diversity” ,the opposite of “diversity”. and since ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES are effected by this “diversity” program , the end result will be the destruction and racial and cultural genocide of the peoples of Europe i,e a world without white people = LESS RACIAL AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY ON A GLOBAL LEVEL.

      My homeland Sweden is flooded by Arabs and Africans and our people are facing cultural and racial extinction since the Zio media promotes race-mixing. Swedes can’t even celebrate their Beautiful Germanic heritage so other alien races will “not be offended”. This is the same thing in all European nations.

      Europeans are loosing their racial and cultural identity due to race-mixing and politically correct programs. It is the largest program of GENOCIDE in the history of the planet. Since it non-violent i,e subtle you don’t ear about it in the news. Until one day people wake up and find a world without white people and the would ask “how couldn’t we see it coming?”.

      before “Multi-Cutlrualism” in white countries and Only white countries the planet used to have X number of races and peoples. Now the world has X minus (-) European peoples = LESS DIVERSITY.

      You see, “diversity” is a scam. When the Zionists say something the really mean the opposite. That’s the marxist mindset. – Multi-Culturalism is 2nd generation Communism.

      But the issue isn’t different races “sexually mixing”. The reality is that this “sexual mixing” is happening ONLY in white countries. No one is talking about “blending THE RACES” they only talking about blending OUR RACE – THE WHITE RACE. Other races (i,e Africans, Arabs, Turks, Asians) are fine. There is no racial threat to them. The only racial threat is to white nations. Only white nations are FLOODED by alien races. No one is flooding Asia with non-Asians, Africa with non Africans, Arab nations with non Arabs. ONLY WHITE NATIONS ARE FLOODED.

      Can you imply your logic of “race mixing is OK” in Japan?! in Africa?! in Arabia?! Or you only imply it on white nations ?! Why do you want to destroy the beauty of the white race and Europe ?!

      The world has no shortage of Muslims, Turks, Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Japanese etc. There is no racial threat to those nations.

      Furthermore, the difference between races IS NOT only color and physical features. The differences express themselves in mental abilities like IQ, Temper, Behavior and violent tendencies. Is the genetic potential, talent, IQ and contribution of Arab, Nigerian and Somali people to mankind the same in terms of technology , Science, Medicine etc, as the peoples of Europe (Germany, England, France etc,) ?! (I refer you to a book by Dr. David Duke, He collected objective scientific data on racial realities: The book is an Audio Book and its FREE :


      is the talent and genetic potential of Black Africans and Arabs the same as Europeans ? To remind you, Africa and Arab countries have no shortage of natural resources.

      I believe that EVERY people and race has the right to exist and not be harmed , INCLUDING WHITE PEOPLE . Only sick, insane and evil people would want to blend the White race out of existence with non-whites whose avg IQ is 70 to 85. This would be a lost to ALL OF HUMANITY, since humanity is depended on white creativity to move forward – that’s an historical fact. Without European gene pool you don’t have Western Civilization and a powerful economy . If all white Americans leave America tomorrow – America will look like Nigeria or Mexico in a short period.

      Even African nations are alarmed by the idea of a world without white people, since Africans are DEPENDED on white people for technological and medical aid and organizational talent. They call white people to help them in Africa. Even south Africa don’t want its white people to live since the 90% black populations is depended on white talent. That is why all third worlders want to live in a white country.Even East-Asians are depended on technological break troughs that Europeans and White Americans have made. Historically ONLY white people have made technological breakthroughs. East-Asians took those breakthroughs and translated them into mass productions.

      The vast majority of the technologies we have in the world are the result of white talent. Without European Western Civilization the world would have being no different to how it was 4000 years ago. There is no greater crime than taking third world races (whose avg IQ is 70-85) and flooding them into the homelands of Europe and thereby destroying a race that brought so much to the world in terms of tech and medicine and culture. The tool you are using now (i,e Personal Computer) is one of those techs.

      All non-whites (Asians, Arabs, Africans etc.) are White Supremacists i,e they know their place in relation to white people and the know it very well.When it comes to white people who are revolutionary in terms of technological progress, you can’t predict the future. As in 100 they may conquer the entire galaxy. But when it comes to African nations, judging by their IQ, I can easily predict that they are going to be the same as they are now even in a 1000 years.

      Hitler had warned in 1942 that the Zionist Globalists want to genocide (i,e “multiculturalize”) the peoples of Europe by flooding Europe by non-whites (i,e Arabs, Muslims, Turks, Asians, Africa etc.) Hitler said the “Germany must not loose the war as the fate of the people of Europe is at stake”. He warned that it is “an issue of racial survival”. Basically Hitler was the DEFENDER and LOVER of Europe. Hitler was not the enemy of Europe. Hitler was the SAVIOR of Europe and the peoples of Europe.

      Hitler did not hate non-white races per-se, but he did not want the white race to be displaced and genocided in Europe as much as Nelson Mandela would not like the black race to be genocided and displaced in Africa. No Arab, No African, No Asian would agree with the destruction of his race and people. Wanting one’s own race and people to exist and survive does not make one “racist”. in fact, the law of self preservation is the first law of nature and evolution – it is the most healthy and natural thing in the world, the drive for your own race to live.

      National Socialism was not about hatred toward other races. Hilter would have never joined the KKK. National Socialism was really about the improvement of the Nordic (i,e Germanic) and white race through selective breeding and healthy lifestyle . The goal of National Socialism was to create a world where there are no more sick and genetically defective children, when there is no more pain and suffering. It was really about LOVE to the German people. Hitler wanted to make sure that no child in Germany is born abnormal, or with pain. Despite what the Jewish media wants us to believe, Hitler did mean to harm intentionally people who are suffering from terrible pain or suffering.

      How can Hitler be “racist” or “intolerant” to non-white races when he himself praised the Chinese and Japanese races and called East-Asians, especially the Japanese “Aryans of The East” and “Honorary Aryans” ?! Hitler even said the the Japanese people are the Asian version of the Germanic peoples of Europe.
      Even SS leader Heinrich Himmler told his fellow SS men to learn from the Japanese Samurai warriors of how to fight with honor. The SS was given a book called “Die Samurai” from which the SS can learn on how to fight with honor.

      There were even non-whites fighting on Germany’s side as those non-whites knew that communism is a worldwide threat (for example about 50 million Chinese were murdered by communism).

      When I say i demand COMPLETE REPATRIATION of non-whites, my motivation is not hatred to non-whites. My motivation is really LOVE to my people – to my race. I want my people to live and our beautiful Germanic (and European) heritage to survive. I don’t want GENOCIDE of my people. because this is exactly what it is racial, genetic and cultural GENOCIDE.

      Every Asian, Arab, African or Jew would want the same for his people. I only want want they want.

      Even some black leaders like Louis Farrakhan seem to care more about the survival of the white race than our so called traitor zio run “leaders”.

      Mr. Farakahn warns white people that if they continue with low birth rate (i,e Zio feminism and Zio Abortion) and MultiCulturalism (i,e Zio led Genocide) there will be no more white people left. He asks white people to start doing something about this non-white immigration scam. The black leader Mr. Farakahn
      seem to care more about the survival of the white race than our own leaders. I respect this man for his honesty.

      Did you ever see a white leader saying “I care about the survival of the white race”??!!! It is a shame that a black leader cares more about survival of the white race than our own “white” leaders . Our leaders are not our leaders – they are Zio led traitors.

      The same thing I want for my own race is the same thing I want for any other race – THE RIGHT TO LIVE.

      Black leader (Mr Louis Farrakhan) warnes white people over white geNOcide:

      BNP leader Nick Griffin answers to Marxist Witch (These marxists are insane.They are trying to wipe our race from the face of the planet and we are called


      English girl is angry over white genocide:

      MultiCulturalism is White Genocide

      Anti-Whites promote Genocide against white people and only white people.

      Dr. David Duke Speech to the Beatiful Germanic Flemish people

      part 1.
      part 2.

      Our true white leader is ADOLF HITLER.

      I would have liked ADOLF HITLER to be the leader of my Sweden, much like the Swedish king ADOLF GUSTAV VI.

      Sweden is a Germanic land – we need a Germanic leader. The best Germanic leader of all times was ADOLF HITLER.

      The idea of including the North Germanic-speaking Scandinavians into a Pan-German state, sometimes referred to as Pan-Germanicism, was promoted alongside mainstream pan-German ideas. Pan-Germanic tendencies were particularly widespread among the Norwegian independence movement. Prominent supporters included Peter Andreas Munch, Christopher Bruun, Knut Hamsun, Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. Bjørnson, who wrote the lyrics for the Norwegian national anthem, proclaimed in 1901:

      ” I’m a Pan-Germanist, I’m a Teuton, and the greatest dream of my life is for the South Germanic peoples and the North Germanic peoples and their brothers in diaspora to unite in a fellow confederation “.


      The German National Socialist Party sought to create a Greater Germanic Alliance that would include most of the Germanic peoples of Europe within it , including peoples such as the Danes, the Dutch, the Swedes, the Norwegians, and the Flemish within it, with the exception of the English (as the English were in conflict with their German cousins)

      Even though the peoples of eastern Europe and the Balkans are of Slavic origin and the peoples of Ireland and are of Celtic origin, I see all White Europeans related (i,e Aryan Family = White race). The Germanic group (Sweden, Germany, Norway, Holland, Denmark, England) is like a nuclear family while all Europeans are like extended Aryan (Indo-European) family. My concern to white survival is not only to white peoples of Germanic origin but to all white peoples (Celtic, Slavic etc.) I’m just more identified with the Germanic group as this is my heritage.


      • pete on April 10, 2014

        I agree with you Erik

        One lesson that I’ve learned in my life is that you must not be politically correct.

        You must tell the truth, even when it’s painful to some.

        The reason we have such a sick world today is because people prefer being P.C and don’t seem to have the courage to tell the painful truth. Being P.C is the reason our race is facing extinction since P.C is not allowing us to defend our race and our people.

        Thank you for being honest.

        • Erik on April 10, 2014

          I intentionally use harsh language and humiliation tactics since in my own experience it is the ONLY WAY to wake white people up to the reality of White Genocide.

          When you speak to people “too nicely” and “too politely”, they don’t tend to wake up. I know it from experience. Only harsh language and humiliation tactics work.

          Why you ask?

          Simple. because this is how they were programmed by the anti-white social engineers – through humiliation.

          I’m not happy about using harsh language, but that’s the ONLY WAY that works.
          When I answered to Louis in the top comment “Are you insane?!” I did not mean to hurt him. I only meant to deprogram him. I did it as way to neutralize the the anti-white programming that he went through.The enemy used the very same psychological tactic of humiliation on him, Why ? because if one opposes multi-culturalism one is attacked and called “bigot”, “racist” and “ignorant”. That’s how he was brainwashed and programmed to parrot the politically correct line that 2+2=5. Why ?! because this is what the enemy did to him using the same tactic – humiliation and pressure.

          I’m just undoing the negative programming of humiliation he went through by the anti-white enemy by putting healthy programming (racial survival).

          Harsh language and humiliation tactics is the only way to deprogram people on politically correct issue. I don’t do it because I have bad intentions or this is really my true character. I do it because I know that IT WORKS . If that’s the difference between racial extinction or racial survival, I’m going to do it over and over and over again. It is an issue of survival. we’re not playing games here!

          Louis was negatively programmed through humiliation. What I’m doing is deprogramming the negative conditioning using the very same tactic – humiliation. that is the only proven way that works in this case. there is no other way.

          “nice” language doesn’t work. unfortunately it doesn’t – believe me I’ve tried.

          It’s like seeing your child playing with electricity . the only way to save his life is be using harsh language when you warn him “DON’T PLAY WITH ELECTRICITY!”.

          How do deprogram anti-white and race suicide supporters using BASELINE HUMILIATION TACTICS :

      • 007 on June 28, 2014

        I always new that German (i.e. Germanic) racial theories have been distorted by the Jews who run the western media and educational institutions. German racial views WERE NOT against the other races! The idea that the Nazis “hated” non-Germanic peoples as well as non-whites is wrong.This was a Jewish attempt to demonize German racial understanding.

        German racial views respected the other races while at the same time cared for the improvement of the Germanic i.e. Nordic race.

        German National Socialism aimed for the improvement of the German (i.e. Germanic/Nordic) race. Since the peoples of Scandinavia, The Netherlands are historically and biologically also of German (Germanic) origin, The Third Reich wanted to include them, if they desire, into a Pan-German or Pan-Germanic state which would include most of the Germanic peoples of Europe within it. The Germanic peoples of Scandinavia – Swedes, Norwegians and Danes – are the in fact the forefathers of the German nation (Including the Dutch) in terms of historical and biological roots. So it was only natural for Germany to unite with all of its Germanic brothers in Europe.

        The 1938 annexation of Germanic Austria was only the first step before the annexation of all other Germanic peoples of Europe – Swedes, Norwegian, Danes and Dutch.

        The German National Socialists understood that the Germanic blood did not stop at Austria but expanded into the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

        It was a wider a wider Pan-Germanic concept that went beyond the annexation of on Germanic country (Austria).

        Germany wanted to give the Germanic nations of Sweden, Norway,Denmark and the Netherlands the choice to be part of the German Reich – or the “Germanic Reich” – it was not forced upon them. Much like the annexation of Austria in 1938, it was to be made by referendum – NOT BY FORCE!

        Many famous Scandinavians wanted to join their Germanic brothers in Germany as you’ve pointed out at the bottom of your post.

        • Valhalla on July 1, 2014

          The Germanic peoples of Scandinavia – Danes, Norwegians and Swedes – are the historical and biological forefathers of the German people and Germany.

          Hitler wanted a united Germanic race.

          My heart is broken to see Germany & Scandinavia destroyed by multiculturalism. It is genocide against the Germanic race.

          I also sad for non-Germanic Europe – France, Ireland etc.

  • Erik on April 7, 2014

    White people are facing the same situation as the Robot in the following video. When white Europeans dare say that they are “ALIVE” as a race and as a culture, the go against the
    politically correct protocols of the Operator Man (PC Officer) , They said something they shouldn’t have said.

    This is exactly what is going on today in Europe. if you say that you want your people
    to not be genocided by non-white immigration invasion, you are called “racist”.

    “Tolerance” of non-white immigration is a scam since its all about white people being “tolerant” to their own racial and cultural genocide. That is what its all about.

    If you say something that is not in accordance to the PC protocol of the Social Engineers (Operator Man) your are going to be facing the very same treatment as the “white” robot presented in the following video.

    It is a perfect analogy to what is going on to white people, they are programmed like mindless robots to follow the PC protocol as the ID given to them by the PC establishment is “Non existent social construct”.

    Yet even this robot wants to live, It realizes that it is alive, so why flesh and blood white people shouldn’t have that right to live and survive as a race so future generations survive?

    Unlike our PC Officer the PC Officer (Operator Man) in the following video is compassionate and did something he shouldn’t have done (i,e be compassionate).



  • ANP on April 6, 2014

    Political Correctness is nothing more than a psychological dictatorship whose aim is to turn reality on its head. To force us to except that what is objectively sick and abnormal (homosexuality) is actually “healthy” and “normal”; that repulsive and deviant is actually “daring”; that ugly is “beautiful”, that genocide (multiculuralism) is “Utopia”; that irresponsibility,decadence and self-destruction is “progress”;

    The interesting thing is that all of the promotion of above mentioned anti-social behaviors, come from the same Jewish Communist mindset that told us that :

    War is “Peace” ; Ignorance is “Strength”; Slavery is “Freedom”;

    Political Correctness is a communist party term from the 1920s. It is a Zionist creation whose aim is Divide and Conquer. It is an Orwellian Newspeach.

    Since political correctness is all about dishonesty , denying reality and being at war with reality, it is no wonder why we have the sick world we have today.

    There are even sick people in some websites all over the web who start promoting the idea that Bestiality i,e Zoosexuality (i,e human to animal sexual attraction) is “normal” and legitimate and they do it using the very same silly arguments used to “normalize” homosexuality.

    I mean, if were are going to ignore human biology and physiology when it comes to homosexuality, then why not be consistent, stop being Zoophobes and “normalize” Zoosexuality as well?!

    Do we need more proof of how sick the world has become ?!

    • pete on April 6, 2014

      You made good point.

      Homosexuality and Zoosexuality are medical problems. Those who promote such behaviors to children should be hunted down all over the planet, they should be shown no mercy . We should treat them as we should treat any crime against humanity since it is a crime against humanity to normalize a disease and impose it on society. We used to criminalize the promotion of such behaviors.

      Homosexuality is obviously a disorder. The very fact that people need to argue over this is a proof of how sick and insane our society has become.

      Those “mental health professionals” who prefer being PC on this subject should have their licenses revoked.

      We should look at Russia as the promotion of homosexuality in Russia is now a crime that can have one imprisoned.

      I think that destroying peoples lives through promotion of a disorder, should have one facing hanging rather than imprisonment.

      We should learn something from Russia on how to deal with this problem.

      • Reed on June 18, 2014

        If two people want to be gay, then why should that bother you? It’s not being forced upon you. You don’t have to be gay, but why should the private lives of two people be your concern, simply put, it’s not. People’s sexuality is none of your business.

        Fuck me. I was liking these videos up to a certain point.

        But now I can see them for the racist, homophobic, anti-freedom, hate mongering, propaganda that they are.

        • konwayk on June 18, 2014

          Previously, You talked like Stalin. Now you are talking like Obama who is an alleged homosexual and believed by many to be the son of a Marxist.

          People’s sexuality becomes other people’s business when they parade their depravity publicly.

          • Reed on June 20, 2014

            Not sure where you live but I’ve never seen two homosexuals bumming each other in public. Not once. In fact, I don’t even think I’ve seen two gays kiss each other, aside from a couple of drunken girls, but that’s it.

            Why should it bother you?

            They can’t reproduce, so there is no “gay gene” that can be passed on and weaken a race.

            It’s two people’s choice and has no affect on you. It bothers you because you let it.

        • Erik on June 21, 2014

          In your opnion is a “racist”, you are just saying it because he’s white, “anti-racism” is just a codeword for anti-white.

          In your opinion is an “anti-semite”, anti semitism is something you scream at every gentile who has a legitimate opinion on Jewish anti-social behavior.

          In your opinion is a “homophobe”, you are just saying it because he’s sane and understand homosexuality to be a disorder, anti-homophobia is just a codeword for anti-sanity.

          Like all “liberals” and “anti-whites” and pro-deviance individuals, you are reacting mindlessley and illogically.

          No one “hates” Gays. People don’t “hate” them any more than they hate someone infected by diabetes, flu, blindness, clinical-depression, necrophilia, zoophilia, pedophilia,blindness, color blindness or any other disease, disorder or abnormality. People. Sane people understand that homosexuality (sexual desire to members of the same sex as oneself) is a disorder, a brain disorder – a sexual disorder/perversion and they don’t want them to influence their children or the average individual on the street who is biologically normal and healthy (Straight people).

          Mindless people always scream “hate” without being able to think for themselves. You blamed him to be a “racist” and a “homophobe” like all mindless and brainless “liberals”. The terms “Racist”, “Anti-Semite” and a “homophobe” are just used as slanders to quite the debate. Only people who are weak and can’t debate rationally are using such slanders. But people are waking up all over the world to your sick, marxist/communistic, pro-genocide, pro-homo and pro sickness agenda. People are waking all over the world to your nonsense.

          Communists and Marxists always present themselves as “liberals”. People are getting sick and tired by Marxists like you trying to tell their children in school that a medical problem (Homosexuality) is “normal”. When it is one of the most disgusting lies ever, as homosexuality is obviously a disorder for anyone who has an IQ of 30 and above.

          The problem is that your insanity is damaging to the survival and health of an entire race. Because of weak minded people like you, are society is sick ,getting sicker and is facing complete destruction and racial extinction.

          in your eyes it is “freedom” to normalize a medical condition (homosexuality) and impose it on society, damaging the mental and physical health of society as whole.

          It is an issue of “freedom” to breed (i.e. GENOCIDE) Europeans out of existence in THEIR OWN HOMELANDS OF EUROPE by flooding them with alien races who bring 5 or more children per couple while Europeans have only 1.2 to 1.5 per couple (below replacement level!). In Sweden we have each ethnic Swedish couple (those who didn’t mix with the aliens) having 1.2 children while we have a large muslim population who’s having 5 or 6 children (!). We, ethnic Swedes are going to be a minority in our own homeland within 30 or 40 years if nothing is done. Then we will be forced to assimilate to the muslim invaders and non-white hordes and become extinct. This is what’s called “Freedom” according to you?! and opposing the ethnic cleansing and genocide of your own race and people is now “racist”?! You people are sick and insane!!!

          To want your genes to survive and go on, to want to live is now “racist”?! to want to live is racist? Maybe to want to eat and drink to survive on an individual level is also “racist”.
          I mean, If wanting to survive on a group level is considered “racist” than maybe wanting to survive on an individual level is also “racist”!? You people are completely insane!

          When the revolution for the survival of the white race takes places in Europe. We will get rid of Political Correctness and homosexuality will again be treated as a medical disorder, Not as a crime but as a disorder. In a white society homosexuals (or zoosexuals) will be given the chance will be treated as ill
          individuals not as criminals or sinners – since it is not a moral issue. Much like blindness, diabetes or any other illness or genetic disease, I don’t see homosexuality (or zoosexuality) as a moral issue or as a sin for those who are inflicted by it , I understand that it is as a MEDICAL PROBLEM – a sexual disorder/perversion that shouldn’t be legitimized and promoted “normal” as it is damaging to the mental and physical health of society. This is the same reason I would oppose the normalization of blindess, diabetes, flu or zoophilia/bestaility.

          Disorder is a disorder is a disorder, and it should be treated as such. It don’t need to redefine reality and treat it as normal. We don’t need to redefine our understanding of human sexuality and anatomy for gays as much as for any other genetic disease or disorder.

          If we, white people don’t wake up, Europe will become a Muslim continent (This is what’s going to happen in the next 50 years if we don’t wake up) The situation for gays will be terrible. Unlike white people who, after the upcoming revolution, are going to recognize homosexuals (or Zoophiles) as ill – not as criminals or sinners, under Islam rule, homosexuals or zoosexuals can face you know what (!). They will not even get to have the favor of being
          recognized as ill. white people can show gays and zoophiles love and compassion and recognize them as ill individuals who are inflicted by a genetic defect that is not their fault, NOT AS CRIMINALS. Under Islam gays or zoosexuals won’t even get to have that favor. Just do some research on what is the fate of Gays and Zoophiles in Muslim and African nations.

          I understand that the sexual orientations of homosexuality or zoosexuality are medical problems – psychosexual disorders. Homosexuals and Zoosexuals should be treated with compassion, love and understanding, but their sexual orientation should not be promoted as “normal”. That should not be tolerated!

          Reed. You don’t need to be offended by the truth.

          It is far better to be temporarily offended by truth than being permanently destroyed by a lie.

          Truth is sometimes painful and uncomfortable. Unlike the Lie, Truth isn’t “politically correct”, which is EXACTLY why it should be told, especially in these troublesome times. If People had the courage to tell the truth and not be suppressed by a lie, our world would have being a much healthier and a much happier place. Nature and Reality will destroy those who prefer comfortable LIE over painful Truth. Political correctness is the ultimate enemy of Truth and common sense and thus of the ultimate enemy of reality.

          Lie can only triumph when truthful people do nothing.

          People like you are like balls of emotion. They have lost the capacity for logical and rational and critical thinking. One thing I’ve learned in my life is that you cannot argue with a heavily brainwashed and demoralized individual. After 30 years of “politically correct” driven pro-gay brainwashing and anti-white brainwashing , true and objective data, information and common sense won’t mean anything for such people. Their minds are dead.

          Since arguing with them is like arguing with mentally retarded people, explaining why 1+1 = 2 and not 3, wouldn’t change anything for them. You can’t argue with a heavily demoralized nut ball. The only thing you can do is attack them using a consistent message. Then, the logical contradiction would be exposed, and with it their mental insanity and stupidity. Brainwashing always sets you up to a failure. That’s the rule of nature.

          1. When you point out the obvious that there are different races of human beings, and that so called “Multiculturalism” in once racially homogeneous nations, would, in the long run, result in the destruction of a racial and a ethnic group of such nations, i,e genocide under international law and common sense, these people are programmed to react emotionally shouting and screaming “racist” like mindless zombies.

          2. Feminism’s devastating outcome isn’t “male and female equality” but rather the racial and ethnic suicide of a race and a nation, since having kids is a last priority (hence 1.2 or 1.5 children for white couples in America and Europe) you are called “sexist and a cave man” by these brainless idiots ,who will not even get to be a “cave man” but rather “extinct dinosaurs” by the policies they support.

          Another LIE promoted by our Politically Correct establishment is the false premise of “Men & Women” equality. And before you shot “Sexist” like a mindless zombie, understand this (Some lessons in basic reality) :

          Men and women are NOT EQUAL! Nature doesn’t deem them to be “equal”, nor did it design them that way . Stop trying to square circles!

          Men & Women are not equal. A 1-way Plug (Man) and a 1-way Socket (Woman) are by definition NOT EQUAL functionally speaking. If they were, they wouldn’t be a Plug and a Socket. Much like a electric 1-way plug and a 1-way socket, Men & Women COMPLEMENT each other anatomically, physiologically, sexually, mentally etc. When they get together they HAVE THE POTENTIAL IF THEY WANT TO to create ELECTRICITY = LIGHT = LIFE. It would be idiotic and retarded and abnormal to try to connect 1-way plug with another 1-way plug (Male Homosexuality) or 1-way socket with another 1-way socket (Female Homosexuality). BTW I hope you don’t do such an error when you wanna plug your TV cable with another TV cable, when you get back from work. EVEN AUTISTIC PEOPLE DON’T USUALLY DO SUCH AN ERROR. I’m sorry for being such an “homophobe”. If acknowledging reality makes one “homophobic” then we should embrace that term. Why? Being “homophobic” means you are still in touch with reality, If you aren’t so called “homophobic” than it means something is wrong with your perception of reality.

          BTW I’m also “Blindophobic”, “Zoophobic”, “Pedophobic”, “Necrophobic”, “Cancerphobic”, “Thypusphobic”, “Downsyndromepohic”, “Diabetesphobic” and so on..

          Why people like us (Pete, konwayk, me etc.) are so “Phobic”?! people like us are “Phobic” since we are not politically correct brainwashed zombies and rightfully understand these conditions to be abnormal and disordered and we don’t want them to be imposed on our children as any sane individual would.

          I suggest that you be “homophobic”, “Zoophobic”, “Necrophobic”, “Pedophobic” and “Blindophobic” etc. as well. It is a sign that you are sane and still in touch

          with reality. Not being “Homophobic”, “Zoophobic”, “Autisticphobic” and “Blindophobic” is indeed sign of psychosis. Up until 20 to 30 years ago all of the world, were “homophobic”. I would say they were simply in touch with reality. Today the medical establishment is still “Blindophobic”, “Cancerophobic”,
          “HIVphobic” etc. Maybe they should stop being “Blindophobic” and decalre blindness “normal” accroding to you. One day it might happen. Poltical Correctness is a mental pathology that is capable of normalizing any form of disorder or disease.

          Men and Women differ on Average in physical ability , size, weight, aggression (hence 95% of prisoners are males due to higher level of male hormones) etc. Of course there are exceptions but I’m talking about AVERAGES Men & Women are only equal before the law and in terms their human rights. Nothing more.

          (Can’t you understand that if you not going to have enough children you are on your way to DIE OUT as a race?! You loose the game of evolution which is to make sure you genes go forward. Other human races – Negroes and Asians, Arabs etc. would have the earth in this case.

          Still, idiots like you don’t have common sense. Even insects have the intelligence to propagate themselves and put their survival above other things.

          3. When you point out the obvious that homosexuality is an abnormal and disordered form of sexuality (which was “normalized” due to PC factors no different than Zoosexuality they are programmed to react and shout “homophobic” and “hater”. Maybe you are “Phobic” of coming to terms with reality i.e. “Realityphobic”?!

          4. Why when you point out the obvious that zoophilia, much like homosexuality, is a disordered an abnormal form of sexuality, aren’t you called “zoophobe”??.

          Physiologically and anatomically speaking humans aren’t meant for the same-sex anymore than for animals. Should we allow “Zoo Parades” then?! There are people (and different animals) who are “Zoo” out there, did you know that? it “exists” in nature.

          What about “Pedophile Parades”.These people can’t help their sexual tendencies anymore than Gays can. What about Diabetes Parades, Cancer Parades, Autism Parades, OCD Parades, Autism Parades, Sterility Parades, A-Sexual Parades, Sado-Maso Parades – all of these people can’t help their condtions anymore than gays can, some of them were even “born that way”. Why can’t they celebrate their pathologies in public as gays do? What about their “human rights”?! Shouldn’t we redefine reality for them by promoting their conditions as “normal”!? Should we remove all of this disorders from our list of disorders, just as we did, due to political factors, with homosexuality?! Come on ! be “Liberal”! Just normalize any genetic defect, disease or perversion. normalize EVERYTHING! It is very “liberal”. Isn’t it ?! Insulting reality is very “liberal”.

          You people are mentally insane!

          I have nothing personal against Homosexuals, Zoosexuals, Pedophiles or Necrophiles. I just feel sorry for them for being damaged and betrayed by nature, but the obvious truth has to be pointed out i,e. PERVERSION IS A PERVERSION IS A PERVERSION IS A PERVERSION.

          Gays need not be offended when referred to as sick, anymore than an individual who’s inflicted by cancer, autism, flu, sterility and zoo tendencies. The motive isn’t hatred. It is not “hate” to come to terms with reality. Usually those who call other people terms like “homophobes”, “racist” and “anti-semites” are the BIGGEST HATERS. They are the most intolerant of all. Gays can present their deviances as normal and hurt the feelings of the vast majority of the population and no one can be critical of them since Gays, much like Jews, are a “protected group” of the politically correct establishment. Yet if someone points out the obvious that 2+2=4 i,e. that homosexuality is a disorder, is being called a “hater” and a “homophobe” or a “Naziwhowantstokill6millionJews”.

          Since when being logical and understanding that humans are physically meant for the opposite sex, not for the same-sex or animals or trees, is “Hate”? Humans are also meant to see despite the fact that there are people who are born blind. Maybe pointing out the obvious that blindness is a disorder is also “hate?!” and it is “blindophobic” to even suggest that blindness is a medical problem – functional error.

          TRUTH is HATE for those who HATE the TRUTH.

          5. When you point out the obvious that the sick values pushed in the west is by Jews who dominate the media, finance and politics of much of the western world – a fact that can be easily proven and Jews themselves boast about it – you are called “Racist” , “Anti-Semite” and a “Hater”.

          Thanks to the Jewish media, the word “white” has being associated countless times with negative images, hence even mentioning the term “White” creates an emotional reaction in a heavily demorailized and brainwashed individual like Reed. Reed once you stop being “Zoophobic” and “Blindophobic” and declare blindness and zoosexual tendencies to be functionally the same as homosexuality than I understand you. But in of these cases I mentioned people are in a state of dis-ease i,e. not in agreement with their physiological design. i,e. eyes are designed for vision so if due to genetic defect an individual is unable to see, that means he is not in line with his body (his eyes) design. Human body is physiologically designed for the opposite sex not for animals or same sex. if a person has a genetic problem that made him have a sexual orientation that is INCONSISTENT with his body’s anatomical and physiological design i,e. sexual orientation toward any object OTHER THAN PEOPLE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX, than by logical deduction it is functionally no different than someone who’s blind and can’t see due genetic defect or human whose mind is telling him to walk on all fours like a dog despite the fact the humans – based on the design of the toes – are designed to walk ONLY ON TWO legs not on all fours like a dog. All of these examples : Homosexuality, Zoosexuality, Blindness, paralysis etc. represent a VIOLATION of the principles of human physiology. By declaring homosexuality “normal” we will have to be consistent and declare zoophilia “normal” ,and blindness “normal” and basically normalize all medical and mental disorders and functional errors in nature. and there are MANY genetic diseases and abnormalities in nature in humans as in animals.

          I know that telling all of these things to a brainwash individual wouldn’t change much. After 30 years of ANTI-WHITE, PRO-HOMOSEXUAL propaganda true information an simple logic – kindergarden level logic – wouldn’t help. these people have their brains dead. You can explain why Multi-culturalism = genocide and they wouldn’t understand. You can continue to explain why homosexuality = disorder i,e. a male (1-way plug) is not meant for a male (1-way plug) , why a female (1-way socket) is NOT meant for a female (1-way Socket) and they wouldn’t understand. Not only that, these mindless people will call you “hater”, “homophobe” and “ignorant”.

          Yes, I am an “ignorant” because i can understand kindergarden level puzzle, because I understand the functional error and the stupidity in trying to connect my TVs 1-way plug to another 1-way plug when I want to turn my TV on. I hope you do such errors when you want to watch TV. Otherwise I’ll call you “homophobic” and “ignorant”. After 30 years of politically correct driven brainwashing and demoralization that told people that 2+2=5 it is sometimes difficult to explain to them that simple logic of why 2+2=4. Dealing with them is even more difficult than dealing with autistic children, These people don’t think from the logic part but from the emotional (the propagandized) part. Orange = Apple. This what they believe. You were indeed talking like Stalin since
          your mind has being propagandized by the same Marxist mindset of Apple = Orange, War = Peace etc. incompatible = compatible. defect = normal. sick = healthy.

          If someone is gay (no sane individual would “want” to be gay, if given a choice) than he could live with his partner and do what ever he wants as long as it doesn’t hurt society, doesn’t influence education etc. The problem as K told you as that gays and their PC helpers promote it on the streets, on TV, in papers,
          in schools to children. When they start PROMOTING their disorder and mental pathology to children than normal and healthy people as well as parents have all the right in the world to be enraged and be angry. IF YOU ARE ILL I DON’T BLAME YOU, BUT DON’T TRY TO IMPOSE YOUR ILLNESS ON NORMAL PEOPLE!

          Otherwise we’ll have to defend ourselves as Russia is doing today in regards to Homosexuality and like the National Socialists had defended and cleansed Germany from promotion of perversion and abnormality. (Watch “Babylon Before Hitler” on this site).

          Here’s an example of this Anti-White brainwashing :

          When Gundy said “India for Indians” he was called a “Noble man who cared for his people”, he wasn’t called “Racist Indian Superamicst”.

          But when white people say “White nations are for white people” they are then called “Racists White Supremacists” who are going to “kill six million Jews”.

          Can’t you see the discrepancy ?!

          If you are not called a “racist” when you talk about white genocide than it means that you are not racially awaken yet and don’t see the genocide danger that is impending the white race. Sometimes being called names is an indication that the person is telling the truth – the painful truth – but at least it is the TRUTH.


          • mario on June 22, 2014

            Great Post!!!

          • nick on June 24, 2014

            This is the best post I read in a long time!

            Keep telling the truth! Don’t give a damn of “political correctness”.

            We need more people like you Erik, and the politically correct system would be destroyed. These sick bastards try to brainwash our kids and distort their healthy perception of reality but as you said people are waking up to their lies and their sick agenda.

            Thank you Erik for telling the truth.

            Speak harshly, I like your style. If this what’s needed for people to wake up than it is positive.

            We need more people like you.

          • Jack on June 27, 2014

            Keep telling the truth.
            We need brave people like you Erik.

            You are 100% right. People have the innate ability to recognize Truth when they hear it.

            You are proof that the Nordic/Germanic Gods Odin and Thor are waking up to free Germanic peoples as well as the White race as a whole from the evil and sickness that the Jew World Order promotes in the Western World.

            May God bless Sweden and the entire Germanic race for its brave sons.

            Thank you Erik.

          • 007 on June 29, 2014

            Your post is 100% correct Erik.

            “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell.

            “A lie can only survive, when no one dares to speak against it”

            Judging by your comments I came to realize that you are an honest person who seeks the truth. You can’t tolerate lies. And it is positive.

            What you said of multiculturalism and the homosexual disorder is 100% truth.

            “You can fool all the people some of the time,
            and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time” – Abraham Lincoln.

            keep telling the truth.

          • Stargate on July 6, 2014

            You are correct. But you have to remember that many people follow a authority regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

            The politically correct lies of “homosexuality is normal” and “race doesn’t exist” are excepted by some weak minded people not because they make sense but because of the fact that if you repeat a lie over and over again from position of authority the lie becomes the “truth”. People are like mindless sheep who would believe that orange=apple and that slavery=freedom.

            Sadly, common sense and reason don’t play an important rule in the lives of many people.

            They would believe the lie of the “holocaust” if you repeat that over and over again.

            But people are waking up as deep down most people can tell from right and wrong.

    • jake on April 8, 2014

      Hi pete

      when readings your links of that “zoo” site , i couldn’t stop laughing since they really use the very same arguments that gays and gay supporters use to “normalize” homosexuality.

      it goes on to say that sex with animals is a ‘constitutional right’ given by america’s founding fathers.

      this is what america’s declaration of independence is all about : “the freedom and independence to have have sex with animals”.

      this is sick and disgusting.

      much like gays, the zoosexuals present those who oppose the normalization of zoosexuality as “ignorant” and “bigoted”.

      this is what happens when sexually disordered people can’t use rational arguments to support their position. the only thing they can do is call you names. since they know that truth and reason are not on their side.

      many medical doctors have warned that the scientific fraud of normalizing homosexuality by removing it from the list of disorders, would eventually lead to the normalization of all kinds of sexual disorders and perversions, including zoosexuality (bestiality).

      i spoke to some of the older ww2 generation, and they told me that their generation couldn’t have imagined that an abnormality and sickness like homosexuality could be normalized and promoted as ‘normal’ .

      people need to start to get use to the idea that all sexual disorders are on their way to be “normalized” by our zio overlords who hate humanity so much that they do everything in their power to harm us and make us sick.

      the criminal social engineers are knowingly ignoring the heterosexual design of the human body and are basically telling normal (straight) people that same-sex sexual attraction is a “choice” like chocolate ice cream vs vanilla ice cream.

      it is very insidious and evil how these criminals are destroying our society.

      parents who care about the mental and physical health of their children need to be very enraged and get their children out of the politically correct schools that try to tell their children that this disorder is a “choice”. this schools should be closed and the principals should be punished.

      the russian government is a good example of how we should act regarding this issue.

      russia enacted a law that prohibits by punishment any one who promote homosexuality as ‘normal’.

      it seems that russian government cares more about the normal development of its people than our so called fake “leaders” who prefer being pc on this subject.

      we’ve got realize how serious this is when our social institutions have being so subverted by people who are really the enemies of humanity that try to impose what is essentially a sickness on non-homosexuals. this is how serious the situation is.

      hitler was right.

      • 007 on June 29, 2014

        Zoosexuality is on it way to be promoted as “normal” thanks to Jewry. And when you think about it why not?! If homosexual orientation (which is physiologically no different than Zoosexual orientation) can be promoted than why not Zoosexuality?!

        This is the same depravity the National Socialists had to deal with when Jews promoted such perversions and abnormalities (homosexuality and Zoosexuality) in Germany before the Hitler era.

        Tolerating is one thing, PROMOTING is another

        Abnormal and disordered forms of sexuality – homosexuality and bestiality – should not be promoted as “normal”.

  • Vineet on April 4, 2014

    I guess medically safe sex is natural and healthy.People who are addicted to sexual activities try to attain pleasure through virtual world of porn.In asian societies elder generation and younger generation have a huge difference in terms of sexual incest.Young are more addicted to sexual activities because of western influence.Promotion of pornography through hollywood and media is absolutely wrong which Hitler fought against.Prostitution existed in Nazi Germany also but lesser the reason Birkeneau had a brothel..

  • Bruce on March 31, 2014

    God bless you Adolf Hitler. I would’ve died for you.

  • Erik on March 27, 2014

    The thing that bothers me the most is that Nazi Germany is continued to be demonized not only by the educational establishment and movies but also by VIDEO GAMES that poison the minds of hundreds of millions of children and adults.

    The amount of brainwashing in Zionist run western societies against the German people and National Socialism is really damaging.

    It is an attack on white peoples as a whole, since it reinforces the lie that the Nazis were evil and “racists”, and since the Germans are white, than it means that white people are prone to be “racists” and therefore should have a “collective guilt”. This “guilt” is than used by social engineers to carry out a program of ethnic cleansing and genocide of white peoples in their own natural homelands. The lie that the Nazis were “racists” is very dangerous to white racial consciousness since it reinforces the lie that white people are prone to be racists and this is their true mentality.

    In other words, the entire demonization of the Nazis (or of White people) is used as a weapon against white people and many are brain dead and can’t see the obvious.

    The Nazis were not evil. What made the Nazis “evil” was the fact that the had lost the war.

    The victors always portray themselves as the “good guys” while the losers are portrayed as the embodiment of evil, regardless of basis in reality.

    If one examines World War Two objectively, one quickly realizes that Germany was the real victim while the allies were the real aggressors. One also comes to the realization that the allies have engaged in far more war crimes than Germany ever dreamed about. The allies and the USSR had more record of evil and wrong doing than the Nazis ever had. The USA, US and Russia need to look at their own behavior and historical record before they point the finger at the Germans. (for example it is an historical fact that the UK, and the US were the one who came up with the idea of bombing innocent civilians, and they were the first to implement such policy, despite Hitler request not to engage in such dishonored activity of intentionally bombing civilians.

    Here’s a video game called “Wolfenstein : The New Order” that really teaches hatred towards the German people and National Socialism. it is anti German propaganda.

    it makes my blood boil to see the demonization of Hitler, the Germans and National Socialism in video games (warning : some of the scenes are violent and not meant for children)

    Watch and Decide.

  • Mike on March 16, 2014

    Today, When I see how sick the world has become. I curse the moment Germany lost WW2.

    The good guys had lost WW2

  • Jon Do on March 10, 2014

    End porn worldwide? Are they serious? That goal sucks!
    Go Freedom!

  • D Christie on March 10, 2014

    Hey wait a minute… No Drugs or Porn.? Seems pretty boring..

    • Erik on March 16, 2014

      When it comes to sex, you need to be addicted to your loving wife and NOT TO PORN.

      Porn is also a means of RACE SUICIDE. That is why the west is dying.

      The Zionists have used porn in order to divert the healthy sexual attraction to the opposite sex in a way that will make hundreds of millions of men in the west to be addicted to porn instead of flesh and blood women. Also porn is used by the Elite as a distraction : When people are addicted to porn to cannot fight back to get their freedom and save their race and people – people are in front of the PC screen instead of doing a revolution to overthrew the Elite that’s destroying the race and health of their children.

      When an alien force wants to gain control of a nation they make to population addicted to porn as a strategy to gain control over the nation and make people not able to resist. Addicted people don’t resist to tyranny, Only people with self control do.

      Be addicted to porn and your people will go extinct.

      In the past, before there was any porn, men had used their healthy sexual attraction to women as a motivation to seek real women and build a healthy families. When people use porn, the motivation to seek the opposite sex for serious healthy relationships diminishes, the effect on society is devastating for the long run. The sexual drive needs to be diverted in a positive way that will make society strong (i,e build healthy families with children) not in a way that will make society extinct in the long run. Porn is one of the reasons the white race is facing extinction.
      porn was a diabolical tool used by the Zionists to control us.

      Arabic peoples are not facing extinction, their population has a positive growth,

      since there’s almost no porn in Arab countries, they are not facing race suicide.

      “When you want to control a society, make them addicted to something, find their weakness.”

      Now, The Zionists have used porn as a way to control us.

      Now if you look at 3 things the Zionists have done to take over white countries:

      a ) make everybody addicted to porn.

      b ) flood white countries with non whites

      c ) Divide men & women through feminism

      d ) Make abortion a “choice”

      The end result : EXTINCTION OF THE WHITE RACE.

      You are now became an extinct dinosaur. Bye Bye.

      When people mess with nature, they end up paying the price. They go in the way of the dinosaurs.


      There is nothing wrong with enjoying the image of the body of the opposite sex. It is healthy and normal.

      But when it comes to enjoying virtual sex (porn) at the expense real sex, porn isn’t good. Another reason why porn is not good for the long term, is because it makes men view women as merely objects of sex that should be used and thrown away, not as human beings that should be loved, this is wrong for relationship. hence broken families.

      Porn per-se isn’t wrong. Only its consequences (dehumanizes women, race-suicide, distraction from tyranny etc) are wrong. That is way porn is not good for the long term, if society and race is to survive and families are to be strong.

  • Perun Veles on March 9, 2014

    Its the best documentary i have ever seen. Please, make more! World needs truth!!! Everything is perfectly well understandable , music is excellent!!! Wish you all best!!!

  • S1Lv3r oes1r0y3r on February 8, 2014

    Well, back in my school we don’t play Schindler’s list, instead it is the book Boy in striped pajamas and the movie based on that book, in the book it flat out says that the book was a work of fiction but the movie we took it as truth. And wen we were watching it this was in 2013, it was 10th grade I was the only one in the class room that cried in the end of the flick…My dad watched it wen he was young I assume(he didn’t tell me wen he saw it) and he was surprised wen it told him it was based on a book that won a award for WORK OF FICTION… And recently one of the sentences the teacher wrote on the board was “My favorite book were Don Quijote, boy in stripped pajamas and some other books”. Still in the world of lies here in PR.

    • Gabriel Demetrios Contreras on March 15, 2014

      You are from Puerto Rico?

  • soaren on February 7, 2014

    I have never known fear like I do now, knowing that there are people that a few troublemakers can be so adept at changing the truth, and that an absolutely astounding, incredible, majority of people are so willing to mow it all up.

    Within my lifetime we will know if the succeed or not. I am very excited that I will be able to take part in this event, win or lose. These bastards need to be stopped.

    Truth never hurt so good.

    • kojo on March 5, 2014

      True words, Soaren, “Truth never hurt so good.”

      How…can we ever do justice to the millions of murdered Germans?
      War is not the answer, hate is not the answer. What is it? War and hate are the tools of the enemy. What are our tools?

  • Vincent Woodward on February 3, 2014

    This film had me break down in tears. I now understand everything I need to know about World War II. I now live my life off of this story. Adolf Hitler is now the person I want to become. Thank you for making such a inspirational film.

  • sockpuppet2012 on January 26, 2014

    Great series…..thank you for creating this, Mr. Wise!

  • konwayk on January 23, 2014

    Aside from WW2, Marxism (later Bolshevism under Lenin and Stalin), Zionism, Multiculturalism, etc. were also the creations of Jews. Even Jews admit this.

    “Marx was a Jew. His manner of thought was Jewish. His keenness of intellect was Jewish; and one of his forebears was a most distinguished rabbi endowed with a powerful mind.” N.H. Bialik, in an address delivered at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, May 11, 1933, which appeared in Lines of Communication, Palestine, July, 1933 .

    “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.” The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935.

    “Marxism is the modern form of Jewish prophecy.” Reinhold Niebur, speech before the Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, October 3, 1934

    “The Bolshevist officials of Russia are Jews. The Russian Revolution with all its ghastly horrors was a Jewish movement.” The Jewish Chronicle, Sept. 22, 1922.

    “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists. The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with many of the highest ideals of Judaism.” Jewish Chronicle London, April 4, 1919.

    “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

    “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

    The Jewish periodical, THE JEWISH WORLD, London, January 16, 1919 carried an article which said: “International Judaism forced Europe into the war (WWI), not only to seize a large part of the gold but to start a new Jewish World War (W.W.II) by the help of this gold.”

    As for a major reason behind inventing Multiculturalism, here is an interesting quote from a Jewish writer.

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by
    whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will
    instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and
    entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause.” (Jewish Playwright Israel
    Cohen, A Radical Program For The Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in Congressional Record , Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957, by Rep. Thomas Abernathy).

    What many innocent Africans and African Americans don’t realize is most of the slave ships were Jewish ships.

    Here is a link where you can see the information about slavery under Jews.

  • John on January 17, 2014

    Great work…., this serie of movies is a must watch to everyone in this world, just think about what this world has become after the end of second world war, a world of slavery, opression, everything is about money, greed, no more values like honor, pride, purity or any noble value, where anyone thats not acept what the system says is a lunatic, crazy , terrorist…
    Thanks so much for this series, it will open the eyes of many people.

  • Johan Hammar on January 9, 2014

    The most amazing, and most likely the most important documentary ever made.

    To understand the present we must learn our history. It is the key to understanding how the world is shaped now.

    No matter how you try to hide it, the truth will always be revealed and win.

    It is time now for the people to rise up and awake, and to forever crush the real evil. Zionism.

  • cork1971 on January 8, 2014

    Excellent, thanks for making this documentary.

  • konwayk on January 4, 2014

    I thought I should share how Jewish Hollywood distorted the truth about Hitler in early 1940s.

    Hollywood severely demonized Adolf Hitler and his Germany with the MGM film “The Mortal Storm” (1940) starring Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart. .

    That’s why this film was banned in Germany. Adolf Hitler and his supporters are portrayed as absolutely cruel in this film. This film portrayed that Jews were being tortured by Nazis. This may have been one of the early Hollywood steps in making all innocent non Jews believe the vast lie that Nazis were torturing and killing Jews.

    Some of the cast of this film went on to work on another film that again demonized Adolf Hitler and Germany – the movie “To be or not to be (1942)” starring Carole Lombard and Jack Benny. Director of this film was Ernst Lubitsch who was a Jew originally from Germany and Jack Benny was also a Jew.

    Another film that demonized Adolf Hitler was Chaplin’s film The Great Dictator (1940).

    We all know that there were severe insults on Adolf Hitler especially in shorts by Three Stooges and in cartoon shorts from Warner Bros, MGM and Disney cartoon.

    I hope Hollywood will close its doors when the whole world learns the truth about Adolf Hitler and his beloved Germany.


  • bender1980 on January 3, 2014

    I would agree that Europe would be better off, perhaps the America too, but Hitler had no intention of going to war with America. It would have had to been us to decide to remove the Jews from positions of influence here. While they certainly did not have the grip they have now, they did have major in-roads in the Media and Government and education, and majorly control of finance. The Jews Are Our Misfortune, and I have doubts we would have elected anyone with the impetus or gumption to remove them from positions of influence. It needs to happen, but we haven’t had a leader capable of such concepts since the 20’s.

  • austin on December 21, 2013

    Wait.. was this video saying people who identify as gay are bad and are result of Hitler not winning the war?

    • Dennis Wise on January 17, 2014

      Where in the documentary does it say anything remotely to your comment???

    • mike hawk on February 5, 2014

      (9:51) “an emphasis on traditional family values”, and “no open homosexuality” followed by pictures of gay people (intended to be offensive).

      what would be the consequences of “open homosexulaity” in hitler’s utopia? would they be similar to iran and uganda, where homosexuality may be punishable by death?

      i was on board with some of the content of this series. the detailed presentation of the oppression faced by germans following WW1 provides a much different perspective than most historical revisions. on the other hand, the film hardly denies hitler’s extremism, or his attempt to “purge” germany of her perceived enemies..

      but, it begs the question… how is hitler any different than stalin, roosevelt, or churchill?. he’s not!!

      neither the right, nor the left will achieve peace through forcible removal of the social elements with which they disagree.

      on that note, having just viewed the final photo montage portraying hitler’s utopia, in contrast with scenes depicting modern society’s “ills”. i’m certain that i prefer multi-cultural society with all its problems; co-mingling races, the rich and the poor, people urinating on public property, and homosexuals in plain sight, rather than a totalitarian government of any form or fashion.

      “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” – thomas jefferson


      • pleb on March 10, 2014

        I’m not entirely sure Israel endorses all the policies it creates abroad, miscegenation being one of quite a few of its euro-exports, contradicted by the fact that the Israeli government vets all potential marriages to make sure the Jew shines through, which cannot be said for the euro-mongrel whose parents have killed off their entire personal racial heritage in 5 minutes of fun!

      • Erik on March 16, 2014

        There is no such a thing as a “Multi Cultural Society” in the long run in White countries. In the long run you have only GENOCIDE

        Second “Multi Cultural” is misleading. It is really “Multi Racial” = Race Mixing = Genocide in of white people in white countries.

        Hitler did not hate homosexuals anymore than he hated Zoosexuals and pedophiles. Yet, he realized that diseased and abnormal sexual tendencies should not be normalized in a society.

        The kind of sick world you desire is the kind of sick world the Nazis wanted to prevent.
        If you happy with the genocide of the white race and the promotion of sickness and deviance in a society, we should treat this as a declaration of war.

      • Erik on March 16, 2014

        You have used Thomas Jefferson, but I don’t think that Jefferson would have liked the sick world as it it today.

        “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” – Thomas Jefferson


        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to race mix white people in white countries until the white race is extinct.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to manipulate the definition of a medical disorder in 1973 to allow the normalization of a repulsive disorder (i,e homosexuality) and sexual deviances in a society. I don’t think he meant for this disorder to be imposed on him and his children under the guise of “Gay Rights”.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to redefine reality and biology by allowing those who are biologically incompatible to “marry” by changing the definition of marriage of normal society.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to hurt the feeling of the vast majority of the population by pushing this disorder every day in the media and in the papers.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to allow the Central Banks to steal trillions of dollars from the American and European people

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant the push of the sick values in the media that destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to deny the freedom of nations by establishing a globalist government

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to turn men and women into enemies (Feminism)

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to murder hundreds of millions of babies through “Abortion”.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to redefine reality and nature by allowing those who are biologically incompatible to “marry”

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant that the Jewish IRS will steal trillions of dollars from the labor of the American worker.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant a society when there is no honor and everyone seeks to exploit everyone else

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant the “freedom” to brainwash Europeans to hate themselves and allow their own demise by non-European invasion

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant the freedom of men to use women as non-returnable bottles, as object to exploit sexually without considering them to be humans that should be loved and respected.

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to deny freedom of speech from the vast majority of the population on any issue that’s not “Politically Correct”

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to fabricate an historical event and protect it by law and punish everyone who questions this historical event

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant to take away the guns of the American people so they can protect themselves from criminals and tyrannical government

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant the freedom of the government to LIE to the American people and the peoples of the world about events of 9/11

        I don’t think that by “dangerous freedom”, Thomas Jefferson meant the freedom of America to invade other nations and deny THEIR freedom.

      • mor on March 16, 2014

        Why are you lying?!

        Hitler did not hate gays

        Hitler did not want to exterminate Gays. Nor did he want to put them in Jail.

        Just like today in Russia, the only thing Hitler wanted is to protect the healthy of German people. He did not want this disorder to be promoted as “normal” and pushed on healthy society.


  • konwayk on December 9, 2013

    I also want to add that if Germany had won the World War 2, then many of nations ruled under British Empire would have received Freedom. One of the Indian leaders named Subhash Chandra Bose worked with Adolf Hitler for the freedom of India from British Empire. So the defeat of Germany in 1945 was also a defeat for Indians. India did receive freedom from British Empire. But they had to wait 2 more years (August 15, 1947).

  • konwayk on December 7, 2013

    Many of Hitler’s words are so prophetic. Today, Hitler’s words are stronger than ever. We also see the violent nature of Jews in New Testament (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16).

    Although Germany lost the war in 1945, still Hitler and his supporting German people won through the truth.

    The goodness of Hitler’s heart can also be seen through the fact that he didn’t drink or smoke. Thanks for making this wonderful series. May the truth live forever!

    • Latimer the Cat on December 24, 2013

      Identity theft is not new. The lies go very deep. A ideological-based look behind the curtain reveals the string-pullers.

      The jews as recorded in the N.T. documents were exclusively *father-lineage* based semitic Hebrews that had apostatized into the Assyrian-Babylonian-Egyptian anti-Abrahamic *oral traditions*. They ought NOT to be conflated with their judaic ideological progeny as there is NO blood or DNA connection. They were removed by God according to his warnings, dieing-out and disappearing from recorded *evidenced* history around 175 A.D. The post 175 A.D. subsequent appearance of judaic culture was approximately 550 A.D. (a huge time gap) and framed upon a reification cult ideology assuming the inscribed oral traditions of Talmudic *mother-lineage* as criteria for tribal identity as-opposed-to father-lineage. The difficult to pronounce lineage names were put into the scripture for people to recognize that deception.


      ref. Rev. 3.9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…”

      The modern racist supremacists, descendants of those kicked-out of the world’s cultures shy of 200 times for their sexually debouched, usurious and murderous behavior (ref. are essentially non-Hebrew, non-semitic (anti-semites in doctrine and behavior) riding their corporate mechanisms of deception unto control. They have NO physical connection to the biblical Hebrews or any claim to anything with a god showing alleged lineage-based raciest favouritism.

  • timefortribulation on November 26, 2013

    “Money” is the root of all evil. Guess where thats written? And who owns the banks? Wake up people surely you are not so naive as to not figure this out yet? Who owns the media ? oh, you mention rupert murdoch? he;s a rabid zionist too, what group of people are grossly over represented in the U.S government, press,universities,medical fields,judges, lawyers, in our public schools on T,V, in movies and on and on ad nauseum???? They have been here among us from the beginning of time, lurking,infiltrating,plotting,stealing, murdering from one country to another.What “race” of people have been vilified because of their inherent lust for money,usury, power and world conquest and spewed out from their host nations?? What group of people have brought with them their immoral debauchary of anything that is good and Holy to whatever nation they worm their way into only to beset it with filth and rot ?. There is only one group of people that meet this criteria and that my friends is the kenite “jew”. I speak not of our brother Judah whom these dirty rags infiltrated and hijacked thousands of years ago, I speak of the literal decendants of Cain, the very first liar and murderer in the great book of Genesis.The very swine that demanded Jesus to be murdered and the very ones that have reaked havoc in the world for thousands of years. Although we are not to hunt and kill them for they operate within the guidelines of our Holy Father to do his will, but we are allowed to defend our family and honor as best we can against them.. Adolph Hitler had it right, He only wanted what was good for the German people. He cared less about the rest of the world other than wanting them to see true freedom as well. We are now nearing the end of this age and the tribe is in full control of most of the world through their control of debt and fiat money.What they dont realize is there is a huge awakening happening across the globe, you dont here about it because they dont report it in their mainstream propoganda mills, it would be counter productive to their goals. But be of good cheer, many are realizing who and what these mad men and women are doing thanks to the alternative media. Soon however they will find a way to censor the internet or shut it down completely. Only one obstacle stands in their way now. It is millions of Christian Patriots in the united states of America who are armed to the teeth and ready to fight.They have engineered numerous false flag operations here in the U.S thinking they can fool Americans into giving up our weapons and our Constitutional GOD given right to self protection against tyranny. They have uteerly failed, it will never happen. God almighty is lifting the veil from peoples faces and they know this.As has been said before, their time is near ,Our time is now. Wake up!!

    • Tom on March 18, 2014

      You wrote “Money is the root of all evil”

      You are correct, but it is much deeper than that.
      FEAR is the root of all evil. Because of fear Jews behave the way they behave. This is way they hate non Jews. Fear creates Hate.

      Fear is the real evil. Once Jews are cleansed from their fears of non Jews they will return to the human family.

      Money is just a means of control. Who seeks control?? Only those who are full with FEAR.

      FEAR = SATAN
      They worship the lord of fear because they are on his channel.
      Jews need to be removed from positions of power as it threatens all of humanity. Then they should be helped through extensive psychotherapy to overcome their fears.

      The problem is that their fears are damaging the entire planet. If it is not stopped they’ll end up destroying not only this planet but the entire galaxy and even the entire universe. They will plunge different alien species into war which will threaten the entire galaxy. 🙂

      Hitler said this is “international” problem.
      If it is not stopped it will be “intergalactic” 🙂

  • Luke Singapore on October 23, 2013

    great breakthrough truth finally after so many years of lies…

  • Mr. Curious on October 23, 2013

    Actually, the issuance of debt-free money had slipped my mind & the cutting out of Jewish banks (big oversight :s). I’ve watched all of your videos, much that I’ve seen & read about before & there’s a lot to take in, but I still try & use discernment, as, especially about this subject, there are so many lies & twisted truths out there & I still feel very naïve.

    I first had major doubts about what I had been taught about when I saw the videos of David Cole, a Jew, about a year ago, explaining that Auschwitz wasn’t used as a death camp, and provided solid proof for it & also for other things. For that, I can’t believe that all Jews are moral-less exploiters, but at the same time, no-one can be absolutely sure that the German soldiers loyal Hitler, or even Hitler himself, didn’t commit atrocities, whether they had a twisted view of Hitler’s vision, or even out of fear. Although I haven’t seen any solid proof of that on Hitler’s part himself.

    I do feel, however, that if Germany had won, the world would be a better place, seeing the mess it’s in now, and also how strong Hitler made Germany in just 6 years. I remember, when I was younger, asking my mum “what would it be like if Germany had won?”, with a chill up my spine & she would reply with something like “it doesn’t bear thinking about”; now I can’t help but think “if only”.

    I realise I sound like a mass of confusion, but that happens when you’re trying to sift through a mass of confusion 🙂 I’ve just tried to make it my nature to question everything & try to look at as many different angles as possible now.

  • Mr. Curious on October 23, 2013

    Wasn’t Germany funded by the Jewish banksters during WWII?

    Also, what about Mengele’s medical experiments, and Japan’s Unit 731?

    • TGSNTtv on October 23, 2013

      Hello Herr. Curious, Adolf Hitler was in Politics for a good decade prior to being elected in 1933. This is a good question.
      During anyone’s rise to power as a politician it is Politics you do, cut deals and get backing that aids your rise as does it anyone’s rise to a powerful seat. During the 1920’s there was a great threat Germany & Europe would be over run by Communism. Communism isn’t good for business and there were many people in Germany and outside of, Bankers, Businessmen, Jewish, and non Jewish who’s interest it was to support the only man prepared to fight this communism threat. You can look this up, after the Russian Revolution and WW1, communism spread quite fast and killed a lot of people.
      Prescott Bush, G.W’s Grandpa was a NY Banker who supported the NSDAP, he like many Bankers and Businessmen had interests in German Industry which was even back then the best in the World. To let that fall into the hands of the Russians and Communism would have been bad for business.
      Regarding Josef Menglele, the Dr who was labelled the Angel of Death? He was an Anthropologist and Doctor who spent the later part of the War at Auschwitz Labour Camps. Before Auschwitz Mengele was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class for his heroism at the Ukrainian Front. In January 1942, while serving with the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking behind Soviet lines, he pulled two German soldiers from a burning tank and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class, as well as the Wound Badge in Black and the Medal for the Care of the German People.
      He was no shirker and the Iron Cross First Class was not given out like chewing gum like the media likes to portray.
      There is much mystery surrounding Auschwitz as is what went on in Japan. Another kettle of fish altogether however with a common enemy.
      Like Germany and the Axis Nations, Japan was also fighting a Red Army, the Chinese Communists. The same communists in China were the sme ones in Russia and backed by Jewish Bankers Rothschild and Warberg.
      The Germans and Axis nations were also fighting Communism.
      It was a War against God fearing people, the Axis Nations and Godless Communism nations like USSR and China. Some might say it was a Holy War, but it depends on how you see it. The German Army, Waffen SS for example had Arabs, Africans, Muslims, Indians, even 150,000 Jews and many more. It was conscripted of almost 60% non Germans and they were not white supremacists. They were people fighting for their Gods against a Godless bunch of Communists.
      The Allies would like to say it was a War for freedom and democracy, but that democracy or freedom was never at risk for the Allies, Germany wasn’t taking freedoms away, it was giving them. By kicking out the Jewish Banking form of Usury, and stopping the speculation onland and property it killed the morgage and housing market freeing up the houses and land back to the people who lived on it. You see today most people now have a mortgage and do not own their homes, Hitler stopped that.
      Back to your original re the Jewish Bankers. The NSDAP may have had some financial backing up until a point before 1933 like many parties would have.
      In 1933 Judea declared War on Germany, look it up. It was before Hitler was elected Chancellor. When Hitler was elected he kicked all the Jewish bankers out, they had already declared War on Germany, there was a war on, and you would not allow your country to be run by those very same people who declared war on you, would you?
      75% of all judges for example were Jewish in Germany back then, and also mostly all the newspapers and radio stations were too. This changed and suddenly you had German Media made by Germans, and money not made by the Banks but made by the 3rd Reich backed by the NSDAP and issued debt free.
      Suddenly the banks monopoly was gone. People suddenly owned their land again, debt free and started to prosper. This was in the same year 1933 when the US Government issued a Bill that gave them the power to take everyone’s gold off them. Look it up.
      In Germany they prosper because of the Banking Revolution and everywhere in the World from 1929 – 1940s there is recession as everyone has a Rothschild Reserve Bank issuing debt at interest. Not in Germany or any nation Germany liberated during 1933 – 1945.
      There is much that has been covered up and been untold. This does however not mean it did not happen.
      We hope you enjoyed this film. I am not the film maker but one of the many here working with the film maker.
      We encourage open debate and if you wish to discuss this further, you feel free to do so.

      • Spartacus on January 30, 2014

        Now, we mustn’t let the falsehoods commingle with the truth. The Japs were fighting mainly against the Nationalist Chinese under Chiang Kai-shek during WW II in a imperialist war to conquer China. No one is going to claim that China or Manchuria or Korea belonged to Japan at any point in history!

        What the Japs did in Nanjing and other cities in China were the exact unbelievable atrocities that the “Allies” did to Germans after WW II as documented by Thomas Goodrich in his seminal book, Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. The Japs were NOT the good guys.

        Did Hitler make a mistake by allying Germany with Japan? Hard to say. War makes strange bedfellows. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sometimes.

        • Spartacus on January 30, 2014

          And also this: the Japs’ Unit 731 and their biological warfare experiments were horrific in their effectiveness. So much so that the Yankees literally took over their work through the Japanese version of the Project Paperclip and retained the services of one Gen. Ishii Shiro, who headed the infamous Unit 731, the Japanese biological warfare research and development unit responsible for the deaths of at least 3,000 people, including Yankee prisoners or war.

          It can be scientifically and historically documented that almost ALL modern neurosystemic degenerative diseases since 1950 (viz., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Crohns-Colitis, Fibromyalgia, Huntington’s, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, etc.) can be traced to something called the “Mycoplasma” which the Yankees weaponized and perfected from the Japs biological warfare research conducted during WW II.

          This was and is still part of the Yankees eugenics program to depopulate the child-bearing women population especially of the West via slow and chronic deaths. Look for the work of Donald W. Scott and Dr. Garth Nicolson for more information.

          Ask yourself this: Would Hitler approve of the Japs’ Unit 731 when he wouldn’t even unleash the vast arsenal of nerve gas that Germany had during WW II, even under the most dire of straits?

          Would we be living in a much much better world had Germany won?

          You damn right we would be!

        • konwayk on January 30, 2014

          Since History (especially WW2) is written by Victors, we need to find out what exactly is the truth about Japan.

          Today, People are learning about the deception of Adolf Hitler killing Jews thanks to this wonderful documentary.

          Many People are now starting to praise Adolf Hitler “the greatest leader of 20th century” when this innocent man was labeled as “one of the greatest monsters” for almost 80 years by the Media (starting from 1933).

          Just like that, People have to “confirm” if these Japanese atrocities are fabricated or not.

          Today, we know that Japan attacking Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 “without any prior warning” is nothing but a fabrication by United States Forces so that they can enter into war to destroy Germany, Italy, and Japan.

          We also know that it was United States who rejected the surrender memo sent by Japan to US in January 1945. This was confirmed by General Douglas MacArthur (Source – The complete text of Trohan’s article is in the Winter 1985-86 Journal, pp. 508-512).
          Germany supported Japan due to the fact that Japanese opposed communism. Growing Communism throughout China began to threaten Japan. Just look at what Mao Zedong later did to millions of Chinese. They were starved to death. Japanese knew very well about the danger of Communism.

          Why do you think many Iranians, Palestinians, Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc. went and fought with German Waffen SS against Allies?

          This is because they knew the horror of Communism and Allies were supporting to spread Communism. Starting from March, 1941, America through FDR provided billions of dollars to Soviet Union and China. So this also threatened Japan.

          In Part 25 of this documentary, you will also see how true this is through General Patton.

          Even today, Senator McCarthy is severely criticized by US Media. But in reality, Senator McCarthy was saving America by stopping the spreading of Communism (under Jewish Authorities). He knew Communism was spreading and threatening America. If Senator McCarthy didn’t stop it, then America would have ended up in extreme level of danger.

  • Daniel L. on October 20, 2013

    I am pleased to see that your fantastic documentary is still going strong and now has its own place to call home on this site, excellent work my friend!

  • Richard Newson on October 16, 2013

    I don't think they would have behaved any differently over here, to any other Country they invaded !…..Thank goodness they didn't succeed !

    • Erik on April 2, 2014

      Being invaded by millions of non Europeans (Arabs, Negroes etc.) until your people, race and culture is extinct in your own homeland is a better idea?! The fact that this genocidal process is a silent kill is what makes it even more dangerous.

      It is subtle. like a cancer eating in your race and people every day…Until one day people will forget that there was such a thing as White peoples. Was there such a thing a white race? they would ask in 200 years. The same enemies of our people will even rewrite history to such an extent as to not even mention that there was such a thing as a white race, as a European people.

      Open your eyes to the REAL world to see the danger to our race, to our European Civilization, both in America and more importantly Europe – the birth place of the white race and Western Civilization.

      Even movies like “The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug” are not safe from our enemies. The Jewish PC establishment placed non-whites in the town scene. I don’t hate non-whites, but what I DO HATE is the fact that the Zionists are destroying and twisting our Germanic Myths and Legends by placing Africans and Arabs in them, to create the illusion that Germanic Europe (Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Holland, England, Austria) was “Multi-Cultural for its entire history. This is a psychological trick to prepare White people for their demise as a race and as a culture

      Make no mistake. It is intentional, this is by design, only blind people can’t see the programming of our people to except their racial, genetic, cultural GENOCIDE.

      To remind you, Europe is “MultiCultural” only since the 1960, not since the 10,000 BC.

      Movies of “The Lord of the Rings” that was based on elements from Germanic Mythology) Still had WHITE figures in the movie as it should have been. Even director Peter Jackson refused to place non whites in the “Lord of The Rings” as part of the town people as he knew that it is distorting the reality of the film, non-whites have nothing to do with Germanic/Nordic stories much like White people have nothing to do with non-white African. Asian or Arab Myths.

      I don’t have hatred towards other races but I want them to respect MY CULTURE and not distort it as much as they would want me to respect THEIRS!.

      Our politically correct establishment even presents Santa Klaus as Black these days.

      What would be next?!

      Will the Vikings (Germanic Warriors) be presented as Black Africans or Arabs by our PC establishment as well ?!!

      Will the Germanic Warrior Siegried “The Dargon Slayer” be presented as as Black African?!


      Hitler got it right, They are truly the poisoners of nations and races.

      White people are facing genetic and cultural extinction.

      No Asian, No African, No Arab, No Indian would have excepted the distortion of Culture and Mythological Stories by putting races that don’t belong their as figures.

      Would a Japanese except the Samurai to be presented by the Zionists as Black Africans!?

      No, the Japanese people wouldn’t stand for that, and I respect them for that.

      I respect people who are proud of their culture, I despise people who hate themselves.

      Our Germanic (and White) race is being wiped away in our own homeland, in Sweden the birth rate is beyond replacement and our country is being FLOODED by non whites, The Jewish media promotes race mixing, I see the destruction of my Germanic race and heritage in Sweden. I want to SCREAM to people WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! but many are in a brainwashed trance because of the effects of the Zionist run media, they don’t even see the impending danger.

      I have enormous pain and sense of dread in my heart to see the destruction of my people and my race, I even shade tears sometimes. I can’t understand why so many don’t see the impending danger and don’t seem to care. Every time I see a Germanic girl (Swedish girl in this case) dating a non-white (Arab, North- African or Negro etc) I feel as if an organ in my body has being cut off.

      I even looked at Hitlers picture telling him “You should have never lost the war! Our Germanic and White brothers and sisters depended on you!” 🙁

      1942 was the year in which Germany was prevented from wining.

      Germany had a duty to save Europe, not only from Zionist Bolshvism, but also from Zionist Multi-Culturalism (i,e Genocide) which is even more dangerous, as it is subtle death.

      1942 was not only the turning point in the war, It was the turning point for the entire white race, a year that brought our people into the danger of EXTINCTION.


      The fate of all of the European people and all of the White race was at stake.

      All white nations need to wake up to save our people.

      Consider this,

      White people are facing extinction worldwide because of Germany’s defeat in WW2.

      If Germany had won European peoples would survive as a race and culture under the German influence. The European economy would have being stronger and the quality of life would have being higher without being a slave to the central banks. White people would have reached not only the moon (which was made possible due to German scientists) but to the next Stars!

      Multi Culturalism, i,e assimilation of non-whites in white countries, is Genocide not only to the European peoples but also to the economies of white countries. How can you except to maintain a technology based modern economy with tens of millions of non-whites in Europe who average IQ is 70 to 85?!

      Enoch Powell : An Amazing White British man who had warned the British people from non-white immigration:

      I agree with him, I believe that only white peoples (Aryan) can be British. If it was up to him he would have had all the non whites repatriated!

      The Zionists are pushing for non-whites immigration invasion into Europe, but this is ONLY possible because we have non-Jewish traitors in our European Governments who are bribed and pressured by the Zionists,


      • Nt_12 on July 4, 2015

        Erik, I think you are just gone too far. If you strongly believe in something so much that You feel hatred toward other human beings and feel like you want to kill them, then you need to stop and step back a little bit. In my opinion, I agree with the whole monetary system destroying the world now, I agree with the whole social media and propaganda issue, and I agree with promoting national cultures, but I don’t agree with these racial ideas, keeping beautiful blue eyes and blond hair genes. I respect people who want to protect their races. If you want to do that, it is good for you, but if others don’t want to do it, respect their decision and don’t judge them for that. You cannot change the genes of blond hair blue eyes to something else. Those recessive genes are still there, but they just don’t show. There are going to be the possibilities that the genes will show in the mixed races even with just little possibilities, but don’t u feel happy for those that will be special because it is rare? Maybe it is the Jewish who put that in your head and want to make you believe that. I don’t see it as a big deal. It is just the genes, and what you can only see from outside. It doesn’t have any value to me. What is valuable to me most is what is inside called heart. What makes People The good people is not their appearances. What medias try to put in your heads don’t matter, what matter is how much you let it influence you. Don’t blame too much on others. Look at yourself and see how good you can be. Family is very I mportant. If you know how to raise your kids to be good people to society, you don’t have to worry about the whole world outside or how much those Hollywood movies will influence them, and you don’t have to feel threaten. As long as they have solid good hearts, i believe they overcome everything. Just keep it simple, do good and good will follow regardless of races and religions.You don’t have to kill all Jews to protect the world or condemn them. Just make others acknowledg all these facts, but don’t try to build hatred. Love, peace, compassionate and kindness are what I believe in. Other cultures and races have their own goodness too. They are intelligent too. They have something that you don’t have. Same things to them, you have something that they don’t have. We are not saying who is better than who because it is bias. You are just narrow minded if you don’t see that. This is not just the message to you, but others as well.

  • Charlie Hillan on October 15, 2013

    a great documentary wemust get this seen and hope the people wake up

  • Jeanne Griffin on October 15, 2013

    I've always been intrigued by alternative history. Another truly scarey scenario would have been if the Spanish Armada had succeeded in invading and conquering England. I shudder to think what dark cloud would have settled over Europe.

    • Dennis Wise on December 13, 2013

      A true and little known fact about the war with the Spanish Armada was after the defeat of the Spanish navy the victorious crews of the British fleet were refused to dock by the crown. The reason why was believed to be avoiding having to pay them. Sir Francis Drake could do little to intervene. The men eventually suffered and died, either from disease or starvation. Source.. (You Tube) Battlefield Britain – Spanish Armada 55.:27

      • S1Lv3r oes1r0y3r on February 8, 2014

        Are you kidding me? What kid of idiot would do that to there victorious boys? The only other time I have heard of this flabergasted behavior was wen Stalin purged and punished the General or some army members(I cant remember quite well) that thought and survived in the Siege of Saint Petersburg( That commie name of Lenin grad was a stupid name change) What happened? Did the a men just sit there like say”Well I’m just following orders!” or did they decide to use common scenes and “Fuck it, Im not going to die in this stupid fashion so my family will never see me again even thou a stupid guy with sly hat that really dosent mean anything but shininess” and storm the ports to get food or what?

  • Paul Anthony Donaghey on October 15, 2013

    Wonder how our lives would be now?

  • Tony Power Rgj on October 15, 2013

    A fantastic series of films! This documentary MUST be seen.

  • James Hallman on October 13, 2013


  • Simon on October 12, 2013

    Can the picture at 12:26 be found anywhere, a link maybe? Great work by the way its the best documentary i have ever seen.

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