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  • Robert Faurisson & Ernst Zündel on June 20, 2016


    Neo-nazis are just a sub-product of fake ally and soviet post-war propaganda.
    It’s hard to imagine how happy I feel. From a moment to another it seemed to me that while I ran, I had grown wings. All the Stadium was so festive, it was contagious, so I ran with greater joy and to me it seemed I had lost all weight of body. The sportive enthusiasm of those German spectators made a deep impression on me, particularly the gentlemanly attitude of those spectators. You may tell everybody we are thankful for the German hospitality.
    Jesse Owens interview to Correio do Povo, page 18
    When I came back to my native country, after all the stories about Hitler, I couldn’t ride in the front of the bus,” he said. “I had to go to the back door. I couldn’t live where I wanted. ….., but I wasn’t invited to the White House to shake hands with the president, either.”
    Siegfried Mischner testimony:
    But now a veteran sports reporter in Germany has come forward to claim that, though Hitler did indeed leave the stadium after the race, it was not before shaking Owens’ hand.
    Siegfried Mischner, 83, claims that Owens carried around a photograph in his wallet of the Fuehrer doing just that.
    Owens, who felt the newspapers of the day reported ‘unfairly’ on Hitler’s attitude towards him, tried to get Mischner and his journalist colleagues to change the accepted version of history in the 1960s.
    Mischner claimed Owens showed him the photograph and told him: ‘That was one of my most beautiful moments.’
    Mischner said: ‘It was taken behind the honour stand and so not captured by the world’s press. But I saw it, I saw him shaking Hitler’s hand.

  • patrick lefevere on April 16, 2016

    thank you for this documentary, i was shocked when i was look at, it was for already for a long time that i was doubting the story that i knew before, but to see this, my eyes are now opened, i have looked sometimes with tears in my eyes, but i say again thank you, may our heavenly father bless you for this, and i hope that soon the truth shall overcome,

  • eesolet on March 2, 2016

    Thank you for this documentary. The truth will always find a way out.

  • afdhal on February 20, 2016

    great! love this one, iam interested by this way

    uh could i download this documentary partly, more shorter so that i could make my own editing Thnks anyway

  • Erik on November 22, 2015

    Angela Merkel – A Shame. A Communist. A Zionist Tool. A TRAITOR.

    Angela Merkel. You are spitting on the memory of our ancient Germanic ancestors. You are a curse on the Germanic race. Scandinavians didn’t give birth to the German people only for the German people to be replaced and ethnically cleansed by your sick politics.

    You are not going to get away from justice. When the time comes, We shall bring you before tribunal and you shall get what you deserve. The fact that you are a woman is not going to protect you from capital punishment. Attempted genocide and Treason is a serious matter.

    If you are competent enough to be a head of state. You are also competent enough to face capital punishment. With great power comes great responsibility isn’t it?!

    The wrath of the thunder god Thor shall be upon you and upon all the traitors who want to destroy our great Germanic race – the traitors who SOLD their own race and their own people to international Jewry.

    We are going to save our genes – our people.

    Gud Med Oss

  • MJD on October 24, 2015

    NWO is here. I believe it is already too late. This documentary will never be accepted by the mainstream. Public opinion of Hitler will never change. You can’t even present a positive fact about Hitler or Germany without someone calling you a denier, revisionist, racist, anti-Semite etc. I find it impossible to even have a conversation about Hitler, Germany and Jews. It seems there is only one opinion allowed. I find myself in a society where there is no point in me even speaking anymore. People watch garbage TV, believe lying politicians, support corrupt economic system, and never listen to contrary opinions, not even willing to consider evidence. What’s the point? NWO is here and it is already too late. Why try and save humanity when the majority are against you? They won’t thank you, only attack you. I appreciate the effort of everyone trying to promote truth, but I believe it is in vain.

    • Erik on October 25, 2015

      We don’t need to save “humanity”. “humanity” isn’t so much in danger. It is the White Race that’s in danger. I care about my people in Sweden and my race in the other Germanic nations of Europe. In all honesty, I’m not worried about Somalis and Arabs as they are not in danger. They have their own country. The whole idea of “one humanity” is ridiculous. nature is divided into different racial groups. humanity is many. When I think of humanity I think first about my race – White Humanity- and only then do I think about the other races of humanity – Blacks, Browns, Asians etc.

      Even evolutionists and liberals who don’t believe in God agree that the White race represents the highest evolution of mankind and for a good reason : The White race had made the modern world what it is today in terms of science, technology and art. Cars, Planes, Computer, Phones, Smartphones, Space shuttles, Rockets and basically almost all of the inventions that made the modern world what it is today were invented by whites – especially northern European whites : Germany, England etc.

      In the following image academics agree the the White Race represents the most advanced stage of human evolution:

      Even these Leftist seem to agree that the idea of presenting Negroes as the top stage of human evolution is ridiculous.

      Here’s negro home in the middle of Africa. The Negroes have some western clothing given to them by Whites:

      Even wondered why “Leftist and Liberal” and other politically correct academics don’t dare present the negro as an example of “Human Evolution” in their books and papers?! Are all men really “created equal” ?! :

      It seems that Political Correctness didn’t manage to distort the perception of reality of White Americans in regard to Blacks:

      That’s because Political Correctness is based on a false belief i.e. a religion that “all races are equal” while this belief has no basis in the real world.

      Why am I such a “racist”?!. Well, I’m not “racist”, the Truth i.e. Reality IS.
      And I will keep telling the truth even if people are offended by it. That’s my nature. I hate lies and dishonesty as they are destructive to our world. People who are dishonest and want to “look nice and polite” at the expense of the future of their race and children are the most disgusting people on this planet. In order to save their self image they are willing to destroy the future of their race and nation. These are scum of the earth. I love my race and my children and I want a better world for them. I don’t hate Blacks or any other race but at the same time I’ll keep telling the truth and I will worship the false god of political correctness by pretending that the earth is flat when I see with my own eyes that the earth is round. Honesty and Honor. Fight for what is RIGHT.

      Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:

      What is TRUTH:

      Gud Med Oss

      • Erik on October 25, 2015

        Correction : I will NOT worship the false god of political correctness by pretending that the earth is flat when I see with my own eyes that the earth is round.

    • Keith Gredig on February 16, 2016

      Give copies of The greatest Story never told away for free

  • Eduard on October 1, 2015

    I’m Russian. I was born in 88. Thx 4 movie and great historical work. Now I have just knew different side of this story! THX! In our country history of previous wars has always been changed by ruling governments (ex. Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire, than Napoléon Bonaparte).

    song “Behind blue eyes” by Limp bizkit on the original song from The Who

  • Erik on September 1, 2015


    The Great Hanna Reitsch – The Woman who wanted to save Our Great Adolf:



    German Women who guarded the Bergen-Belsen camp where communists and enemies of the state were held:

    German Women In Training 1937:

    German Woman With Her Children – Importance Of Family Values :,_Mutter_mit_Kindern.jpg

    German Women Parade – This is the beauty of the Nordic Race :,_BDM,_Gymnastikvorf%C3%BChrung.jpg

    A group of German girls line up to learn musical culture under auspices of the Nazi Youth Movement in Berlin on February 24, 1936:

    The Nordic Spear – The ideal German Woman:

    These are Mothers of Our Mighty Germanic Race. They created us. They gave us the most important thing in the world – Our Life.

    Let’s Honor Our Mothers.

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on August 14, 2015

    Svensk Ungom Frihetssånger – Du Blonda Folk.

    A beautiful song with the picture of the Germanic leader Herman the German in the background.

    All Germanics worldwide, be proud of you race!

    Gud Med Oss – Occupied Sweden.

  • Erik on July 6, 2015

    Here’s a scene from the anti-German WW2 propaganda TV series “Band of Brothers”. Despite the Series being pro-allied propaganda, there was one beautiful scene in that series. It was the German General’s speech (played by German actor Wolf Kahler). In that speech the German General blesses the defeated German troops with good life. This is a true Germanic spirit. Even in defeat there is hope:

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Erik on June 14, 2015

    Hermann (18/17 BC – AD 21), also known as Armin or Irmin, was a chieftain of the Germanic people who defeated a Roman Army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in Germany. Hermann became an important symbol in German history as he was the first leader to lead the German people to freedom. Herman was also mentioned in Old Norse sagas.

    Here’s Hermann’s memorial in Germany:

    Painting of Hermann leading the Germanic people of Germany to defeat the Roman Empire. Hermann and his Germanic warriors thanked the Norse Gods Odin and Thor for being on their side:

    Hermann (Arminius) says goodbye to Thusnelda. Johannes Gehrts (1884):

    I call to all Germanics worldwide to once again fight for the life and freedom of our race just as our Germanic ancestors did. We are here today because of their sacrifice.

    Mutlticulturalism is a genocidal scam designed to wipe our race from the face of the earth. Stand proud and brave take arms and fight for the survival of our people.

    The Valhalla Temple Germans built to honor their ancient Germanic (Scandinavian) ancestors.

    Respect The Memory of your ancestors!

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Erik on June 2, 2015

    Here’s a video game called “Wolfenstein The Old Blood” which presents Germans and National Socialism as evil(Watch gameplay in 1080p):

    This anti-German and anti Germanic propaganda makes me want to puske. It’s disgusting how the NWO portrays Germans and National Socialism in video games. This game will make you want to puke once you know the truth about National Socialism and WW2.

    Anti German, anti Hitler propaganda in video games that poison the minds of hundreds of millions of children and adults. The Agenda is to brainwash the world to hate Germans and National Socialism and to make the world hate the Germanic peoples and Germanic Race. The agenda is to make Germans and Germanics in general to hate their very existence and to destroy their desire to live. Through video games, movies and eJEWcation They present the good guys, that is, those who fought to maintain the natural order given by god as “evil”. The want to present the most basic instinct in nature i.e. self preservation of one’s own race as “racist” and “evil”.

    Jewish Marxism has turned this world into a cesspool of war and degenerate filth where hundreds of millions of lives have been destroyed by the values promoted by the media , where Europe is been flooded by coffee colored unintelligent masses with fanatic and primitive religion, where thousands of Europeans women have been raped by brown savages and yet we are made to feel guilty for our very existence via video games!

    Yes the propaganda goes on in video games too…..

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

    • 14/88 on March 29, 2016

      You are 100% correct. I feel so much anger at games like Wolfenstein that demonise brave national socialists who fought against Jew Communism.

  • Erik on June 2, 2015


    Adolf Hitler asks the German youth to work as one group for the improvement of the nation.

    Adolf Hitler asks the German youth to be peaceful and loving of the race and the nation.

    Adolf Hitler wants the German youth to understand that they are part of a great nation, a nation that represents the best what the Germanic (Nordic) race is capable of.

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden,

  • DJ on May 22, 2015

    So how do we do this now, in America?

  • Wehrmacht-Soldat on April 27, 2015

    ( Sorry for the repetition, but finally I found this last video part here under “credit & thanks”, and that’s the place I need to post my comment to: )

    From occupied Germany, I send a warm thank-you (Vergelt’s Gott) to you, Mr. Dennis Wise and your good team, for this ground-breaking documentary film and all the hard work used to spread it.

    I understand this film is a kind of life’s work, having been mentally prepared for decades since your father woke you up concerning the allied lies in their controlled media. God bless your parents.

    We — that is friends and family — really hope that millions of people world-wide who’re open for the truth will watch your excellent film and learn from it, and so help to bring down the satanic New-World-Order(NWO) which has been controlling the allies in WW1, in WW2 and still controls them today. With the help of our triune God, we can succeed.

    Truth lovers will already know some or even most of the facts mentioned in the film, but to present them so well and wisely chosen in one piece, peacefully and impressive, that is your masterpiece, Mr. Wise. God bless you. It’s also an overdue memorial to the heroic Adolf H., to his brave German people and to their many allied people from other countries, who all together formed one of the strongest opponents against the satanic NWO.

    With this well presented truth-film you’re not only helping us Germans who’re more kaputt today than 1945 because of 70 years of allied lies and mental genocide, but you’re helping every single truth-lover on earth. Furthermore your work’s a real retrieval of England’s honour — a formerly brilliant country which fell so deep. Adolf H. has been right with his appreciation of the English people. All the Saints of England, pray for us.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Gott mit uns!

    • Wehrmacht-Soldat on April 28, 2015

      I’d like to clarify what I meant with this paragraph:

      “With this well presented truth-film you [Mr. Dennis Wise] are not only helping us Germans who’re more kaputt today than 1945 because of 70 years of allied lies and mental genocide, but you’re helping every single truth-lover on earth. Furthermore your work’s a real retrieval of England’s honour …”

      … because you, Mr. Wise, are an English-man, as far as I understood it.
      (In case you’re an US-American, my above quotation doesn’t make sense of course.)

  • Erik on March 1, 2015

    Hi, I haven’t made a post for a long time 🙂

    In 1933 The International Jewish movement, their banks and their pupit politicians decalered WAR on Germany, and thus the Germanic/Nordic race as a whole. They hated the hight morals of National Socialism : Racial and National Pride; High morals and policies that lead to the improvement of a nation both morally and phyiscally. The NWO was afraid that National Socialism would be copyied by other Races and Nations, and that they would loose their monopoly over world politics and world finance. In 1939 The Zio NWO and their puppets the Western Allies had declared war on Germany – a world that, judging by what we see today brought Western Civilization and The European peoples as a Whole towards racial,cultural and economic genocide.

    Adolf Hitler’s Last Political Testament:

    Hitler had warned all nations and races that if they wish to perserve their racial, national and economic freedom they must oppose the NWO – his warnnings were ignored.

    The Truth about National Socialist Germany – Improvement of the Germanic (Nordic) race and iprovement of the morals of the Nation. No room for weakness and degeneracy. Hitler wanted the German people to be strong, healthy and connected to the natural world just like their Scandinavian forfathers:

    The Truth about what is National Socialism : German National Socialism is about Racial Pride of the German people, Their Geramnic heritage but at the same time respect towards other races and peoples. Despite what the Jewish media wants us to believe, The so called “Nazis” were not “evil racists” fueled by hate toward no Germanic peoples and non Whites:

    How was life in National Socialist Germany:

    Adolf Hitler warns of a Satanic Power seeking to economically, morrally and spiritually enslave Humanity:

    From the Ashes of National Socialist Germany , peoples, especially the peoples of Europe who are being ethnically cleansed in their own lands, are begining to realize that Good lost WW2.

    This information is not only important to peoples of Germanic blood, but indeed to all the peoples of Europe as well as the peoples of the world.


    Occupied Sweden.

  • Noe on February 13, 2015

    This documentary is mind-blowing. thanks so much for having the courage to create this.
    however there’s a few things i wanna ask
    in the Goebbels diaries, pg 48:
    “The Fuehrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.”

    Also, about the Leuchter report. It states there’s no evidence of a ventilation system in the gas chambers. Yet what about this then?

    i’d greatly appreciate it if you’d clarify these two things.
    Thanks !

    • Noble Wolf on February 13, 2015

      Hi & a very good question. Do you know what Leichenkeller means in English? Direcly translated it is Corpse Cellar, or more appropriately a Morgue. A gas chamber depending on what gas, & lets say Hydrogen Cyanide (Zyklon-B) is highly flammable, deadly, and the type of building you would use, would need to well made. Not bricks & mortar. Doors would need to be airtight, not made of wood with windows. The Zyklon-B pellets would need to be heated,not just dropped in via holes in the roof and not too hot so it explodes, and also where your question comes in, ventilation that totally extracts any deadly gasses not just lets in a bit of fresh air.
      Look up David Cole in Auschwitz, Fred Leuchter Report, as well as the Ernst Zundel videos on YouTube. They go into far more detail than we had time for.

  • Sergio Maertín Mistó on November 14, 2014

    Thank you for your incredible job.I am a German citizen. Mi grand father foght in Hitlers army. Never met a more honest and inteligent people than the german race. But not saying this as a racist point of view, if not the pride of knowing wath a great culture we are. All said history shows it.

      • Paul on April 27, 2015

        Yeah that’s so nice to know. Had he also one of these impressive black uniforms with skull and crossbone caps?
        Give my regards to the luftwaffe for demolishing the centre of Rotterdam;at least we could begin to build some modern buildings there. Shame it cost about 8000 lives.☜☠☞
        One man’s ‘truth’ is another’s bloodbath. The nazis were good at trampling underfoot their smaller neighbour countries; as soon as Adolf’s “fair weather army” (his own words) encountered a bit of serious opposition they got their arses kicked.Don’t get me fucking wrong.1st World War ‘victors’ were just as much to blame for the carnage as the Nazis. They sat on their hands while the Nazi arms factories were buzzing. Setting up that despised Versailles dictate ,while not having the balls to enforce it. All what Adolf and Joseph brilliantly did was hijacking the German population’s lingering hatred towards the 1918 conquering armies.Which wasn’t to difficult to do.If I had been German in those days ,I would’ve howled with the wolves too. “Wolt Ihr Den Totalen Krieg ?” JAAAAAAAH. While Adolf sat in his air castle with Eva, thinking up all kids of New Germania ideas with that Speer sycophant, his armies were routed into oblivion. It’s so easy for later born who have no direct recollection of that bloodbath, to get all sentimental about Adolf’s and Leni Riefenstahl’s highly impressive propaganda. If the nazis had left the fucking jew alone,Germany would’ve been a world power today, instead he chased all scientists toward the USA. It’s that typical smallminded underachieving thug jealousy towards the smart boy of the class. Look at these first SS ralies;they’re full of criminal looking fat thugs who finally had their own boyscouts army.You’ve got to give ‘m credit that they managed to get as far as they did.All thanks to the impotence of the alied victors, who had themselves appetite for a new war too. France knowing that as always, uncle Sam would enter the war and save their sorry arses. The stupid nazis stepped into a trap that would eventualy destroy them.They never could beat the industrial might of the USA; while stubbornly dreaming of super weapons,they couldn’t produce ,while the chased jews in America had some scores to settle,and had no problems thinking up the atom bomb.
        Hitler……he was a megalomaniac con artist who managed too fool ‘m all.And…still does….

    • Johnny on November 29, 2014

      In the general sense, the Scandinavians and Dutch people are also part of the “German Race”.

      They have the same historical bloodlines as the German people – same roots.

      • MJD on October 24, 2015

        Modern Germanic peoples include the Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, Germans, Austrians, English, Dutch, Afrikaners, Flemish, Frisians, Lowland Scots and others (including diaspora populations).

  • Erik on September 2, 2014


    Beautiful Scene from the TV series “VIKINGS”. In this scenes Bjorn (Played by German-Canandian actor Alexander Ludwig) is interducing himself to a beautiful Germanic girl with the aim of making her his wife.

    This is how our Germanic ancestors lived 1000-2000 years ago. Simple life. Beautiful life. Without the sickness being promoted today by our eternal enemies.

    To my Germanic borthers in Germanic Europe I say this :

    Have more Germanic babies. Stop the self impsed sterile lifestyle promoted by Judeo-Feminism. If our Germnanic heritage and our race is to survive this is what must be done. Remove the aliens in our midst by the process of repatriation.

    Don’t let those who want to wipe out our beautiful Germanic race succed.

    Only beauty can save us:

    In order to save our Germanic race we must speak to the heart of our people in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and in all Germanic Europe. We must awaken them by showing them the light and beauty of our race and heriage. We must streaghten their moral. We must make them love their race and be proud of their race once again.


    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia (To be freed soon! 🙂 )

    • Josh on September 10, 2014

      Dear Erik,

      Can I call you “King Erik Of Sweden” – King Of The Germanic Peoples?

      Judging by your comments, It is OBVIOUS that you truly love your Germanic identity.

      You are a true patriot.

      Only Adolf Hitler was able to love the Germanic peoples as you do 🙂

      Adolf would have been proud of you.

      We need people like you to be leaders.

      God Bless You! 🙂

  • Black Sun on August 22, 2014

    Dennis, You have got brass balls man!I’ve seen a lot of good documentaries in my time but not one has shaken the foundations of subjective understanding as deeply as TGSNT, TotW shook me pretty good years ago but not like this. In my life I seek Truth no matter what, too damn bad if I don’t like what I find, and adjust my perspective accordingly. I will research your documentary thoroughly in the coming months and have shared it as well. I am objective in my pursuit so if I find you’ve been fibbing- I will be back 😉 My common sense tells me though that you are not. If that’s the case, you’ve taken a hell of a risk publishing this. The extant thought police are a powerful force and do not take hits like this lightly. The greatest admiration I can hold for another being is that they are true to their own Will and they can hold their own without harming another life yet when attacked can defend with extreme prejudice. I’ve dealt with racism most of my life (and I live in what is supposedly one of the freest countries in the world)and have zero respect for any meat sack that thinks its better because of its skin color or breeding as we have copious evidence that most of humanity are just plain corrupt or corruptible, but accord every being its right to be its self regardless of color belief etc as long as they do it with integrity and aren’t pushing their reality tunnel on others passively or aggressively. This film has opened a door that I would never have suspected and for that I thank you, this is indeed a masterpiece and a necessary document in the theater of the War on humanity. I hope the whole planet sees it.

    • alex on August 23, 2014

      Of course is it a war on humanity’s future. But most importantly it is a war on the right of the peoples of Europe to exist and survive.

      There’s a program of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the peoples of Europe.

      Are you an Anti-White or Pro-White?

      If you are an Anti-White then you are an enemy.

      If you are Pro-White than you are a friend.

      Which is it?

    • Gibson on August 23, 2014

      No one is flooding Africa with non Africans and says “no one is better than the other because of its skin color or breeding” so we’re gonna create a blended humanity in only Africa.

      No one is flooding Asia with non Asians.

      No one is flooding Arab countries with non Arabs.

      Only white countries are flooded. It’s genocide.

      What you said about races being equal to one another is true and untrue.

      Races are equal in terms of human rights. Nothing more. Skin color and race DOES MATTER in the sense that darker skin color is associated with being poor and low IQ. Brown countries are poor and have an IQ score which is 70 to 86 – less than needed to maintain a high civilization.

      Please stop with your politically correct BS.

      “I have zero respect to any meat sack who think its better..”

      This is emotional response.

      Logically it is none sense. Human races are not equal. They were never equal and they will never be equal. This is the way they were created by God.

      Are Somalis and Europeans “equal” in terms of their abilities and cultural gains?

      Europeans will never be better runners than Somalis and Somalis will never be as smart and intelligent as Europeans.

      • Erik on August 24, 2014

        Dear Gibson,

        What are doing?!

        Black Sun did not say that the peoples of Europe don’t have the right to preserve themselves.

        You’ve attacked him for no reason.

        You probably misunderstood him but this is why you need to read what he has to say word by word.

        He did not say races are equal in terms of their abilities. What he said is that one’s race and skin color doesn’t mean one should be treated better or worse than someone of a different race.

        Even though what you’d written is technically correct, it has nothing to do with what Black Sun had written. You’ve attacked him for no reason. You’ve accused him for no reason. You’ve made false accusations. He didn’t say Europeans don’t have the right to preserve their racial and cultural identity. He doesn’t support White Genocide.

        You should apologize for accusing him for no reason.


        The Frozen North – Where There Is Almost No Sun Light [But we do have electricity 🙂 ]

    • Jam on August 23, 2014

      Thank you Black Sun for your comment. 🙂

      You can help in waking more people up!

  • Henry on August 19, 2014

    Message to those pushing the program of genocide against the peoples of Europe:

    Those behind multiculturalism in European lands, will be hanged and will die slowly and painfully.

    We will make sure they will take 20 or 30 minutes to die, their neck will not break but they will die of suffocation. We’ll make sure of that.

    You’re trying to wipe our people and our race from the face of the planet?! We’ll wipe you out SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.

    It’s about time that we clean up the mess the the crazies who control our society are doing.

    Sick bastards.

    • Paul on April 27, 2015

      You noughty troll….;’] Has the holy babble never told you to ”do unto others as you would like them do to you”…..?

  • Alex on August 7, 2014

    Bonjour I am French and sorry to speak French ,My english is bad 🙁
    J’ai regarder votre documentaire et je le trouve génial ,Merci à vous,mais j’ai quelques questions qui restent sans réponses ,Que pensez vous dans les camps D’IG farben qui a decouvert le Sarin,l’ont t’ils utiliser ? et si oui pourquoi ?
    Merci à vous ,je vous aiment !!!! 🙂

  • Erik on August 6, 2014

    National Socialist Anthem played by Germany’s team at London 2012 Olympic Games and they were forced to apologize for the “crime” of being proud to be German and the “crime” of having Germanic blood.

    Germans, don’t give a damn on what others think. Oppose the genocide of muliticulturalism, Repatriate the aliens in Germany and UNITE with your Germanic blood brothers in Germanic Europe. The future of the Germanic peoples (Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Holland, England) will be decided within the next decade or two.

    Protect the Germanic blood, It’s the most important thing you’ve got!

    Look at this:


    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

    • Erik on June 2, 2015

      Here’s the video regarding the above link:

      This is the video in which our Zio dominated world made these two beautiful German girls feel like it is a crime to be proud to be German and of Germanic heritage.

      Zion doesn’t want the Germanic peoples to be proud of their Germanic race and identity.

  • Marjan on July 19, 2014

    Can you past those links on your site, so we can click on them directly. It is very hard to type every single link from video.

  • Erik on July 15, 2014

    WW2 in color:

    Berlin parade in 1939 to celebrate Hitler’s fiftieth birthda:

    another photo:

    Beautiful German girls at Kassel, Germany, After WW2 in the American Occupation Zone. Rare True Color Picture:

    These girls really represent the beauty of the Germanic (Nordic) race.

    I am so sad that Germany (and the Germanic peoples as a whole) lost World War II.


    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

    • WhitePride on July 18, 2014

      These little German girls are sooooooo cute 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’m glad they didn’t fall into the Soviet Zone.

      Millions of German women including hundreds of thousands of little German girls (as those in the picture) were brutally RAPED 🙁 and MURDERED 🙁 by the Bolshevics.

      It makes me so angry to think about it.

      • Erik on June 6, 2015

        You’re right, these German girls are very cute.. They are also part of a great race – my race – a race that had managed to defeat the once mighty Roman Empire. Germans managed to defeat Rome due to their Norse blood and heritage. They have the same blood as the Vikings as they are of the same stock, same blood.

        Gud Med Oss

        Occupied Sweden

  • Anonymous on July 10, 2014

    I have seen most of the videos on this site; and while my opinion has changed slightly, i must say that all the good Hitler did for Germany; econmic wise, ect, it does not excuse him for all the mass murders this site does not mention that took place in thousands of concentration camps. Ok so the Jewish brought down banks and caused bankruptcy and things like that, so dont allow them to own a bank or anything. Dont kill them all. So all in all, the countless good deeds Hitler has done for one country/society does not excuse him for destroying the rest of the world.

    • hurts2wakeup on October 23, 2014

      280,000 People died in the camps, because of the supply lines being bomed to dust by the ‘allies’, hence NO Food and a Typhus epidemic.
      NO Jews were systematically exterminated, thats all propaganda. Now compare the 280,000, unavoidable deaths, with the Millions of innocents killed in the fire-bombings of Germany and Japan, or the Millions that the Communists did Murder, or the allied Jew run Death camps. It does hurt to wake up, and to realize that everything that you have ever been told is a lie, I know it, but man you have to do it!!!

    • Erik on August 18, 2014

      Adolf Hitler did not want to have society of degenerates. Adolf Hitler wanted a strong and a healthy race.

      Adolf Hitler wanted to improve the racial health of the German people. Hitler wanted the German people to be strong and healthy much like the ancient Germanic ancestors of Germany – the Germanic tribes of Scandinavia.

      Adolf Hitler a responsible man. He wanted no sickness or degeneracy to be tolerated as he understood it is damaging to society with millions of lives destroyed by sick values. Hitler did not want sick values. He wanted healthy values to improve the racial health of the German people.

      “The German boy must be slim. with long limbs, rapid as a hare,. tough as leather and solid as steel….We are determined to create a new race” (i.e. a healthy race) – Adolf Hitler 1938.

      There’s a movie from 1994 called “Pentathlon” that tells this very story of creating a strong and healthy German race. The main character in the movie is named “Erik”, much like me 🙂

      Here are the first 10 minutes of the movie – It will give you an idea of how Hitler wanted to improve the German race:

      the negative side of this movie is the movie is an anti-German propaganda as it presents Germans racists rather than just people who want to improve the racial health.


      Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

      • Donald on January 6, 2015

        “Noble Wolf”:

      • Paul on April 27, 2015

        INDEED….gas all the gypsies, mongoloids,homosexuals,invalids and other non white scum……let´s march to a bright strong future. Praise THE LORD our JESUS…….HEIL HITLER.

        • Erik on April 29, 2015

          In Germanic (Nordic) Mythology there’s a very weird looking and mystical creature called Troll. It is an ugly looking creature – very ugly.

          Germanic kids are told of this creature, sometimes it hides in mountains, sometimes it hides under bridges. But one thing we weren’t told as kids, that sometimes this ugly troll can hide in the comment section putting slanders of gassings and accusations of murder onto our Germanic heroes and Germanic brothers and sisters.

          You’ve must have seen the doc, so after all the fact are presented to you why do you let your trollish mind close before reality?! Is reality to painful to accept?!

          Dennis Wise’s work is 100% correct. I’ve researched the facts presented here myself.
          And Dennis is 100% correct. In fact even before watching the doc, I already assumed that the holocaust is a lie and that there was no intention to PHYSICALLY kill European Jewry.

          I know the noble Germanic qualities of my people in Scandinavia and thus of our blood brothers in Germany – our descendants – and I could instinctively tell that the holocaust story is false. It is a complete fabrication imposed on the German people whose only crime is that it had lost WW2 and we lost it too.

          I don’t hate individual Jews, but I don’t love them either. I do hate organized Jewry and the Jewish fanatics bent on destroying my race and my culture.

          I don’t hate homosexuals, I just feel sorry for them. But I don’t want the to SPREAD their disease in public either. If you suffer from an abnormality – it’s not your fault and it’s not SOCIETYs fault either.

          BTW the non-white races you so seem to protect are million times more likely to murder homosexuals then the so called “White Racists” you so seem to despise.

          I can assure you that a homosexual would be much safe living in a “white nationalist state” than in a Muslim or African state – places where the poor gays are stoned to death or hanged from the top of the trees.

          Hitler didn’t hate non white race – He respected other peoples and races.
          You’ve being conditioned that pride in one’s own race – if your are white of cure – equals “hating other races”. Both have no relation at all. You were brainwashed indeed.

          National Socialism is simply following the Natural deign or God’s creation.

          If you follow the design – don’t mix races in the same geography, don’t promote gender rule confusion, don’t promote sexual deviance and unhealthy values – your live will be better and you will be happy.

          If you ignore the natural laws and redefine reality according to your sick Marxist agenda – i.e. you paly “God” – you will suffer.

          Thus political correctness is a sickness as it goes against the foundations of nature itself.

          National Socialism was a cure against this type of sickness.

          The cure – the only cure – was destroyed in 1945 by the enemies of nature , Hence the sick world we have today.

          You can still heal yourself on an individual level if you do your own research.

          Research and see the everything presented in the “Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told” is 100% true.

          You Watch You Decide indeed.

          Go hand in hand med nature – not against it and your life will be happy.

          Gud Med Oss

          Occupied Sweden

  • Erik on July 7, 2014

    The meaning of the name “Adolf”.

    “Adolf” is an ancient Germanic (i.e. Nordic) name used by peoples of Germanic blood (Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Danes, Dutch etc.) It means “Noble Wolf” in ancient Germanic. It was borne by several Swedish kings as a first or second name, most notably by Gustav II Adolf in the 17th century. Since the end of WW2, Association of the name with Adolf Hitler, made the name “Adolf” barely used as the name itself was demonized by the Jewish media for 70 years.

    Even in Sweden, when the name Adolf was a holy Germanic name given to the most important kings, is barely used. The name Adolf was spread to Germany from Scandinavia, as We, the Germanic peoples of Scandinavia are historically the forefathers of the German people.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s revive the name “Adolf” by clearing it from the anti-German (and really anti-Germanic) propaganda of the past 70 years.


    The Frozen North.

    • konwayk on July 7, 2014

      Don’t worry. People already started calling “Adolf Hitler” as “Adolf the Great” on youtube. I am hoping that more and more people will learn the truth soon.

  • Marian on July 2, 2014

    Hi Dennis,

    This documentary is a mind blowing masterpiece. For years I have been trying to connect the dots somehow. I lived in Germany for 6 years and people there are still afraid of even mentioning the name of USA (Our Sacred Xxxxx) and anything connected to the that time in German history.

    I could write a whole dissertation here, however I would like to ask you two questions first, if I may:

    1. Are you Jewish, including your interviewer John Friend?
    2. What motivated you to make such a documentary?

    Mit freundliche Gruessen

    • Dennis Wise on July 7, 2014

      Firstly thank you for you positive opening comment. No, I am not Jewish and neither is John Friend. My motivation to make the documentary was
      1. I could not live with myself if I had not revealed what I was told by my father as a young boy, especially once I knew it was possible to tell the story with the arrival of the internet.
      2. By telling the story I hoped that many of German descent would be freed from the shackels of guilt wrongly laid upon them by the victors of WW2.
      3. In the hope that one day the present evil ruling this world is finally defeated and that this documentary played a role in it’s downfall.

  • mario on June 23, 2014

    Dear Dennis, I believe you should win a Nobel Prize for this work.

    Groundbreaking work indeed. Now people know why the world in 2014 is the way it is.

    I wish Germany had won.

  • Erik on May 7, 2014

    Here’s the National Anthem of our Germanic brothers in Germany.

    Germans! your Germanic blood brothers in Scandinavia LOVE you! 🙂

    Please preserve your Germanic race in Germany! Oppose the racial genocide of Multiculturalism! Unite with your Germanic brothers in Europe!

    • Kristallnacht on May 6, 2014

      Anti-German Propaganda! I can see them lieing, and all they say is to keep poor idiots in mind that Hitler Germany was terrible and horrible and bad. Remember, many people are wakeing up, and they dont want it. They want to keep lieing, coz with truth they are not able to handle the humans. BTW they send every Year 30.000 young Teenager to Auschwitz for a horror/freak-show. Got it bro !? they try to trick everybody out, even themselfes! 😉

      2012 Israelische Gehirnwäsche in der Schule; so entsteht Hass Angst Rücksichtslosigkeit

      and listen to Ray Hagins, he explains the Jews very well!

      Ray Hagins: The illegitimacy of a people called JEWS

  • KAT on May 3, 2014

    I cannot say enough good things about you people for finally putting together the so many covered bits and pieces of truth to make a clear, concise and factual narrative to counter the complete and utter lies that are the “official history”.

    I took the red pill 30+ years ago when I was the teacher’s assistant to our HS history teacher and he told me: “You know history better than most of my former professors, but that which you know is all a bunch of fabricated lies and bullshit, meet me at my house tonight for dinner and we will begin your real education”. It was the late 70’s and the first thing he warned me was “This knowledge can kill you, people disappear all the time for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. There will come a time when it can be more freely discussed, but that time is not now. In the early 1990’s when the internet began to grow beyond us hand-full of Compuserve users, I ran into him, we exchanged emails, and when I got home his first email said: “This is going to change everything, but be careful still for a few more years until it has grown too big for them to stop and remember nothing is secure.

    He started me in reverse, beginning with “now” and working backwards in time, and this way I was able to better grasp all the connections and they questions of “Why would they, did they lie” were much easier to understand, the connections are very obvious, and it is much easier to fact check and it’s much easier to relate to how it applies to yourself. The strong emotions this produces in oneself causes you to deeply question everything and thus demands you investigate and consider all possibilities thoroughly before coming to a decision whether to accept it as truth or not, and if not, then to find the statistically most likely truth.

    This being long before the internet, took well into my early 20’s, until one day he finally said: “Now you know everything that it took me 50 years to learn, and we have together increased that knowledge, and so now I ask you as an equal, what do you think about ______ (some current event), and when I presented my case, he laughed and said: “Grasshopper has learned well”, to which I replied in my best Darth Vadar: “Now I am the master”.

    That moment in which it seems to have suddenly dawned on many people like myself that the internet was finally too big to stop the flow of information seem to be mid 2003. Suddenly the information went from a trickle to a garden hose, now it’s more like the Amazon, a ton of information and a lot of mud.

    This which you have created though, this is as pure as the ice melt-water at the head of the river, it is a huge D-Flawless diamond that once seen, cannot be ignored or forgotten, and it’s timing is perfection. In a decade we may very well compare it to the Battle of Midway, Trafalgar or the ride of Paul Revere as one of history’s great turning points. Once seen, it cannot be denied. The more one researches and tries to prove it wrong, the more it’s truth convicts the heart and mind.

    WWII is far from over…

    Bless you, I shall keep you in my prayers, KAT

    • DennisWise on May 4, 2014

      Hi Kat, I have had many emails praising my work, also sent with blessings and with offers of prayers, and all of which I have been truly grateful for. However, few have touched me more than this comment. It is both appreciated and inspiring at the same time. Your teacher was incredibly wise, especially with the remarkable idea of teaching you in reverse. Thank you again for taking the time to write such a wonderful comment. Dennis

    • Paul on April 27, 2015

      YEH praise JAWEH …Jesus Our Lord……the internet shall set us free to prepare ,for all out war against the vampire bankers…..OOOH mighty Lord ,,,that we might see this holy day….we will start the church of Adolf…..and we WILL win…this time.All you brave souls here are the vanguard of a new righteous army that will slay all jews ,invalids, homosexuals,lesbians, gypsies and other non Aryan scum…S I E G !!!!!

  • baigish on April 27, 2014

    It unfortunate that the Wilhelm Gustloff was not mentioned in this series. My understanding is that 9,500 fleeing civilians were drown when the KdF ship was torpedoed by the Russians. They knew that it was a hospital ship. The titanic sunk with 1,500 people on board.

    Trying to understand WWII puts most mortals into sensory overload, because the immense suffering was/is to great to even begin to comprehend.

    I certainly enjoyed the series.


  • German Master Race on April 23, 2014

    What a load of bullshit!
    Hitler, Himmler & Borman all agreed that christiantity is NOT compatible with National Socialism!
    Our Aryan Hero said that both bolshevism & Christianity were created by the dirty jew kike to keep the white man weak!
    Hitler called Christianity a creation of sick minds & a religion only fit for slaves!

    • Dennis Wise on April 23, 2014

      Germany was 99% a Christian country. It was the great deception to hide from the Christian Allied soldiers that Hitler was fighting a holy war against Bolshevism. Hitler was born and died a Catholic as did his parents (who’s grave he prayed over), and so did his wife and her family. Joseph Goebbels was also a Catholic as was his family. Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Himmler were Catholic, who along with every single SS soldier swore a holy oath. Heinrich Müller was Reinhard Heydrich’s right hand man also Catholic, Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, and Adolf Eichmann had Protestant backgrounds. Not one of the top Nazi leaders was raised in a atheistic family. Hitler’s allies were also Christian and Spain who he helped save from the communists who rampaged slaughtering priests and nuns in the Spanish Civil war. Hitler’s army was half Catholic, half Protestant and invaded the Soviet Union with “God is with us” on 3 million belt buckles. Even the Vatican helped many National Socialists escape. after the war. There is only one man the Jews hate more than Hitler and most would think it would be impossible for Jews to hate ANYONE more than Hitler. The evidence does not say anything else but National Socialist Germany was CHRISTIAN.

      “My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a
      fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded
      by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and
      summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest
      not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian
      and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord
      at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the
      Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight
      against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with
      deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact
      that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As
      a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have
      the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is
      anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly, it is
      the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty
      to my own people. And when I look on my people I see them work and
      work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week they have only
      for their wages wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning
      and see these men standing in their queues and look into their
      pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very
      devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two
      thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people
      are plundered and exposed.”

      Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich on April 12, 1922,

    • Kristallnacht on April 30, 2014

      @German Master Race,.. Du hast keine ahnung, genauso wenig bist du Deutsch! Hitler war Katolisch, aber er mochte Martin Luther und interessierte sich für die evangelische Kirche. Hitler war gläubiger Christ. Er hat das Sonnensymbol für recht und freiheit benutzt. Hitler war nicht umsonst in Ägypten!

    • nick on June 25, 2014

      The German army was the only army in WW2 who marched with “Gott Mit Uns” written all over it.

    • Paul on April 27, 2015

      Indeed Adolf cynically used Christian terms to win over the smallminded superstitious sheep. He and his cronies smirked about it. `We can use that idiot religion too`… and soon enough we´ll have enough cannon fodder to realise our wet dreams. Nazi ideology with its pagan symbols stood right opposite the hypocryte christian ideals, which however also was invented to keep the little people in line. The fact that he ralied against the jews and not against the thieving corrupt Vatican, was because he needed their banks to bankrole his buzzing arms factories.

  • Erik on March 19, 2014

    Question to Dennis Wise

    Do you consider working alongside Dr. David Duke and others??

    I believe that it is essential, that your videos will be watched by everyone on this planet.

    I’m doing my own part in spreading your videos all over the internet, but I think that that more should be done.

    • Dennis Wise on June 26, 2014

      As much as admire the work and bravery of Dr. David Duke and of others, I feel I work at my best when working on my own.

  • pochnof on February 16, 2014

    The light will lead with you guy that is the best work never seen before you was open the giant doors behind the mysteries of WW2 and that will support us to complete the holy dream of the fuhrer…

  • pochnof on February 16, 2014

    Great job you are the door to complete the holy dream…

    • Paul on April 27, 2015

      So true….Adolf was a holy man. Together we can build a church for him. Now let´s kneel and pray. `Holy Adolfus come to our resque,and save this world from imminent destruction from the eternal jew`´PRAISE JESUS !

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