Part 3 Origins

Part 3 Origins of the NSDAP.

History of the swastika including The Anschluss, more on Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun, and The Sudeten Conflict.

  • Rikitocker on July 12, 2016

    I began watching this series hoping to have my mind blown – I’m actually on the side of the return of National Sovereignty and the cultural protection of Western Europe – but so far I’m not getting what I need from these episodes. There needs to be supporting documentation clearly shown in such a documentary that refutes the wall of lies – it needs to be flawlessly academic, meticulous, so all is beyond doubt. So far the information shared is merely a retelling of the standard story to suit another Historical view – but it does so without the necessary weight to support its thesis. Anybody could make such a documentary as say anything they wish over the footage without any fact checking and people would take it as whole cloth. You could submit such a documentary under academic peer review without any sign of supporting research. I very much want this to turn over the so-called lies, but right now the entire thing comes across as quite flimsy … I want it to be otherwise.

    • Noble Wolf on July 13, 2016

      You are on Part 3 of 27.
      Give it time, we’ve condensed 100 Years of history, 1889-1989 into 27 X 15 minute episodes (6 1/2 hours)
      Thank you.

  • Hatsofe on April 13, 2016

    It’s pity that such a good music was used to soundtrack the sweetened story about the Lowlifes of the Planet Earth…

  • Jesus on April 4, 2016

    WHAT?? so that’s why Germany invaded Czechoslovakia???? mind blown

  • Dieter Teise on March 19, 2016

    Dear Dennis!
    I noticed the pic you inserted at 10min, I believe it to be Hitler’s niece he had an affair with, her name was Geli Raubal.

  • Truth Hurts on August 12, 2015

    The last part about the Czechs attacking ethnic Germans is a complete LIE!!! Why would a weaker nation risk a fight against a much bigger and powerful one like Nazi Germany? After the war, it was discovered that all these violent attacks against ethnic Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia was Gobbels’ masterpiece of lies.

    • Alper on August 17, 2015

      LIE?! At that time Czechoslovakia thinks Germany is not a powerful country. Because Germany lost the WWI and Czechs think the “powerful nations” (England, France and USA) will support them. So they acted like spoiled childeren.

      • Hetzer on September 1, 2015

        After first world war there was beginning of new Czechoslovak country. Of course, germans living in border lands of Czechoslovakia were not happy about that. There were a few fights between czechoslovak army or police and german people in 1919. History says about 50 germans were killed during riots. But during history of “first republic” (Czechoslovakia between WW 1. and WW 2.) germans and czechoslovaks were living next to each other quite well and without problems. Germans had usual people rights, but there were problem with german language. Bureaus and offices prefered more czech language and companies used more czechoslovak employees instead germans. Lots of germans lived also in border places which were difficult to live. So yes, life of germans could be really difficult here, but attacks agains them is nonsense. When Hitler became leader of Germany, lots of germans living in Czechoslovakia started to feel more confidence. There were small groups leading from Germany and these groups started propaganda against czechoslovakia and in some places there were attacks against czech police and army. History is not black and white. I know it. Not every germans were bad and lots of czechoslovaks after WW 2. were really bad. I have no problem to say that displacing of germans out of czechoslovakia back to germany was not good and unhappy part of czechoslovakia history. But its very difficult to judge from nowadays.

      • RandallTruth on October 24, 2015

        I love how you folks will justify all the supposed attacks on Germany that “forced” them into war… yet you can admit the US’s pretexts for war are fake. I find this hilarious, its the same situation of a big military power looking to justify invasions. But like it said in the trailer to the film to some he was a god. How sad to see people worshipping man like a god, especially one with such a funny looking moustache.

  • Erik on August 12, 2015

    Why National Socialism :

    The west today is a cesspool of war and degenerate filth. This is due to Zionist Marxist control over the west during the past 70 years..

    Multi-racial filth – where people don’t have any basis on which to unite and are alienated from each other. Race-Mixing filth – One of the most disgusting things on earth is race mixing.It kills your race and your people. The children born are confused in terms of their identity. It looks unnatural and evil to every healthy human being. It looks evil because this is what it really is. Homosexual and Transgender filth – don’t need to tell you, but people who are involved in such behaviors need to be isolated from normal society so the disease will not spread to normal people and especially children…. Abortion and basically everything that is against what is natural, normal and healthy.

    There’s no meaning in people’s lives anymore. Nothing to fight for. People are isolated from reality. They don’t care about their people’s survival and their race. They are mindless zombies who think only about themselves and their immediate pleasures. Never mind the fact that their race and civilization is being wiped away by non-whites. Thousands of generations that made them what they are genetically are being wiped away. It is pure evil. Our society is sick. Very sick. there will be no western civilization in 100 years from now if people don’t want to wake up….Our world is upside down. God is Evil and Vice Versa, Lie is Truth and Vice Versa and Wrong is Right and Vice Versa…

    UNNATURAL is by definition EVIL.

    What is the reason for the destruction of everything that is natural and good in our world?! How could we allow our land be invaded by aliens who come only to destroy our race and our future and take away what our forefathers built for thousands of generations!? How could allow men and women to think about everything but forming a family with children so our race could survive?! You have a treasure in your blood. Keep it. Treasure it. Fight for it. Honor your ancestors.

    You Are Nothing, Your People Are Everything!

    Don’t let your people down….

    Gud Med Oss

    • Truth Hurts on August 12, 2015

      So what do you think of Asian girls with white men? That you like but you hate seeing your pretty White girls with handsome Asian men, right?

      • Erik on August 14, 2015

        What are you smoking?!

        I like my own race, the White and the Germanic race. That doesn’t mean I hate Asians or any other race. BTW I respect the Japanese, the Koreans and the Chinese for rejecting Multiculturalism i.e. Race-Mixing. They love their people and their and this is why I respect them very much. I oppose race-mixing because it is unnatural and that which is unnatural is evil. period.

        BTW Here’s an Asian Man who seem to agree with us White People.

        Under normal conditions the races of Humanity are not even meant to share the same geography. This is why they exist in the first place. Asians should be with Asians, Arabs should be with Arabs, Blacks should be with Blacks, Aryans should be with Aryans.

        It would be evil, for example, to flood Japan with non-Asians and breed the Japanese out of existence in their own land with Arabs and Negroes. The Japanese wouldn’t put up with this.

        I’m White man, a Germanic man (Swede) and I LOVE my race – the Germanic peoples – more than anything in this earth and I don’t want to see it go extinct. If this makes me a “hater” than I’m indeed a “hater” and proud of it.

        More “haters” like me and the White Race and Western Civilization might survive.

        Natural Order. National Socialism. The Natural Way. The Only Way.

        • Objectivity on August 30, 2015

          You do know that mixing genes and diversity makes you stronger? If a population only breeds within itself, then over time genetic abnormalities will grow and increase. As modern humans we have neanderthal genes within us, so don’t think you are “pure”! Being scared of losing your identity is a natural thing but nothing to fear.

          • Erik on September 2, 2015

            Hi “Objectivity” – something that you defenitly not!

            “You do know that mixing genes and diversity makes you stronger?”

            Of course it makes you “stronger” :). I don’t think that mixing pygmy woman with Dolph Lundgren would make their offspring “Stronger” physically or “Smarter” (When one consides that Pigmis have AVG IQ of 65) 🙂

            I don’t think that mixing both of these races will create a “superior race” when you take into account the African component 🙂


            “If a population only breeds within itself, then over time genetic abnormalities will grow and increase.”

            You say this in ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES. No one goes to Africans or Asians and tells them this line. Japanse, Koreans or Nigerians or any other Non-White people is not being told to get rid of themselves using the above insane and psycothic line.

            Sencond, What you have said isn’t true. It is a politically correct Marxist lie designed to brainwash whites to get rid of themselves. Nature created different races for a reason, I rather follow nature than your insane psychotic attempt to justify the genocide of my people. I’m a Swede and my people are Smarter, healthier, stronger and better looking people than any of the Third Worlders we have here and who make our once beautiful land look like a toilet. In fact our social services and hospitals are used mainly to treat non-whites. They are SICKER than us in every regard.

            My family has no more disease and health issues than any non-white family. In fact we are healthier in every regard.

            BTW Do you agree with flooding every and ONLY Black African countries with Non-Blacks and by doing it will create a “better” race?! That would be GENOCIDE against the black race. I don’t support the genocide of Blacks, do you?!

            Whites are generally more intelligent than Blacks. Therefore, common-sense (That you don’t seem to have) dictates that a multi-racial child will be LESS intelligent than his white parent and MORE intelligent than his Black parent. This is what IQ studies show. This is not “better”! . It is degeneration in terms of evolution. You are going backwards. This is how Black African countries look when they are left for themselves without Western/White aid (No wonder when black IQ is 65 to 75):




            “As modern humans we have neanderthal genes within us, so don’t think you are “pure”!”

            We have also Monkey genes Banana genes in us. Did you know that humans are 40% banana and 98% Monkey? Unfortunaly some humans are closer than others to a Monkey or a Banana on the evolutinary scale. Judging by your thought processesand logic you seem to be one of them 🙂

            “Being scared of losing your identity is a natural thing but nothing to fear.”

            Being scared of being brought before tribunal and put to death by hanging for attempted genocide is also a natural thing but nothing to fear. Yes, You are avocating genocide : (Listen to last 17 mins) :


            I assume that you are a White Race traitor as Browns, Asians and Blacks don’t suffer from the disease of self-hatred inflicited on us by International Jewry. In case that you are white I want you to imagine the following:

            Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the Asians in the world, that within their own countries, they need to go ahead and replace their children and grandchildren with Mexicans. Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed, that they really believed it would be “RACIST” not to???

            If you manage to do that: Welcome to the world of the White Anti-Whites!

            Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Japanese to flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a minority To convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all those NON-Japanese That this “diversity” is a strength And to convince them that it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves No need convincing WHITE anti-whites of this in EVERY white country, they’re already convinced.

            Imagine if Saudi Arabia was being flooded with a plethora of foreigners Chinese, Mexicans, Africans, Europeans etc, all flooding into Saudi Arabia. Imagine if those foreigners started making babies with the Saudi women. Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Saudi men to call each other “racist” if they objected to this.
            Hard to imagine the Saudi men being so stupid isn’t it?
            Welcome to the world of White anti-Whites

            If I hated a race, I might campaign to flood all of their countries with MILLIONS of people that are not their race, and tell everyone to “mix in” until no people of that kind were left.If anyone objected, I would scream the R-word! at them and get them fired from their jobs.If I hated a certain race, I might do that, but I am not doing that.
            Anti-Whites are doing it to White people in EVERY & ONLY European countries. It’s genocide!


            Anti-Racist is a Code word for Ant-White.

            The White Mantra:


            Gud Med Oss – Ocupied Sweden – From a Swede that is worried about his people’s survival and loves them so much to such an extent that he can’t even sleep at night because he doesn’t want to see them go extinct. Something rare these days… Love is rare…

          • Tadoshka on August 21, 2016

            Well, i hope that if Hitler leaves his mission of invading Russia to his successor or at least aware of encirclement at Stalingrad it will be a world that i’d love to live on.

            I’d rather live at 1933 to 1945 rather than spent a hundred years of lives in this “Democracy” world.

            The main reason for “why is the Democracy is stupid”, was because in Democracy the biggest vote wins while most of the people who vote were a dumbshit that they will spent 5 years ranting and cursing about their own decision

    • Marigold on August 19, 2015

      Eric, people who are transgender are mainly born that way; it’s in the Bible! It’s nothing to do with choice if you have half a male and female body; manner. I don’t suppose you have any problems we can castigate you for in public do we!

      • Erik on August 24, 2015

        Hi Marigold,

        First of all, I’d like to be called “Erik” rather than “Eric” even thought these are two different forms of the same name.

        I’m aware of the fact that homosexuals/bi, lesbian and transgender people might be “born” that way in the sense of being biologically programmed for a certain type of behavior due to hormonal imbalances or genetic defects in the womb.

        In a case of human males, in a normal and healthy sexual development they are meant to have a sense of being a male and are also meant to feel sexual desire to the female form since their body is anatomically designed for females – and ONLY females – in terms of sexual interaction. Hormonal imbalances in critical stages of the fetus’ development can potentially create a biological developmental error – an abnormal condition – in which you can have a female brain (that is by nature attracted to males) “integrated” into a male body (that is by nature anatomically designed specifically for females) i.e. integrated into the wrong object – built into the wrong vessel.

        This is a sick and unfortunate condition. This is like someone putting a car engine inside a space shuttle and then wondering why is the space shuttle not working well.

        Lesbianism is made in the same way where they have a male brain (that is by nature attracted to females) “integrated” into a female body (that is by nature anatomically and physiologically designed specifically for males and only for males)..

        The human body is designed exclusively for the opposite sex and in a normal sexual development the brain is inline with the anatomy of the body while in the case of LGBT people the brain isn’t inline with it. This is a birth defect and they are indeed “born that way”.

        That being said, This is a very sad situation and I in now way “hate” LGBT people for being what they are. You are correct they are indeed “born that way” in many cases and it is not a matter of choice (Even though I do think that there are many cases in which it is not inborn and it is a indeed a choice of morally poisoned individuals), But at the same time I cannot approve of such behaviors in public. If someone is Gay it is not their fault and it is not society’s fault either.

        Here’s Objective data on the objective scientific research on the sexual differences between males and females and the origins and causes of that perversion and medical problem we know as ‘homosexuality’ (Same Sex Sexual Attraction), and who is behind the promotion of this pathology in our society.

        My Awakening Audio Book – Chapter 13 – Sex and Society

        My Awakening Audio Book – Chapter 13 (Part II) – Sex and Society

        Download the entire audio book completely free. It deals with racial, sexual, and historical realities from and objective (Non politically correct) point of view.

        Until 1973 the American Psychiatric Association listed Homosexuality for what it is : A medical disorder. Then, Jews funded Gay activists to protest and make the APA remove homosexuality from the list of disorders. Political pressure led to the normalization of this disorder.

        This was done by lies, tricks and manipulations. For example in order to excuse and justify the removal of homosexuality as a disorder the APA had to redefine the entire conceptual basis for defining a medical disorder. For example only those conditions that caused the individual to suffer or that didn’t enable the individual to function in society, where considered appropriate for the inclusion in the DSM list of disorders.

        You have to realize that most modern societies recognized homosexuality as a medical disorder . For example, a 1992 survey by the APA’s Office of International Affairs in conjunction with the APA Committee of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Psychiatrists surveyed 125 psychiatric associations around the world. It found that all but three associations consider homosexuality a mental illness or a sexual deviation. American psychiatrists are joined only by their colleagues in Denmark and South Africa in their efforts to redefine homosexuality (and thus reality) and protect the ‘‘right’’ of homosexual adults to conduct consensual sexual relations in private. (‘‘US Psychiatrists’ Views on Homosexuality Differ from Colleagues’ in Other Countries,’’ Psychiatric News, Vol. 28, No. 17, September 3, 1993.)

        Here’s APAs Jewish doctor Robert Spitzer PhD admitting that the decision to remove Homosexuality from the list of disorder was based on politics and political correctness and not on science. He had manipulated the definition of a medical disorder in order to make it possible to “argue” that it is “not a disorder”:

        The new definition that Dr. Spitzer came up with is the “Social Disability” and “Subjective Distress”. Using this definition as long as an individual (Whether it be Homosexual/bi or Zoophile) is not in distress i.e. happy with his disordered sexual tendencies and can still function in society the APA will no longer insist in the need to list this disordered condition as an “official disorder” in the DSM.

        “If you are objectively disordered and you don’t suffer from your objective disorder than you are “not disordered””. This is an oxymoron that only brain dead people can tolerate.

        World Health Organization (WHO) listed Homosexuality as a disease until mid 1990s. Then, It had adopted the APA’s politically correct set of criteria to define a disorder (Subjective Distress and Social Disability) by which if a person is happy with his diseased sexual tendencies the APA or the WHO will no longer insist in the need to list the condition as an official disorder.This is the scam, by which one of the serious sexual disorders and medical problems had being “normalized”.

        Even though LGBT people can’t “choose” to whom they are attracted to, we cannot allow them to OPENLY engage in such behaviors in public. In that sense they – or their behavior to be more precise – should be isolated from normal society. I don’t mean by putting them in jail or something as I don’t regard Homosexuality to be a crime – They can’t help what they are. By “isolating” I mean not promoting them in public; in papers; in TV etc. This behavior should be BANNED IN PUBLIC and ISLOATED FROM THE PUBLIC.

        What they do in privacy is their business as long as it is not damaging to society. If someone Gay or Trans then they should practice it in privacy NOT in public. I don’t want my children to look at two guys (Gays) or Two girls (Lesbians) kissing in public as I don’t want them to think that same-sex relationship is “normal” when it is not. The very fact that LGBT seek approval from society for their perversions proves that they are not “normal”. Things that are normal and healthy don’t require approval. Things that are abnormal do. You don’t see Straights “coming out of the closet”. Why? because that’s natural and normal. Only LGBT need to hide in closets. Things that are normal and natural don’t need closets to begin with.. Things that are abnormal and deviant need closest. These things are also destructive of public’s health:

        The CDC admits that despite the fact that Gays and Bisexuals represent a tiny percentage of the United States population, they make up the majority of AIDS and HIV cases:

        Gud Med Oss – Occupied Sweden

        • Zack on October 24, 2015

          Erik, while I agree with the majority of what you say, and my mind is slowly being open to the ideas of what I was taught in grade school and college has been a filthy lie propagated by self-hating, white apologists and communist scum, I can’t agree with your idea that mixing races is something to be abhorred. I am, myself, Caucasian; my mother is first generation Norwegian and my father is Irish. I am proud of my race, and proud of my western heritage as we have lead the world through some of the darkest periods of mankind and innovated cures for countless diseases as well as furthered technology. I am so proud of this, that I serve my country as a United States Marine because I want the west to survive and I want justice to prevail world wide.
          What I disagree with you on, race mixing, is this: I’ve dated countless American females, mostly white, and I find the majority of them (perhaps because of their age at the time) to be obsessed with materialism and lacking the IQ to boil an egg. Countless times I’ve tried to hold intellectual conversations with them, and yet they fall far short of it leaving me unsatisfied mentally with them, despite how attracted I was to them. This cannot work. I was fortunate enough to meet a girl from Korea in my final year of college who has been everything I’ve hoped for in beauty and brains. Asian countries, as you have stated, are very homogenous, and have rich cultural history and values of honor, intelligence and independence. I admire them greatly. But to say for me to marry and have children with her, simply because she is not caucasian like myself is something I cannot prescribe to. Do not misunderstand me, this is not an attack on your beliefs, because I find that race mixing is something that has become popularized by Hollywood scum, and has become something that is more done for attention and popularity rather than love, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, for me, I am with this woman because I love her with all of my heart and soul and her values are much in line with mine. Yes, the west is dying. It is dying however due to the ignorance and communist ideas being pressed upon us constantly, but at what point is it not the people’s responsibility to wake up and free themselves?
          The children I have with this woman, the love of my life, will be raised to be proud of their culture and heritage from both the Far-East and the West, and be taught the wonders of what their ancestors have done to contribute to humanity and at the same time be taught the horrors of what communism and radical leftists have done to destroy civilization. Could you not agree with me that there are exceptions to some race-mixing if righteous people are born from it that change the world for the better?
          -again, this is not an attack as we have very much in common. I’m rather curious about your response to this, as well as the community on this website.

          • Erik on October 31, 2015

            Hey Zack,

            There\’s a huge misunderstanding here in terms what is the my definition of \”Race-Mixing\”. Norwegians are a Germanic people from Scandinavia and are basically an extension of the Germanic race. Norwegians, Germans ,Danes, Dutch, and Swedes are basically German or \”Germanic\” in terms of their racial background and origin. They are basically an extended family of one blood the Germanic blood. Mixing these groups isn\’t technically \”race-mixing\” as they are all White of Germanic origin and have the same DNA and share the same immediate ancestors that originated in Scandinavia, our Germanic ancestors. As a Swede I see Danes, Norwegians, Dutch and Germans as my racial family 1st degree. While other Northern European nations like the Celtic nations of Scotland, and Ireland I see as 2nd degree family. Since the Irish are White Aryans from indo European decent I don\’t consider mixing with them as \”Race-Mixing\”. They are White and In fact Historically the Germanic family of people and the Celtic family of people are cousins. It is all relative you see. For example IF as a Swede I regard other nations of Germanic origin (Germans, Norwegians, Danes etc.) as BROTHERS I regard nations of Celtic origin (Ireland, Scotland etc.) as COUSINS and I look at them as basically family.

            Mixing an Irishman with a Norwegian isn\’t what I regard \”Race-Mixing\” and technically it isn\’t. These are two ethnic group within the Northern European gene pool and are closely related. Celts (Irish etc.) are Aryans and so are Germanics (Norwegians etc.)

            This isn\’t \”Race-Mixing\”. These are two ethnic groups within the Northern European Race.

            By Race-Mixing I mean mixing two completely different races together that is Whites and Blacks, Asians and Blacks, Whites and Asians etc. This is what I mean by \”race-mixing\”. Mixing and Irishman with a Norwegian woman isn\’t what I consider as \”race mixing\”. These are basically cousins. Germanics and Celts are cousins of Aryan origin. If all Germanics are brothers to each other then Germanics and Celts are cousins to each other.

            Look at these Irish girls. They are racially Nordic with light hair and blue eyes. They are White.

            Mixing White (irish) with White (Norwegian) isn\’t technically \”race mixing\”. The offspring is still White Aryan. It it a mixed ethnicity within the White Race, not a \”mixed race\” in the broader sense. By \”Race-mixing\” I refer to the broader meaning i.e. Black and White, Asian with Black etc.

            As a Swede I see the Irish people as basically my extended family while Norwegians, Germans, Danes and Dutch I regard as my nuclear family, my immediate family, my closest family.

            The reason I regard the Celtic Irish as cousins while the Germanic nations of Europe I regard as BROTHERS is because we have a 1st degree blood relation with them. In fact we Scandinavians (Swedes) are the ancestors of the Germans. As a Scandinavian I understand that Germans are my flesh and blood and I recognize them as an extension of my people and my race:


            In no way do I see the Irish or the Scots as \”Aliens\”.If an irishman lives in Sweden then I see them as basically an extended family and I will let him stay and become part of our people. Why? Because he is a White Aryan and we are basically an extended family.

            When I speak of Repatriation of aliens and the deportation of aliens from my country Sweden, by \”aliens\” I mean people of non-European origin that is Blacks, Arabs, Turks, Somalis and Muslims in general. These groups are destructive to my people racially, economically, culturally, politically and crime-rate wise. These are not desirable for assimilation as their assimilation constitutes GENOCIDE of my race and my culture.

            These don\’t have any immediate relation to us racially speaking, they don\’t have the same IQ and creativity as us Swedes, They don\’t have the same temper and character as us and they don\’t look like us. And most Blacks and Browns aren\’t good looking in my opinion. In fact I find most of them to be very ugly by Swedish standards (By our standard 98% of humanity is ugly 🙂 as Nordics/Germanics represent the ideal beauty by most peoples\’ standard).Basically they aren\’t White and I want my children to look something like me as any other non-white person wants. They don\’t have the same potential in terms of innovation and creativity as us nor do they have the same IQ.

            I want Sweden to remain a White nation as it was, a Western advanced nation because I want the best future for my children and my people and I know that bringing the Third World to our country is going to destroy our nation economically, socially, culturally and racially as it is a Straight Genocide against our race. I don\’t want non-Aryans in my nations. I don\’t \”hate\” them but I believe that as much as they have the right to survive as a people so my people and my race has the right to survive.

            Bottom line:

            Marrying an Irishman to a Norwegian isn\’t \”race-mixing\”. You mix White and White and you still get White. That does not constitutes \”race mixing\” anymore than mixing a Nigerian (Black) with Sudanese (Black) constitutes race mixing.

            You are not mixed race. You are White. You are a mixed ethnicity and ethnicity and race are not the same. People can be of the same race but of different ethnic groups. For example a Nigerian and a Sudane are two ethnic groups within the SAME RACE (Black Race). Hence mixing them doesn\’t technically constitute \”Race-Mixing\”. They have basis on which to unite they are both Blacks of African decent.

            If you are half Norwegian and Half Irishman then you are not \”mixed race\” and I wouldn\’t regard you as such in any why. You are Aryan and that\’s what\’s important.

            Gud Med Oss

          • Erik on October 31, 2015

            Another point Zack,

            I oppose race mixing period. I oppose promoting and creating the conditions that lead to it i.e. immigration, integration and assimilation as those constitute genocide for anyone with a brain (Even by international law).

            God made you white for a reason.

            But the problem today in the west is that the conditions for genocide via assimilation are promoted on a massive scale by the media and the controlled eJEWcation which constitute genocide. Multiculutralism in Europe constitute genocide as immigration is the 1st stage in the genocide process then comes 2nd stage Integration and 3nd stage assimilation all of which constitute genocide under international law (1948 UN con) crime punishable by death. I don’t blame the avg white person who just happened to “fall in love” with a non-white because their country was flooded and integrated with those non-whites. I blame the politicians and media and “education” who had allow the CONDITIONS that lead to it. They are the ones who should be and will be brought before tribunal when the time is right. They should be put to death by hanging for promoting the conditions that lead to it.

            (Listen to last 17 mins) :

            Race mixing IN WHITE COUNTRIES is never justified. I cannot justify genocide through assimilation. I cannot support the destruction of my race. If one wants to mix than one should do it in some other place. Not in my country. It is killing my race. It is a precedent which I won’t tolerate. Yes it always begins with 1 or 10 then it becomes 2,3 or 4 million like a cancer. It becomes an existential threat. But it always begins with 1 case only 1 case. This 1 case must be prevented if our race is to survive. No exceptions will be made by me. I love my race and my people and won’t allow any precedent to take place. Cancer always begins with the first 1 cell it destroys. If it doesn’t stop here it will consume and destroy millions of cells and with it the individual, the nation. We must oppose this genocide of our race and be strong as steal as we do it. Honor is 1st priority.

            P.S the reason White women in America today act like they do is because of 60 years of Jewish Run Media who had poisoned their minds and spirits.

            Gud Med Oss

  • dawn on August 10, 2015

    I am of German decent, my Grandfather was captured during world war 2 and taken to a POW camp in stoke I believe, he would never talk about the war as if he was ashamed of it and I used to think how brave he had to be to live in the UK and make a life and home here in the UK in the town of Wigan in Lancashire right after WW2, can you even begin to imagine the stick he must of took from British men, how he was shoved to the back of every line for work and he even married a girl from Lancashire a pit brow girl, these video’s have shown me what my Grandfather was fighting for and I am so so proud of him….thank you so much……and so it begins the little man on the street is waking up and they will put the bankers and their ilk on trial and find them guilty….it may take another 50 years and I might not even see it but I will die happy that it as started, How brave was my Grandfather? he’s my hero and I wish I could see him just 1 more time to tell him how much I loved him and admire him, my love for my grandfather grew more than it was already after watching your video’s sir……..thank you…..thank you so much sir 🙂

    • Erik on August 11, 2015

      Work to save the Germanic race in Germany my brother…Don’t allow the genocide of our Holy Germanic Race.

      Gud Med Oss

      Occupied Sweden

  • Frank Amado on June 9, 2015

    Honestly, I have to applaud your talent in telling this story, Mr. Wise. It has already brought tears to my eyes numerous times, and thoroughly enraged me at the induced mass ignorance of a populace that, in a knee-jerk reaction to Hitler’s name, usually won’t even open their minds enough to view the materials you so eloquently present.

    I thank you ever so much for the painstaking research and effort you’ve put into creating this historical masterpiece. I will share it to all who have the ability and understanding to open their minds and accept that they’ve been lied to and propagandized for their entire lives.

  • November on April 1, 2015

    When one identifies the jewish stateless establishment as the real ennemy of humanity, you’re in trouble.

  • Mike Rose on January 18, 2015

    I have no idea whatsoever why your system thinks my intelligent, amusing , and socially-acceptable remarks might possibly come under your definition of spammer… but I guess sillier things have happened.

    Like the time good Bostonian Burghers blindly allowed the martial-law-military to invade posh-Boston homes without so much as a Court warrant, even tho the fracking cops had 4 days after the faked Bombing to apply for the legal paperwerke 🙂 IYCWIM


  • Darshanchandra. N. Pathak on January 13, 2015

    Look at history. As far as India has concern; the base of Hindu grownups is depends upon; ” Ved ” It is the book of ethics. Man is passing his life span from 5 stage. 1. Social. 2. Economically. 3.physically. 4.politically.5. Religion. The way how to be happy in above stage is shown in ” Ved ” Rig-Ved 4-2-15 ” We become fire to the mountain. Our life usually as soft as lotus; but for attacking enemy; we become as fire.With our brightness we make attacking enemy ash; crush down all difficulties come along the ways. if any mountain hinders our progress; we break it. ”
    The ideology of lord Krishna ” I never harass any one; and no one can harass me ” Hitler believe in “Ved ” so he adopted the above ideology.
    Why violence day by day spread ? Because we soft for human enemy.
    Why many enemy [ the humanity killing unit ] killed by lord Ram ? For save the humanity. Live and let the live the other. The Adolf Hitler’s hidden ideology is this. Adolf Hitler’s ideology is supported by ” Ved ” the books of Human Ethic. you can read in details in project report; ” Why people should be power full/strong.

  • joniindo on October 16, 2014

    The czechoslovakia incident, somehow remind me of Ukraine. Hitler in Putin’s shoes.

    • Khan on December 30, 2014

      Hitler is a historic hero Russians are dirty worms. We Pakistani end the soviet union

    • Mike Rose on January 18, 2015

      Adolf would never have been able to get his clogs into Vlad’s galoshes

  • tomearly on October 5, 2014

    Knowing the truth feels good .

  • XBJRK on August 27, 2014

    A lot to be learned about this period. Forget the megalomania and psychosis of human frailty, If a country believes in itself and can pull itself out of the depression with hard work and confidence in each other and solidarity over a united goal, prosperity is inevitable. Germany got an extremely raw deal at the end on WW1 and the soldiers and officers were products of a very dark and destitute period of european history. It is hard to keep that fact in context when looking back. Fortunately, the Marshal plan was to avoid the same mistake and rebuild the conquered nations into stalwart allies.

    • DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES on January 25, 2015

      It pulled itself out of the jew-created depression by refusing to do business with the jewish moneychangers, a scourge on mankind since before Christ’s time.

  • Red on August 20, 2014

    Most bizarre thing EVER. Revisionist drivel. Did you get copyright permission for using material from Robert Carlyle’s Hitler: The Rise of Evil?!

    • Dennis Wise on August 21, 2014

      Is that the only comment could come up with? I won’t even bother mentioning the millions of patents stolen from Germany after WW2 by all the allies.

      • Khan on December 30, 2014

        Adolf Hitler was faithful and devoted to his nation. He tried to unite Germany. We are Pakistani citizens. There are millions of lovers of Adolf Hitler in Pakistan. we Pakistani people disintegrated USSR (Soviet Union)even we were hundred times weaker but we have courage and will. Hailed Hitler , Love Hitler

        • Truth Hurts on August 12, 2015

          You dark dirty Pakis didn’t destroy the USSR, stupid. All the three wars you fought against India (which is much weaker than the USSR) you LOST. America and the West won the war against the USSR. CIA agents working within the Soviet Union broke up the communist giant, not some poor smelly muslim pigs like you so shut up with your stupid muslim propaganda lies. Afterwards, you rewarded America and the West with terrorism on the streets of London and New York.

          And talking about breaking up of countries, YOUR dirty sh*thole will be next as we Americans destroy Paki into the Sind, Balochistan and what ever will be left of Paki. Now, you will surely be called Paki since you no longer have the S in Sind and the -stan in Balochistan. LOL!!!

          Keep on worshiping a dead white man who considered your dirty race an inferior one, paki boy! LOL!!!

          • Tadoshka on August 21, 2016

            Did you know some facts about Moslems ? Your sattelite can’t see through Mecca. lol

            And altough you to invade our land and forced us to move into Europe and blame us for all of the Immigrant problem, you can’t destroy us.

            Last war Hitler was a Devil and Nazi were a Satanic people, said your goverment. And now today our leader were accused and their Moslems people condemned by your media. But we moslems are one like Nazi’s, we wage war on Judaism and your western policies and also your puppet ISIS islamic country. Don’t you notice it ? One day America and jude will paid for what have they did with the world, you’ve conquered Palestine, our homeland. Yet, your leader declares that they “would” be the peace-keeper between the Israel and Palestine while at the same times fund the Israel’s military.

            And if you thinked that our god was false, you’d better find yourself an Islamic Qur’an and burn it. And i recommend you don’t or even if you burn it don’t blame me for your stupidity.

      • Frank56 on January 25, 2015

        Ich möchte an diese Stelle einmal danke sagen für deine Arbeit! Da gehört nicht nur Mut dazu, sondern auch richtige Zivilcourage, ohne wenn und aber, auch auf Youtube!

        “Wer die Vergangenheit nicht kennt, kann die Gegenwart nicht verstehen und die Zukunft nicht gestalten.”

        Der Krieg geht weiter, auch wenn er in Europa in einem Waffenstillstand steht, der an Bedingungen geknüpft ist, und den auch die Deutschen ertragen müssen (Plutokratie / Chemtrails / Medienterror, Konditionierung). Viele Kolonien haben auf ihre Befreiung gewartet, nun hilft D den Kolonialherren (Frankreich Mali). Dabei hatten/haben alle Völker, früher wie auch heute, einen einzigen Feind! Es ist das internationale Kapital, die Plutokraten!

        Im dem Erkennen liegt die Freiheit, ansonsten die Sklaverei oder der Tod.

        LG Frank

  • Blutundehre on August 8, 2014

    This part always gets me when they get to Eva Braun. The music and footage is simply beautiful. Produces a strong emotional response.

    • Sam on August 9, 2014

      Mein Part is 14, der schlägt mir jedesmal voll ins Gesicht.

  • Truth=Racist on June 3, 2014

    Great videos. Thank you for posting.

  • Kristallnacht on April 26, 2014

    Hitler wollte nie Krieg, er hat die Menschen mit wahrem Herzen zusammen geführt, das haben zu dieser zeit alle gemeinsam gespürt. Darum auch die ganzen Bomben angriffe auf die zivilisten Städte über Nacht. Es sollten alle demoraliesiert werden, das gemeinsame gefühl gebrochen, damit es sich nicht auf andere Völker, bis über die ganze Menschheit überträgt. Denn wenn wir alle dieses gemeinsame gefühl bekommen, das wir im grunde alle EINS sind und zusammen gehören, (das wäre das komplette aus der Zionisten und deren Weltmacht gewesen, das komplette aus für jede art der Ünterdrückung).

    Morbus ignorantia – Die Krankheit Unwissen

    Die Meinung ist frei – und die Wahrheit ist Macht
    Wie der Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler die Unabhängigkeit von internationaler Zinsversklavung erreichte

    Morbus ignorantia – Die Krankheit Unwissen

    Die Meinung ist frei – und die Wahrheit ist Macht
    Selbsthass und psychologische Kriegsführung

  • Ritter on April 11, 2014

    I cannot hear the speaker for the music in this part starting at 6:45

    • Sam on April 8, 2014

      Awesome links, danke vielmals dafür.

  • TRUTH on January 20, 2014

    I really hope the truth will come out one day. What he did for Germany and what he stood for was just remarkable, no man, in our time at least, even comes close to the power and appreciation he had from the people. NO ONE!

    The “so called good guys” robbed Germany of its leader who became to much of a threat to them, because he was a one of a kind leader

    Shame on the world for tainting this mans career, personal and political goals


  • Alfred NS on January 9, 2014

    I love this work, it’s so important that people around the world views this. It is a lifechanger, and I have read on youtube comments (when it was up there) that some jews also feel the same way – it’s amazing. But isn’t the Hess speech in this episode from “triumph of the will” aka 1934, not from 1938?

  • vigithunor on November 4, 2013

    The Swastika, or Fylfot, sunwheel, which means “it is well” or “so be it”, source Temple of Wotan, is the foremost symbol representing the White Aryan Man, the civilized ones, the noble ones, going back at least 8000 years and can be found on artifacts of the White mummies of Tarim Basin in China, on White Indo Aryan temples, some fortresses even built in its shape, before they mongrelized themselves into extinction in India, on Scandinavian artifacts everywhere (from Skanda, the Lord of War and General of Indra/Odin/Wotan/Zeus, source Bhagavad Gita). It represents the rolling astral light, Rhea Kybele called by the Romans, the Spirit Force, soul-fire of both God the macrocosm Paramatma (Supersoul) and Man the microcosm or Atma (soul). There are numerous variations of the Swastika, some 4 legged, some 3, some multi, some square, some swirling, some round, and some reversed. It is used in Buddhism and means “the entire cosmic manifestation” or “totality” and in Vedanta, the unadulterated source of Buddhism, it represents “the universe” “the will of God” “protection” and “swift inescapable death to the wicked” as the Sudarshan chakram or personal weapon of Vishnu God, known by countless names. It is also called “Ida” which means “restless”, constantly rolling, swirling, creating. It represents the Sun’s strength and the unstoppable whirling might of will. The very planets in our solar system and all systems, swirl and roll to the will of God, symbolized in the Swastika.

    It is the symbol of Creation, the symbol of Light, the symbol of Truth.
    It is only a symbol of hate to those who hate the Truth, hate the Light, hate Creation, and seek to destroy it, the synagogue of Satan, the Jotuns, the daityas, asuras, rakshasas and yavanas. The demons. The children of the serpent.

    • Jagira (@InternetVHindu) on April 25, 2014

      How kindly you managed to ‘DELETE’ the original source of Swastika from Hinduism. There is nothing as such called as White Aryan. Aryan is a distorted term of Arya which means Noble Man.

      Hinduism is the most ancient of Dharma (tantamount to religion in modern context but different.). First learn to mention the correct source of the the knowledge system, assimilation of terms and symbols MUST be avoided.

  • Kunibert Holterdipolter on October 19, 2013

    Excellent work! It is time for the world to acccept the truth about Germany and the war crimes of the good, good allied forces. A shame that not more people have watched this documentation.

    • ElConquistador on November 23, 2013

      let us not forget that almost all of the ‘war crimes’ reported by the ‘allies’ where reported by stalin and supposedly occurred in the areas invaded by the ussr. We all know that stalin had no reason to lie or spread anti-german propaganda…

      • Really? on December 13, 2014

        So when the Allies approached Auschwitz, that was actually a Russian war crime that was a lie perpetuated throughout history?

        • Noble Wolf on December 13, 2014

          Auschwitz is covered later on in the series. The Allies who liberated Auschwitz so to say after the Germans abandoned it were the Russians. No Americans or Western Allies ever went to Auschwitz as liberators except maybe President Obamas Uncle?

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