Part 27 Babylon Before Hitler – Bonus

  • Ionel on July 20, 2016

    Can someone show me an history of the jewish people and their control over the world? it would be interesant to know the enemy

    • John on August 22, 2016

      Check out Dennis Wise’s – New World Order: Communism by the Backdoor
      You’ll find it on Youtube. Same author/maker as The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • Erik on May 12, 2016

    The Horrific Jewish subversion of Christianity into a weapon against White Christians:

    Dr. David Duke interviews British Activist Mark Collett on the Rising Movement in Britain to Save Britain and the People of Europe:

    Dr. Duke Interviews Pierre Martin in Paris on Battle against the Jewish-Led Ethnic Cleansing of Europe:

    Fight to save our White race and our heritage. Fight to keep Europe Christian in the real sense! Remove the invaders from our lands!

    Don’t let International Jewry and Islamic fanatics the power they don’t really have. We have all they power! They are able to what they do to us because we ALLOW them to do so! Once we are awaken the International Jews, the traitors and the invaders will be destroyed once and for all!

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on April 28, 2016


    The Great Hanna Reitsch – The Woman who wanted to save Our Great Adolf:
    German Women who guarded the Bergen-Belsen camp where communists and enemies of the state were held:
    German Women In Training 1937:
    German Woman With Her Children – Importance Of Family Values :,_Mutter_mit_Kindern.jpg
    German Women Parade – The Beauty Of Our Race :,_BDM,_Gymnastikvorf%C3%BChrung.jpg
    A group of German girls line up to learn musical culture under auspices of the Nazi Youth Movement in Berlin on February 24, 1936:
    The Nordic Spear – The ideal German Woman:

    These are mothers of our mighty race.

    Gud Med Oss

  • elizabeth adams on March 5, 2016

    Wow. What a bunch of religious zealots posting here. Perfect examples of why I know there is no such thing as a God. I never knew there was this conclave of Hitler worshipers – damn scary. You think Berlin was evil and demented – you need to look in the mirror.

    • Erik on March 9, 2016

      Tell me, What do you worship?!

      – Materialism.
      – Racial Degeneration.
      – Sexual degeneracy.
      – Genocide of the the most advanced race via assimilation.
      – Society where there are no morals, no absolute right and wrong where everything is allowed and tolerated. Society that creates misery and suffering and destroys peoples’ lives due to its sick values.
      – No future for Western Civilization.

      The points mentioned above is what YOU and people like you support.

      I on the other hand support preserving, improving and building the race and the nation in order to lesson human suffering so people can be happy and truly love each other based on common racial and cultural heritage.

      I support preserving, building and improving – God’s way . YOU support Poisoning, Destroying and degrading – Satan’s way.

      Who is your “God” then!? God or Satan?!

      Gud Med Oss

      • JS on March 19, 2016

        I consider myself an atheist/agnostic, yet I completely agree with your words. Whether it is “God’s way,” or even if there is a god, I will never be sure, but it is the true way I feel in my heart. “Progress” has been perverted and destroyed by modern society and I wish the atheists around me saw this as well.

        • Kristallnacht on April 14, 2016

          Yuri Bezmenov- Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

          Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), a Soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983.

          Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India – and defected to the West in 1970.

          Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology.

          He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet propaganda as total subversion of another country and the four-step formula for achieving this goal.

          He recalls the details of how he escaped India, defected to the West, and settled in Montreal as an announcer for the CBC.

          Note the segments starting at around 14 and 24 minutes into the video.

      • MegaTroll on May 17, 2016

        You know when the trained seals had been taught to hate the white south africans and it was africa for africans and one man one vote majority rules. These trained seals clapped when the blacks would chant “one settler, one bullet” I just wonder how kosher it would be if whites adopted a policy of “One jew, one bullet?” How would that fly or would the trained seals not clap for that one? Just thinking out loud.

  • karl on February 22, 2016

    this documentary opened new windows of truth regarding ww2 it shows that the jews are the real enemy but also i researched that the globalists dont get themselves involved in a war unless they control both sides? did the illuminati or globalists control both nazi germany and the jew world order and pitted one side against the other?

  • Erik on February 21, 2016

    Eastern-Europe against Muslims:
    Demonstration in poland:

    By Muslims we have to realize that we as Europeans mean ANY Brown or Black individual. In Sweden it’s the same, When we the Nationalists talk about “Muslims” we are using the term as a code-word for non-whites who burn cars in our streets, rape our women and invade our lands by taking advantage of our sick ZOG government. Any non-whites is a “Muslim” regardless of their actual faith.

    Let me tell you “Muslims” or Browns or Blacks. Your days in our nations are numbered. Once we stop supporting you via walefare (since we can’t anymore) you will go rioting in the streets and we will wait for you. The gloves would be off (once we cleanse our governments of traitors) and you will test VIKING wrath for the first time in 1000 years. The wrath of Thor shall be upon you. Your skulls would be crushed, we will bury you with pigs so you can’t reach your dear “ALLAH”, you will be expelled from our lands missing arms and limbs crying for your ALLAH or your MUMMY, if you won’t be willing to leave your getthos and remove your asses from our lands. We shall bury you there (!) without food or water until you beg us to remove you from there.

    My point is that you’ll pay! for every one Swedish woman raped by you we will kill 100 of yours! Let’s see how brave you are once the WHITE MAN is awaken removing the gloves, once you stop living on OUR expense with our walefare.

    Europe is a WHITE homeland and it is culturally CHRISTIAN. And it will REMAIN that way!

    You shall drink from our Baltic sea!

    Gud Med Oss – The Swedish Nationalists

    • Karl on February 27, 2016

      Interracial relationship is inevitable. Even hitler allowed other races in his army. He calls them honorary aryans. White supremist like you are just as horrible as the jews, racist “the chosen ones”. And also, just because a “Muslim” rapes someone does not mean he’s a real Muslim. How in the world does Islam teaches not to rape. But if a Muslim did it all of a sudden you’re blaming Islam or “Muslims”. It’s just a lunatic idiot.

      Similarly, there are orthodox jews rallying and protesting in thousands on the streets against jews for killing palestinians and they know whats right and wrong.

      • Erik on March 5, 2016

        Hi Karl,

        “Interracial relationship is inevitable”

        First you “liberals” flood White Countries and ONLY White Countries with those of another race and then you say “Interracial relationship is inevitable”. Can’t you see the paradox here?! Race-Mixing wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t flood the place with aliens to begin with!!

        Don’t forget that this interracial dating is being forced on White countries and ONLY white countries as no one is pushing immigration and “assimilation” anywhere in the world but White countries! This assimilation of alien races amounts to GENOCIDE under international law and therefore it is a crime to be hang for. In the mean time Japan, Korea, China, India, Arabia, Nigeria and the rest of the non-white world can escape the “joys” of interracial marriage while the white race is being driven toward extinction.

        Hitler was against this genocide through assimilation we know as race-mixing:

        However, Hitler was not “against” other races per-se.

        Obeying the Racial Laws were the last point Hitler made to the German people in his Last Political Testament:

        “Even hitler allowed other races in his army” – What’s your point?! Yes, but only a limited number and mainly on the Waffen SS. Most people who fought for Germany were in fact Europeans – White Christians – while only a small number were from other races. Hitler did not hate other races per se. But asked them to respect Germany’s racial laws.

        – “He calls them honorary aryans” – Yes, Even Jews who were loyal to Germany were called Honorary Aryans and were given special status. That doesn’t mean that Hitler allowed the Jews as a whole – or these non-whites you talk about – to stay in Germany and mix in great numbers with German women. Few rare exceptions were tolerated (less than 0.5%) but cross-breeding as a principle was never tolerated and obviously the National Socialists would have NEVER allowed the CONDITIONS that allow for race-mixing to take place in the first place i.e. flooding Germany and the rest of Europe with other races under the guise of “guest workers”, “refugee crisis”,”low-birthrate”,”labor-shortage”, “diversity and tolerance”, “Multiculturalism” – all of which are covers for the real agenda which is WHITE GENOCIDE.

        If the Axis or the Nazis had one the war there would be no race-mixing in Europe and no such thing as “interracial relationship” since non-whites would not be allowed as citizens in European nations in the first place. Without importing the problem into Europe there will be no problem. Japan today has no problem of race-mixing since they aren’t stupid enough and crazy enough to flood themselves with those of another race. The Japanese would tell you how the problem of “race-mixing” can be avoided :

        Keep your borders, Keep your heritage and be proud of your ancestors and what you are!

        – “White supremist like you are just as horrible as the jews, racist “the chosen ones”.”

        White Supremacy is not an ideology. White Supremacy just a fact of life that all people and all races have to accept if they are honest with themselves and can let go of ego. We Whites had made the modern world what it is today. 99% of all inventions were made by us including the computer and the internet you’re using to write your silly accusations.

        What is TRUTH:

        I’m not a supermacist in the sense that I want to control other races or be supreme over them, I just accept as a reality – as a fact of life – that my race is more evolved and thus “superior” to others(by agreed upon standards such as intelligence, creativity, influence etc.)
        It is a fact of life whether I like it or not I have to accept this reality. Let me tell you a secret you are also a White Supremacist!!!

        Yes you are, you prefer to leave in a White society over a Black and Brown society were the standard of living is many times lower, the crime-rate is crazy and people are just more primitive in both their looks as well as their manners. Blacks and browns are also white supermacists – that’s why they want to flood into white nations and live at the expense and labor of our race. The proof is in their actions.

        Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:

        No, we are not as horrible as the Jews, I want to preserve my own race – Sweden and the Germanic peoples- in its own natural habitat. Unlike the Jews I don’t want to rule over other races, establish One World Government, exploit them via usury etc, have 2800 gentile slaves etc.

        I just want to be left alone with my own folk in OUR OWN HOMELAND and be free. I just want my race to SURVIVE and be FREE. I don’t want to rule other races, exploit them, hurt them or genocide them. I want leave them alone and I want them to leave us alone. The so called “superiority” of my race is only in terms of evolutionary progress – something that can be proven by logic and reason – while the superiority that Jews claim for themselves has nothing to do with concrete facts but rather by the self-delusion of being chosen by God and being God. The Jews claim that they are superior from a cosmic point of view i.e. God says…. while I conclude through reason and logic that one race is more evolved or “superior” to another. They base their philosophy on delusion and fantasy i.e. ideology with no basis in reality, while I base my conclusions on pure LOGIC just like one might conclude that Man is superior evolutionary-wise to a horse through OBSERVATION. This is a BIG DIFFERENCE!

        Islam does teach to disrespect women who don’t follow their teachings.
        I didn’t say that Islam per-se teaches to rape women. I only said that MUSLIMS rape women. Whether they are motivated by their religion or not isn’t my concern. My point is that non-whites – Muslims or not – don’t belong in Europe and therefore they should be REMOVED from Europe by what ever means – including brutal violent means!

        We have the right for self preservation and for defending ourselves.

        “there are orthodox jews rallying and protesting in thousands on the streets against jews for killing palestinians and they know whats right and wrong”

        This Jews don’t give a damn on the suffering of the Palestinian people. They just want to wait for their Messiah to come and they consider the Jewish state as immoral creation UNTIL the coming of their Messiah – The Anti-Chirst.

        Their motives aren’t love for the palestinians but love for the palestinans. Even though I do believe that there are some honest Jews who can identify with the suffering going on in Gaza. Not all Jews are evil. But many of them are, and these are the ones we are fighting against.

        In my country – Sweden – Muslims are THE issue. Therefore I find it difficult to put my energies into caring for the plaestinians.

        Let me put it this way : Muslims are ,at the moment, the enemy of my people and the Palestinians ARE Muslims, while at the same time the Jews are the enemies of my people While the israelis are Jews.

        How can I identify with any of them?!

        Neither is in a position to be my “friend”.

        While I don’t wish harm for the Palestinians I cannot put my energies into making friends with muslims since muslims are the the number one issue in my country!

        One needs to play politics with the head not with the heart!

        P.S regarding my last comment I want to clarify What I meant:

        “for every one Swedish woman raped by you we will kill 100 of yours”

        – I did not mean kill 100 of their women as I regard attacking women and children as immoral, I really meant killing 100 of their MALES engaged in rioting, raping, burning cars etc.

        I’m not for harming innocent people – they can be removed from our land in a civilized manner.

        Gud Med Oss

  • Ran Khavzon on February 17, 2016

    As a Jew, i’m extermly appalled that this is what Jews really are.

    As a little child, I used to hate Germans and Nazis, then I loved the germans.
    And started thinking that the world would be better with the presence of the third reich, but the “holocaust” and so called racial cleansing.

    But my dear friend has shown me that the holocaust is fake, and he gaved me this link to this amazing documentary.

    After watching this, I am ashamed to be a Jew

    Oy vey
    Oy vey

    Who knew were that devious? I didn’t before I watched this docu.
    © 2016 Dennis Wise, Truth Will Out Films, All Rights Reserved | Official Site to Raise Awareness & Encourage Open Debate

  • Erik on January 26, 2016

    Mein Kampf: Multiculturalism Will Fail

    If You Follow God’s Design And God’s Order For Nature, Your Life Will Be Better My Son! You Will Be Happy!

    Nature Made You In A Certain Race, God Made You Made In A Certain Way. He Knows What’s Best For You! Follow The Natural Oder, Follow God, And You Will Be Happy! God Knows Better Than You!

    Gud Med Oss

    • Anders on January 29, 2016

      I’m all for Mein Kampf, and I understand your opinion of not being interested in for example Europeans dating Africans or Hispanics dating Europeans, or Africans dating Muslims. I feel if the Axis forces had won the war and establish their world. This would’ve happened, and been accepted. Not to the standards of the entire race being abolished and wiped out. Not at all. But the fact that individuals choose to would be fine. Hitler never had issues with interracial dating except with Jews specifically towards the end of the war. So he put them in a camp together because tensions got high, many could betray the nation and everyone within it. They didn’t exterminate them but they did need to get them together in one place. Funny how America and Britan practiced this so much as well as Israel yet they point out the “atrocities” of the Germans during WWII. This is sickening, and when you look at what the Zionist Jew bastards are now doing over in Palestine.
      I get your point of view, and I don’t hate it. I respect it. But I myself am married to a Hispanic girl, and that isn’t a problem to me nor my family whom carry similar beliefs as I do. You can’t deny the fact that will be proven sometime in the future, and it’s seeming that it’s already begun long ago with the end of WWII, the Zionist Jew isn’t going to just stop there with only Palestine. America is essentially Israel. They are one in the same in terms of governments. Things are going to get very bad for humanity as a whole, as in speaking of every race and every nation. Animals, insects, ecosystems. I don’t think what the Zionist Jews are going to bring humanity and Earth as a whole will be anything good. Study early back into late 500’s and early 600’s A.D. – Where’s the history of any Jew outside the bible (which, with all respect, is not any kind of historical document)? That question is a thorn in the Zionist’s side. Dig a bit deeper, then keep digging deep in a forward motion through time researching what the Jew did. They wrote themselves into history. Whatever agenda the Zionist scum is behind, it’s one that personally and for many people I know scares. Then the fact you can’t even so much as study then speak of your findings about the holocaust. You can, but forbid you make a name for yourself – You will be targeted. It will happen. They’ll get you at whatever chance they get. Oh, is he traveling in a foreign country and he promoted that? Cuff’em! He’ll pay up to us in court with fines and apologies! Then we’ll smear and humiliate him “holocaust denier anti-semite”. Yeah, something about this all is very scary, fishy and wrong. To get that reaction from GOVERNMENTS and COURT SYSTEMS over the “un-disputable face of history” (the “holocaust” of the jews during wwii as mass genocide of their people which not one document in human words can confirm, only photos, which are easy to fake without many eyewitnesses. and how many eyewitnesses do we have? yeah, the story continues getting glimmer and glimmer for them. We must atleast attempt as humanity to not let them accomplish this and that, for now, is spreading this knowledge and many other knowledge like it to our own peoples, other races, and other nations. Anyone, no one should not know this. The jews aren’t even real god damn jews they stole that from Africa and Hitler himself discussed and knew this, he directly spoke of it. The Jew, mankind’s greatest enemy. Hitler, mankind’s one true hope which was demonized by the Zionist Jew. He wasn’t the first, and hasn’t been the last. Hopefully one day there will be a last. But no man suffered as much for the Jews as Hitler, and all of Germany’s population as a whole.

      • Erik on January 31, 2016


        Hitler opposed race-mixing very much so. If you read mein kampf as well his complaints about the allies bringing Negroes into the Reinland. Hitler however did not “hate” other races or felt contempt towards them. He just loved his races – our race- and wanted to preserve it. He also understood that a race that is inferior by natural law should not mix with a race that is more advanced on the scale of evolution or in other words inferior. In no place or time in the 1940s was race mixing tolerated in White countries, Not only in Germany but also in England and even in America. People would not look at you kindly for doing it.

        To say that Hitler didn’t oppose interracial marriage is Absurd once you understand what National Socialism is all about. NS is about racial improvement and racial preservation – love for one’s own race.

        It did not support racial degradation or destruction. Even non-whites from non-white countries who fought for Germany were told to respect Germany’s racial laws. The Nuremberg Laws clearly. Don’t forget that there were many non-whites who fought for Germany which means Hitler did not “hate” or “despise” non-whites per se.

        “The Reich Citizenship Law” from 1935 clearly states in Article 2:

        “A citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood (Member of the Germanic family of peoples) and who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people and Reich faithfully”.

        In other words, Jew could not be Citizen, Blacks and Browns (Muslims) cannot be citizens. Even Southern Europeans cannot be Citizens.

        “Kindred blood” means peoples of Northern European origin or Germanic. Which means that only Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Flemish, English individuals can be Citizens by law. But you have to be WHITE of NORTHERN EUROPEAN racial stock. to gain Citizenship in National Socialist Germany. That’s what “Kindred blood” means. The all idea of the “Protection Of the German blood & Honor” Law was to PRESERVE the Germanic/Nordic racial makeup of Germany and enhance it.

        Obviosly Turks, Arabs, Negroes and Somalis were not even allowed to be Citizens in Germany let alone engage in “Interracial dating” with German women.

        They were only allowed as visitors for political purpose. All this does not mean Hitler “hated” or “despised” non-Whites. The all idea of the laws was to PRESERVE the German race and the Northern European racial makeup of Germany. NS was NOT against other races. It was for the PRESERVATION of the German people. Every nation in the world at that time accepted these ideas. I bet that if you were to ask the Japanese or the Koreans at the time – and even of Today – whether they would let Negroes or Arabs Citizenship they would surly say NO.

        Other peoples take it for granted that they need to preserve themselves. Only Whites in our sick world are looked at as somehow weird for demanding the same right for themselves. This is the right to LIVE. There’s nothing “evil” or “racist” in Germany wanting to have a pure race of Germans or Germanics in it. What’s “racist” in any people wanting to survive? Is it racist for the Japanese to say “Japan is for Japanese?!”. No it isn’t! So why is it racist for us?

        Hitler was no “racist” as we understand the term today. He was for racial preservation. He was “racialist”.

        Hitler was for racial preservation. Hitler was not “against” other races.

        In fact, obeying the Racial Laws were the last point Hitler made to the German people in his Last Political Testament:

        To say that Hitler and the Nationalists allowed Browns and Negroes to “date” German women is an absurd statement once you know the whole idea of National Socialism.

        Browns and Blacks were not even living in Europe at the time (This was before the 1960-70 when Jewish multiculturalism begun, let alone “dating” German women. 🙂

        sereval hundreds mixed race people , the result of the French led Negro soldiers mixing with German women, were STERILIZED as a condition to be allowed to stay in Germany on a permanent basis. Those who refused were asked to leave the country. Is is “racist”?! no it isn’t! it is racial SURVIVAL. Germany has the right to preserve its own people.

        Self Preservation has nothing to do with racism. Destroying a race – what the French did with their negro soldiers – has EVERYTHING to do with racism! Anti-German racism!

        As a Germanic man – A Swede – I myself don’t want alien genes mixing with our women. Swedes are not trying to wipe out the Black race in Africa! All this “interracial dating” constitute GENOCIDE of our people. When the revolution for our peoples survival is under way we shall clean this filth with fire and sword. I will warn a negro or an Arab to stay away from our women, I they don’t I will kill them mixing with our women once the Revolution is under way. That’s self defense, the right of my race to live that’s in stake here. I will kill those who try to exterminate my race via race mixing, the mixers and their supporters. Once we the Nationalists are free to do so, We WILL! We aren’t motivated by “hate” only by what is right, by JUSTICE! Self Preservation is a God given right!

        I believe that my race has the right to live just as any other race! I don’t hate or despise blacks or browns and I want their kind to survive as well – in their own lands. But If they don’t respect the right of my race to live. I WILL KILL them without hesitation. If we won’t fight for the right of our race to live we are going to be extinct within the next decades! it is not a game!

        Gud Med Oss

      • Erik on January 31, 2016

        Another point Anders

        Also, if you are White and you mix with Hispanics, the quality of the offspring will be degraded in terms of intelligence and creativity. An avg and in general you children will not be as intelligent and creative as the White parent!

        Let me put it that way. You are not creating a better world. Instead of creating more people who are going to be able to contribute to the planet you are creating more people who are going to be in need of Affirmative action and Welfare.

        Sorry for offending you but that’s the truth. Instead of producing a White child with a White women you are producing a mongrel of low IQ. It’s dysgenic!

        And yes, Hispanics are less evolved race than Whites!

        Sorry for offending your feelings but I just telling it as it is.

        • cyborg on February 16, 2016

          I must correct the misapplication of evolutionary theory here.

          Evolution does not care for our abstract concepts of what is considered “quality”.

          There is one and only one factor that is relevant: survival.

          A dumb horde may out survive a small intelligentsia. Nature doesn’t care. Nature just is.

          There is no such thing as a “level” of evolution. This is the “Star Trek” notion of progression towards “advancement”. There is no goal – it just so happens that abstract reasoning has worked out very well for homo sapiens but then being a sack of DNA has also worked out very well for bacteria that dominates life on this planet. These could not be more different strategies for existence and in all likelihood bacteria will still be around long after humans are gone. Being simpler can be better. The human brain requires huge resources to maintain itself which are only offset by being able to use that brain to compensate accordingly (where the full potential of that has only really recently exploded leading to us having far more food than we need leading to overeating being the major problem not famine).

          And if one is going to use statistical analyse on which races are superior in terms of intelligence then you should be supporting the oriental races that are outperforming Westerners in mathematics or suggesting whites interbreed with them to make a “better” white. The door swings two ways as they say.

          In reality the reason why races exist in the first place is that evolution has favoured their characteristics for where they live. This is why people who live in the high altitudes of Tibet do not suffer from altitude sickness as you would; denying the absolute domination of Kenyans as sprinters would be insane as it’s demonstrated clearly every 4 years (no whites to be seen). The existence of the sickle cell gene in malarial regions may lead to sickle cell anemia in some cases but also prevents malaria from killing more people – guess what colour those people are?

          Most people are simply unable to comprehend the levels of abstract thought that has developed since the invention of language and books and the explosion of science. That’s just the nature of normal distribution. It is easy to look to your best and think they are representative of the whole because it aggrandizes yourself because you identify with whatever similar quality you have with them. It is however an illusion not borne out by evidence. This is the failure of eugenics – it anthropomorphises nature to our standards.

          The obvious starting problem if one is only to look at colour: we know all kinds of traits exist in DNA, why would you base “superiority” only the phenotypical expression of a couple of genes? When there is a trade-off such as with sickle cell then superiority is a matter of where you live, not what you are inherently.

          Ultimately the point I’m making is that the story is more complex than the reductive arguments I see from people who view evolution in this manner mostly I believe because it is not well understood and the fundamental misunderstanding derives from seeing a “goal” rather than a process. Diversity is good for the species as a whole for this simple reason – you never know when a disease will strike again that a few people happen to be resistant to simply because of their genetic differences. As I say – nature doesn’t care what we think about this.

          • Erik on February 18, 2016

            Correct the 1st rule in evolution is survival. The strong – those willing and able to fight for its survival – survives.

            But we have intelligence and through logic and reason we can see what life forms are more “evolved” than others – i.e. more complex and more able to create complex societies.

            In that respect, Blacks and Browns are “inferior” to Whites and East-Asians.

            Yes nature just IS but my question to you is

            Do you prefer to live in Somalia or in a modern western nation because evolution “doesn’t care”?!

            Just as there are strong life forms, there are superior and inferior life forms. This conclusion can be reached through logic and reason.

            Humans are more evolved than bugs and horses. Whites are more evolved than negroes and browns!

    • Dieter Teise on February 14, 2016

      Not will fall, it already has fall!!!

  • Erik on December 2, 2015

    Satan Reveals Its True Face In My Beloved Country:

    Satanism is defined by going against God’s given natural order i.e. the innate understanding all human beings have of the differences between truth and lies, right and wrong, good and evil.

    Name it leftism, Liberalism, secularism, luciferianism, humanism, multiculturalism i.e. race-mixing, gay marriage etc. : It’s all Satanism.

    The modern west has no moral legitimacy and thus no future because it is based on a rebellion against God and God’s given natural laws. This rebellion against God and Nature is the hallmark of Satanism. The aim is to turn reality on its head and make evil seem good and good seem evil. We were taken hostage by a group psychopaths intent on destroying God’s given natural order and make us all sick and hopeless. Thus blocking the path of our spiritual development.

    For example in the land of my forefathers our sick government is pushing the notion that sick is healthy and healthy is sick on children and adults alike:

    When one goes against nature i.e. reality one will eventually bring a lot of pain and misery to people.

    These satanists go against god’s natural order i.e. the biological reality that there are 2 different genders/sexes. This is what Satanism is all about:

    First you deny the existence of race, then you deny the existence of gender..

    What would be next?!

    I shade tears for my race and my people for being destroyed.. Can’t even watch the news. I’m ashamed of my countryman for letting the Jews the freedom to poison their minds in order to make us sick 🙁

    We need you Herr Hitler today more than ever…

    Gud Med Oss

    • D. on January 21, 2016

      Only The Almighty God through Truth and Spirit can deliver us dear friend. Ask for Him with all of your heart…fast for Him to show you the Way…for He will surely show you. He is our only hope in a world full of treachery and lies. My prayer for you my friend.

      • Erik on January 23, 2016

        I ask God everyday to save my race from extinction. I am willing to die for the right of my race and my people to live.

        LOVE is about GIVING stuff away – even your life – not about GETTING!

        This is the kind of love parents have for their children. Parents are willing to die in order to save their children.

        I’m willing to die in order to save my kind, my race – my people.

        Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on November 16, 2015

    The terrible terrorist attack in Paris, France yesterday is indeed a sign of the upcoming war in Europe for our survival and with it our racial victory and freedom. It is a sign that Europe is indeed heading toward a revolution and war for its survival and freedom.

    It’s about time that Muslims will start walking in fear in our streets. This time is coming very soon. Our “leaders” will be the first to pay in their lives for treason. The aliens will be dealt with later. The day of reckoning is indeed coming and it is closer than we think.

    We the Swedish Nationalists already have a plan…..The aliens will be deported back to their ancestral homelands one way or the other. We aren’t going to be nice and polite to those who threaten the biological and cultural integrity of our people. We aren’t going to be forgiving and compassionate to those who don’t belong in our land – to those who will be used to wipe our seed and our Germanic DNA from the face of the earth.

    We are going to be uncompromising in a brutal way, without compunction or hesitation just like our Viking ancestors. The wrath of the thunder god Thor shall be upon them. The gloves are off!

    The days of Brown skinned Muslims in Europe are numbered!

    One behalf of the True Swedish people, I would like to express my sincere condolences on the death of the White Frenchman who died in the terrorist attack yesterday. And may Islam be crushed in France and in Europe once and for all very soon! History proves that such problems aren’t solved by being “nice and polite” but only by the sword.

    With a broken heart, The Swedish Nationalists.


    Gud Med Oss

    • loic jonet on November 18, 2015

      I hope you are right! Start by that bitch mona sahlin, she is evil.
      let’s fight for freedom!

      Gud med oss!

      • Erik on November 20, 2015

        Don’t worry. The day will soon come when these traitors will be sentenced to death by hanging.

        Genocide and Treason is a serious matter. Thousands of politicians, academics and media personal will be sentenced to death by hanging. There will be no mercy by the judges.

        The last 17 minutes of the following podcast will explain to you the genocide issue.

        Sometimes criminals think that they can get away from justice. They think they can’t be touched. They live in self made delusion until one day everything comes crushing down on them and they are asked by laws of the universe the pay back for the evil that they have done. They need to serve as an example to others.

        The laws of genocide and the laws of the universal creator who created all races for a reason imply to anyone. You can escape it for a while, but one day you will find yourself before tribunal and therefore in a big trouble. It is death by hanging for the whole world to see. The charge : 1. Attempted Genocide 2. Treason.

        The only way we can save our people is by deporting the aliens from our nations and sending them back home to their ancestral homelands. It is the right and moral thing to do. It is saving our race from genocide through assimilation. The laws of the creator allow each living organism the right to preserve itself. Survival is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT that we Whites have it too. Repatriation is moral and right even if violence is needed in the process but our intention needs to be pure. This way we can survive and they (The alien races) can survive. It is a win win situation. It is for the greater good. Being “nice and polite” means “We die and they survive”. What choice is morally better in a cosmic equation?! Can God deny a race of people whom He himself created the right to fight for its survival and freedom?! for children’s well being and future?! Our intent needs to be pure. Not driven by hate but driven by what is right. Muslims need to walk in fear in our streets as a means to understand that they are not welcomed in our nation. We must show them that they aren’t welcomed in our nation as they endanger our biological survival in the long run. They rape our women and terrorize the streets.

        Yes the things I write in my posts and the way I express myself may sound cruel, mean and racist. I’m aware of that. But I express myself like that as a strategy for people to understand. Yes it seems mean, But there’s a tremendous LOVE behind the cruel things I say. It’s cruel in the surface. Even I myself get offended by the things I write but I write them because I need to express to people the world the way the world IS, not the way they want it to be. It’s a strategy I use. When I write that other races are “low IQ” and “uglier looking” and more “violent” than us, these terms sound very offensive on the surface. It’s sound like I’m am a very bad and evil man. But I’m not motivated by negative intentions or hatred or wanting to hurt other’s feelings when I write them (I know these terms are VERY OFFENSIVE), I motivated by what is TRUTH and reality and people can only see danger when you use the accurate words to describe them. When people use only “polite” words it covers and distorts reality and thus can be VERY DANGEROUS for our people. When our people understands that these aliens are indeed less intelligent than us (That’s the reality) and aren’t as Good looking as we are (That’s a reality as well) then they can come of the trans and the delusion of multiracialism , see the threat and fight for the survival of our people.

        Why the NWO doesn’t want White People to use the “N”, “F” and “K” words: We must not use “polite words and terms” at the expense of an accurate description of reality – Otherwise we will be consumed by the lie and be destroyed:

        I don’t hate any other race but I love my race and my people – The Germanic people – so much that it cannot be expressed with words.

        People accuse me of being obsessed. Yes I’m obsessed and very much so. This is because I LOVE my people – my race – and I want it to survive. When you love something so much – you are obsessed with it. A parent that loves their children is obsessed with their health and well being. I love my people my race therefore I’m obsessed with their health, well being and biological survival. Nobody else seems to care about it.

        I’m “sick” with love.

        Adolf Hitler loved the Germanic people. I just follow his tradition:

        Gud Med Oss

  • Kristallnacht on October 20, 2015

    Hey Friends, we have a new Star with a wonderful voice, singing and making Videos with Friends World wide that help the people wake up.

    Wailing Wall-‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus Parody

    Gassed No Jews- ‘I’m With You’ by Avril Lavigne Parody

    Fascist Heart-Elastic Heart by Sia Parody

    Mohels-Royals by Lorde Parody

    more on her profile on Youtube

    • Erik on October 31, 2015

      Good Job!
      Keep up the good work brother. Awaken more ethnic Germans in order to save our race.

      Gud Med Oss.

    • Sidney on November 8, 2015

      Some of these videos I cannot bear to watch after watching them only once.

      To view them a second time (some of them) is… i fear… too much for my heart to bear.

      Germany… Germans….

      The most noble people in the Twentieth Century perhaps…


      I cannot bear to think about Jews…

      When I think about Jews and what they have done…

      There are no limits or boundaries to which I would stoop to rid this world of them!

      • Erik on November 8, 2015

        Well said. 🙂

  • Erik on August 7, 2015


    National Socialism is a world view for White Peoples based on the ideas and concepts of the German racial nationalist, philosopher and statesman Adolf Hitler.

    Owing to the tragic and unnecessary suffering which took place during the second world war, and because certain powerful elements in our society to this day maintain an interest in obscuring and concealing the truth, 70 years after the war’s end massive misconception still exists in Europe and America today about what National Socialism was and is.

    The National Socialist Body Of Beliefs is founded on three principles:

    1. The first principle is NATURAL ORDER.

    We the National Socialists understand that the universe is governed by natural laws,and that in order for man to be happy and succesful he must first learn what these laws are and follow them.We believe that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is no way seperate from, or distict from it. Because of this we belive that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of nature and not in opposition to them as is the case today.

    2. The second principle is RACIAL IDEALISM.

    Racial idealism is based on a love of one’s own people and one’s own race (For example, German NS was based on love of the Nordic/Germanic heritage of the German people).It means placing the interests and the welfare of the racial community to which you belong ahead of your own personal interests and desires. As racial idealists we have no wish to harm, exploit or persecute any other racial groups despite of persistent media propaganda campaign of abuse and deliberate falsification to the contrary.We believe that humanity is not one – but many – and that the destruction of every part of humanity is the destruction of humanity itself. We don’t wish to harm any other race or take away the land of any other race. We are only interested in protecting our own people against extinction – a fate that is very likely if nothing is done about present conditions in Europe and America.

    We believe that all men are NOT created equal, and that trying to equalize the unequal will create immense human suffering and pain which we want to prevent by refusing to ignore reality. Just as every individual within a society has its own strengths and weaknesses, so each race of humanity has certain qualities that make it different from other races.

    We believe that the Aryan race has the right to maintain its biological, cultural, political, independence and integrity, and that we have the right to control our own destiny just as we believe that every other race has that same right. We also believe that the Aryan race has the right to defend itself from every physical or spiritual assault. We believe that the survival of the Aryan race is important for all mankind, as all races can benefit from our technological, scientific and spiritual progress. Our progress is humanity’s progress.

    3. The Third principle is UPWARD DEVELOPMENT.

    We seek upward development of the Aryan race. We want to see our race improve. We want it to go higher in evolution. This can be done by encouraging a high birth rate among those sections of the Aryan population which are the healtiest, storgest and most intelligent. At the same time our science should work to eliminate hereditary weaknesses, diseases and defects among our people. Our goal is that each generation of Aryan children will be better than the one before it.

    National Socilism does not teach or advocate any kind of racial hatred. It simply states the reality of nature, that different races have different abilities and different needs. These different abilites given by nature are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and cannot be changed by social or political dogma or by enforcing dictatorial policies of racial integration which effectively undermine and destroy Aryan identity and Western Culture.

    National Socialism is to simply seeing the world as it is and building morality accordingly for society to work best in the most efficient way. National Socialism is coming to terms with reality. This will help us lessen human suffering. We don’t see the world as we want it to be, We see the world as it is. No destructive “Political Correctness” is allowed.

    Despite the fact that German National Socialism was combined with Christianity, National Socialism in itself does not advocate one earthly religion over another. It is universal.

    National Socialism is also a Spiritual Movement as Nature is in EVERYTHING, it is in the physical and non-physical dimensions. We believe that that the universe we live in is a conscious system designed to direct the soul toward a higher state of development and evolution. Capitalism and Communism regard humans as cattle , as an economic units of production and consumption without soul and spirit.

    Capitalism and Communism are Materialism. Both were and are Jewish world views and are material with no spirit. National Socialism undestands that man cannot be truly happy without the spiritual side of life. National Socialism sees man as a spiritual being inside a biological body. The racial quality of the biological body enables the soul or the conciousness to better communicate and interact with the physical world in a creative way. National Socialism sees physical body (Race) and the consciousness (Soul) as depended on each other to work for a higher humanity. The higher the quality of the vehicle in which the soul resides, the higher humanity we shall have.

    National Socialism is developed mainly for White People needs, but its principles can also be used by other races to advance themselves as much as they can as they are also on a evolutionary path. in that sense it is UNIVERSAL.

    National Socialism is the MOST EFFICEINT political ideology that the world has ever known. It is so perfect and wise as if it was given by God himself. our goal is to minimize suffering in this world and this can only be done by obeying the natural laws not going against them.


    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • Glorifies on July 21, 2015

    Being a Kurdish descendant and a full Arian, I always knew that Hitler was right. His aim was not discrimination, but the integrity of nations and races. instead of this mixed up mambo jumbo we see now a days, he wanted races to be pure and help themselves to prosperity rather than suffer under poverty. Lets also not forget that the war against Germany and Europe in general mainly was to desultory the Christian protestant civilization that Martin Luther established 400 years earlier. Millions of good Christian protestants died during WWII on both sides allies and axis. I guess that sums up who is the real enemy. Gott ist mitt uns

    • Bhaleri on November 1, 2015

      Many good Christian Catholics, whose faith dates back to the time of Christ, fraught and died for Both sides in WWII. Yes, we know who the real enemy is.

      Wonderful documentary. It answers a lot of questions.

  • sam on June 17, 2015

    Hi Konwayk

    What is Satanism? Can you define it?

    Why do Jews promote perversions in the media?


    • konwayk on June 20, 2015

      Judaism and Satanism are one and the same. Judaism is a reconstruction out of Pharisaism which was hated by Jesus Christ. Jews follow Satanic Talmud which was called Traditions of the Elders in first century Israel which was opposed by Jesus Christ (Matthew 15, Mark 7).

      In 1976 interview, Jew Harold Rosenthal revealed that their god is devil named Lucifer.

      Jew Harold Rosenthal – “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer… and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”

      Here is the link to the interview –

      This is also revealed by Jewish rabbi Abe Finkelstein in Wickstrom’s audio interview with Jewish rabbi Finkelstein.

      Here is the interview with Finkelstein and also details about Satanic Talmud –

      Freemasonry (a Jewish establishment) reveals that they worship Lucifer as God. You can get information about this in Dennis Wise’s new documentary “New World Order: Communism by backdoor” which is available here –

      British fascist Arnold Leese revealed about Jewish ritual murder which happens every year where they secretly slaughter non Jews (especially White non Jews) every year.

      Jewish ritual murder has been going on for centuries.

      Here is Arnold Leese’s pamphlet “The Jewish Ritual Murder (1938)” –

      In the Bible, John 8:44 shows how Jesus Christ tells his opponents that their father is devil.

    • Bhaleri on November 1, 2015

      I think it’s a way for Christians or non-Jews to demean themselves.

  • Erik on June 7, 2015

    Adolf Hitler explains why Multiculturalism is against the laws of Nature and why it will bring untold sufferings to the world.

    Adolf Hitler was not “Racist” in the sense that he did not “hate” other races, however Hitler understood that God created different races of humans with different abilities and talents and that the races of humanity are NOT EQUAL to one another. Nothing is equal in nature. A person being born blind isn’t equal to a person who is not blind. Nature isn’t fair but if we wish to have better lives we must understand the laws created by God or Nature and respect them otherwise we will bring about untold suffering and degeneration of the planet and the destruction of the forms of life god had created. God never meant the races of humanity to be equal to one another, therefore his segregated them on different continents and gave them different needs. God never meant men and women to be “equal” to one another.

    If one ignores the rules of nature or of god this is a sin against god. God never meant a Somali to mate with a white women and he never meant a white man to mate with a Somali woman. Why? Because he segregated them in nature in different geography and far away from once another.

    If one obeys the rules of nature as cruel and unfair as they may seem one can avoid untold suffering and pain.

    What is National Socialism : Following and Obeying the Natural Design Given By God.

    Adolf Hitler was not a “racist” i.e. he did not “hate” the other races:

    I have no doubt that God himself was speaking when Hitler spoke.

    if you would have asked God if he created Somalis and Germanics “equal” in terms of their talents and qualities, God would have laughed telling you “Don’t you see, Nothing is equal in nature”..

    coming to terms with reality doesn’t mean we need to “hate” other races. We do need to understand that God created races different from one another, to understand that there are differences and respect them..

    When one tries to equalize the unequal he will eventually create a lot of pain and suffering as this is the price one pays for being stupid as this is the punishment one gets for revolting against the natural order created by God:

    “[It is] useful to know the laws of nature � for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven” – Adolf Hitler

    The more pain multiculturalism brings and the more destruction it brings, people will realize that Hitler was right. Reality isn’t nice and Hitler knew that.

    Political Correctness and Reality are in conflict with one another.

    Always remember:

    GOOD is coming to terms with the reality (created by God) . EVIL is ignoring reality.

  • Erik on June 7, 2015

    The National Socialist talk about how the international Jews had destroyed Germany with their perversions and filth and how they had bankrupt Germany’s economy in the days of the prior to the NSDAP. This plot by organized Jewry meant the removal of Jews from Europe and their relocation in Madagascar in case of Germany’s victory in WW2.

    Because Germany is defeated Europe and all of the Western World is now in danger of racial, cultural and economic genocide by the forces of Jewish Marxism and Zio Globalism.

  • Sam on April 27, 2015

    Thanks for making these, I found a lot of the history of early 20th century makes more sense now.

    Sadly for myself I would not have lasted very long in Hitlers Germany, but I do see that they were not the ‘bad guys’ any more. I also see that what Hitler did to bring Germany back to prosperity, was also what doomed Germany to the fate it ultimately met.

    It was a terrible thing that was done to the German people, and it is a terrible thing that the truth is being hidden and outright banned. So yes even though I’d probably have been one of the ones being locked away or worse, I can see what he was trying to achieve, and don’t wholly disagree.

  • Whitetrashh on January 26, 2015

    Haha everyone is Jewish all of the “white” people especially in Britain where Jews run all the racist clubs and Identitarian political parties eg national front, EDL, BNP etc. and at the same time the Jewish govt. have granted allot of immigrants citizenship, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because the Jews want the rise if the far-right and in turn racism and identitarianism and they know that the uneducated fair-pigmented goyim will react.

    • Kristallnacht on February 7, 2015

      Shame on ur Nickname ! And BTW, the Hebrews speaking Finishia, from an dieying Zivilisation. The Hebrews were made by Slavedealers to destroy Christianity, because, Christianity had broke (Stoped) the Slavery. And the Slave Masters were very Mad about it, to see the Slave Empire going down and down and no one wants to have a slave no more coz of Chrisian believings ! Robotic Jews today r just tools. I remember the Highest Rabbi in Israel said, it is time for a new Religion. 😀 Do u know what that means !? For me it means, after the end of destroying 80& of Humanity, there will be a new Religion. I just dont know what kind of, but i can guess so. Slavery like befor they made the Hebrews ! Just listen to this Men, he tells u about the Flinishia language tht were given to the Hebrews. and here is our Future, im sure u’ll luff it. ..

      • Aran on February 19, 2015

        Your logos the Armenian symbol of eternity btw Heil Hitler Heil Garegin Nzhdeh

  • Bob on January 24, 2015

    Thank You, Dennis Wise, For This Important Documentary. Well Done, Sir ! ! !

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    This is the interview with the creator of this great documentary, Dennis Wise, from April 19, 2013.

    Eisenhower’s Death Camps – Deanna ‘Spingola Speaks’
    Deanna presented information about General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s death camps in Germany
    Deanna goes into great detail about this horrible tragedy in the course of her 2 hour show. This IS worth listening to!

    THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011
    Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour – Deanna ‘Spingola Speaks’
    Guest: Carolyn Yeager
    Deanna and Carolyn discuss Carolyn’s book – Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour and other related issues

    MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2013
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    • Bonusje on July 26, 2015

      Jesus=Jezus= Ye Zeus.. ~You Our Lord(User Usher)
      Perseus=per Zeus=by the Lord ~from the Lord ~Messenger~Messias~Christ~Chi Ri Esta~God´s Word in the Flesh

      Devil dá evil(evi ava ovo evo eva)evil ill antilife sick life
      Life driven by the ego the superego=by transfered trauma and complexes of the generations and commit the crimes and blasfemies the fathers(and oh boy the mothers and rulers)did. A Mindless existense driven by unaware compulsory actions and feelings that are disconnected from Reality. So interactions always are more and les wrong disharmonic intrusive unkind disrespectfull agressive(or opposite)and only sourche of all violence rape humiliation and crime. A compulsory as was done to them they do to others and preferably Weaker and innocents

  • Kapitan on November 21, 2014

    I had heard from friends and family that Berlin was a crap hole before Hitler came into power but I did not know to what extent until watching this documentary.
    This is an excellent and informative documentary and I will share it with everyone I know.

  • Steven on October 30, 2014

    I downloaded the long version from Vimeo before the account was cancelled and I do appreciate being able to watch Adolph Hitler the greatest story never told. This great work has to be preserved and shared for all time. For those that have not seen the video all they really know about WW2, Hitler and National Socialism is what the Jews and their servants tell them. That narrative is biased and deceptive and must be rejected. WW2 started because one man and his followers decided to challenge and defeat anti white genocide and the Jews could not tolerate that so they declared war and murdered white people on both sides of the conflict like they were cockroaches or worse. The job of saving white humanity from the Jews remains unfinished.

  • Bradley Benz on October 29, 2014

    I have arrived at the conclusion that jews are literally the source of evil. Collectively, jews = satan. To put it another way, there is no Satan, but someone speaking of Satan is in reality referring to jews. When any ancient text (i.e. bible) references evil it is merely referring to these beasts and their beastly deeds. I haven’t arrived at this conclusion lightly, but only after deep learning on the boundlessness of their deliberate awfulness. No other conclusion can be made. I’m not religious, but this can be made known simply by looking at how the jews biggest enemies are gentiles with pure and deep religious seedings with the godliness – some include catholics, orthodox Russians, Islam (especially Iran = Aryan, the original location). Related to this, in the case someone reading this hasn’t noticed, israhell is so clearly trying to take over the entire middle east (Just draw a circle around it, and you’ll find war/strife in nearly all countries nearby). Iran is their last/biggest hurdle. I hope Iran knows this, and wipes israhell off the map. Step 2 would be the cure, to sweep the jew parasites centers of power, Jew York City and London. To be Jew-free, the people of this world would be STUNNED and AMAZED at how easy peace and good-will come. Wars, etc. would cease almost immediately, for wars, etc. are EXCLUSIVELY caused by these imps. Sorry for the disjointed words – a little tired tonight.

  • drew on October 20, 2014

    I just didnt know… wow…

  • konwayk on September 28, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your honest viewpoints, Eric.

    The reason why I use Christian references is to show the real danger of Judaism through historical perspectives as well.

    We know that Jews are the architects behind the slavery, perversions, deceptions, and the massive destructions through the world.

    But people have a hard time believing this because of the below reasons.

    Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and many non Jews are under the false impression that Judaism is the religion of Old Testament and these Jews are ancient Israelites.

    But they don’t realize that Judaism has nothing to do with the religion of Old Testament.

    People will only realize the real danger of Judaism when they learn about the history of Judaism and Talmud (which was called Traditions of the Elders in first century Israel).

    As you know, Talmud allows Jews to deceive non Jews for Jewish interests. This allows Jews to become Crypto Jews for deception.

    As you know, Crypto Jews pose themselves as Christians, Muslims, etc. outwardly while secretly working for Jewish interests.

    This prevents all types of innocent non Jews from realizing the real target who are Jews.

    So Jewish danger applies to all types of non Jews regardless of where you live.

    Judaism is a reconstruction out of Pharisaism which began in 500 AD with the completion of Babylonian Talmud.

    Just like Pharisaism, Judaism outwardly acts like it is a religion (Synagogue) and a political movement (Communism, Bolshevism, Freemasonry, Zionism, etc.) as well. But both of them are not religions.

    What’s going on in Today’s Judaism is just like Pharisaism in first century Israel?

    • konwayk on September 28, 2014

      I accidentally put “?” instead of period (.) after first century Israel.

    • Erik on September 29, 2014


      First of all I’d like to be called “Erik” rather than “Eric” although these are two different forms of the same name.

      The solution to the Jewish problem can only be one : The complete REMOVAL of all Jews from Western nations and their relocation in a state or a nation dedicated to them and them alone. They will not bother us anymore.

      We don’t need their disgusting media, We don’t need their disgusting art, we don’t need their pseudo-science and psychotic – i.e. “liberal” – world view. We want nothing to do with them as they are totally alien to us. in fact if could turn a switch and by doing it send all Jews to the moon – I would at this very moment.

      Anti-semetism is a natural healthy reaction to Jewish anti-gentile and anti-social behavior and as long as Jews wouldn’t understand that anti Jewish feelings will continue to burn like fire.

      Once Jews decide to CHANGE their behavior and CHOOSE to be on the side of GOOD, than we can change our attitude as well.

      Konwayk, There are some good Jews as you keep pointing out. But it is not enough. We want to see more of them changing their ways.

      But one thing is best for all of us. Jews can’t live among us. They had failed this test.

      I don’t want alien races in my homeland Sweden. I don’t want Muslims, Africans, Asians and most of all JEWS.

      They are the reason we are in this mess in the first place.


      The Frozen North Where There’s Almost No Sunlight. But We do have electricity with low electric bills despite the fact that my PC is a computing beast running on a 1500W Power Supply attached 2 x NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti in SLI + Intel Core i7 4960X CPU + 32GB RAM which draw a lot of power 🙂

      • konwayk on September 29, 2014

        Hello Erik,
        When I say some good Jews, I “only” refer to Jews who fight for the sake of truth. For Example, David Cole and Jewish Professor Roger Dommergue who is a close friend of Ernst Zundel.

      • tomas rader on October 19, 2014

        Erik … in the US southern border we have more murders and beheadings in a monty than ISIL could perform in a year. The mexican and doutj american drug cartels are financed,laundered money, by zion world banks …. as evidence of fines and such proves. Why don’t we ever see a criminal indictment of a banker with his fingerprints all over this financing? Paperwork with notaries and signatures exist up the ass. The zio deviates also own the judiciary and DAs? If they do then it must be incredible frustration for interpol and our acronym law enforcement depts.

      • liz on October 28, 2014

        Well said. Everywhere you see promotion of ugliness in the West during the past 100 years, you see Jews behind it.

        Then, they wonder why so many people don’t accept them.

        They really need to change and stop fear non-Jews since it is fear that makes them hate us gentiles and this is the reason they want to degrade us in order to keep us under their money rule and their control.

        Hoolywood is run by Jews, the US media is run by Jews, the FED and the US government are run by Jews and the international banks. Their power is immense despite being less than .02% of the human population.

        Fear motivates them and this is why they seek control.

        • konwayk on October 29, 2014

          Actually, it is Talmud that makes Jews hate non Jews. Talmud teaches that non Jews are animals in human form to serve non Jews.

          Talmud teaches that it is perfectly lawful to kill non Jews.

          More infos can be seen in this video –

      • Donald on January 1, 2015

        You are correct, but there’s a problem:

        I don’t think the moon would have liked the Jews. 🙂

    • Steve on November 5, 2014

      Hello Erik,

      What do you think of Jews and Non-Whites?


      • Erik on April 12, 2015

        Sorry for the late reply.

        I have nothing against non-whites and people who are not not racially related to us. But if we don’t have our own piece of land in our own natural habitat we will not be able to survive. It is very simple. in the long run 100 even 500 years from our race will breed itself out of existence with the the racially alien migrants and we will become extinct.

        Nature – of God if you are a believer – created different races within the human species and put them in different locations on the earth. For each race to be able to survive it has to have its own natural habitat within the earth. The White Race has its natural habitat in Europe. The Asian Race has its natural habitat in Asia. The Oriental Race has its natural habitat in the middle east and North Africa and the Black race (Negro) has its natural habitat in sub saharan Africa. Races differ from each other in abilities and psychological makeup. This is how they were created by Nature (God).

        My race – the Germanic (Nordic) sub group is a division within the white race and its natural habitat is Belgium, Holland, Central/Northern Europe (Germany) and Scandinavia. The Germanic race occupies all of those areas.

        Now our forefathers fought so we – their children – will be able to survive. Why should we give our lands and our very existence to aliens.

        should black countries give up their lands and their blood freely to Asians?! Of course not! Blacks should protect their lands and their freedom and fight for their existence and honor. The same is true for my race.

        I’ll give you another example. What would happen to the people of Japan if Japan decides to no longer be Japanese – i.e. open the gates of immigration to Asians and Europeans?! Obviously the Japanese people – in the long run- will not be able to survive. They will loose their unique racial and biological and cultural makeup and die out. Another word for this is GENOCIDE.

        It’s not rocket science to understand that assimilation’s end result is genocide.

        If a Germanic woman was to mix with a non-white in some isolated island in the pacific ocean I wouldn’t mind and I could care less.

        But the problem is is that this mixing takes place in OUR OWN NATURAL HABITAT – THE SOURCE OF OUR RACE – EUROPE ITSELF.

        If our races dies out in Europe, There will be no more source from which our race could come out again.

        If this “race-mixing” was to be taken place in some neutral place in the South pole I wouldn’t mind. But since it happens in Europe itself – the fountainhead of our race, its natural habitat – it means the destruction and ultimate genocide of our race. This is technically GENOCIDE – breeding out a race IN ITS NATURAL DOMAIN, IN ITS NATURAL HABITAT.

        Remember the so called “race mixing” is not happening in a neutral place.

        Do you need more prove that my motivation isn’t racism but LIFE.

        If you want to race mix do it in some neutral place but not in some race’s natural habitat. This will breed that race out of existence or another term for it is GENOCIDE.

    • tim on January 22, 2015

      Why do you think Jews and Freemasons promote perversions like Homosexuality, Bestiality and Transgender behavior?

      Why do they promote sickness and disease as “normal”?

      Is it coming from an anti-life, anti-order world view based on some twisted logic and mental illness, or is it their Satanic religion that demands that they should turn the natural order on its head by promoting sickness as “normal” and putting down those sane people who oppose their twisted agenda?


  • scott on September 17, 2014

    i decided to watch the entire series before commenting i must say what a eye opener it would explain the world we live in to day with the way things are we need to rid ourselves from the world of dept and stop the control of government’s these organisations that work behind the scene clearly do not have the peoples of the world best interest at heart war is war it is also interesting to point out how much Hitler is shown for all his wrong doings but leaders of the time like Winston Churchill Stalin and the u.s president of the time is under highlighted of wrong doing this should be played in every school in the world if we dont learn from history then we are doomed to repeat them with the way things are turning out at the moment i do have a genuine concern that a a world war is on the cards and with these dark players behind the world government’s it is my opinion that they are not only considering this but active manipulation for ww3 has already started

  • Sam on August 26, 2014

    Dr William Pierce – The Jewish influence on immigration .. .. History of everything by Dr. William Pierce –

    The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection (Video)

    Download the TORRENT FILE and u will be able to see all Videos with no problems. Enjoy!

  • Igor on August 23, 2014

    As a Russian, I can’t get over the fact that Germany attacked USSR. And by the time it was driven out, 25+ million of Russians were dead and cities and villages were burned and levelled.

    I’ve read before that the failure of Red army to contain the invasion was in big part due to the fact that it was an offensive army, in offensive deployment position.

    But there is little in this documentary that can make me forget the tragedy of the russian people and respect Hitler.

    • Sam on August 26, 2014

      My Russian Brother, let me tell you as a German, tht we never fighted agaisnt ur Russian Culture, or ur Land, or ur Russian People. Germany did fighted against the Jewish-Bolshevism and the Jewish fluence all over Europe. Stalin was Jewish, Lenin was Jewish, Karl-Marx was Jewish, Leon Trotsky was Jewish and much more. Watch this video and decide by ur own Igor. Judeo-Bolshevism Discovered – and The Jew Commies – Butchers From Hell –

      • tomas rader on October 19, 2014

        Damn … I forgot that trotsky was a jew. As we age we have those proper noun senior moments when we space out on proper nouns. That’s why this series is important. Unnatural acts and actions seem to be the zionists trademark. The kids today don’t know the difference which is why this real and complete history can’t be covered up.

    • Erik on August 27, 2014

      Dear Igor,

      I know it difficult for you to understand since you are speaking from an emotional viewpoint not logical or rational viewpoint. No amount of logic can justify the death of 25 million Russians in WW2.

      But you have to understand that the war was imposed on Germany by the Bolsheviks who for the most part were Zionists.

      If Germany hadn’t attacked the USSR the whole of Europe would have fallen to the Bolsheviks and far more people than 25 million would have died.

      You have to realize that these 25 million Russians who died had died as a result of the conditions imposed by the war : bombing, starvation, cold and disease. It was a terrible lose to the Russian people but the Germans were not the real enemy – the Germans were forced to attack. Hitler had no other choice as whole of Europe was in danger from the Bolshviks.

      Do not forget that many more Russians and other eastern Europeans were murdered by the Soviet establishment itself – many tens of millions. Hitler wanted to avoid such fate for Germany and whole of Europe.

      No amount of logic can correct an emotional reaction of anger, pain and sadness. I know it. I see my people in Sweden being ethnically cleansed by immigration invasion into our homeland BECAUSE Germany had lost WW2. All of Europe is in danger now because of Jewish led Multiculutralism.

      If you are ethnically Russian than than means you are of Slavic heritage just like the rest of eastern Europeans (Ukranians, Belorussiansm, Poles etc.)

      I am ethnically Swedish which means I’m of Germanic heritage like all Scandinavian, Dutch and German people.

      I hope that Aryans of Germanic origin can make peace with the Aryans of Slavic origin and join forces against our common enemy : The International Zionist Movements of The Zio run EU, The Zio Run International Banks, The Zio Run United States Government.

      The most important thing right now is to save our European heritage.

      Did you know that Stalin had attacked Sweden ? I don’t blame the Russian people for that. I know it is not their fault.

      The Russian people were taken hostage by the same tribe that has now taken hostage the American peoples, The International Banks and the EU.

      Hitler never said it was a war against the Russian people per-se. He said it was a war against Jewish Boloshvism.

      I’m hoping that the Germanic peoples and the Slavic peoples will never go to war against each other again and work side by side as friends for our common European identity.

      • Sam on August 27, 2014

        Well written Erik. The World needs the Russian people to wake up, coz the 3 World War will be Europe against Russia. In German Media i read “STOP Putin now” or “Adolf Putin” I really dont like to watch TV or reading public Media. But i cant watch away when i see it. Even Nostradamus said it, Russia will attack Europe. And in Ukraine we see a War conflict between Europe and Russia. Europe wants to have the Ukraine under EU controll, to place Rockets and Defending systems closer to Russia. The War on Whites, Christianity, and their Protocol to rule and totally chip controll over all Gentiles is still working Erik.

        Ukraine Klarheit im Vorhof der Hölle 2 von 4 1.8 14 Klagemauer TV

        • Erik on September 1, 2014

          Dear my German blood brother,

          Make sure to spread the message in and please make sure more ethnic Germans in Germany are awaken. We have to stop the genocide against our Germanic heritage in Scandinavia, Germany and the rest of Germanic Europe. Our Germanic blood must survive. We must stop the genocide against our race and our people by this so called “multiculturalism” (which is really multi-racilasm). It is GENOCIDE of our race and our people. No different than if someone had sterlized our race so our Germanic genes won’t continue.

          Genocide does not have to be vioelent in nature but could be subtle. “Assimilation” of alien races into our nation is genocide. Assimilation is a known form of genocide.

          If someone said tomorrow that he would want to sterlize an antire racial group of people it would be genocide even witout a single shot fired. If someone was to do this to the Asian race, or the black race, you can imagine the outcry from these libetards of how “evil” and “genocidal” it is. They would called tribunals over night. Yet when it’s done against our Germanic heritage and White heritage this genocide is termed “diversirty”, “Tolerance” etc.

          Assimailation of alien races into our lands and intermarriage is genocide no differnet than if someone had manged to sterlize our entire Germanic and European race. In both cases our biological survival is being destroyed.

          Please awaken as many Germans as you can and make sure that the Turks, The Arabs, the Negroes and the other aliens are removed from Germany by the process of repatriation. Do it humanly as possible and provide them with compensation. If they resist their relocation and start acting violently than you know what must be done.

          But you in Germany must make sure NOT TO RACIALLY ASSIMILATE them into the German people. IT IS GENOCIDE by every measure even according toe 1948 UN genociede defention.


          The German economy is strong because of the Germanic genes that are moving it and pushing forward. If you replace these Germanic genes with Arab, Morrocan, Turkish and other alien genes Germany will resemble those nations and not only the Germanic heritage of Germany would be wiped out but also Germany’s economy.

          There’s a reason Third World Nations are poor (Despite many natural resources). The reason is : RACE IS REAL. RACE MATTERS.

          Don’t let anybody fool you that it doesn’t. One of the reasons America is economically destroyed is because in 1965 America commited racial (and thus economic) suicide by starting the process of replacing its White population with Third World races.

          America is no more. America is not coming back.

          We Germanics (And Europeans in general) must not repeat America’s mistakes.

          You must expose Angela Merkel and the German Government as Zio TRAITORS to the German people, to Germany and to you Germanic heritage for supporting genocide against the German people by replacing the German people in Germany with alien races and thus spitting on the memory of your (and our) Germanic ancestors who fought and died so our Germanic race could survive.

          My German brother, Your historic ancestors and Germanic blood brothers in Sweden LOVE YOU!

          Ancestral background of the people of Germany:


          Zionist Occupied Sweden

          • Josh on September 15, 2014

            Hi Erik,

            What do you should be done to Angela Merkel and members of the German government who committed treason?

            I’d like to hear your point of view on this.

            You are very smart. 🙂

          • Erik on September 16, 2014

            Hi Josh,

            I’m sorry I couldn’t answer directly to your question since the “Reply” option isn’t there to attach a reply, therefore I will attach my answer to the reply I gave before.

            Obviously I may be smart – but there are other smart people on this site as well – but you should really thank a genius like Dennis Wise who can do the kind of work presented in this website. You really should thank Dennis, Without him the awakening of our people in Europe and in the West would have being much harder. Thanks to him we have a info weapon against those who want to destroy our White Race and our European and Western Civilization.

            Basically you are asking what should be the punishment fore a human right violation such as genocide and treason.

            When treason is practiced by members the Government itself no one dares call it treason. But it is still treason. When crime is the new norm, no one dares call it a crime.

            You are asking me about members of the German Government (and other European Governments who committed treason against their own people during the past 40 years by opening the gates of immigration invasion into their own nations and therefore endanger their own people of genocide through assimilation, destruction of their culture, the values of their nations, long term destruction of their economy and basically providing no future for their children.

            In the past when there were alien invaders coming into your country the natural healthy reaction was to welcome them with fire and destruction – today these aliens who are going to endanger the very survival of your race and your form of live on this earth are welcomed because the governments of our respective European nations are filled with traitors.

            The aliens that are coming or invading into Europe from the third world are not going to benefit the peoples of Europe.

            Racially – these aliens will cause our race to go extinct.

            Culturally – the culture of these aliens has nothing to offer Europe in terms of values. In the end it will be our culture or their culture that will prevail.

            Crime Rate – the aliens bring with the a level of crime and barbarity never seen in European and Western History – except maybe in times of war.

            In Sweden, Thousands of Swedish women have been raped by these uncivilized creators who invaded here from Africa thanks to the traitors in our Riksdag (The Swedish equivalent to the German “Reichstag”).

            One Swedish women raped or murdered by these savages, is crime that was helped and assisted by members of our own government who committed treason against the Swedish people by brining them here. I just gave you an example from my homeland Sweden, but it is the same story in the rest of Europe : In Norway, In Denmark, In Holland, In Germany, In France, In Britain etc. The leaders of our own nations are GUILTY of any crime committed against us by these non-white savages.

            Economically – Europe has nothing to benefit economically by brining the tens of millions of third worlders with an avg IQ of 70 to 80 (less then needed to sustain a modern – high tech – civilization. When the quality of the people of your nations decreases so is the nations economy.

            What do you think would happen to the German economy if Germany’s population is replaced with that of Black Africa or The Middle East?!

            So in the long run even those cheap wages wouldn’t suffice as the aliens will settle and demand the wage of a white European – but the downside that with those aliens from the third world the quality of the nations is decreased because race is real and it matters.

            So racially Europeans are not going to benefit from this non-white immigration – in fact this non white invasion means the total racial GENOCIDE of the peoples of Europe.

            Culturally Europeans are not going to benefit – Islam is not compatible with western values.

            In terms of crime Europeans are going to loose = More crime.

            Economically Europe is going to be destroyed by brining the third worlders world into Europe. The Third World is a “Third World” for a reason – the quality of its people.

            Bringing Third Worlders into Europe will turn Europe itself into the Third World.

            My conclusion : Only forces who HATE the people of Europe would promote non-white and third world immigration into European lands.

            Only forces who want to GENOCIDE Europeans racially, culturally, economically would promote this non-white and Third World immigration into Europe

            As for your question, Not only members of the German government are guilty of TREASON and Complicity in GENOCIDE against their own people but also ALL EUROPEAN LEADERS.

            As to what should be done to members of the German, British, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or any other European nation who opened its immigration without a vote on this subject.

            The members of our European governments should be brought before tribunal and if found guilty should be put to death by hanging for TREASON and complicity in GENOCIDE against their own people.

            If Angela Merkel doesn’t want German babies to be born in Germany anymore but rather Turkish babies or Negro babies than she is a traitor and should be executed for treason and complicity in genocide against the German people and the Germanic heritage of the German people.

            Those who put their own race in mortal danger – genocide via assimilation – should be shown no mercy by should be put to death.

            We already have a list of such criminals.

            Here’s an example of White Genocide taking place in a school in Germany.

            Look at the non-white children integrated in a German School compared to the German blond and blue eyed children. This is the genocide charge. And the people that brought these non-whites over there are not aware that they are on a list of people who will be hanged for putting in place CONDITIONS that lead the racial genocide of German children. I would gladly watch these genocidal maniacs HANGED.


            It is healthy to HATE those who want to exterminate your race via assimilation. It is Good to HATE evil. Sometimes this “Hate” is the difference between survival to extinction.

            Sometimes HATE is GOOD.

            My HATE is really driven by LOVE to my race, The Germanic race. The stronger this LOVE , the stronger is my HATE to those who want to destroy my Germanic heritage in Germanic Europe.

            I care about the racial and genetic survival of the Germanic peoples – in my homeland Sweden – and in other Germanic nations of Europe : Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany as we are all Germanic blood brothers. We are One Germanic Family. We all have the same roots and Germanic ancestors.

            And it bothers my to see the genocide of my people in Sweden and in the rest of the Germanic lands of Europe – Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark etc.

            I hope I answered your questions 🙂


            Zionist Occupied Sweden

          • Geo on September 24, 2014

            hi erik

            i totally agree with your views and understanding of reality. you are 100% logic and rationality 0% emotion.

            no honest person can argue with your logic and way of thinking.

            you and konwayk are truly the engines driving the comment section.

            but i would like to know what do you feel about other races?


          • Erik on September 28, 2014

            Hi Geo,

            I’m sorry it took me two days to answer back as I’m very busy at work. I’m a software engineer and I have a lot of work lately.

            Since the reply option isn’t there to attach my reply I will attach the reply to my last comment.

            Konwayk is a smart guy and I respect his views. But I would like him to speak more about things that are of this world. Not everyone is a Christian. So he has to appeal to more people. I’d like to hear his response to me.

            I’m not a Christian. I’m not a religious person at all. Some may call me an Atheist or Non-Believer. But I don’t find it accurate. The fact that I don’t believe in any earthly religion doesn’t make my “Non-believer”.

            I do believe in spiritual ideals like TRUTH, GOODNESS, LOVE, BEAUTY, JUSTICE which for me do represent the ideal we call “GOD”.

            For me the Universe is god. I don’t believe we are here by chance. I don’t however subscribe to the biblical world view that the earth is 6000 years old. I tend to except the evolutionary view that the physical world is about 15 billion years old while the earth is about 4.5 to 4.7 years old.

            I don’t think that life had evolved on this planet by chance without any guidance from a higher force or intelligence. Life is far to complex to be explained by chance.

            About your question:

            I don’t have any hatred in my hart towards other races. When a non white acts in a barbaric manner then I call “Uncivilized Creator” or “Savage” – Not because he is a non-white but because of his behavior.

            Thousands of our women in Sweden had being raped by these non-white savages. Should I just except that?! How can I not be angry.

            But most of all I blame our Zio led traitor leaders who brought these Africans and Muslims over here

            Statistically Africans or Brown nations are more prone to violence than do Europeans or East-Asians. That’s how they had evolved – it does not make them innately evil but it does mean that they should live around white people especially not in our own homelands which is also genocidal.

            We – Swedish People – are very polite people like all peoples of Germanic blood. We don’t make noise in the train station we don’t speak loudly at public places. And we are NON-VIOLENT by our nature unless provoked.

            You can imagine the shock when this third world mases were brought to our lands. Their mentality and temper is far different than ours. They are much more violent and much more vocal and thus can’t live among us. We just can’t stand them. I’m sorry that’s the reality of it. Ignoring reality wouldn’t make it better. We are completely different races, with different IQ’s, different temper and reactions to events.

            That’s another point besides the genocide aspect.

            Obviously the genocide aspect is far more destructive. We don’t want them living around us since it’s genocidal for us – not because we hate them

            The problem that many people in our society had being programmed by the enemy to call every European who want’s to preserve themselves and ensure a future for his children a “racist” or a “NaziWhoWantsToKillSixMillionJews”.

            I can promise you there’s no race of humans on this planet who wants his nation to be invaded by alien races and because extinct. Ask The Koreans, Ask The Japanese, Ask The Indians, Ask the Arabs etc. Are they “NazisWhoWantToKillSixMillionJews” or simply sane people who care about the future of their people, Their race and the future of their children?!

            Their motive is love for their children.

            My motive is love for my Germanic heritage in Sweden and in the rest of the Germanic lands of Europe.

            Should we just except the death of our people and our race or should we fight back to secure a future for our children and our race?!

            What is the higher morality?!


            Zionist Occupied Scandinavia

          • Erik on April 7, 2015

            Prof. Bob Whitaker seems to make a point why Germany’s economy needs Germanic genes to move forward:


            He further explains why race-mixing is pure evil. It is against the healthy order. and the people who support these are really sick psychopaths in my view.


            Whites should marry whites and be pround of what they are. Blacks should merry blacks and be pround of their heritage.

            Not supporting race mixing doesn’t mean racial hatred. It means obying and following gods design and the natural order.

            This is National Socialism – The natural way is indeed the ONLY WAY. Races should not mix and perserve themselves yet at the same time show RESPECT toward other races.

            Only sick and twisted minds would support race mixing : White with Blacks. Asian with Blacks etc. That means Genocide and also means that children will be confused in terms of their identity.

            If you support race mixing you’re not only my enemy and I’ll do everything to oppose your madness and insanity, but you are also the enemy of the natural order or God i.e. National Socialism.


            Soon communists and marxists will be hunted down and punished for pushing everything evil, satanic and unnatural on our body’s, our minds and our spiritis.

            Gud Med Oss

        • tomas rader on October 19, 2014

          x + x = 0 , y + y = 0 , x + y = ○1 = zygote egg = species continuation. This is the natural law. X,Y are chromosome … gay doesn’t work for species propogation in natural law. More deviant behavior promoted by zion leads to this. The German’s I know weren’t cold blooded killers with world domination on their minds. Rather they usually have more than 6 children and don’t divorce.

          How they rule, zionist tactics aren’t really clever but here’s my assessment

          threat levels = used in this order …..
          n1 family.. kids
          n2 career $$.
          n3 reputation..resume
          n4 property..seizure

          and if all else fails
          n5 your life.

          These threats work in america. Are values are screwed up.

      • Blue on October 22, 2015

        I have read too much god in your comment, so you ruined the main idea.

      • Blue on October 22, 2015

        Hi,I agree with all you have said, except that all Eastern European countries are Slavic. Hungary is not.

    • Phoneblaster on November 7, 2014

      Russia was with Germany like Turkey and many others. Just as now days, the west corrupts people like ‘Yeltsin’. Russia turned against Germany, and because stalin was a jew. So if you get attacked, you expect Germany to not do anything about it? Hmm.

    • Ivor Biggun on November 21, 2014

      Dear Igor,

      Read the book “the Chief Culprit by Viktor Suvorov”. It is vaguely mentioned in the series on this website, but this book states very clearly : Hitler had no choice but to attack Stalin.
      All the best from the Netherlands.

  • Tamer on July 30, 2014

    Thank you, Dennis.

    For many years I always knew that “History was written by the victor”, but I always wondered why millions and millions of germans were willing to die for Hitler when he was supposedly a tyrannical-evil man according to the media.

    Your project opened my eyes, and broke my heart at the sad truth that the National Socialists were never as evil as the “jewish-controlled” media claimed, all these heinous lies about them ….

    Although there are good jews in this world, their leaders and bankers are zionist swine that just aim for their own gain and profit even if it takes the lives of many people, even their own people.

    What a shitty world we currently live in …. And now I respect all those brave souls that had fought to stop that world from happening that have been labeled as “demons” and “war criminals”, those were the last hope for humanity, and most people will never know.

    • konwayk on July 31, 2014

      I agree that there are some good Jews in the world. But Judaism is bad. Many people confuse Judaism with the religion of Moses and Jesus Christ.

      Even Jewish rabbis point out that Judaism only began in 500 AD. All of the details are in the below link.

      You can never expect anything good from Judaism since it teaches the destruction of all non Jews.

    • Gibson on August 23, 2014

      Amen to that ! 🙂

  • Maximilian on July 27, 2014

    Adolf Hitler was a good man. He knew what’s good and healthy. He knew what’s right and wrong, what’s sick and what’s healthy, what’s normal and what’s abnormal, what’s ugly and what’s beautiful. Adolf Hitler was no “politically correct” – he came to terms with reality.

    Soon the world will know that Adolf Hitler was right. They sicker our society gets – and more people have their lives destroyed – the more people will realize that Hitler was right.

    National Socialism was the best model of how a healthy and creative and advanced society should be – No perversion, sickness and degeneracy are tolerated.

    Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men to ever walk to Earth.

    People are beginning to recognize it.

  • Sam on July 24, 2014

    How WW2 Started

    Why Do Jews Love Democracy? Dr. William Pierce

    Jews Are Our Misfortune

    How It All Fits Together

    House of Cards must be blown down Dr William Pierce

    Benjamin Freedman – talk about Zionists (USA original with German subtitles)

  • Erik on July 23, 2014

    Don Black of Stormfront on Rense Radio Network (Largest Non-PC Alternative Media), Speaks with Truck Roy from White Rabbit Radio, on the genetic and hormonal defects and causes behind the homosexual disorder and how Jews are pushing this sickness on society as a means of destabilizing society.

    They discuss how the American and European public, who 40 years ago were very much against the promotion of homosexuality and “Gay Marriage”, were brainwashed and programmed by the Anti-White Establishment to be “tolerant” to the imposition of this sick disorder on society.

    People are waking up. After the upcoming revolution for the survival of the White Race, those behind white genocide and behind the promotion of the homosexual disease on society shall face either the death penalty or lifetime imprisonment for : 1. attempted genocide 2. destroying peoples live via promotion of a medical problem and an abnormal and deviant “sexual orientation” i.e Homosexuality. (I also spoke to some Swedish Nationalists about this and they support the punishment)

    Those who are ill have all the right to remain ill, but they don’t have the right, with the help of the establishment to sell their disease to normal people and children under the guise of “Tolerance”.

    We will come into contact with Russian and German judges on our side and make sure the the death penalty for attempted genocide will include the promotion of homosexuality in society by the Anti-White Globalist establishment. Promotion of abnormal and deviant forms of sexuality, whether Bestiality, Homosexuality, homosexual “adoption” of children is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. and we at Stormfront, the BNP, The Swedish Nationalist Party, The NPD in Germany etc. we’ll make sure it we’ll be treated as such. There are groups that will show no mercy once they get them down.

    in Sweden, Jews came and presented their disgusting Gay “Art” in an exhibition intended for families and children. Why do they want to expose our children to same-sex sex?! Why are they pushing same sex attraction as a “choice” to children!? Why are they pushing this abnormal sexual orientation in Western Societies?! The answer is that they want our society to be sick so they can control us.

    Try to promote Homosexuality or Bestiality in non Western Nations and they will cut you to pieces. White people are “too tolerant”, “too nice” and “forgiving” in regards to the promotion of this abnormality. It’s about time we’ll put an end to being nice. and hunt down and punish the criminals pushing these depravities and abnormalities in our society.

    We are not attacking individual homosexuals or the right of homosexuals to engage in such abnormal activity, as they are not the criminals and they are not the problem as they are inflicted by a disorder for which they are not to be blamed. We are attacking the PC establishment that is behind the promotion of this disorder in our society and we’ll make sure they will be brought before tribunal to justice after the upcoming revolution for the survival of the White Race in Europe and in America.

    The time when the promotion of sickness is tolerated IS OVER.

    • Max on July 23, 2014

      You are correct, besides White Genocide, The death penalty should be extended to include those who promote abortion and same sex attraction (homosexuality) in society.

      Evil should not be tolerated but should be eliminated.

      Our forefathers did not tolerate such depravities and neither should we.

      40 years ago promotion of homosexuality – and bestiality – in the United States was ILLEGAL. In fact it was illegal in all western nations.

      Today in Russia one can face imprisonment if one promotes homosexuality as “normal”.

      I think we should make an example and take it one step further:

      Those who promote abnormal and deviant forms of sexuality whether homosexuality, bestiality etc. should be brought before tribunal and face the death penalty.

      Those in the media should be the first to be stand trial.

      It will happen after the upcoming revolution.

      • Erik on July 24, 2014

        I agree, but we have to make sure NOT to harm individual Gays. We don’t want people to have the wrong impression. Individual Gays are not the enemy and I wish them a happy life despite the fact that they have to live with a disorder.

        If someone is having the flu, you don’t punish that poor individual, you punish those who take the flu, and under the guise of “Tolerance” for “flu infected people”, spread the flu to normal people and children to make them sick and destroy their lives.

        We are attacking the PROMOTION of homosexuality or any other for of deviant sexual tendency, by the media and PC establishment.

        I agree that those behind the genocide of the peoples of Europe should stand trial and face the death penalty. I also agree that those who promote abortion for baby fetuses that are OVER 16 or 17 weeks old i.e. have a full functioning nervous system, should stand trial for homicide and that the doctors involved in such criminal activity not only should have their licenses revoked but also should face either the death penalty or lifetime in prison for first-degree murder. hundreds of millions babies have being aborted from 1973 thanks to the Jewish promotion of abortion and feminism in the western world. A great portion of them with a full functioning nervous system i.e. a living breathing human beings were murdered or “aborted”.

        Those behind the promotion and normalization of homosexuality – a medical disorder – should stand trial for promoting disordered and abnormal sexual orientation that is the total opposite of what a normal sexual development should be according to human physiology and anatomy i.e. sexual desire toward people of the opposite sex/normal sexual object.

        When one promotes homosexuality not only does he promote a deviant sexual desire i.e. sexual desire towards incorrect sexual objects (same sex),but he also pushes children into a deadly lifestyle that will destroy their lives and leave them in misery of living an abnormal lives. Especially promoting homosexuality, makes children being open to adult homosexual predators that can molest them and mess up their all lives.
        Promotion of homosexuality should be treated harshly without mercy, and people who promote this as “normal” to children or even adults, and those that allow Gay Couples to “marry” and “adopt” children, thereby destroying the lives of those children by placing them in a sick and abnormal environment, should face either imprisonment or the death penalty depending on the potential life damage done to those children exposed.

        If this is what’s needed to wake people up so we can have a normal and healthy society, than we should embrace these forms of punishment.

        This form of punishment is not so extreme as one might think: The Death penalty for attempted genocide, homicide, and promotion of a life destroying disorder isn’t that extreme but appropriate.

        • Max on July 25, 2014

          I totally agree with you, these people are criminal since it’s obvious that they don’t recognize realities by the policies they support.



      • Tomy on July 25, 2014

        Gays and their promoters should beware. The more they push their disease in public – in media and in education – the more fire they will attract.

        The general public is loosing patience. Patience is running out!

        • sun on November 23, 2014

          Well written,

          The biological and sexual aim of the human body is to be with the opposite sex, not with animals or same-sex.

          If someone has some sort of mental, hormonal or brain deficiency that makes them sexually attracted to objects other than people of the opposite sex then we should fix that problem in this person – not try to change to view of the world in order to fit them.

          You wouldn’t do that with a blind person. You would try to convince people that being blind is good and its OK. I mean we have sympathy for these people but no body should be saying that it’s just a “choice”.

          After all the biological aim of the eye is color and light – vision.

  • konwayk on July 20, 2014

    As we all know, Jews are Khazars from Turkish regions which is explained by Benjamin Freedman in his speech.

    As Babylon before Hitler shows that the perversions of these Jews due to their obedience to Talmud.

    In his 1974 speech, Benjamin Freedman explains an important information that many people don’t seem to notice.

    Khazars also have a disease called Kasak disease that nobody else have.

    It is also known as Jewish disease.

    Benjamin Freedman in his 1974 speech.

    “I have with me, now, a circular that I received in the mail last week, the March of Dimes put it out with the assistance of the Rockefeller Foundation, and they recite the whole thing; because they have found, in recent years, that the Khazars are carriers of a disease that no other people in the world have. Here’s the circular that they got out. It’s called, “Kasak Disease” (The Jewish Disease – Tay-Sachs). I have known about it for years.

    The New York News newspaper had a full page on it, called “The Jewish Disease.” They explained the whole thing, so I went into it, investigated it, and gave a little money to one or two clinics that were trying to do something about it. The Eastern Europeans, of Khazar ancestry, known as Jews, are carriers of this Kasak disease. When one Khazar marries another Khazar: (I don’t say so, Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Jewish Memorial Hospital, the Rockefeller Foundation, they’ve all done a lot of work on it. They published these figures and these statistics . . .) that one out of four children, when one Khazar marries another Khazar, or of that ancestry, that child can’t live beyond three years. And the death that that child suffers is too miserable to describe to you. Out of the others, two of them become carriers, and one is clear.”

  • Marian on July 17, 2014

    I have recently read Martin Luther’s book “On The Jews and Their Lies” (“Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen”) originally published in 1543, just before his death. Martin Luther was very much familiar with the Talmud and its teachings and it seems that he wrote the book as a fore warning to future generations about the nature of the Jewish mindset.

    As most of us open minded people know that this problem is centuries old, I still cannot comprehend that Jews today have more power (at least in the Western world) than ever before.

    What is wrong with the world? Is Satan really more powerful than Jesus?

    • konwayk on July 18, 2014

      I assure you that the problems of Talmud started ever since Jonathan (the brother of Judas Maccabeus) was in power (160 BC-143 BC).

      That’s when the sect of Pharisees was established and they established their traditions of the elders (a.k.a traditions of the forefathers) which later came to be known as Talmud.

      Jesus Christ came to give us eternal life. Remember, the parable of “Richman and poor man Lazarus” in Luke 16.

      The richman starved poor man Lazarus starved to death. Eisenhower is an excellent demonstration of the richman. He starved more than a million Germans and others who fought for Germany to death.

      But after death, innocent people who suffered painfully will inherit the heaven just like poor man Lazarus did and they shall live happily forever in heaven while the wicked one will be in hell forever.

      The only thing we can do is pray to God and fight for justice and mercy just like Jesus Christ did against Pharisees and scribes by driving them out of the temple.

      That’s what Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels wanted with Jews. They wanted to deport them to madagascar permanently after the world war 2 was over.

    • hurts2wakeup on October 23, 2014

      “What is wrong with the world? Is Satan really more powerful than Jesus?”

      Satan is the god/prince of this World, for a time. Remember when he showed JESUS all the Kingdoms of the World, in a moment in time, and then said all these will I give to Thee if Thou wilt worship me, because i have power to give them, and JESUS said kick rocks satan, it is written thou shalt worship The LORD Thy GOD and Him alone shall thy serve…
      Well satan has found People to worship him, and unfortunately he can give them Quadrillions of dollars, aswell as power, ect, ect, as it is his to give his kids for a time, in this World. But the ‘allmighty’ dollar will only remain ‘allmighty’ untill JESUS puts a match to it…

      Having said that, satan is not more powerful than JESUS, as long as you put your trust in Him, are Born Again from Above and have His Holy Spirit living inside you, There is more Power in JESUS name, than all of satans armies, and all the Quadrillions that the rothchilds have been given-hoarded/looted-stolen. And they do have to sell their Souls to get this temporal power…

  • Anonymous on July 10, 2014

    I have seen most of the videos on this site; and while my opinion has changed slightly, i must say that all the good Hitler did for Germany; econmic wise, ect, it does not excuse him for all the mass murders this site does not mention that took place in thousands of concentration camps. Ok so the Jewish brought down banks and caused bankruptcy and things like that, so dont allow them to own a bank or anything. Dont kill them all. So all in all, the countless good deeds Hitler has done for one country/society does not excuse him for destroying the rest of the world.

    • Erik on July 10, 2014

      If you watch the entire work presented to you by Dennis Wise, and do some research of your own, you’ll realize that the “holocaust” is a fraud, that the allies were war criminals, that WW2 was imposed on Germany by the Zio led British and French Empires who were helped and funded by the Jewish president of the United States Mr. Franklin Roosevelt (or Rosenfelt) along with the Jewish Bankers and media who had brainwashed to American people to fear and hate Germany.

      You’ll realize that the attack on the Soviet Union was a counter attack as Hitler had no other choice, Stalin was about to strike western Europe.

      Even if Germany had an army 5 times larger than that of the USSR, Germany was, due to its much smaller size than the USSR, in a strategic disadvantage, as the red Army could have reached Berlin in less than a week through a surprise attack. Germany is smaller in size, hence less ground to defend, less ground to use as strategic advantage i.e. no where to retreat unlike the soviets who could have retreated within the vast landscapes of the USSR and reorganize to counterattack. Germany didn’t have strategic territory that the USSR had. Therefore Hitler knew that Germany must strike first. Otherwise all of Europe could fall to the Soviets.

      Germany had no choice, but to strike first.

    • Eddie Hahn on July 13, 2014

      The early sections of the video parts made sense. (Ie parts 1-22/23) the closer one gets to the end, especially the bonus features, the more contentious and less convincing the argument that Hitler was a good guy. I don’t believe in a Zionist conspiracy because I don’t ascribe to religion. I therefor don’t think ethnocentrism, gay bashing or or controlling someone else’s body in the name of an invisible sky god is a good thing.

  • Erik on July 8, 2014

    The road to normalizing bestiality in the name of “Human Rights”.

    If you got used to the idea of “Gay Rights”, get use to the concept of “Zoo Rights” and “Zoo Pride” (And Yes, There are tens of millions of “proud” Zoosexuals around the world)

    Thanks to International Jewry. The West is indeed becoming more “Liberal” (i.e. more crazy and more psychotic)

    And what about the “there are animals that do it” defense for homosexuality?

    There have been observations of interspecies sex (i.e. Zoosexuality/Bestiality) documented in the animal kingdom. Interspecies sex is found in about 10% of all of the animals species in nature (i.e. Interspecies sex is found In thousands of species) . In fact National Geographic did a article on it.

    Interspecies Sex: Evolution’s Hidden Secret?

    Maybe it is “normal” for humans to have sex with other species too? Are we Zoophobes if we don’t want to teach our children that it is “normal” to have sex with a horse or a dog? I mean if we are to come to the conclusion that Zoophilia/Bestiality is “normal” and I don’t see how it’s not if homosexuality is.

    Look at the following website – Please read this whole website and you’ll see what we are dealing with. The same arguments that were used to normalize the homosexual perversion are now used to normalize Zoosexuality (Bestiality). This is the kind of insanity we are dealing with. Not only crazy people had managed to brainwash some brain dead people that the disorder of homosexuality is “normal” (by ignoring human physiology and anatomy – which is Heterosexual by design i.e. directed specifically toward people of the opposite sex) but there are crazy people that are now trying to sell the brain dead masses the idea that Zoosexuality is “normal” and that calling it an “illness” is “discrimination”.

    We truly live in a sick world. Don’t we?!

    Don’t worry parents! not only do these psychopaths are trying to teach your children in school that same sex attraction (homosexuality) is “ok” and “normal” but they will soon teach your kids that having sex with an animal is also “normal” and that opposing the normalization of this depravity is “Zoophobia”.

    This is a sick website that tries to normalize Zoosexuality (Bestiality) using the very same arguments that are used to normalize homosexuality:
    Look at the section “Zoosexuality in Nature”. I agree that the disorders of Homosexuality of Zoosexuality (Cross-Species Sex) DO EXIST in nature in animals and in humans, but so do other diseases, disorders, illness and abnormalities. Defects, diseases and abnormalities DO EXIST in nature and are by definition “natural”, but that in itself does not make them medically “normal” and “healthy”. Yet, within every species Homosexuality and Zoosexuality represent EXCEPTIONS to normal animal behaviors. Cannibalism also exist in animals but it is an EXCEPTION i.e. a lion, bear , dog , shark or any other animal species would not normally eat its own kind unless he’s starved and have no other option. The fact is that anomalies, diseases and abnormalities do exist in the animal kingdom but that by itself does not make them medically “normal” or “healthy”. Other birth defects as well as Blindness, Diabetes and Alzheimer exist in nature as well. That does not make Blindness or Diabetes or Alzaheimer “normal” or physically “correct” conditions. For this very reasons we have – at least used to have – medical doctors to treat and prevent such disorders, abnormalities and perversions from spreading. Animals don’t have the option to treat their own. You won’t see animals who are doctors and psychiatrists. The flu disease also exist in nature among thousands of species of animals, but no sane person would
    teach children and people that being infected by a the flu is a “healthy” condition.

    Until 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognized homosexuality for what it really it is : A medical disorder. Then Jews, funded Gay activists to protest and make the APA to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders. In order to justify and excuse the removal of homosexuality as a disorder the APA had to redefine the entire conceptual basis for defining a disorder. Thanks to the APA’s Jewish Doctor, Mr. Robert Spitzer the manipulation took place. Spitzer came with a narrow and insufficient requirement & definition that is used to define a disorder i.e. “Subjective Distress” and “Social Disability” by which if an individual homosexual (or Zoosexual) is happy with his diseased sexual orientation and can still function and society the APA will no longer
    insist in the need to list the condtion as an official disorder. This is how homosexuality was “normalized”.

    Here’s APAs Dr. Rorbert Spitzer admitting that the decision to remove Homosexuality from the list of disorder was based on politics and political correctness and not on science. He had manipulated the definition of a medical disorder in order to make it possible to “argue” that it is “not a disorder”.

    During the past 30 years, Gay have used the APA’s political decision as “proof” that science “agrees” that their diseased and abnormal sexual orientation is “normal”. (Science can’t agree with this anymore than it can agree that it is “normal” to connect 1-way plug (Male) with another 1-way (Male) or 1-way socket (female) with another 1-way socket (female) ).

    Until mid 1990s, World Health Organization rightfully listed homosexuality as a disease (along with almost all medical associations around the world), but it was forced to drop homosexuality from its list of diseases after adopting the APAs politically correct set of
    criteria that are used to define a disorder i.e. Distress and Social Disability. Basically if a person is sexually attracted to physiologically incorrect object i.e. objects with whom his body wasn’t designed to be sexual with i.e. Animals, Trees, Cars, Plants, Bugs, Same-Sex etc. as long as he’s happy with his diseased sexual orientation (He’s orientation is not associated with “Subjective Distress”) and he’s able to function in society (He’s orientation is not associated with
    “Social disability) then his sexual orientation (whether Homosexuality or Zoosexuality) is “normal” since the requirements for “normalcy” are “Social Disability” and “Distress” according to the APA. The APA’s requirements for disorder in this case are to narrow i.e. aren’t objective (i.e. don’t take into account the objective Physiological and Anatomical aspects that do indeed make homosexuality and zoosexuality disorders). “Subjective Distress” and “Social Disability” are important requiremets for determining normalcy, but they are NOT THE ONLY REQUIREMENTS in the case of homosexuality or zoosexuality. No one can really argue that Zoosexuality (Bestiality) is “normal” since it the condition itself isn’t associated with “Distress” and “Social disability”. Homosexuality and Zoosexuality are physiologically functional errors, Since one’s sexual orientation (whether it be towards animals or towards same-sex objects or towards plants) isn’t in line with the direction one’s body’s is designed(which is specifically towards people of the opposite sex). By “normal” what they really mean is “not associated with distress and social disability”.

    During the past 20 and 30 years the APA decision was used as a Trojan Horse by the Politically Correct Establishment and Gay groups as “proof” that homosexuality is “normal” and that we should impose this disorder on our children in school and damage the feelings and health of society as a whole. When you normalize what is objectively medically abnormal and sick you end up causing damage to what is objectively medically normal and healthy.

    Due to political pressure from Transgender groups, In 2013 The APA took another unscientific decision to remove Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the DSM and basically normalize Transgenderism. From now on, Being transgender is no longer an official disorder i.e.if you are a Man but you think that you are a Woman and want to cut off your penis and grow some boobs than , that means that you are completely “normal” according the the Jewish controlled APA.

    I guess that if you are human but you “feel” that you are a bird or a snake, and you want to cut off your arms and legs “to be a snake” and
    crowl like a snake for the rest of your life,then you are also “normal”.

    In order to “normalize” transgenderism, The APA had used the same excuse and justifications that were used to normalize Homosexuality i.e. not an objective criteria but rather the “distress and social disability” criteria i.e. if you “feel” that you are a snake, as long as this condition isn’t associated with subjective distress and inability to function in society than you are completely “normal”.

    This is the type of mental insanity we are dealing with.

    APA removes Transgenderism (Gender Identity Disorder) from the DSM. From 2013 , it is “normal” and “healthy” to be Transgender. (APA doesn’t give a damn about what is objectively normal and healthy and normalizes any medical problem or disorder it wants.)

    The website “” (appropriate name 🙂 is happy with the APAs move.

    Due to political pressure, The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is removing Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID or MPD, i.e. Multiple Personality Disorder] from the diagnosis manual. i.e. if you wake up in the morning and you beleive that you are the Queen of England and than later in the day you truly believe that you are Joseph Stalin and tomorrow morning you think that you are a George W. Bush than it means you are totally “normal” according to the Jewish APA. Since this kind of psychosis isn’t associated with distress and social disability, it is completely “normal condition”.

    This is what happens when you let Jews run your “Science”. It becomes political and non-scientfic.

    Parents, Just wait until our beloved Zio led leaders will brainwash your boys and girls that they can “choose” what sex they are. If “homosexuality”, “Multiple Personality Disorders” are “choices” and are “normal”, than why not “Transgenderism”!?

    BTW. The APA is about to completely remove any reference to Zoophilia/Zoosexuality (Bestiality) in the DSM and totally normalize it. until now it was not listed as a disorder unless it causes distress to the individual, much like homosexuality).

    So next time if you are a “Zoo” you won’t have to be in the closet and can freely live with your perversion and sell it to kids in school with the help of our beloved medical establishment . After all, Zoosexuality, Homosexuality etc. are “just” other forms of “sexual orientation” just like “Heterosexuality”! Just like a boy might like (i.e. desire to f**k) “Chocolate Ice Cream” (Girls) he can also “like” things like Vanilla Ice cream (Other boys) or Strawberry Ice cream (Cows and Horses). After all, we can ignore the fact – since we are becoming “progressive”- that his body is physically meant ONLY for girls and not for other boys or cows and horses. Please let’s stop being “Zoophobic” (Cowphobic & and Horsephobic) and Homophobic.

    Let’s embrace any form of perversion and disorder as “normal” in the name of “Progress”.

    This is the type of insanity we are dealing with. After normalizing one disease (Homosexuality), They are normalizing other types of diseases

    (GID,MPD,Zoophilia). This is what happens when you let Jews run your science.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talks about the danger of the homosexual lifestyle.

    The CDC admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the United States population, they make up the majority of AIDS and HIV cases:

    Why am I so “Anti-Semetic” in that I blame everything on the Jews. Well, In your opinion I’m an anti-semitic, You just think that because I recognize that organized Jewry is behind the promotion of every thing abnormal, sick and deviant in the West. Jews are behind the following sick and destructive movements:

    1. Communism & Marxism 2. Feminism 3. Homosexual Movements 4. Gay Marriage 5. Abortion 6. Political Correctness 7. Cultural Marxism & MultiCulturalism 8. Sexual Liberation (Which is really sexual de-humanization) 9. Depraved Hollywood Industry full of violence, blood and gore…. and the upcoming trend of “Zoo Rights”.

    The Jews in their control of the media and academia of the west, have created the conditions that enable all of these degenerate things to gain legitimacy in the west.

    My Conclusion : Good Lost WW2.

    The Frozen North.

    • Agent 47 on July 9, 2014

      You are correct. The Jewish/APAs requirements for defining disorder and determining normality are insufficient, unscientific and too politicized.

      Essentially what it means is that if you are Zoosexual, homosexual or transgender, as long as you “enjoy” your perversion and abnormality, you are officially “normal” and “healthy”. Since according to the Jewish/Liberal mindset as long as an individual “enjoys” his sickness and perversions (no “distress” is involved in his depraved sexual tendencies), than according to the twisted liberal mindset such an individual is totally normal and healthy.

      If one is into bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia and any other form of depraved and abnormal sexual activity as long as one “enjoys”(No distress involved) these depravities and can function socially, one is to be considered “normal” and “healthy” according to the Jewish APA.

      This is how these infected animals who run the APA managed to normalize what are essentially medical problems and disgusting perversions.

      These people are indeed crazy.

      • Tomy on July 25, 2014

        The APA didn’t “manage” to “normalize” anything.

        They had only managed to fool themselves and some weak minded people in society in this process of self-deception and “politically correct” nonsense.

        Reality didn’t change for them, human physiology and biology didn’t change for them.

        That which is sick shall remain sick.

    • Marian on July 16, 2014

      “The Economist” is a Rothschild owned publication!

  • TruthSeeker on June 30, 2014

    Dennis, You’ve opened peoples eyes as a result of your work. This will create a domino effect that will bring the evil system we’re under down.

    Look at the evil, sickness and abnormalities the Zionists are promoting in our world : homosexuality, bestiality etc.

    Obama just legitimized sick abnormalities like man/man and man/animal sex.

    I don’t care what some people do in the privacy of their homes but the United States Military shouldn’t approve of sick perversions like homosexuality and bestiality.

    Our society had being destroyed by the Jewish extremists. They impose self-imposed sterility (feminism) on us as well as the normalization of abortion.

    And the evils of the ongoing program of genocide against the peoples of Europe through Jewish led multiculturalism.

    I hope some German WW2 veterans could watch your work before they leave this life. They would leave this world with a smile on their faces knowing that the fought for the good guys, knowing that they fought for a better world.

    Thank you.

    • Stargate on July 1, 2014

      I agree, Look at the sick, disgusting and deviant films the Jews present to us, movies like the sick homosexual film “Brokeback Mountain” – a disgusting film where the abnormal and pathological sexual tendencies of an unfortunate tiny minority of the population are presented as “normal” to children. Essentially what the sick minds how created that film did is that they present a medical problem – an abnormality – as “normal” and as an example to follow.

      This shows how sick America has become and how sick the media has become that we allow these sort of things and we present these disgusting perversions like it’s suppose to be “freedom”.

      They don’t respect the feelings of normal people who naturally have a healthy aversion for homosexuality.

      They take an abnormal and disordered condition, an aberration of nature (homosexuality) and they present it as “normal”.

      The Jews may present another sick film presenting Zoosexual (Bestiality) relationship as “normal”.

      And they want to influence children and normal people with their disgusting garbage.

    • Dennis Wise on July 7, 2014

      Thanks, I hope the German veterans also view the documentary.

  • JMan2444 on May 28, 2014

    Here is something from research, the barbie doll was invented by a jew – possibly a way of making gentile women more superficial and undermining their traditional roles..?

    • Neo on May 14, 2014

      Germany was on its path to become the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. It was the western allies that prevented Germany from defeating the the devil ruled USSR.

      International Jewry knew that Hitlers Germany was the greatest threat on Earth to their dream of world domination via ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is why they had declared war on Germany in September 1939.

      American stopped being the worlds greatest nation in 1913 when it gave the control over America to the Jewish bankers through the Federal Reserve.

      America stopped being a great nation when it failed to repatriate the African Americans to Africa. Blacks in America had only destroyed America via crime integration in schools etc.

      America committed racial and economic suicide through the Jewish led 1965 immigration act which brought to America 100 million non whites whose avg IQ bellow 75.

      America is no more. White babies are already a racial minority in America.

      America is in 120 Trillion dollars debt.
      In the next 30 to 50 years America will be destroyed by majority non white population and the country will fall into racial civil war and be split.

      This is what happens when people ignore reality due to “political correctness”.

      In the UK and in Europe it is going to be the same if white people don’t wake up soon.

      • Erik on May 14, 2014

        You right. But I think I got the wrong impression from what you’d written here:

        “Germany was on its path to become the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth.”

        You give the impression that Germany wanted world domination. Maybe you didn’t mean it but this is the impression that people MIGHT get.

        But Germany had no plans on World Domination.

        Unlike the British Empire which ruled over 25% of the planet.

        Unlike the French Empire which ruled about 15% of the planet

        Unlike the Russian Empire which ruled some 30% of the planet through its USSR federation of different ethnic groups, Warsaw Pact and Arab Satellite states.

        Unlike America which has bases all over the world and has control over many nations worldwide.

        Unlike Judea i,e International Jewry which controlled all of the above empires of America, France, Britain, Russia via its networks and thus controlled about 80% of the globe (Through the United States, EU, World Bank etc)and has plans of One World Government.

        Unlike all of the above Hitlers Germany had no plans of world domination.

        Germany was first to attack and occupy western Europe after the British and French Empires had declared war on it in September 1939.

        Germany was forced to attack and occupy eastern Europe in order to protect Germany and all of Western Europe from a Soviet Attack.

        You are correct in all other things you wrote.

        The 1965 Immigration Act had destroyed America racially and economically. You cannot maintain a modern economy with 100 millions non whites in America. African and Mexican level IQ is not sufficient to run a modern economy.

        African Americans & Mexicans may have IQ that can enable them to live in African countries but not enough to run a modern western economy.

        Not to mention the crimes of non whites which is a totally separated issue.

        America may be lost so we should focus more on saving Europe, the natural homeland of the White Race and Western Civilization.

        • Neo on May 14, 2014

          You are right. I didn’t mean it literally when I wrote “Germany was on its path to become the GREATEST (in Size) nation”

          But one thing is certain. If Germany had won and had Europe under its control it would have been much better for Europeans racially and economically.

          Today we have the Zionist NWO controlling Europe and flooding it to extinction with the masses of the third world.

    • Jack on June 27, 2014

      When can we see the next chapter?

      • konwayk on June 27, 2014

        Dennis wrote this below the video.

        “Due to another computer malfunction and the loss of files, the following parts are bound to be delayed. I am also switching to new software which again is going to be frustrating and time consuming to learn. Sorry for the delay.”

  • Ahou on May 11, 2014

    Great documentary thanks!
    I want to download it, do you have a link?

  • Kristallnacht on April 30, 2014

    Auf den Spuren Allahs

    Die ältesten Funde und Inschriften gehen bis ins 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr. zurück. In den vergangenen hundert Jahren haben Archäologen ganz nebenbei auch den Ursprung der Verehrung Allahs freigelegt. Die Spur führte jedoch nicht zurück zu Jahwe, sondern erstaunlicherweise zu Al-ilah الإله, dem Mondgott, den die Araber schon lange vor Mohammed anbeteten. Al ilah war bei den nomadisch-heidnischen Stämmen Arabiens ursprünglich der mit der Sonnengöttin verheiratete Mondgott, und die Sterne Al-Lat, Al-Uzza und Manat waren seine Töchter. Überlieferungen zu Koranversen, die die alten Göttinnen erwähnen (ayat, Sure 53, an-nadschm („der Stern!“), ayat 19–24), zeigen nach Meinung einiger, dass Mohammed anfangs versuchte diese bei den alten Arabern sehr beliebten Göttinnen einzubeziehen. Al ilah wurde bereits vor Mohammed zu Allah verkürzt, das ist historisch gesichert. Außerdem enthalten die Familiennamen von Mohammeds Vater und Onkel beide die Wortsilbe „Allah“. Die Tatsache, dass den Arabern von ihren Eltern Namen wie Abdallah (Diener Gottes) gegeben worden waren beweist, dass Allah selbst noch zu Zeiten Mohammeds der Titel des Mondgottes war.

    • Erik on May 4, 2014

      Technically we can punish the social engineers for promoting multicultualism for every mixed race couple in Europe (White European + Non-White immigrant), The 1948 UN definition of genocide is “destruction of a racial…group in all or IN PART.

      You’re not gonna see mercy in future tribunal. Targeting a racial group in order to destroy it via lowering their birth rate through social engineering programs (feminism & abortion) or through flooding them with alien races and thus creating the conditions for race mixing (multiculturalism) is a CRIME under International law. Race is REAL and it is a product of Evolution. You CANNOT target race for extinction no matter the method i,e social engineering programs or violent means.

      If so called “multiculturalism” is such a good thing, why do they promote it ONLY in white countries?! Shouldn’t the Africans, Arabs, Turks, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, India, Iranians enjoy the “blessings” of multicultualism if is such a “Utopia”!?

      Other races wouldn’t agree to this. The Chinese or the Japanese aren’t that stupid to allow their nations to be overrun by alien races and their people and culture to be destroyed, It is because they didn’t go through the intense brainwashing white people went through during the last 40 years. Multiculturalism is a scam. There cannot be such a thing as a multicutual society in the long run. There can only racial and cultural GENOCIDE in the long run,

      In order for races and cultures to survive they have to have their own nations and their own geography and be SEPARATED from each other as NATURE and evolution dictates.

      if race mixing was a “normal” thing to happen globally there wouldn’t be such a thing as a white, black or yellow races or even the different divisions within them, There would have been only ONE race not white, yellow or black. The fact that there are different races of humans is a proof the race mixing is not a normal thing.

      If race mixing was something people really want the people of China or Japan or India or Nigeria etc wouldn’t have kept their unique racial character.

      Evolution had evolved each race of humanity in its on geographic area on the globe. To intentionally engineer the destruction of that beautiful order and diversity created by nature over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and adaptation is a CRIME not only against humanity but also against NATURE or – for those who are believers -God creation itself.

      How many species and subspecies were gone extinct?!

      65 million years ago the planet lost the dinosaurs, what’s going to be next?!

  • konwayk on April 23, 2014

    Through Part 27 babylon before hitler, my suspicions increased about Jack the Ripper being a Jew.

    I was able to find a great article (below) that mentions the possibilities of Jack the Ripper being a Jew because of the way his victims were killed and mutilated, the location where the crimes took place (where Jews lived), Jewish witnesses, etc.

    A great quote from the above link is “Whenever you look closely at horrible, atrocious, and immoral activities, you find the Jew.”

  • Lisa on April 16, 2014

    Dear Dennis Wise,

    You have made an amazing work!

    Adolf Hitler would have being proud of you, because you have cleared his name! 🙂

    Wish you long and happy life!

  • Allan Alfredo Gonzalez on April 13, 2014

    When I talk about this to other they tell me I’m stupid and that I don’t know what happens in the camps and that the Jews were killed in gas chambers

    • Thor on April 21, 2014

      There is no evidence of gassing or intent to physically murder European Jewry.
      In fact there’s evidence to the contrary. The Jews in the camps were political enemies and enemies of the states.

      Jews in Europe at the time couldn’t be trusted therefore they were put in camps just like other political and potential opponents such as communists, POWs, and other enemies of the German people. I always had this disconnect in regards to the so called “holocaust”.

      How could the intent to murder European Jewry be real if Jews were given R&R in the camps and when the Red Cross were given access to those camps on a regular basis.
      Why would the Germans put Jews in camps if there was an intent to murder them?! wouldn’t be easier and cheaper to shoot them and bury them on spot as the Soviets did in their murder of polish officers?!
      all of this did never make any sense to me. my instincts and reason told me that the holocaust story cannot be truth.

      So what did Hitler mean by this :

      “if “International Jewish Finance” (The Jew bankers) inside Europe and outside of it will plunge the nations into another World War than the end result would be not the victory of Jewry and bolshvism over the planet but the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe”

      Using such a harsh language by Hitler was only a means to pressure the bankers. But it was not really proof that he really meant to physically kill all Jews in Europe. What he meant by “destruction of the Jewish race in Europe” was really the REMOVAL of all people of Jewish race from Europe. Not killing them literally speaking. What do you think of this Dennis ?

      • Erik on May 10, 2014

        You are correct. By using the terms “exterminate”, “eliminate” etc. in regards to Jews the Nazis did NOT mean literal extermination or elimination of Jews. The words “elimination” or “extermination” of the “Jewish Race” were CODEWORDS for the RELOCATION and REMOVAL of all persons of Jewish Race from Europe.

        The National Socialists had used terms and words that can mislead those who aren’t familiar with the the Germans.

        By the terms “clean up”, “eliminate” or “exterminate” Jews “in Europe”, the Nazis really meant removal and relocation – not physical extermination – of all European Jewry and their resettlement in Madacgascr. This can be EASILY proven by Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

        Here are some quotes from Dr. Goebbels Diaries (Source : Joseph Goebbels’ Diaries:
        Excerpts, 1942-43)

        February 18, 1942 (p. 92)

        “In the evening I had a look at the Polish-Yiddish motion picture, The Dybuk. This film is intended to be a Jewish propaganda picture. Its effect, however, is so anti-Semitic that one can only be surprised to note how little the Jews know about themselves and how little they realize what is repulsive to a non-Jewish person and what is not. Looking at this film I realized once again that the Jewish race is the most dangerous one that inhabits the globe, and that we must show them no mercy and no indulgence. This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed. Otherwise it won’t be possible to bring peace to the world”

        February 5, 1942 (p. 69)

        “The Jewish question is again giving us a headache; this time, however, not because we have gone too far, but because we are not going far enough. Among large sections of the German people the idea is gaining headway that the Jewish question cannot be regarded as solved until all Jews have left the Reich.”

        March 7, 1942 (pp. 115-116)

        “I read a detailed report from the SD and police regarding a final solution of the Jewish question. Any final solution involves a tremendous number of new viewpoints. The Jewish question must be solved within a pan-European frame. There are 11,000,000 Jews still in Europe. They will have to be concentrated later, to begin with, in the East; possibly an island, such as Madagascar, can be assigned to them after the war. In any case there can be no peace in Europe until the last Jews are eliminated from the continent.

        That, of course, raises a large number of exceedingly delicate questions. What with those related to Jews? In-laws of Jews? Persons married to Jews? Evidently we still have quite a lot to do and undoubtedly a multitude of personal tragedies will ensue within the framework of the solution of this problem. But that is unavoidable. The situation is now ripe for a final settlement of the Jewish question. Later generations will no longer have the will power or the instinctive alertness. That’s why we are doing a good work in proceeding radically and consistently. The task we are assuming today will be an advantage and a boon to our descendants.”

        March 20, 1942 (p. 138)

        “Finally we talked about the Jewish question. Here the Fuehrer is as uncompromising as ever. The Jews must be got out of Europe”

        February 14, 1942 (pp. 85-86)

        ” In that connection it is significant that most of the local population leave with us wherever our troops are compelled to withdraw. Bolshevism is a doctrine of the devil, and anybody who has once suffered from this scourge doesn’t want anything to do with it again. The sufferings of the Russian people under Bolshevism are indescribable. This Jewish terrorism must be radically eliminated from all of Europe. That is our historic task.”

        [The Nazis, much like the Western allies (Churchill etc.) , knew that Bolshevism was a Jewish invention.]

        World Jewry will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Bolshevism. The Fuehrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly…. We shall thereby render an inestimable service to a humanity tormented for thousands of years by the Jews.”

        April 27, 1942 (pp. 190-191)

        “I talked to the Fuehrer once more in detail about the Jewish question. His attitude is unrelenting. He wants, under all circumstances, to push the Jews out of Europe. That is right. The Jews have brought so much misery to our continent that the severest punishment meted out to them is still too mild….”

        David Irving had also studied the Goebbels diaries: “I am very familiar with the Goebbels diaries insofar as they have been publicly available and in the course of the next twelve months I shall begin reading the entire microfiche of the Goebbels diaries that have now become available to western historians,” said



        Did those sources – the Posen speech, the Goebbels diary, the Wannsee Conference and the letter of July 31, 1941 – indicate any plan to [physically] exterminate European Jews?, asked [defense attorney] Christie.

        “No,” said Irving. “There is no explicit reference either implicit in these documents or legible in these documents to liquidation of Jews. They are all equally applicable to any other solution. Of course, relocation of the Jews in the middle of a war was a radical solution but it is not what is described as the ‘Holocaust.'” (33-9374)

        That was in 1988; in 1996, Irving released a huge work on Goebbels, years in the making, titled simply Goebbels

        The Nazis did not intend to PHYSICALLY exterminate Jews. What they meant is to “eliminate”, “exterminate” and “clean up” them from Europe i,e to relocate them to another place i,e Madacgascr.

        • Neo on May 11, 2014

          I guess that Nazi sources themselves admit that they did not literally intend to physically eliminate the Jews. I am shocked by this. The holocaust story is a complete lie!

          • Erik on May 12, 2014

            You got it right.

            The so called “holocaust” is a LIE! About 300,000+ Jews died in the camps (along with many more hundreds of thousands of Soviet POWs) , mostly as a result of disease called “Typhus”, which resulted of allied bombings which made it impossible for the Germans to supply the camps with food and meds.

            Hence the skeleton bodies and the stench that was their. The Germans and even Jews were also forced to burn the bodies of the victims after they died so the disease will not spread outside of the camps! This was exploited by the Zionist controlled western allies and the Soviets who ‘HATED’ the Germans as “proof” of the “holocaust” and how “evil” the Germans really are.

            Typhus was even present in German cities as a result of allied bombing and many hundreds of thousands of bodies of German women and children were burn by the German police and fire department so the disease will not spread! How many hundreds of thousands of Germans became “skeletons” as a result of allied bombing and lack of food!? How many millions of eastern Europeans became “skeletons” in Soviet camps?

            Unlike the bad conditions in German camps which were not intentional and were made as a result of allied bombings the bad Soviet conditions in soviet camps were intentional!

            Let’s put the letters in the right context and the truth will be evident to you! Let’s read between the lines!

            Let’s go over the quotes from Dr. Gubbles Diaries (Source : Joseph Goebbels’ Diaries: Excerpts, 1942-43):

            February 5, 1942 (p. 69)

            “The Jewish question is again giving us a headache; this time, however, not because we have gone too far, but because we are not going far enough. Among large sections of the German people the idea is gaining headway that the Jewish question cannot be regarded as solved until all Jews have left the Reich.”

            In this letter from February 5, 1942, he said that “Jewish question cannot be regarded as solved until all Jews have left the Reich.”

            He did NOT say that the solution is to physically hurt Jews! Only to make them leave the Reich. Remember this is February 1942 i,e in time when most of Europe is under German control and influence.

            Take these two letters from February 14 and February 18 1942 as an example:

            February 14, 1942 (pp. 85-86)

            “World Jewry will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Bolshevism. The Fuehrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe..”

            February 18, 1942 (p. 92)

            “This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed.Otherwise it won’t be possible to bring peace to the world.”

            Take the letters from February 14, 1942 (pp. 85-86) and February 18, 1942 (p. 92) and put them in the right context.

            What did Dr. Goebbles mean by “This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed” and what did the Fuehrer mean by his “determination to clean up the Jews in Europe..”?

            Did Dr. Gobbles and the Feuhrer really mean literal i.e physical elimination, destruction and “cleaning up” of Jews?

            The answer is NO! How do I know that? I know that simply because when I read all of these letters and I put everything in the right context (i.e you get the whole picture) I can tell that by “elimination” and “destruction” of Jews, Gobbles and the Fuehrer (and the Nazis) really meant the “elimination” of Jews FROM Europe – not their physical elimination!

            Remember the above letters are from February 14 and February 18, 1942.

            About 3 weeks later in March 7, 1942 (pp. 115-116) Dr. Goebbles explained what he had meant when he spoke of “elimination” and “destruction” of Jews. He wrote :

            “I read a detailed report from the SD and police regarding a final solution of the Jewish question. Any final solution involves a tremendous number of new viewpoints. The Jewish question must be solved within a pan-European frame. There are 11,000,000 Jews still in Europe. They will have to be concentrated later, to begin with, in the East; possibly an island, such as Madagascar, can be assigned to them after the war. In any case there can be no peace in Europe until the last Jews are ‘ELIMINATED’ from the continent.”

            Remember the Goebbles wrote in the March 7 1942 letter :

            “there can be no ‘peace’ in Europe until the last Jews are ELIMINATED from the continent.”

            This also clarifies what Goebbles meant a some 30 days before in his February 18, 1942 (p. 92) letter when he wrote:

            “This riffraff must be ‘eliminated’ and destroyed.Otherwise it won’t be possible to bring ‘peace’ to the world.”

            When you put the two letters letters in the right context, what Goebbles gives the answer what he really meant by “This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed” (Otherwise no peace in the world) and the answer is that the Jews are to be ‘eliminated’ (deported) from the continent i,e with no physical elimination.

            The ‘final Solution’ to the Jewish question according to Gobbles and the Fuehrer is the deportation of all 11,000,000 million European Jews from Europe to the island of Madagascar.

            The Nazis did NOT intend to physically eliminate the Jews!

            [The German National Socialist Government realized that there are about 11,000,000 Jews in Europe and that these Jews must be concentrated in the east in concentration camps as a preparation for the relocation of these 11,000,000 European Jews in the island of Madagascar, once Germany wins the war.]

            If by “elimination” and “destruction” of Jews the Nazis really meant literal “elimination” than why did they talk about relocation of 11,000,000 European to madacagsar 3 weeks AFTER they used the terms “elimination” and “destruction”!? The answer is that the terms “elimination” and “destruction” of Jews aren’t literal, but only codewords for the relocation and removal of all Jews from Europe! Even Goebbles himself admitted that He and the Fuehrer (Hitler) had intended to relocate those 11,000,000 Jews – Not to eliminate them literally speaking.

            About a month after the February 18 1942 letter , in March 20, 1942 (p. 138) he explained further what he meant by “elimination” and “destruction” of Jews :

            He wrote : “Finally we talked about the Jewish question. Here the Fuehrer is as uncompromising as ever. The Jews must be got out of Europe”

            Two months after the February 18, 1942 letter in April 27, 1942 (pp. 190-191) He wrote in his diary : “I talked to the Fuehrer once more in detail about the Jewish question. His attitude is unrelenting. He wants, under all circumstances, to push the Jews out of Europe. That is right. The Jews have brought so much misery to our continent that the severest punishment meted out to them is still too mild….”

            The Nazis basically said that the SEVEREST punishment they could find for the Jews is their deportation from Europe!! Yes. You read it right! The Nazis said that the SEVEREST punishment they could find [morally] acceptable was to DEPORT Jews from Europe – not ‘KILLING’ them!

            The Nazis said that the punishment of deportation from Europe is “too mild” considering the fact that Jews are responsible for the World Wars and the tens of millions victims of Bolshevism. Yet the punishment of deportation was the ‘SEVEREST’ punishment the Nazis could find that was ‘MORALLY ACCEPTABLE’ for the Nazis! Unlike Jewish Bolsheviks who murdered tens of millions of innocent people in Europe without mercy, the Nazis did not want to physically exterminate the Jews since they were not evil and they did not want to resemble the cruelty of the Jewish Bolshevics!

            In fact the removal of Jews from Europe to Madacascar was not only a matter of “punishment” for the Nazis but a matter of survival for the peoples of Europe! Jews with their Jewish extremism and hatred of non-jews have caused so much pain in Europe, About 100,000,000 Europeans died and many others had their lives destroyed as a result of Jewish tribalism and extremism . Jews prove in their own actions that they can’t co-exist with Europeans!

            The Nazi “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Problem” was to remove the Jews from Europe and give them a new homeland called “Madagascar” which is in fact a very beautiful and rich island. Yes, The Nazis wanted to give the Jews a “prize” despite what they have done to Europe. The Jews at the time did not have a Jewish homeland so the Nazis wanted to give them a new homeland in the beautiful island of Madacascar which is far better than what they got in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people. Not only was this solution wasn’t a “punishment” for the Jews – it was in fact a gift for the Jews when one considers the fact that the Jews didn’t have a country of their own up until that point.

            The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism, for the World Wars and the deaths of 100,000,000 Europeans, and what “punishment” did Nazis intend to give them as result?! A gift, a new Jewish homeland in the beautiful island of Madagascar!!!! along with all of their belongings and with German goods!!!!

            Today the Jews don’t even allow present day Europeans to even keep the lands of the forefathers as their own !!! Yet the Nazis did intend to give the Jews a homeland that is completely their own!! without the need of conflict with the Palestinians and the Arabs!

            Yes,Despite what the pain and suffering the Jews brought upon Europe and the World, The Nazis intend to give the 11,000,000 Jews of Europe a a true gift – a new homeland – in case of German victory in the war.

            You see, when you put all of the letters in the right context it is quite OBVIOUS that that the Nazis did not to physically exterminate Jews and that the holocaust is a lie! In fact the Nazis gave Jews R&R in the camps and food! Some Jews eat even better than tens of millions of German civilians who starved to death as a result of allied bombing!

            You must know that the American Government also put Japanese Americans in camps and wanted to deport them!

            The soviets deported tens of millions of people to their deaths in death camps (labor until death) in the eastern areas of the USSR!

            The British RAF and Americans are also GUILTY of intentionally burning to death millions of innocent German and Japanese women and children!

            Was burning millions of innocent women and children less cruel punishment than the R&R given by the Germans to the Jews in camps?!

            99% of all American and British POWs return home, while 2 million German POWs were intentionally murdered by the allies since they intentionally did not provide food!

            The Western Allies and the Soviets need to look at their own behavior before they point the finger at the Germans!

            Unlike the cruelty of the Soviets, The Germans wanted to remove all Jews from Europe and give them a new homeland in island of Madagascar. The Nazis plan was that the Jews can take all of their wealth and belongings and buy German goods and settle in Madagascar after German victory in the war. This way the Nazis wanted to protect Germany and Europe from an alien race that brought so much pain and misery to the continent and at the same time dealing with them in a way that was morally acceptable. By relocating 11,000,000 European Jews to Madagascar, the Nazis knew that it is morally right, since there is no killing of Jews involved, and since Jews will be thousands of miles away from Europe and thus couldn’t influence the institutions and governments of Europe and thus without control over powerful European governments the Jews could no longer threaten World Peace.

            If Germany had won the war in Europe Jewish program of genocide against Europeans (i,e multiculturalism) will not be possible since the Germans would not allow non-white immigration into Europe and the Jews will not be able to infiltrate from Madagascar into Europe since the borders of Europe will be closed by the Germans and their European allies!

            BTW Goebbles also talks about the good heart of the Germans:

            February 14, 1942 (pp. 85-86)” In that connection it is significant that most of the local population leave with us wherever our troops are compelled to withdraw. Bolshevism is a doctrine of the devil, and anybody who has once suffered from this scourge doesn’t want anything to do with it again. The sufferings of the Russian people under Bolshevism are indescribable. This Jewish terrorism must be radically ELIMINATED from all of Europe. That is our historic task.”

            The Nazis offered to protect the local Russian population from Bolshevism by offering them to join the German army wherever it has to withdraw. They understood the suffering of the Russians under Bolshevism and offered help and protection to Russian civilians who did not side with Stalin and Bolshevism.

            There were even Soviet armies the Joined Germany’s side. Like Vlasov.

            Vlasov meets SS leader Heinrich Himmler & Goebbles and other Nazi Leaders,



  • quake667 on April 12, 2014

    “Liberlism” and “political correctness” by their very definition are self destructive.
    Why? because they don’t acknowledge realities.

    They basically tell reality , “We don’t give a damn about you!” and we are going to normalize any form of medical problem, pathology, disorder and abnormality and self destructive disgusting behavior like : 1. homosexuality 2. bestiality 3. multiculturalism (racial extinction) 4. feminism (race suicide) 5. Unhealthy values i,e values whose end result is crime, violent, rape, dishonesty, lie, broken families, drugs, ugliness, irresponsibility, physical and mental suffering, and poverty.

    “Liberals” basically say to reality “we don’t give a damn about you!” and “we are going to piss on you”.
    Reality answers back by saying “no problem, do as you choose. but if you don’t give a damn about me, I won’t give a damn about you!”

    This is how the white race and western civilization are facing complete racial and cultural destruction.

    National Socialism was really about giving western civilization a last chance before the doom,
    If all western civilization was to adopt National Socialist principals of healthy values and racial and cultural improvement and strength we could have a better world, a much better world.

    Adolf Hitler. You are the greatest leader of all times. You are truly a European patriot.

    Mein Führer, Adolf Hitler, We love you!

    We love you because you weren’t politically correct i,e you know to acknowledge realities,.

    We love you because you had foreseen the danger to our race and our civilization and you had warned us.

    We love you because you fought to save the peoples of Europe from Bolshevism and Multiculturalism.

    We love you because you wanted society to be medically healthy and morally strong – a society with no laziness.

    We are sorry that we came to realize that you were right too late – only 70 years later.

    Please forgive us, that we haven’t heard your warnings back then.

    Please forgive us.

  • Sparks on April 5, 2014

    Heil Hitler! What a mighty man! We are on the verge of being eradicated and must rise up against this barbarity and villainy before it’s too late. We must demand repayment of all the money defrauded out of us over the holohoax and arrest these criminals who are against all humanity. Arrest, try and hang ’em high.

  • Erik on March 21, 2014

    Here’s the book “My Awakening” by Dr. David Duke. It explains racial realities from an objective scientific perspective, It also explain’s the Jewish Zionist strategy to degrade humanity morally and medically, as a strategy to weaken their host nations so they can have their control over nations.

    This book is dedicated to courageous anti-Zionist Jews who have spoken out against the Jewish Extremists and the Zionists who run the NWO. These courageous Jews have decided to be loyal to humanity, and for this they should be honored,

    The book isn’t racist or anti-Jewish per se. He criticizes only the Jewish extremists and not every Jew.

    This is the Audio Version of the book, Reading (or Listening) to this book is ESSENTIAL to the survival of the white race. This audio file is completely FREE, Download the 548 MB file. Listen to this book in your Smartphone.

    spread this audio book ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

  • Max on March 18, 2014

    Are Jews a Race?

    The Answer is Yes and No.

    They may have some genetic aspect that unites them. But Jews are NOT RACE in the traditional sense.

    There are Blond and blue Eyed Jews.

    There are Black African Jews

    There are Separadic (Arab) Jews

    And they don’t look the same.

    The problem is that the most dominant group of Jews are the Ashekenazi. Most of them look like white people. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference

    Joe Lieberman – 100% Jew. No one can see his “Jewishness” by his the way he looks.

    100% “Jew” sarah michelle gellar×445.jpg

    The 100% “Jew” Bar Refaeli

    and I can bring in many such examples.

    Bar Refaeli was even told by her family not to marry Leonardo DiCaprio since he was to preserve her “Jewishness”.

    I have no problem with that, but they practice dual morality : for non Jewish white people, the Jews preach race mixing until the white race is extinct but for themselves they preach preservation.

    The idea that all Jews have to be dark and with pointy noses is wrong. and the issue is that most Jews look like white people and can be mistaken to be white gentile. Jews are not a race in the traditional sense. They are an international tribe and can take the form of European, of Asian and of African.

    The problem is that the most dominant group of Jews are the Ashekenazi (90% of Jews) Most of them look like white people. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference

    I myself have a Jewish friend that can pass as German or Scandinavian i,e Tall Blond and Blue eyed. I didn’t guess that he is a Jew until he told me.

    The threat with Jews is that many look like white people, this is one of the things that enables the Jews to subvert white countries.

    If they all looked like Japanese, their control over white countries would have been impossible as it was too obvious)


    I don’t mean all Jew are bad. I am talking only about anti gentile Jews. The Zionist Jews,

    • Max on March 18, 2014

      The funny thing is that the “White” Jews consider themselves to be Superior to the Dark Arab Jews, Who consider themselves to be Superior to the Black African Jews.

      Even within the Jewish group itself there is a “racial hierarchy”, When white Jews are considered the “Master Class” and Other non white Jews are considered to be Second and Third class. Just like the Cohen class is the Ultra class. White Jews despise interracial marriage with Arab or Black Jews.

      No. Jews are not a race in the traditional sense. They may have some genetic factor that unites all Jews. Just like there is genetic factors that unite all humans.

      White Jews consider Arab Jews, to be an “inferior class”. While Black Jews (Ethiopians) are considered by White Jews to be “Totally Inferior”.

      Sometimes I have to pinch myself.Is this really happening?!

      How can they dare lecture gentile white people about “Racism”?

      Furthermore, How can White Jews dare to call White Gentiles “Racists”, when one considers their own behavior

      White Jews also attempted to exterminate Arab Jews:

      I think White Jews consider themselves to be the REAL Jews and that the non white Jews are just “don’t belong”.

      What would be the reaction in the global media if White gentiles behaved in the same manner?!

      in fact, White (Zionist) Jews are the most arrogant group on the planet. Not only do they consider non-Jewish whites to be subhumans, but the also consider Arab Jews and Black Jews to be subhumans.

      The only thing non-Jewish whites want is to preserve themselves in their own homelands, to not want to race mix out of love for their heritage and people, and every other race on the planet has the right to be preserved.

      repatriation of all non whites in European homelands is a human right issue, the right of EVERY race including the white race to exist. But our motivation isn’t hatred towards other races. We can provide them with compensation and help them relocate to their own natural homelands, we will do it in the most humane way possible.

      But, Unlike White Jews, White gentiles don’t try to exterminate non-whites via Radiation, White gentiles don’t bring in Black Africans into their countries and than Sterilize them.

      If you don’t want them. don’t bring them in, but at least don’t treat them like animals!!

      Wanting your race to exist isn’t racism; opposing race-mixing isn’t racism, demanding repatriation isn’t racism.

      Radiating to death other races is racism!

      • Erik on April 18, 2014

        I liked listening to this black man. Very funny man. I agree with him about the point he made on Adolf Hitler. But he seems to blame WHITE PEOPLE as a whole for the problems that white Jews are doing to this planet. The reality is that non-Jewish White people i,e White gentiles are the number one victims of the white Jews. White gentiles suffered more than any other race from Jewish actions and provocations like :

        1. World War 1 with 15 Europeans dead – a war which without Jewish actions wouldn’t have taken place.

        2/ World War 2 with 55 million Europeans dead – a war which without Jewish actions wouldn’t have taken place.

        3. Communism/Bulshevism – an ideology that’s responsible for the death of 30 million Europeans.

        4. Zio Feminism (Race Suicide) – a social engineering that was pushed by Jews mainly in white gentile countries from which we have less 400 million less Europeans worldwide.

        5. Zio Abortion – A Jewish social engineering program targeted mainly at white gentile nations from which we have 150 million white gentile babies murdered “legally”.

        6. Zio hollywood and media – destruction of health and moral of MAINLY white people as Hollywood is less influential in Black Africa, Muslim nations and Asia. White countries are its main target.

        7. Zio Genocide (Multiculturalism) – is a Jewish genocidal program targeted at ONLY white gentile nations. The Zionists are not flooding Africa with non Africa or Asia with non Asians. ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES ARE FLOODED by the Zionist Jews – IT IS GENOCIDE.

        In the meantime, there is no racial threat to the existence of the black race or any other non-white race or people. The white race is the ONLY race facing the danger of GENOCIDE through Zio social engineering of low birth rate (Zio Feminism & Abortion) and race-mixing (Zio multiculturalism)

        So, while there is no doubt that black people in America are harmed by the destructive Zio values promoted in the Jewish media, White gentiles were and remain the MAIN victims of Jewish extremism and anti-gentile racism from an historical point of view. Even the Palestinian people don’t know what real suffering is when compared to the world wars and suffering the Zionist Jews inflicted on European/White nations.

        Ray Hagins, if I’m not mistaken, it is my homeland Sweden (and Other European nations) that is FLOODED by alien (non-white) races and is facing racial and cultural GENOCIDE!.

        Last I checked, The Zionists did not promote Genocide (i,e Multiculturalism) in Nigeria, Sudan or other black nations by flooding them with non-blacks.

        while African nations are the largest growing population in the planet = NO THREAT to survival of the black race.

        White countries have a low birth rate as a result of Zio social engineering programs (feminism,abortion,porn etc) and are flooded by alien races = There is THREAT to the survival of the white race.

        So, who’s in a greater danger Herr Hagins?! Can you do the math?!

        • Erik on April 20, 2014

          I just put a correction to my last comment here.

          I obviously meant 15 million Europeans dead in WW1 and not 15!

          I wish it was 15. If it was only 15 dead it wouldn’t have being a World War.

    • Erik on March 16, 2014

      It is interesting that this “diversity” and race mixing is forced by the Zionists ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES! No one is pushing this in African countries, In Arab countries, in India, In China, In Japan etc. Only in White countries. This all MutltiCulturalism is Genocide under international law. Its intent is to destroy a specific racial group of people – the white people.

      MultiCulturalism in white countries and ONLY white countries is a big GENOCIDAL SCAM.

      They try to present it in universal terms. but the reality is that ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES ARE TARGETED i.e IT IS INTENTIONAL.

      No sane Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arab or African will agree with the destruction of his race and people, But it is seems that only the brain dead masses in white countries agree to this – I don’t blame them. They have been brainwashed to hate themselves by the international cancer – Zionism. Currently European and white birth rate is very low, Plus white countries are FLOODED with Tsunami of Non whites (Arabs, Turks, Asians, Negroes etc). If this is not stopped and the non whites are not repatriated, the white race will become extinct by 2060 or 2100. This is genocide. International Law defines genocide as a targeting of a race or ethnic group of people to destroy it. Many people are mistaken that genocide has to be violent i,e by gassing or shooting, but the fact is that there are many ways that can bring about genocide.
      Ultimately the method of genocide is not important as long as it brings about the racial destruction of a people – it does not matter whether the means is one of violent destruction of a race of people (i,e gassing or shooting) or via Social engineering programs (i,e brainwashing or immigration and assimilation of non-Europeans into European nations. The end result is the same : Destruction of a racial and ethnic group = i,e genocide.

      One of the ways to spread the message is to go to YouTube’s “Most watched YouTube” videos and just in the comment section put as many links as possible. The message will spread like fire by others. It will be like a domino and the Zionist system will be destroyed.

      Anti -Zionist Jews who have a little sense of integrity and honor can also help. We welcome you!

      Go To WhiteRabbitRadio website it will guide you. PLEASE SAVE OUR PEOPLE!!!

  • ener on March 13, 2014

    can someone tell me where i can find some information about national-socialist economy? I’m fascinated about it.

  • WakeUpAmerica on March 12, 2014

    Humans Wake Up!

    Spread the videos of Dennis Wise and Dr. David Duke ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!

    Wake up the European people to save the existence of their race and people.

    Wake up humanity to stop the imposition of pathologies and disorders and deviances on normal healthy society.

    They try to make our society sick and destroy our race and people to weaken us so they can have their NWO. Once people are awaken, the Zionist Elite and the bankers will be destroyed and humanity will be free from their One World Government agenda.

    And the hour will come when the most evil world enemy of all times will have played out its role for a thousand years.


  • vvvup on March 10, 2014

    Why are the Jews behind the promotion of everything sick, ugly and evil on this planet?!

    Everywhere on this planet where you find either corruption or promotion of abnormality, sickness and evil, you find the Jews leading the way .

    I’m totally shocked by it. What’s wrong with these people ?!?!

    • konwayk on March 10, 2014

      Many people mistakenly thinks that Jews consider Old Testament as their holy book. But the reality is that they obey Talmud.

      Today’s Judaism was evolved out of Pharisaism.

      Talmud is the holy book of Jews.

      Here is a small video on evils of Talmud –

      With Christians, Talmud was called Traditions of the Elders in first century AD which was hated by Jesus Christ (Matthew 15, Mark 7) due to the fact that Traditions of the Elders nullified the word of God.

      That’s why you see Jesus Christ calling the Pharisees and the scribes “offspring/brood of vipers” (Matthew 12, Matthew 23). and calling their generation “sinful/wicked and adulterous generation” (Mark 8:38, Matthew 12:39, Matthew 16:4).

      Just like Today’s Jews, The Pharisees in first century Israel were money lovers (Luke 16:14).

      Even Jewish Karl Marx agrees with this.

      “What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!” – Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.

      • Mike on March 14, 2014


        Is the Jewish Talmud criminal & demonic in its nature?

        Only demons would promote disorders, abnormalities and pathologies as “normal”

        Only demons would promote pain and suffering on planet.

        Only demons would poison our food and water to make us sick

        Only demons would destroy the relationship between men and women via feminsm

        Only demons would separate children from their parents by destroying the family

        Only demons would plunge the world into War.

        Only demons would destroy the European race via non-White invasion.

        Only demons would promote the sick values we see in the media.

        Only demons would impose a serious disorders (i,e homosexuality) on normal society

        Only demons would destroy the institution of Marriage

        Only demons would want us to murder (i,e abort) our own babies and be proud of it

        Only demons would want to destroy the planet and its life forms.

        Here’s the Jew Gloria Steinem “proud” of the fact she “aborted” her baby.

        Many of the babies “aborted” are 7 months old i,e have a functioning nervous system.
        Should people like Gloria Steinem be “aborted” from this planet ?!

        It’s not a religious issue as I’m an atheist with a little honesty and common sense.

      • Mike on March 15, 2014


        Is the Jewish Talmud demonic in its nature?

        I am asking this since:

        Only demons will want to turn men and women into enemies

        Only demons will poison our food and water to make us sick

        Only demons will impose a psychopathology (i,e homosexuality) on normal society

        Only demons will brainwash Europeans to hate themselves and their heritage

        Only demons will flood European nations with non Europeans until Europeans are extinct

        Only demons will promote sick values in the Media.

        Only demons will brainwash our people to murder (i,e Abortion) or babies

        Only demons will steal our money by the trillions

        Only demons will plunge the nations into World Wars.

        Only demons will take away our guns so we can’t defend ourselves from tyranny.

        Only demons will destroy the planet and its life forms


  • mmv on March 9, 2014

    The Zionist Globalists are loosing control of the message.

    Since they can’t control the message due to the existence of the internet, they are having their last dying breath.

    Hitler was the greatest leader of times.

    Unlike todays fake politicians, Hitler really loved his people.

    I wish we had such a leader that was so loved by his people.

    Dennis Wise’s video series really changed the way I look at the world.

    Now, when I look at anti-Hitler and anti German propaganda in Hollywood film, I just can’t stand it. I want to scream and tell everyone that it is a LIE.

    The way the Germans are demonized by Zio Hollywood, is disgusting.

    • Erik on March 14, 2014

      Yes. Hitler REALLY LOVED his people and was an Angel compared to Roosevelt and Churchill. Unfortunately, in our Zionist dominated world many are still brainwashed to think otherwise :

  • Max71 on March 8, 2014

    There is a tiny sexually disordered, unfortunate and abnormal minority in our population that is used by the anti-white Zionist social engineers as a divide and conquer tool, as a means to harm, to hurt and to destabilize normal society by having their sexual disorders and pathological tendencies imposed on society as a whole.

    Many people are oblivious to this insidious agenda, but many other are awaken and can still see through the fog. To protect the healthy and normal development of Russian children the Russian Government enacted a much needed law to prohibit by punishment all of those criminals who push homosexuality as “normal”. Its seems the Russian people did not loose the sense of reality and are still in touch with it. They will destroy ANYONE who tries to influence their children into what is essentially a sick, abnormal and repulsive same sex activity.

    homosexuals are not jailed or harmed in Russia, they are shown compassion and understanding just like any other ill individual , but their abnormal, sickening, anti sexual behavior is not promoted as “normal” in Russia. Most people don’t want it in their face and their feelings must be respected.

    At the time, Hitler cared for the German people by cleansing the promotion of abnormality – homosexuality, transgenderism and zoophilia – from Germany. Hitler realized that the health and feelings of the vast majority of the population must be respected and protected from this onslaught of everything that is ugly and abnormal.

    The US and the rest of the world followed a similar path until in 1973 due to political pressure and effort led by a Zionist Jew Dr. Robert Spitzer at the American Psychiatric Association – homosexuality was removed from the DSMII.

    Even though most Medical Doctors in poll said they were opposed to this political decision. Many protested it and opposed the removal (Charles Socarides MD is an example). Spizer manipulated the criteria used to define a disorder by saying that as long as the disordered individual is happy with his diseased tendencies (i,e doesn’t suffer from, “Subjective Distress”) and can still function in society (no “Social Disability) the APA will no longer insist in the need to list the disorder in the DSM. This is what psedu-science or “Jewish Science” is. The decision to have the disorder of homosexuality removed from the DSM. was not a medical decision it was a political and social in nature.

    The Medical Doctors who opposed the removal of homosexuality from the DSM, had warned that the decision will be exploited by homosexual groups as “proof” of the “normalcy” of homosexuality. Those MDs had warned that the decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM will be used as a Trojan Horse to normalize what is essentially a sickness and an aberration of nature in our society. Until the mid 90s most Psychiatric Associations around the world continued to classify homosexuality as a disease. But gradually Jewish American Culture effected many of them to be “liberal” and normalize the disease. The World Health Organization listed homosexuality as a disease until the mid 90s.

    Those who are ignoring the biological criteria that homosexuals’s tendencies are not in line with their body’s design since their body is designed to be specifically with the opposite sex in sexual terms and not with the same sex or animals (Regardless of procreation – it is physiological principal to have sexual acts only with the object with whom your body is designed to be with).

    The biological criteria is the ONLY objective scientific criteria we must follow, they have destroyed our science by making it social and not scientific. they lost scientific credibility. Using the same criteria used to excuse to removal of homosexuality from the DSM and the normalization of what is essentially a sickness in our society, one can promote the normalization of Zoophilia by claiming that sex with animals does not meet the criteria of a disorder since the individual is “happy” with is condition (i,e does not suffer from subjective distress”) and can still function in society (goes to work etc) – never mind he is having sex with is cat when he gets back from work. THIS IS JEWISH SCIENCE !! BRAVO!!!
    When people talk to themselves they are considered “crazy” or “sick” but when people engage in no less than abnormal behavior (i,e homosexuality) they are considered “normal” and their diseased activities are then pushed onto the rest of us under the guise of “Gay Rights”.

    This is how those infected animals are trying to distort our children perception of reality by making them think that homosexuality is “normal”.

    The Normalization of serious abnormalities and disorders like Homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder (GID) should raise alarm bells for everyone who seeks the truth . It shows how corrupt, unscientific and politicized our so called present “science” is.

    The Jewish politically correct establishment continues to lie and brainwash people in regards to number of homosexuals and transgenders in our society , In order to normalize these pathologies in the mind of the brain dead masses. Instead of being honest and telling a young man who experiences sexual attraction to men, that his desires are abnormal and disordered, they prefer to lie and tell him that he is OK, and that the masses of society that see the abnormality of it are just “Homophobs” and “Hate” Gays. Next time they’ll say its “Ok and Normal” for man to experience sexual attraction to animals (Zoophilia) while denying the abnormality of these tendencies.and if don’t agree they’ll call you a “Zoophob”.

    Sexual attraction to the wrong objects (any object other than a human of the opposite sex) is a diosrder. Sexual Attraction to those who the body isn’t designed to be sexual with (Animals, inanimate objects, Same-Sex etc) makes Homosexuals and Zoophiles equally disordered and abnormal. But once you point out the obvious and undeniable truth they will call you a “hater” and a “Homophobe”. TRUTH is HATE for those who HATE the TRUTH.

    They can fool people, but they cannot fool the human anatomy. Human anatomy isn’t politically correct. the fact that some people and animals are born genetically defective doesn’t rule out the healthy order of Nature. We should not change our understanding of reality or of the function of the human eye and deny that eyes sole function is for vision because they are some people who are born genetically blind (i,e defective). Same for homosexuality, we should not change our understanding of human biology and human physiology (That is specifically HETEROSEXUAL by its deisgn) because some people are born Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). Exceptions and abnormalities in nature EXIST but should not be taken out of proportion up to the point when we need to distort our healthy perception of reality so some unfortunate minority could feel “Normal”. We don’t redefine reality when it comes to any other disease, illness, disorder or genetic defect by saying these conditions are “normal” so an unfortunate minority will feel good with themselves at the expense and health of our children. They want to be “normal” but they are NOT – These conditions represent deficiencies in actuality. Same for homosexuality. Being “born that way” isn’t the same thing as being “meant to be that way”.

    They always try to divert and change the subject and present the opposition to the normalization of homosexuality from either a religious or procreative issue.

    homosexuality is not a religious issue. it is a medical issue. (personally I am an atheist)
    It is an issue that relates to the mental and physical health of a society. Just like you don’t need to be a religious person to oppose the promotion of Flu or Diabetes in society, you don’t need to be religious person to oppose the promotion of an abnormal sexual activity in society.

    Gays try to make the silly argument that the fact that there isn’t the potential of procreation is same sex sex doesn’t make gays sick. But it is NOT AN ISSUE OF PROCREATION. it is an issue of PRINCIPLE that being sexually attracted to those who the body isn’t designed to be sexual with is a disorder by itself – regardless of procreation.

    Imagine you saw your neighbor having sex with a donkey, Imagine you had caught him committing the act and he tries to rationalize his behavior by saying the following silly arguments :

    “What is your problem?!
    “I am having sex for fun”!
    “Is sex only for procreation?!”

    Would you except those silly arguments? or would you instantly come to the realization that a mentally disordered individual is standing before you trying to rationalize and excuse his diseased tendencies. The same is true for homosexuals as they are not different than Zoophiles in this regard. The human body is not physically designed to be with the same sex anymore than with animals.

    A normal human being would have had engaged in sexual acts only with a member of the opposite sex, regardless of whether the aim is fun or procreation. It is a principle. a man (Plug) is designed specifically for a woman (Socket) and vice versa.

    Your neighbor decision to commit sexual acts with an incorrect and abnormal sexual object is HIS issue. He will try to justify is behavior to gain a degree of legitimacy and he should not be hated for that. but we should not fall for such stupid arguments.

    The problem is that the Politically Correct establishment has conditioned many of our society (through psychological associations and warfare) to view what is essentially a pathology, a sickness, as normal, while at the same time putting out slanders like “homophobe” on ANY sane individual that opposes the imposition of this disorder on himself or his children.

    They try to mask that nature of the disorder by saying it is a matter of LOVE between to consenting adults. and it is therefore not a disorder. Here they are trying to turn the issue into an emotional issue. Never mind the fact that sex by itself has noting to do with love. This is their perverted interpretation of people who don’t know what real love is,

    True love is UNCONDITIONAL and about OTHER not about SELF.

    This is another way that some diseased minds are trying to justify their disorders and perversions buy making us feel “guilty” that if we don’t except their disorders as “normal” than we are actually committing a moral offense by not allowing “poor” individuals to “love” each other.

    Here are examples of true love:

    Parents love their children but they don’t want to have sex with them
    Brothers in Arms love each other but it has nothing to to with sex.
    I love my VOLVO and I wash it and clean it every day but it doesn’t make me want to have sex with it.

    Sex can be a means of expressing love. but sex isn’t love in itself. Just like you love someone and you express your love by buying him a car. The car in this case is a means of expressing love, but the car in itself is NOT love.

    Hitler cleansed Germany from the sickness the Jews imposed on Germany. He didn’t hate homosexuals or transgenders per se, but he did recognized that a sickness should not be legitimized in society if society is to remain normal and healthy physically, mentally etc.

    Pathological medical conditions and abnormalities like blindness, congenital disorders, Autism, Sterility, homosexuality, Zoophilia, Transgenderism SHOULD not be promoted as “Normal”.

    Since Hitler and the National Socialists really cared for the German people they stopped the promotion of sickens in Germany.

    What the Zionists Jews did in the US was normalizing what is essentially a medical disorder, a sexual deviance. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, The same sickness the Jews pushed on Germany before the Hitler era they are now pushing onto the rest of the world.

    Trangenderism is the same thing. If you have a male body but “feel” that you are a “female” or vice versa it is no different than someone having a human body but feels like a fish – Sad But Truth. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders should NOT be hated or harmed for they are not criminals. They suffer from an abnormality for which they are not to be blamed for. Everybody wants to be normal and have a normal life, to not be a freak of nature, but reality must be recognized and what is sick and abnormal SHOULD NOT BE PROMOTED to healthy society.

    It is not an issue of “Gay Rights”. No one is denying that homosexuals should not be harmed or hated in any way. This is not the issue here. Homosexuals are not the problem. The problem is our politically correct establishment that under the guise of “Gay Rights” asks not only for tolerance of homosexuals but is also pushing this disorder on our children and society as a whole. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. They try to push this disorder on Straights, They are using this developmental disorder as a way of debilitating society as a whole as if they were releasing some kind of virus in order to make everyone ill. THAT IS THE ISSUE.

    The truth is obvious and can be painful to some but ignoring it is far more destructive
    to society for ignoring will bring about a much greater pain and injustice.

    The American and European people are waking up, just like the Russian Government has awakened and those who want to destroy us and our children will pay in the near future for their incolence.

    We will deal with the problem the same way Hitler did when he had cleansed Berlin and Germany from the promotion of what is Sick UGLY.

    Vladimir Putin is the most honest and righteous leader in the world today as he at least tries to do what the greatest leader of all time ADOLF HITLER did by stopping the promotion of what is sick and abnormal in his country.

    • Erik on March 8, 2014

      I agree with you completely.

      The Zionist Jew Dr. Robert Spitzer implies that his decision to remove homosexuality as a disorder from the DSMII was a POLITICAL and NOT SCIENTIFIC move.

      He came up with a pseudo scientific definition that “made it possible” to “argue” that homosexuality was “not a disorder”.

      Jewish Science says that a disorderedcondition must be associated with distress in order to be considered to be disordered, i,e if I decide to have sex with my dog, as long as I enjoy it, I am not disordered.

      “If you are objectively disordered and you don’t suffer from your objective disorder, than you are not disordered!”

      It is an oxymoron that only the Zionists can tolerate.

      “I came up with a new twisted definition that will “enable me” to redefine reality” to such an extent that will “make it possible” to “argue” that what is “objectively disordered” isn’t actually “disordered”.

      I liked that 🙂

      Sometimes I have to pinch myself, is this really happening ?! are these crazy Jews really try to redefine reality by manipulating the definition of a medical disorder to “make it possible” to “argue” that an objective disorder, isn’t really a disorder?!


      No wonder the National Socialists despised so called “Jewish Science” as it is not in touch with reality to a great degree.

      Tomorrow we’ll have some pseodu scientist coming up with a new definition that will “make it possible” to “argue” that physical paralysis isn’t a disorder since according to his twisted definition, “for a condition to be considered a disorder it has to be associated with blindness”, and since physical paralysis per-se isn’t associated with blindness therefore physical paralysis per se, should not be considered to be a disorder.

      I can’t help but laugh of the insanity of our present day so called “science”.

      Mr. Sptizer can play with pseodu scientific definitions all day long, it would not change the fact that reality will not be bent or changed for you! You can come up tomorrow with a new definition that will “make it” possible to “argue” that cancer isn’t a disease – but it wouldn’t change the fact that it is.

      Zionist Jews like to deceive themselves and others by committing a scientific fraud, but reality marches on, and will not be bent for you. It is no wonder many MDs like had protested against the removal of homosexuality as a disorder. there can never be an objective scientific justification to normalize homosexuality. One does not need to be a doctor to understand that. The only thing one needs is to open his eyes, look at the designed of the human body and have a little common sense.

      But it seems that today common sense doesn’t appear to be so common.

      To bad many MDs can’t openly speak openly about this nonesense “pseodu-science” called our “science”. In order to speak openly against the normalization of a sickness in our society we’ll have to bring down the politically correct establishment through some other criminal charge that has tees – criminal charge like the ongoing program of genocide that is going on by the same PC establishment in white countries through non-white immigration. Once the PC social engineers are brought before tribunal and executed for attempted GENOCIDE, we will be free to rectify all aspects of society infected by the PC agenda (Homosexuality, Abortion, Feminism etc) since they are all pushed by the same criminals who push the GENOCIDE against the European children. Under International Law Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1948, the definition of GENOCIDE is provided. There are groups in Europe currently waiting for the banking system to collapse. Once it goes down, social engineers from London and New York will be brought before tribunal under the charge of attempted genocide. People will understand that these are the same people who push homosexuality as “normal” to our children – the same usual suspects.

      Once the PC establishment is eradicated under the charge of genocide, all of its social engineering programs (Feminism, Abortion and the normalization of homosexuality) will come to an end. Homosexuality will be reclassified as a disorder once again, Feminism (Race suicide) will be banned, Abortion will be a criminalized and the promotion of unhealthy values in the media will stop.

      Join Dr David Duke and others in spreading the message of healthy society and heritage in the struggle against the Zionist/ILLUMINATI Elite. Listen to his podcasts at :

      And free our society from the destructive agenda of the Jewish Extremists. Stop the promotion of sickness and ugliness in our society.

      Ordinary anti Zionist Jews who are loyal to humanity can also join the fight. you are most welcomed !

    • Morba55 on March 9, 2014

      The Jewish media tries to mess up the minds, the mental and physical health of our children.

      People are sick and tired of it.

      The issue isn’t homosexuals, We have nothing against them. But we should not tolerate their disordered tendencies to imposed on our children.

      The social engineers who want to destroy the health of our children should be hunted down and eradicated the same way we a eradicate a tumor.

      We should deal with the problem the way Hitler did – clearing them from our way of life : media, academia, government and have them all imprisoned.

      One of the reason the Germans wanted Jews out of Germany was because they have introduced into German life everything that is sick, pathological, abnormal and deviant : homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia etc.

      The Germans were sick and tired of it. This was one of the reasons Hitler was elected.

      The same abnormalities the Jews pushed in Germany they are now pushing in the United States.

      Jewish extremists are behind most of the destructive movements in the planet. Social Engineering programs that are meant to turn reality on its head.

      1. Communism – The right to steal property and murder tens of millions of people in the name of “equality” that benefited only the ruling elite.(Who is behind communism : )

      2. Feminism – The right to separate men and women and turn them into enemies instead of natural companions. ( Who is behind Feminism and the destruction of the family )

      3. Abortion – The “right” to murder one’s baby and justify such criminal activity by self deception of “woman rights” .

      The fight to normalize abortion was lead in the 70s by Jews like Gloria Steinem.

      4. Homosexual Rights – The “right” to impose one’s sickness, disorders, abnormalities and deviances on normal healthy society; The “right” to hurt the feelings of the vast majority of the population; The right to redefine Marriage in accordance to one’s abnormal sexual tendencies.

      5 – Sexual liberation – the right for men to turn women into non-returnable bottles, the right to look at women as merely objects to exploit sexually, without considering them as humans that should be loved and respected.

      6 – Multi- Culturalism and “Refugee Rights” – The right to flood white countries and ONLY white countries with non-whites, assimilate the non whites into the white population and commit a program of ethnic cleansing and genocide against White peoples in their own homelands.

      7 – Pornography – The right to be addicted to porn instead of getting into a serious and loving sexual relationship with the opposite sex.

      8 – Central Banking – The right to STEAL trillions of dollars from the American and European peoples and bribe their politicians to agree that Europe and America will be debt slave forever and be flooded by non Europeans until the white race becomes extinct.

      9 – Globalism – The right to destroy the planet and its life forms ; the right to destroy the trees, to right to destroy the different sub-species of animals in nature; In humans : the right to genocide the white sub species in Europe and America under the guise of “Tolerance” and “Anti Racism”. ( This is only happening in white countries as no one is flooding Africa with non Africans; No one is flooding Asia with non Asians. ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES ARE FLOODED – IT IS GENOCIDE).

      REAL Declaration of Human Rights is :

      1. The right for private property, the right not to be harmed and oppressed physically and mentally.

      2. The right for men and women to complement each other – as they were meant and designed by nature – and not fight and compete with each other.

      3, The right of children to live in healthy families and not be separated from both of their parents.

      3. The right of hundreds of millions of babies to live and not be murdered by their mothers with the support of society’s institutions .

      4. The right of someone who is objectively ill to remain ill and be shown compassion and understanding for his illness; The right of the vast majority of the population not to have their feelings hurt and their institutions of Marriage redefined to accommodate the deviances of a tiny minority. The right of normal society not to have sickness and sexual deviance imposed upon them and their children.

      5 – The right of counties not to be debt slave for the Jewish bankers.

      6 – The right of the Palestinian people to have a county of their own and not be oppressed by the Israelis.

      7 – The right of EVERY people, race or creed on this planet to preserve their heritage, racial and cultural character and not be oppressed by any other race or nation.

      8 – The right of peoples and nations not to have American military basis in their own nations, Just like the US wouldn’t like Russia to put Russian military bases in Cuba or in Canada.

      9 – The right of The Iraqi people and the Afghan people to be free and not be under the Zionist led US military.

      10 – The right of the Planet and its life forms not to be destroyed by Globalism.

      • Tom on March 9, 2014

        “The right of those who are objectively ill to remain ill and be shown compassion and understanding for their illness”

        You made a good point! (:

      • Erik on March 13, 2014

        As you said above the Jews are behind the destruction of the western world. Not only did they plunge the nations into the World Wars but also they are responsible for the promotion of every kind of sickness imaginable and unimaginable. They are responsible for most of the destructive movements on the planet and they have caused so much pain and misery on the planet.

        I just found this interview. It explains the situation.

        We keep hearing “Save Tibet”.

        But what about “Save Britain ?! Save France ?! Save Germany ?! Save Denmark ?! Save Holland ?! Save Sweden ?! Save Norway ?! Save Spain ?! Save Italy ?!


        If I told a black man that I want to flood black countries with non blacks, and blend black people out of existence until the black race is gone?!

        What if I told Jews that I want to blend Jews with non Jews until there are no more Jews?!

        What if told a Japanese that Japanese people needs to be blended out of existence with non Asians?!

        What if said that I want to blend the Panda out of existence ?!

        Then, why is it OK to blend white people out of existence (i,e genocide) ????

        A must listen podcast:

      • Erik on March 29, 2014

        Even before this part “Bayblon Before Hitler”, I read that extremists Jews used to promote sexual disorders (i,e homosexuality , Beastiality, Necrophilia etc) in Germany. It was very offensive to the German people and they wanted Herr Hitler to get rid of the problem.

        Even the Swedish people who are very tolerant people are getting sick of the Jewish promotion of homosexuality in our country. The German tribes who formed the Swedish people would not like such disorder to be imposed on our children.

        It is amazing how the Jewish media managed to brainwash people that a sickness – a pathology (i,e homosexuality) is actually “normal” and everybody who isn’t brain dead and can see the abnormality of it is just “hater and a homophobe”. This is what they do. They use words, they call you names to silence the debate.

        If you won’t agree that sex with animals (biologically no different than homosexuality) is “normal” they gonna call you a “Zoophob”.

        Homosexuality is a medical disorder no different than being sexually attracted to animals. That is the factor that makes same sex sexual attraction a DISORDER.

        The attraction to those who the body isn’t designed to be sexual with (i,e animals, trees, same-sex etc) is what make the homosexuals mentally ill.

        Gays are not in line with their body’s design. They are in a state of dis-ease or disease.

        Essentially the human body is biologically designed specifically to be with the opposite sex., Just like the human body is designed to walk on TWO legs and not on all fours like a dog. Consider the design of the toes and the obvious can be see.

        How would one react if one saw someone on the street who’s mind is telling him to walk on all fours like a dog, and this is what he does, he walks on all fours like a dog, despite the fact that humans are physically designed to walk on TWO legs. It would seems VERY weird.

        You would realize that such individual is mentally disordered since his mind is NOT IN LINE (not in agreement) with the physical design of his body.

        This is the same healthy instinct that tells normal people that Gays are WEIRD.

        Homosexuals are no different than people whose mind tells them to walk on all fours like a dog .

        Much like the human body is physically deigned to walk on two legs and not on fours, the human body is designed physically for the opposite sex and not for the same sex.

        Yet, gays, with the help of the PC establishment try to redefine reality by telling the vast majority of the population to deny their healthy instinct and logic and to except than an orange = apple, despite the fact they see an orange in front of them.

        People who walk on all fours like a dog are very weird. Gays are also weird.

        This is no different than what gays are saying. They are OBVIOUSLY designed to be with the opposite sex, but somehow they were born with a genetic (or hormonal) defect that makes them sexually attracted to the same sex (i,e to the wrong object) and than want our society to change for them.

        Why should we redefine reality for gays? We don’t redefine reality for any other kind of genetic disease or abnormality by saying these conditions are “normal”

        Homosexual’s tendencies and activities are repulsive and disgusting for normal people to watch. They are biologically no different than those who engage in sexual acts with animals.

        And if we don’t except their diseased tendencies and attractions as “normal” (no, you ARE NOT) than you call us “homophobic” and a “hater”.

        mentally disordered people always say they are “normal” and everybody else is just “prejudice and ignorant”. This is their strategy to divert the debate and mask their diseased tendencies as “normal”.

        They are indeed mentally disturbed if they think that homosexuality is “normal”.

        I don’t hate gays any more than I hate people who are pedophile, blind, autistic or just mentally insane. I just feel sorry for them. And I would very much like them to have a happy life without having the feeling of being a freak of nature.

        The problem is that not only homosexuality (i,e same sex attraction) per se is a disorder but also the promiscuous nature of homosexuality (i,e many partners) is also VERY dangerous in terms of AIDS and HIV.

        The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website talks about the danger of the homosexual lifestyle. The CDC admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the US population they are far more likely than Straights (i,e normal people) to be infected with AIDS and HIV.

        The CDC is a division of the Health Department – a cabinet-level department of the U.S. federal government.

        A day will come and our beloved Sweden will join its Germanic brothers and sisters in Germany. Holland, Denmark, Norway and England in the fight for our freedom and health ,in the fight for our beautiful Germanic heritage that was expressed in the spirit of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

        The Swedes are proud of their Germanic heritage i,e they originated from some of the most powerful German tribes.

        Here’s a Swedish (i,e Germanic) Folk Song: “Herr Mannelig”

        Erik The Mountain Man.

        Sieg Heil !!!

  • konwayk on February 8, 2014

    When Jews dress themselves as women, it reminds me of the transvestite Jewish leaders mentioned by Josephus in Jewish Wars Book IV, Chapter IX, Section 10. This clearly violated Deuteronomy 22:5 in Old Testament.

    It is also interesting to note that Hollywood Director Billy Wilder (a Jew from Austria and worked with Spielberg on Schindler’s list in the scripting process) directed the comedy “Some Like it Hot” where Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dress up as women.

    This bonus feature beautifully shows how Adolf Hitler restored the honor of Germany by eliminating all of the immoral acts.

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