Part 4 Cultural Clash

  • konwayk on November 22, 2016

    Here is a special issue in English (from the newspaper Der Sturmer) by famous National Socialist Streicher on Jewish Ritual Murder. This special issue writes about some of the victims of Jewish Ritual Murder which is hidden by Jewish Media.

    Here is my small youtube video “Jesus Christ vs. Pharisaism” which gives the actual history of Judaism hidden by Jewish owned media.

    I also recommend my other youtube videos especially “Britain’s treacheries during world war 1 and world war 2” which can be seen here ––atn1U

  • Mixed Raced on July 25, 2016

    Hi Erik,

    Been a mixed raced person (Black/White) from Papua New Guinea I can appreciate that white societies are educationally, industrially and technologically more advanced than traditional black societies. But this does not imply racial/genetic supremacy.

    White societal advancement is merely a convergence of circumstances leading to European economic status. Conservative Christian values and the internal competition between European states was responsible for the white advancement during the last thousand years. Particularly during the Victorian/industrial/colonialist era.

    My country(Papua New Guinea)is a Melanesian(Black)state. In Papua New Guinea we are 800 tribes with 800 languages. Come here if you want to learn about racism. Generally we could be classed into two groups. Highlanders who are more dominant in business and education than the coastal/lowland people. Not because of the distinctive genetic traits between tribes but because of an inherent competitive values and a drive for higher status in society.

    Look at the ethnic Chinese in foreign countries who mostly engage in private enterprise. Europe experienced the same scenario with the stateless Jews back in its day. So would you say Chinese and Jews are have a gene for business and banking?

    What if Europe had been black and Africa was white? We would be arguing for black supremacy today. Then tomorrow we will be arguing for Chinese supremacy. I\’m sure Jews argue the same in native Israel.

    The current problem facing the world is not racial it is cultural and financial. Europe is under siege from Islamic fundamentalism and enslavement by the banking system. Worldwide both aim to destroy our diverse races and societies. Similar to communism

    We are all racist to a certain extent…even non-racists. Tolerance and and respect for native culture is important when a guest in foreign countries. \”London has Fallen\”.

    Imagine if the Christian minority started protesting against sharia law in Islamic countries and started bombing innocent long would they last. These left-wing hippies need to wake up…

    God help us…We need visionary leaders like Hitler. He had a point.

  • David Kingsman on July 7, 2016

    Only Hitler

  • Nigel Wilson on January 22, 2016

    I am British but have lived overseas for almost all of the past 26 years, predominantly in Third World countries.

    There is a marked contrast between “Sun” people and “Ice” people. People whose ancestors evolved in cold climates had to think ahead, plan ahead, or die. People who evolved in climates where crops grew year round and it never got cold, did not NEED to evolve mentally in the same way.

    We should not even be debating this. It is self evident.

    • Erik on January 23, 2016

      Your are 100% correct my friend. The harsher the climate and the environmental conditions of a given geographic area, the stronger the race that is forged in that climate as only the best and smartest genes are able to survive by Natural Selection. It takes place over a period of tens of thousands of years of evolution and adaptation that are ingrained in our genes to get the White Race to where it is today. Not 100 or even 1000 years.

      What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂

    • MoNazmi on January 30, 2016

      yea sure! tell that to the Greek , whom never had a harsh Icy climate, or the Arabs and Muslims whom golden age lasted more than a thousand years! with their major intellectual cities located in Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, all of which have moderate climates.(modern day western civilization didn’t live that long yet).. if anything the environment and resources in Europe made it easier for the industrial revolution to flourish!. Italy where the renaissance started (the mother of modern western civilization) doesn’t have harsh Icy climate. that’s the dumbest comment I ever read. by your logic once “Ice” people invented fire and learned how to build huts and make heavy cloths they didn’t need to “Mentally” develop anymore!

      • Erik on February 4, 2016

        Here’s “My Awakening: A Path To Racial Understanding” By Dr. David Duke on the subject of racial realities . Download it in sections free. Audio Book:

        It talks about racial realities from scientific, historic point of view – no politically correct crap involved – and it will answer your question regarding the origins of most ancient civilizations and who were the FOUNDING race of those civilizations. And how and way they vanished. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!

        Aside. The progress made by ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. is NOTHING compared to the progress made by the White Race – especially Northern European Whites – during the past 200 years. How does pyramids compare next to flying a plane (Wright Brothers) , driving a car, watching TV, using Computers and phones, Modern medicine. Creating weapons such as the F22 Raptor (which was developed and designed by WHITE AMERICANS:

        And yes we conquered space and the moon and send robots to mars. We Whites did that! That’s one small step for whites one giant leap for the white race!

        The fact is that the White Race has made more progress than any other race in history! The intelligence required to design a F-22 Raptor or a modern car is Billion times larger than the intelligence required to design a Pyramid! Reaching the moon is FAR FAR more impressive than any thing any other race had done by now! Even east asians are depended on us for creativity. They admit that they need the creativity of the White Man to fuel them! We are not only intelligent but we are also CREATIVE! it’s even more important than just intelligence!
        To sum it all : We (Europeans) made more than 90% of the worlds altering contributions (inventions and breakthroughs) while the rest of the world made the remaining 10%!

        Even East Asians admit that they need our creativity to move forward. They are intelligent and the can COPY what we do. But they are as CREATIVE as we are. That’s why they don’t invent new stuff in the same rate that we do. The stuff that we can invent in 50 years will take east Asians about 500 years to do the same if at all. They need us.

        Gud Med Oss

        • Erik on February 5, 2016

          Error : But they are as CREATIVE as we are.
          Corrected : But they are NOT as CREATIVE as we are.

    • MoNazmi on January 30, 2016

      Dude, you are very sophisticated aren’t you! you figured out what triggers Human “Mental” evolution?! Really is it that simple? Icy harsh weather/climate?! Ok well; what happened after those “Icy people” learned how to deal with the harsh cold weather and plan their harvest ahead of time? (which must had happened thousands of years ago) did they stop evolving mentally?. What about people living in dry hot climate! didn’t they have any challenges? did they have to learn how to preserve their food (dry it) or how to find water sources? dig/look for ground water? And Exactly how does your argument apply to Greeks who lived in moderate Mediterranean climate? or the Persians? or Arabs and Muslims whom golden age spanned 1000+ of prosperity and scientific innovations? or the Italians(also living within a moderate Mediterranean climate) and the renaissance era (the mother of modern western civilization). Your superior Blonde race with advanced mental evolution had just had their share of contribution to the human civilization, the resources they had is what facilitated the industrial revolution, which wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge passed to them from other non blonde people. This blonde civilization is less than 300 years old!. If I’ll be racist like you I’d say your race isn’t so evolved mentally since a bunch of Jews (according to the movie you are praising) tricked them and controlled their economy since few hundred years ago till now!.. you stupid trolls.. this video is supposed to be telling an alternate version of history not promoting any racial agenda and you losers have nothing else to do, nor any personal achievements to brag about and thus you feel you need to be racist in order to give yourselves some substance!

      Lol dumb ass, if your logic has any sense, then Eskimo people would have colonies on pluto by now

      • Erik on February 8, 2016

        – “Dude, you are very sophisticated aren’t you! you figured out what triggers Human “Mental” evolution?! Really is it that simple? Icy harsh weather/climate?!”

        – Even if we don’t want to accept the climate theory in regards to the evolution of mental abilities and intelligence, one thing is certain and can be proven by empirical means of the scientific method :
        There are MAJOR differences between the scores on IQ testing of the Black and Brown population and the White Population. Africans score between 65 to 75 depending on their region and nationality. Middle easterners (Arabs etc.) score an avg of 85. And Europeans and avg of 104 while Northern Europeans can get as high as 106-110.

        Identical Twin test dealt with twins who were separated from birth, proves that environment has little to no effect on the mental abilities of the individual, which means that the factors that make intelligent or non-intelligent are genetic. Negro children and Brown children who wer raised in a rich family and who were given all that was needed were FAILED the tests they were given while at the same time White children who were raised in a poor family with no support when they were young had managed to PASS those same tests (The data can be found on the book by Dr. David Duke where he summarized the data and the scientific studies about this issue. My Awakenning is the book)

        So regardless of the causes of advanced mental abilities, one think we KNOW for certain. The scientific method has proven that Negroes and Browns (Arabs etc.) score much lower scores on IQ tests than Whites and East Asians. The identical twin tests proves beyond dobut that the causes are GENETIC and HEREDITY rather than environment!

        Regarding the Arab or Muslim “Golden Age”. Yes Arabs had managed to do something with their 85 avg IQ for a period of time but were FAILED to evolve further. They basically stopped evolving and they reached their limits of their abilities. Europeans – Especially Northern Europeans – kept evolving and kept advancing further until we got to invent the automobile, the airplane, phones, computers, TVs, electronic devices of all sorts, RADAR, Modern medicine, Advanced weaponry, landing on the moon, sending robots to mars and basically 99% of the inventions that made our world the way it is today. What the Arabs had managed to do with their low IQ cannot even be compared to what the White Race had done during the past 200 years. The were left behind, We went FURTHER and we even thought East Asians how to copy our stuff and sell it and mass produce it. Yellows are intelligent but they aren’t as creative as we are. Innovation and going further in evolution is something that we do the best, better than any other race in history. I’m not saying other races didn’t do anything in terms of civilization. I’m only saying that we – Whites – had made the most. We changed the world!

        – “Your superior Blonde race with advanced mental evolution had just had their share of contribution to the human civilization, the resources they had is what facilitated the industrial revolution, which wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge passed to them from other non blonde people. This blonde civilization is less than 300 years old!”

        – What are you talking about!? What “knowledge passed to them from other non-blonde…” crap are you talking about?!

        We invented that airplane by ourselves, as well as the car, the phone, the computer, the TV, the transistor, discovered the human genome etc. ALL BY OURSELVES! 99% of the inventions that made the modern world what it is today in terms of technology etc. were invented by US – White people – and ONLY US. We didn’t learn how to make car, plane, phones etc. from other races ! That’s BS!

        -“this video is supposed to be telling an alternate version of history not promoting any racial agenda and you losers have nothing else to do, nor any personal achievements to brag about and thus you feel you need to be racist in order to give yourselves some substance!”

        -Again you’re talking non-sense! No one promoting racial supermacy over anyone! I’m just saying that Blacks and Browns (Muslims etc.) are inferior on the scale of evolutionary progress compared to Whites. That’s true. No hate or contempt is involved with this statement. Only FACTS!

        – “Lol dumb ass, if your logic has any sense, then Eskimo people would have colonies on pluto by now”

        Again talking non-sense like most mindless liberals! 🙂

        Eskimo people live in a very harsh climate. But their land is not the same as Europe. It icy for all time almost! They cannot build or evolve if the conditions that are present in Europe are denied from them!

        In my country Sweden, we have very long and difficult winters, no sun light for a great part of the year in many regions, short day cycles etc. but the soil can be still used for the growth of what we need. Yes it’s not like in other nations but it is enough to support our small Swedish population. What we don’t have we import from our other Germanic blood brothers, our extended family – Norwegians, Germans, Danes, Dutch – and from other nations who aren’t related to us by blood but are willing to trade with us. This is what we did during the past thousands of years. Yet despite the harsh climate the conditions were there for us to evolve and before this multicultural nightmare begun we had one of the richest country’s on earth in terms of per-capita in come, excellence in math and high learning, more books to read than you could imagine, clean streets, crime was rare, free system to support the elderly etc.

        Before our land was invaded by low IQ, ugly-looking, non-hygienic third world Black and Brown savages!

        And yes, I call the what they are! Being “nice and polite” is our doom and our destruction! We must not use nice and polite terms at the expense of an accurate description of reality – other wise we will be consumed by the lie and be destroyed!

        P.S our race is the reason that your are driving a car – not driving on a horse – and using the computer and the internet to write you silly marxist arguments! 🙂

        Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on January 1, 2016

    “Political Correctness” – The Jewish Marxist Disease that rules the West today and destroys our lives and kills the future generations of our people:

    Examples of the disease in action:

    – Everybody agrees that looks don’t matter, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that races don’t exist, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that the races are “equal”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that “no race is better than another”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that interracial marriage is just “wonderful”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that men and women are “equal” and the “same”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that “diversity is a strength”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.
    – Everybody agrees that homosexuality is “normal”, and everybody knows that is bullshit.

    Now you understand why the world we live in today is such a mess?! Ignoring reality doesn’t create a better world where people are happy, it creates a sicker world, a world of suffering and misery. How can we solve societies problems and make a better world for everybody as long as we continue to ignore reality and ignore the obvious?!


    You can ignore REALITY, but that doesn’t mean that REALITY can ignore YOU!

    • WatchIt on January 8, 2016

      Please provide us proof that one race is superior to another. Let me guess, YOU “just so happen” to be of the “superior” race. Jews claim they are “Gods chosen” from a book THEY wrote just like white supremacists claim they are the superior race from their own doctrines and beliefs. It’s like every religion claiming that THEIR religion is the correct religion. However, like the religious fanatics, you will not be able to provide real verifiable proof that your race is “superior” which by the way, “superior” or “better” is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT! It’s like saying one form of music is “better” than another. It’s not a factual based distinction.

      • Erik on January 11, 2016

        Instead of replaying mindlessly with emotion and no logic, please tell me what is YOUR STANDARD of superiority and inferiority? mine is intelligence, creativity, physical beauty etc. What’s yours?

        BTW regarding the “race is a social construct” bullshit, we will have people like you in the government and media, hung in future tribunal for saying that race is just a “social construct” (in only white countries of course). People like you openly advocate genocide and you aren’t even aware of that. This is how sick you people are. Sadam Hussain can’t say that the Kurds are a “social construct”. He was hung.

        I’m not advocating genocide of any race. I don’t want to rule over any other race. I just want race to be preserved in its homeland (Sweden) just like any other race.

        BTW if you think that the races are indeed “equal” to each other in terms of abilities and function then you are indeed a mentally disturbed individual. You have problems with your perception of reality.

        Do I “hate” other races for being what they are?!No I don’t.

        Are Blacks and Browns human?! Yes they are human. But not in the same sense that White people are. I’m saying this not motivated by hate but by the fact that I accept the world the way the world IS not driven by emotions like you do, and I can see that there are major differences between the races in terms of IQ, Creativity, Behavior,Temper, Tendencies towards self-control, Crime-rate etc. and I find it absurd to say that Negroes and Browns are human in the same sense that White people are. Negroes never even invented the wheel while we (Whites) landed on the moon! So how can you say that we are “human” in the same sense?! There are different TYPES of Humans – Not one type.

        You are driven by emotion not by logic hence you and people like you will never see the truth and logic about such topics. Everything is political and emotional nowdays.

        What is TRUTH :

        The last 17 mins of this podcast and you’ll understand you are advocating genocide.

        Gud Med Oss

      • Erik on January 11, 2016

        Anther point, Black and Brown people disagree with you. They don’t think that “superior” or “better” is just a “social construct”. They KNOW very well that the White Race is superior to them. That’s why they want to flood into white nations and live at the expense and labor of our race. The proof is in their actions.

        As far as I know non of us Swedes wants to flood into Nigeria, Somalia or into Muslim nations. It is THEY that are flooding into our land (Thanks to our ZOG Government) and demanding that we let them everything that we’ve made.

        For them “Superior” or “better” isn’t a “social construct”. It is REAL and they are willing to cross the sea and drown on their way to Europe for what they agree is “better”.

        I bet that if someone was to take away your modern way of living with all of the technologies and throw you back to the stone age you’ll agree with me 🙂

        Fools only learn through pain.

      • Erik on January 16, 2016

        You Wrote “However, like the religious fanatics, you will not be able to provide real verifiable proof that your race is superior”.

        Yes I can provide proof that by our standard and the worlds standard – not by some “cosmic decision” – our race is more advanced or “superior” to others. 99% of all of the inventions were invented by Whites (especially Northern European Whites). We made the modern world what it is today. Hence the reason you can use the computer that we had invented and the internet that our race invented. You can drive the cars that we had invented and fly on the planes that we had invented. You can play you video games and play with your smartphones due to our creativity – We had invented that. You can use electric power because of us to keep you warm in the winter and modern medicine, brain science etc. We had discovered the human genome. and so on and so forth. We had the greatest Empires in History with political and economic power that can reach every corner of the globe – with weapons and technologies that can wipe out any modern nations or third world nations easily. From the stealth bombers invented by the Germans to the F-22 Raptor developed by White Americans and so on and so forth.

        Yes we are more advanced racially or “superior”. We didn’t “choose” to be “superior” anymore than a human “chooses” to be smarter or more intelligent than a horse. We don’t “want” to be “superior”.

        WE ARE SIMPLY SUPERIOR whether we want it or not. But the fact that we are “superior” to other races in abilities doesn’t mean that we want to harm them, exploit them or be supreme over them. With great power comes great responsibility and we must use this power to to Good i.e. improving life on the plant rather than doing bad i.e. using this power in a negative way.

        BTW White Germanics were the first humans to walk on the moon. Germanics or Germans are the ones who made it possible for NASA to conquer to moon.
        Neil Armstrong – A German American was the first to walk on the moon:

        German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun explains his plan to land on the moon :

        One thing that I don’t agree with Niel Armstrong is his when he said “mankind” in his famous line. It is not “Mankind” who conquered space and the moon. It is we the White Race who did. We should be getting the all credit 🙂 The accurate way to say it is:

        “That’s one small step for Whites, one giant leap for White Race” 🙂

        Yes. That’s not the “politically correct” way to say it but it is the ACCURATE way. What matters is whether you are interested in the TRUTH or whether you are interested in being “politically correct” i.e. Bulshiting . Can’t blame Niel though 🙂

        Von Braun and his German scientist were removed to the United States after the end of the second world war. Thousands of German scientist were working for the Americans and the Soviets after the end of the second world war. They made space exploration a reality.

        Von Brown was responsible for the invention of the first ever Ballistic Missile the V-2 the grandfather of modern intercontinental ballistic Missile. His team was involved in the design of the fist ever space shuttle.

        What did the Brown or Black races invent?! Why didn’t we see a Somali Space program and a Somali space shuttle designed by Somali “scientists”?! No you don’t see it and you will never see it. Because they are “inferior”. Now, if you use the English dictionary you will realize that inferior isn’t a slander or a “hate word” like the Jews made it to be any more than “sick” or “ill” is a “hate speech”. “Inferior” means “less evolved” or “less advanced”. That’s the accurate way to describe the Black and Brown races: Mentally and genetically inferior in relation to Whites. No hate involved here anymore than a doctor telling you that you are ill or sick due to HIV infection. Do I hate or despise Blacks and Browns for being “inferior” to us?! No I don’t. I don’t want them in my country as I want to preserve my race and my culture but at the same time I don’t wish them harm as long as they don’t pose a threat to my people. Thanks to the Jews today the word “inferior” has negative meaning such as “hate”, “contempt” etc. but it wasn’t always so. Please check

        What about a Muslim space program?!

        Are the races really “equal”?! Or is it just a fantasy promoted by some sick minds?!
        Ever wondered how Black run societies look like when Negroes are left for themselves without much Western (White) Aid and Technology?!

        Are all men really “created equal” ?! :

        Yes, every race creates a society in its own image 🙂

        It seems that Political Correctness didn’t manage to change the perception of reality of White Americans in regard to Blacks:

        Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:
        Why Aryan Beauty AND The Delusion That Rules In Economics.

        Yes we Whites are a beautiful and advanced people. Yes we are “Superior”. I’m saying this not because I hate or despise other races. I’m saying this because it’s the truth. It is the REALITY of this world and we don’t need to be attacked or hated for what we are.

        The real haters and the real racists are those who hate a race for no reason other than what they are. Not because of crime etc.

        Those who hate a race for being “superior” by nature are just as evil as those who hate a race for being “inferior” by nature.In both case they hate people for something they didn’t choose, for something they were born with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This is the real test for morality, for being a Good person or Evil Person! Hate those for bad behavior not for what race they are!

        Yes, I don’t like the physical appearance of most Black and Brown people.I can’t help it. It’s offensive to me. But I don’t “hate” them for how they look. They can’t help it. They were born that way.

        But at the same time I want to preserve the beauty of my race.

        It is always easy to hate those who are better than you! That’s EGO talking (“Oh, he has more than I do”)!!! The real test of life is to accept differences and respect them and know your place in creation. No one’s perfect. Yes I’m not Bill Gates (I’m middle class), but I don’t “hate” Bill for being a Billioner !! I wish him a good life as long as he doesn’t use his money to do harm.

        And yes Robin Hood was a criminal for stealing from the rich. Stealing is always WRONG!! 🙂

        Few songs from my beautiful race 🙂

        Gud Med Oss

        • Oliver on January 23, 2016

          Um, I tried reading your comments rationally, thinking to myself, let me understand his perspective. What you are saying maybe true in a two dimensional thought process. In a three dimensional way of thinking you will understand that the beauty of life is not being equal. Now what does that mean? it means that someone maybe better at someone at something but worse in another thing. My easiest example is for some reason Kenyan athletes always seem to win running competitions, while Europeans and Brazilians seem to win in Soccer, does that mean overall Brazilians are a better race than Kenyans? lol if you look at this idea planely you see how lost this way of thinking is, we are not all totally equal, character and upbringing also plays a part. You can claim one race has shown to be “superior” to the other in individual points like a sport, but totally “superior” is a pipe dream and a silly way to try and degrade others because most know its not true.

          I must also comment on your statement about Negroes never even inventing the wheel, first off your right! Negroes never did, Mesopotamians did!!! Negroe is a silly word insecure folk throw around in order to degrade another to feel better of themselves, that behavior is very far from the attitude a superior person would evoke.

          Also, before you argue that Europeans are better than others consider history, Europe was lifted from the Dark ages into the Renaissance for one reason only, because Islamic scholars were entering Spain and Portugal through Africa and were being embraced because of their far “superior” knowledge of Mathematics and Architecture, Don’t believe me?? Go into any Cathedral and look around, there are Aramaic symbols in Christian Churches!!! They taught Europe how to do a dang Dome!!!

          I say this in order to shed some light of how in nature we are truly dependent of each other, Europe has brought Democracy to the world, Egypt brought Mathematics, latins brought Salsa lol just saying, I don’t hate or want to fight you, I wish we could have a beer together and see how we are better together. Thanks

          • Erik on January 27, 2016

            Hi Oliver,

            Thank you for your comment. Blacks are better than Northern Europeans in Sprinting, Jumping high and everything related to speed. Whites are better than at Heavy Lifting & Everything related to Physical Strength. But People don’t value physical strength or speed as important as Intelligence and Creativity. Why because Horses are faster than Humans and have more physical strength than humans. But we understand that despite that Horses are understood to be “inferior” evolutionary wise compared to humans because they lack intelligence and creativity. Horses will never get to say “It’s one small step for horse, One giant leap for horse-kind” :). This is because people understand that intelligence is the thing that makes humans superior to animals in terms of evolution. The real test for progress in evolution is intelligence and creativity and this is the standard that every sane human being accepts. Every sane human understand that intelligence is better than not having so much intelligence. This is what makes Blacks and Browns inferior to Europeans. That’s the standard. Intelligence. Otherwise physical abilities mean nothing. Horses can run faster the Humans and have more physical strength than Humans . If Physical abilities were the standard of superiority and inferiority. Then by that standard Horses are superior beings evolutionary wise to humans. But nobody accepts that horses are superior to us 🙂 That would be absurd. Why because all human races value intelligence. The have the intelligence to understand that “intelligence” equals “better” or “superior”. Who would want to have a mentally retarded child?!

            Intelligence & Creativity is the reason we have computers, cars, planes, electricity etc. These are the product of intelligence and creativity. These is the field where Blacks and Browns are inferior to White People.

            In that sense Negroes and Browns (Arabs, Turks, North-Africans, Pakis etc.) are inferior on the scale of evolution than Whites and East-Asians. Less intelligent = Inferior.
            Browns and Blacks are mentally inferior and thus genetically inferior. No hate involved in this statement. Only TRUTH.

            People don’t like the way I express myself. But I’m only saying openly what most people ALREADY KNOW (through simple observation). The only difference is that I’m willing to say it!!

            Not saying it and pretending that the earth is flat is the reason why the world is messed up today!

          • Erik on January 28, 2016

            Hi Oliver,

            Another point I want to make.

            One may argue that no race is superior on a “philosophical level” (Superiority from a cosmic point of view) but I’m not dealing with philosophies (i.e. fantasies), I’m dealing with REALITY and REAL LIFE.

            One a philosophical level people may argue that “looks don’t matter” but in REAL LIFE everybody KNOWS that is bullshit!! 🙂 and the ACT accordingly! 🙂

            That’s the untrained eye… I’m dealing with the untrained eye – something so obvious that everybody already knows and know one dares say it because they want to look “fashionable” or “sophisticated”.

            In the real world everybody(including non-whites) knows who is superior and who is inferior and they ACT accordingly. Actions speak louder than words!

            In real life I don’t want – and I hope you as well – my children to live in misery like in Africa or in the middle east. Hence I don’t want my country (Sweden) to turn into Africa or the middle east.

            Somalis don’t want to stay in Somalia by saying “oh, we run faster than Europeans so no one is superior to another and so we should stay here”.. 🙂 The KNOW that the white race creates countries everybody wants to live in and technologies everybody wants. Remember that’s the untrained eye.. I’m dealing with REAL LIFE.

            Furthermore it isn’t true to say the “Superiority” in evolution is a “pipe-dream” and can’t be proven. Why? Because again in REAL LIFE everybody knows who is superior and who is inferior and the ACT accordingly! Actions speak louder than words! Does the fact that Africans run faster and Europeans think faster means no one is more advanced or superior to another?! You basically saying that intelligence is no better than running faster?! Intelligence is the reason the personal computer was invented as well as the car that you are using!

            If Europeans are not superior to Africans because Africans run faster, then by this logic Humans are not superior evolutionary-wise to horses because horses run even faster :).

            No, what’s SEPARATES humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is intelligence! This is why man is regarded even by science to be more advanced being on the scale of evolution the the rest of the animal kingdom. They know who is more advanced (superior) and who is less advanced (inferior).

            People have the intelligence to value intelligence!

            By the same token, Blacks and Browns are “inferior” to Whites and Yellows (East-Asians). And Whites and East-Asians are superior to them!

            And when one considers the WHITE inventions that made the modern world what it is today, and Since these inventions are the product of CREATIVITY And since CREATIVITY coupled with INTELLIGENCE (White attribute) is even more important then JUST INTELLIGENCE (East-Asian attribute), Therefore the White race is a little, just little more superior to the East-Asian race as well.

            Again, People have the intelligence to value intelligence and creativity 🙂

            Gud Med Oss

  • truthseeker on December 5, 2015

    I can see how the jews were economically evil, however I do not think I agree with the hatred of homosexuals and sexual freedom, but so far I agree with hitler and see the other side of this

  • Erik on November 22, 2015

    What’s happening today in the White World, What should we do militarily with the Non-White “immigrants” (i.e. invaders) in Europe (Including those who came 50 years ago to Europe), the Jewish usury system; And part two of Revilo P. Oliver’s Race and Revolution speech from 1968:

  • Erik on November 4, 2015


    Here’s a scene from Peter Jackson’s Movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”. Based on Tolkien’s Novels “Lord Of The Rings”. “The Lord Of The Rings” was based on elements from Germanic myths and legends and includes creatures presented in those legends such as Orcs, Dwarfs, Trolls, Elves, Magic & Spells as well as Dungeons and Dragons. German composer Richard Wagner based much of his work on Germanic (Nordic) legends as he greatly admired the ancient Germanic ancestors of the German people and their folklore. Adolf Hitler liked Wagner’s work above all other German composers as Wagner was a true symbol of the Germanic spirit and the Germanic race.

    This scene from the movie represents the forces of light vs the forces of darkness and ugliness that rule our current world. Also it represents our fight for racial preservation and the survival of our Aryan Race and Aryan Ideal. This war against Darkness begin first in our own hearts. Only when we cleanse our hearts from the liberal poison of the past 50 years and regain our honor and sense of integrity, can fight to protect our borders,our lands and our children from a dark future.

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on September 12, 2015

    Dr. David Duke on the ZOG controlled goverments who allow the invasion of Europe by “refugees” (who are truly invaders who should be shot dead) :

    In the past when a different nation wanted to take control over our nations they were using tanks and guns and weapons and this is why we fought to stop them using violent means. Today we have a different kind of enemy – An African and Brown (Muslim) enemy – who does not use tanks and guns to take over our nations, our safety and our future and freedom from us. They use and exploit our weakness or kindness as a weapon of destruction against us while they are lead by the forces of international Jewry and its ZOG governments in Europe to invade us. They use women and children to “soften” our hearts to let him in mass and take our future from us. Thousands of European women have being raped by these savages. Thousands of Europeans including children have been murdered by these Black and Brown aliens and we should be caring about “one Syrian boy” who is followed by 850,000 Third Wolders who are going to destroy our nations?! Send these aliens back to their nations! Use violence if there’s no other choice!

  • Erik on September 12, 2015

    If you care about European Culture and Race the so called “Refugee” problem in Europe needs to be treated. The “Refugee” crisis and How is the situation in America and Europe and the riots that were taken place in Sweden some years ago:

    BTW even though I don’t support violence against innocent non-whites that are ALREADY in Europe because it is IMMORAL and it doesn’t get you anywhere. We demand their repatriation and in case of violent opposition from their part, we should use violence too. But this only if these non-whites violently oppose repatriation.

    As for these so called “refugees” (who are really economic invaders who cross 15 nations to get to Northern Europe – That’s not refugees. That’s INVASION for economic reasons) that are invading Europe today I would suggest to all Europeans if they care about their peoples survival, their race and their children’s future and safety:

    We will need to do what every sane western nations used to do until we were infected by the Judeo-Liberal crap of the past 50 years. We need to do what our forefathers did to defend our borders. Yes our forefathers weren’t so stupid and brainwashed as we are today. They would be ashamed of us today. This is what we should be doing if we want to prevent human suffering of our people in the future:

    Our border is a red line NOT TO BE CROSSED. If a so called “refuge” nears the border they should be told that they CANNOT cross it. If they do, they will be shot dead. They put their lives in danger. I wouldn’t think twice if I was given the option to defend my people and my land. I would open fire. If we Europeans are not going to do this, we are going to become destroyed in our own lands. We are going to loose everything that is worth living for – Our people. If this so called refugees knew that they would be shot dead – they would think twice before crossing the borders of Europe. The reason they are flooding Europe is because they know that we – White People – are to “nice” and weak minded and polite towards them. This is a weakness they exploit. We must not show weakness.

    The upcoming American Civil War For White Independence:

    Multi-Racialism FAILS in America and Europe = Against Natural Law:

    Gud Med Oss

    • The Dog on December 1, 2015

      Non-whites, whites, Jews, black, white! Focus on the problem not the skin colour.

      • Erik on December 5, 2015

        The problem is genocide. People like you try to ignore the fact that there’s genocide going on.

        Would you tell any person of any other race whose race is in danger to ignore it? The problem is that people don’t like our skin color. What do you have against us white blond blue eyed people?! Why skin color isn’t important only when it comes to white people while at the same time it is VERY important when it comes to any other group?!

        My race – my people – is in danger of biological and cultural genocide and you tell me not to focus on the problem.

        Skin color is THE problem. The problem here is that there’s a policy to replace my people in my land with those of a different skin color.
        Why do you say skin color isn’t important? It is an aspect of your race – your identity and your people. Would you tell the Japanese to replace themselves in Japan with Black Africans because skin color – yellow skin color – doesn’t matter?! Would a sane Japanese man agree with their own genocide?!

        Do you agree with replacing all blacks in Africa with Asians because skin color doesn’t matter?!

        What planet are you from anyway?!

        • carl williams on December 29, 2015

          what you dont get is that all european birth rates are dropping to negative levels, the u.s. is not growing but maintaining. by 2030-50 there wont be enough white people to support economic growth in these countries. IMO the refugees are just workers that will be needed in the future, and its best to welcome people sooner than later for work purposes. its pretty black and white.

          • Erik on January 18, 2016

            If We as Europeans don’t make enough babies is because of the following reasons:

            – Jewish Feminism promoted by the controlled media and academia who brainwash women to believe that they are “equal” to men and that they should focus on careers rather then ensuring the survival of our race – the race that made their careers possible in the first place.

            – Because of Jewish led Liberalism and “Sexual Liberation” – which is really about the sexual degradation of us the “Goyim”. Sexual Liberation teaches men to view women as merely tasty pieces of meat without love involved in the process – love that is needed for the establishment of a healthy White family. When people can have sex without having to merry, the result is devastating in the long run for the survival of our Aryan race. The mentality is expressed in the following line : “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

            When males can mate with females without having to merry and have babies and coupled with the famous pill the result is that our birth rate is below replacement level and the extinction of the White Race and Western Civilization. Muslim weren’t poisoned by the Jew yet therefore they have much healthy family values than we have today and therefore they are going to outbreed us unless we wake up and remove them from our lands.

            The sexual desire men feel for women is natural, normal and healthy but it needs to be diverted in a positive way that will ensure the survival of our Aryan race, not in a way that is destructive. We most not mess with nature. Ponography is a form of messing with nature. Men are meant to have PHYSICAL INTERCOURSE with women by nature. They are not meant to be addicted to virtual porn at the expense of having real sex with women for the purpose of making babies and for the purpose of expressing LOVE and intimacy between a loving HUSBAND & WIFE within WEDLOCK.

            Porn is used to degrade us and enslave us. Sex without love is like body without soul. IT PUTS US IN THE SAME LEVEL AS ANIMALS. We are more evolved than animals. we have an animal body but at the same time we have a divine soul. DIVINE.


            All of these don’t justify our countries being flooded by alien races. It is happening because there a program of genocide against our race.

            The solution for the decline of European birth rate isn’t our replacement and thus genocide by wiping our genes from the face of the planet by alien invasion into our nation. The solution is to get rid of our sick media, our sick academia and getting rid of Feminism. When you don’t have enough Swedes in Sweden the solution is to make more Swedish babies! The solution for lower Swedish birth rate isn’t to make up for it by flooding ourselves with Somalis and Muslims! It is genocide. It is not going to benefit our race or our economy. Third Wodlers can’t maintain an advanced technological society or and advanced economy. If they could they would have already created it in their own countries!. It is common sense.

            The following video explains the genocide issue as well as the economic issues that can’t be solved by bringing the 3rd World into our nation. Bringing the 3rd World into Europe is going to turn Europe into the 3rd World. The 3rd World is a “3rd World” for a reason – The quality of its people. Bringing 3rd Worlders isn’t going to aid the European economy- it’s going to destroy it. These people don’t create anything of value. They can’t. They can only consume the taxes and labor of the White population – drowning us in the process.

            Make more White babies. Get rid of the parasites (Non-Whites) and our economy will be strong. less Whites and more Parasites = economic crisis:

            How To Deprogram Anti-Whites:

            Gud Med Oss

  • theodisc on August 31, 2015

    follow this link to a Pinterest image taken of Red Cross statistics of deaths in the camps. Anyone going to school directly after the war might remember the figure of around 280,000 recorded deaths in the camps. It was not until later that the propaganda amount of 6,000,000 was used by the zionists to shame and force the german people into wiping out any mention of the Nazis and their symbology from popular culture there as well as garnering support from the West for their subjugation of Palestine and the genocide of the palestinian people. Here is the link:

    • Richard McKaig on September 3, 2015

      Back in 1980 or 81 I had written an essay on the German concentration camps. In one of the books I read, I wish I could remember the title, it stated that the American Red Cross estimated that 100,000 people could have died in these camps. I talked to old timers who remember the claim to be 200,000. One of the old timers said he remembered the number going up year by year.

  • Erik on August 31, 2015

    Hi my National Socialists friends in Europe and America, Here’s a collection of radio interviews and podcasts for the White individual who needs moral support against the filth that is today’s Zio controlled world:

    Nordics are tired of Third World faces flooding our land and What is the result of race-mixing in terms of Western Civilization:

    Halloween, PC Insanity and Homosexual Agenda:

    The Holocaust Hoax and Lies promoted :

    What if WW1 & WW2 Never Happened in terms of the White Race :

    Zionist Destruction of America & Myth of Racial “Equality”:

    How to join the Future White Republic in America :

    The Zio media and Why Jews, Liberals and Negroes Hate Whites :

    Who is behind the destruction of the West and our Racial Crisis:

    White Flight, and What is the real cause of so called “Racism” and “Prejudice”:

    Why the NWO doesn’t want White People to use the “N”, “F” and “K” words:

    Why non-whites hate Whites : White Supremacy is a Fact Of Life, not an ideology :

    How Blacks and Browns should be dealt with when they commit crime :

    Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Why we are against Homosexuality :

    Gud Med Oss

    • Valentin on September 9, 2015

      the sad part is that every organization in ussa an the rest of the world is not only infiltrated by zionists, but zionists are the leaders of these groups, trying to create violence and the members are not very bright … 75% of christian churches in usa are owned by zionists as for profit, under the irs non profit laws, 2 churches which speak up against the war and occupation of iraq and afghanistan lost their non profit status … so the money hungry pro israel preachers are quiet and ignorant … good business is an organized religion, just ask tv preachers like Creflo Dollar, who bought a 38 million private jet from old ladies pennies …

  • Alper on August 17, 2015

    May you add subtitle to Benjamin Freedman speech?

  • William on March 6, 2015

    I am a little confused they said in this video there were 500,000 Jews in Germany. The video said that was 2 or 3 percent. When I went to school many years ago they said 6 million died in the holocaust. Some time later I was watching day time TV and they had these holocaust survive’s on the show. They told of a group of people that helped smuggle Jew’s out of Germany, some 3 million. So if 6 million died and 3 million escaped. That is 9 million plus you got to figure some left on there own, let say 1 million, just to round the numbers. That is 10 million people. Assuming the video is right and there were only 2 or 3 percent some 500,000. That leaves some 9.5 million people unaccounted for. IF my calculation are right, is it any wonder so many banks back then as well as today have gone under ?

    • konwayk on March 7, 2015

      There were only around 510,000 Jews in Germany in 1933. Here is World Almanac of 1933.

      Many Jews were moved to Palestine through Haavara Agreement and the population was reduced to 240,000 Jews in 1938.

      “6 million Jews” is nothing but deception promoted by Jews in order to hide their crimes in Russia, Germany, and other countries throughout the world.

      • MikeAllen on May 14, 2015

        I think you are right on about that… the holohoax has never been anything but an attention diversion for white Christians to turn our minds away from ever seeing what the wall-street-funded bolshevik jews did to the people of Ukraine and other soviet states during the forced famines called the Holodomor. They knew that those pictures of starving poor peasant children would eventually reach the masses at some point, so they needed a cover story. They created their own mythological version, where the jew became the victim instead of the oppressor, which he actually was in the soviet holodomor.

        Try convincing people of that in the states though. They’ll have to undergo their own holodomor in order to open their minds and eyes long enough to stop watching niggers run a ball up and down a field, and pay attention to real life.

        • Jacques on March 3, 2016

          Actually to even mention any doubt about the claim of the Jews version of what happened has been declared illegal in many European countries as well as the USA.
          Considering the overwhelming evidence against their claims, this fact alone should prove that the world is run and controlled by these stinking liars.

    • robert smith on March 20, 2015

      6,000,000 was killed in europe not not in germany itself

      • konwayk on March 21, 2015

        Do you think anybody here will believe your Jew Propaganda?

        Most of the people knows that Holohoax is a Jew propaganda created by Jews to demonize Adolf Hitler just like Jews and their Native Indian stooges previously created “Trail of Tears Hoax” to demonize Andrew Jackson.

        • Campbell Britton on April 10, 2015

          Are you fucking retarded, like do you know how to read, or is that to “communist” for far-right morons like yourself. The Nazis recorded every single gassing of Jews since the beginning of the final solution. When the Soviets finally defeated the occupying pigs they found SS soldiers pathetically trying to cover up their crimes by burning documents. It is not Jewish propaganda”, it is cold hard facts that you need to wake up and accept, Nazism is the epitome of evil, while the Soviets may have killed more, the Nazis did it in such a way that it is inhumane and barbaric (keeping in mind the Nazis had less than 4 years between the beginning of the final solution and the fall of the Berlin and the Soviets had nearly 40 years of Stalinism). If you reatards want to delude yourself with propaganda, go ahead, but the rest of the intelligent world wishes you would get hit by a bus. And befoe you start calling me a communistm here’s a source that denounces both Stalin and Hitler as psychopathic morons:

          • Noble Wolf on April 11, 2015

            They recorded every gassing? I’ll give you USD$1000 if you can show me 1.

          • MikeAllen on May 14, 2015

            Have you ever heard of the Holodomor? I guess not. And it is you who is retarded. I hope you remedy this with truth, even if it requires the smashing of your worldview.

  • konwayk on December 21, 2014

    I was able to post Germany peace terms during WW1 (1916) which were published in newspapers (in October 5, 1916 & in December 14, 1916) at Here is the link.

    As we all know, it was Great Britain who rejected Germany’s peace offers and continued WW1 against Germany and her allies. Although Great Britain and her allies were aggressors, still both Great Britain and US promoted the lie through the newspapers that Germany and her allies were the aggressors in order for US to enter into World War 1 against Germany and her Allies.

    Here is another information that might interest you. It is about Rasputin the Monk.

    It is believed that Rasputin (a close Advisor to Queen Alexandra – Czar Nicholas II’s wife) was murdered by Great Britain with support from Russia, because Rasputin wanted peace between Great Britain’s ally Russia and Germany during WW1.

    From the very beginning of World War 1, Rasputin was against Russia entering WW1 against Germany. He continued to persuade Russia to stop its war against Germany. By 1916, Russia had lots of casualties and Rasputin continued to persuade Czar Nicholas about making peace between USSR and Germany and Czar Nicholas II was thinking about it. But soon, Rasputin was murdered!

    Here is a small good video about it although it does contain some mainstream propaganda.

    • Erik on May 20, 2015

      Hellow Konwayk,

      I think it is a waste of time to convince those who believe the official line of the holocaust using logical arguments alone. They were programmed on a emotional level.

    • Jacques on March 3, 2016

      Actually to even mention any doubt about the claim of the Jews version of what happened has been declared illegal in many European countries as well as the USA.
      Considering the overwhelming evidence against their claims, this fact alone should prove that the world is run and controlled by these stinking liars.

      Also remember that the first use of concentration camps in modern warfare was not done by the Germans, but by the Jewish controlled British against the Boer’s in South Africa. Almost 30% of Boer women, children and aged where killed there, yet you do not see their descendants carrying on like the pathetic Jews.

  • konwayk on October 18, 2014

    Many people don’t know that Germany won WW1 legally even at the end of WW1.

    In his speech, The Great Benjamin Freedman points out Germany actually won WW1 within 2 years (1916).

    This is prior to Balfour Declaration.

    After Balfour Declaration, US entered into war against Germany and defeated Germany.

    In his 1974 speech, Benjamin Freedman provides the information that Woodrow Wilson and Jews used “fake attack” to drive Americans into war against Germany in WW1.

    Here are some excerpts from Benjamin Freedman’s speech about the fake attack.

    “How to get U.S. into the war? They couldn’t get us in if the Germans didn’t give us provocation or justification. So, what did they do? A message was sent to Washington, that the S.S. Sussex, a ferry from Dover to Calais, had been torpedoed in the Channel and 38 Americans lost their lives! I’m not going to string this out, because I’ve got a lot of other things to tell you!

    On the basis of the torpedoing, and the loss of 38 lives of our citizens, Congress declared war against Germany. Now, after the 4,000,000 men that General Pershing had been drilling, were on their way over, some of them fighting in Europe – (a lot of you, here, went over, were fighting while this fighting was going on) a member of Parliament and others, who couldn’t stand it any longer, they came out with the secret that the Sussex was not sunk and no Americans lives were lost. And we were in the war! Now that is how the Jews got us into World War I, and that started everything because Wilson was elected.”

    This makes the entrance of US into WW1 and defeating Germany completely “illegal.”

    This also makes the cutting up of Germany during Paris Peace Conference in 1919 and cutting up of Hungary (Treaty of Trianon in 1920) completely illegal.

    So in other words, WW1 reparations and all of German territories given to Poland, France, Russia after WW1 should be given back to Germany.

    This also makes Poland “an illegal country in existence” since it was formed only after WW1.

    So both WW2 reparations and Holohoax payment should be also given back to Germany since WW2 began as a result of Polish persecution of Germans in German territories which was illegally added to Poland after WW1.

    Here are more infos by Benjamin Freedman about WW1.

    The fake attack was used again by Lyndon Johnson and Jews which drove US into Vietnam War. Here is a small video about it.

  • Jacob on September 18, 2014

    What is the source on the clip at the start of the video?

    • Cartier McCloud on January 18, 2015

      Also read Eustace Mullin’s book, New History of the Jews, details the same thing.

    • FA3Asia on June 7, 2015

      And I can’t imagine why.

  • Ibrahim on August 7, 2014

    At 6:30 is the voice of the late Ahmed (Albert) Huber, Swiss German journalist and Muslim.

  • Erik on July 26, 2014

    One of the best composers ever lived, The German composer Richard Wagner.
    Richard Wagner was known for his love for Nordic/Germanic Mythology. Many of his plays were based on Germanic myths and legends such as “Der Ring Des Nibelungen” (The Ring of the Nibelungs) that was connected to J.R.R Tolkien epic creation “Lord Of The Rings” which was also based on Germanic elements.

    Richard Wagner – “Symphony in C Major” : (Amazing piece by Wagner especially from min 13:35 🙂

    The Best Of Wagner:



    Wagner – Die Walkure (The Valkyrie) Full

    Germanic peoples and the glory of their ancient gods:

    If you are of Germanic blood (Swedish, German, Norwegian, Dane, Dutch etc.). Please fight to protect the racial heritage our Germanic forefathers gave us! Our treasure is in our Germanic blood.

    The White Race – especially its Germanic division – had shaped and created the modern world in terms of technology and science (over 99% of all inventions) – We have the RIGHT to preserve and improve it. For the sake of our children and for the sake of all humanity!

    Long Live The National Socialist Movement.


    Zionist Occupied Scandinavia.

    • Maximilian on July 27, 2014

      Not only Scandinavians, German and Dutch people are of Germanic blood but also England.

      The ethnic English are also of Germanic blood since their ancestors were the Germanic Anglo-Saxons who came to the British Islands 1200-1500 years ago.

      “England” is named after the “Angles” – one of these German tribes who,along with the German Saxons,came from Germany to form the English nation 1200-1500 years ago.
      English is a Germanic language. And the English people are mostly genetically German.

      Adolf Hitler knew it. It was one of the reasons he wanted to avoid war with England.

      Hitler knew that war with England is war with family. He wanted to avoid it.

      • Erik on July 27, 2014

        If you read all of my posts on this website, you’ll realize that I’ve already mentioned that the English people are mostly of Germanic racial origin. The Germanic DNA in England is the result of the Germanic Angles-Saxons-Jutes, the Germanic Vikings and the Germanic Normans. All of these group are Germanic in DNA. There’s even DNA evidence in this regard.

        Yes, English is a Germanic (Not Slavic, Celtic or Romanic!) language.

        Once there was a common Germanic language to all Germanic peoples but since they lived in apart from each other they begun developing their own form of Germanic language but the basis remained the same – Germanic.

        DNA however didn’t change the Germanic DNA in found in all Germanic peoples.

        Since in England, the Germanic genes were able outnumber the genes of the Celtic population (who today is present mainly in Scotland,Welsh and Ireland) the English people are mainly of Germanic DNA and speaking a Germanic language. The Germanic group came to be the largest in historical England since they had most of the children, Therefore they were able to set the standard on what type of language the English people will speak, Since most of them were of Germanic origin they dominating language – English – was also Germanic.

    • tomas rader on October 18, 2014

      Your proof on german inventions is in the almanac.
      the declaration of zionists leaving germany with wealth intact turu a scheme is the jewish way … let us leave or we make chaos … simple extortion works every time. I’m sure they also figured out a way to make usury / profits on it.

  • Puter on July 11, 2014

    Why do you think Jews are behind the promotion of every kind of sickness,pathology,perversion and abnormality in the west?

    What is their motive?! Why are the normalizing every form of disease and perversion?

    • Thanatos on July 14, 2014

      2 reasons. First reason,camouflage. Jews are all bisexual degenerate perverts who love feces and pederasty,this makes them easily identifiable. Second reason is the same reason a spider injects venom into a fly before sucking out the blood. Jew poison corrodes a nation from the inside,making it that much easier to suck out the nation’s lifeblood. Hitler actually covered all of this in his speeches, you just have to listen to the man with an open mind and watch and see if what he says is true or not.

    • Mike on January 11, 2015

      Scorpion and the frog!

  • Jason on July 5, 2014

    I have heard this speech on the 3 reasons why the Germans hated the so-called jews before. Who is this speaker with the accent?

  • konwayk on June 3, 2014

    Benjamin Freedman gives lots of interesting information through his speech about how Jews betrayed Germans.

    But one particular information from Benjamin Freedman always interested me since I am involved with religious subjects.

    Benjamin freedman points out how Jews bribe christian leaders and history teachers through money in order to hide the truthful information.

    Benjamin freedman – “I can’t understand yet how the Christians in Europe could have been that dumb because every theologian, every history teacher, knew the things that I’m telling you. But, they naturally bribed them, shut them up with money, stuffed their mouths with money, and now. . . I don’t care whether you know all this or not.” (From 1961 speech at Willard Hotel).

    Here is a below example that supports Benjamin Freedman’s statement.

    At church, you will never really hear priests and pastors talking about the actual conflicts between Jesus Christ and the pharisees, the scribes, and sometimes with the Sadducees.

    But instead, they teach the vast lie how a Roman emperor Nero Caesar and the city of Rome persecuted and killed christians.

    The reality is that Jesus Christ himself says that it was Jerusalem who killed the prophets and the ones sent to them by God (Luke 13:34, Matthew 23:37). In terms of killing prophets, Jesus Christ points out that for surely no prophet can die outside Jerusalem (Luke 13:33).

    Jesus Christ tells the scribes and the Pharisees how they testify against themselves that they are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets (Matthew 23:31). Jesus Christ tells the scribes and the pharisees that he will send to them prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them they will kill and crucify; others they will flog in their synagogues and pursue from town to town (Matthew 23:34).

    Stephen (in Acts 7) and James (in Acts 12) were killed by these same deceivers and Apostle Paul mentions the role of these deceivers in the death of Jesus Christ, the prophets, and the followers of Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16).

    Through the false doctrine of using Rome instead of Jerusalem and Roman Emperor Nero instead of Pharisees, scribes, and Sadducees, Jews control innocent Christians through the corrupt christian leaders.

    • HistoryTruths on June 4, 2014

      Also in the book of Titus 1:10-14 in the KJV

      10 “There are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially Jews.”
      11 “Whose mouths must be stopped”
      12 “Always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.”
      13 “Rebuke them sharply.”
      14 “Not giving heed to Jewish lies”

      16 “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and to every good work worthless.”

      I just don’t understand how the Judeo Christians believe that the Jews are the chosen people when it clearly says in the bible that they aren’t. When you read the scriptures to them they just ignore God’s word and would rather believe lies in the spewing from the poison pulpits.

      Just like it says in the book of Isaiah in the end times his children would love the lie instead of the truth.

      Isaiah 48:4 “Because I knew that you are stubborn, and your neck is an iron muscle and your brow brass.

      Meaning, God is saying that I knew you were hard headed from before I created you. You are a stiffed necked and proud people, and thick in the mind. And that’s exactly the problem with most of the European people today.

      • konwayk on June 4, 2014

        Great Post. Speaking of Jews being chosen people, Rabbi Abe Finkelstein points that they are God’s chosen people. But he points out that their god is Lucifer.

        This is mentioned in this interview –

        How true when Jesus Christ said to these deceivers that their father is devil (John 8:44).

        It is interesting to note another thing. I was looking into the 6 hour version of this documentary uploaded by corpse01. As of this moment, there are 68 dislikes!

        Many of the negative comments I saw at the youtube website of this documentary came from Jews.

        Just like you pointed out, Jews are no different from their evil ancestors.

        • Wyayy on February 23, 2015

          Jews at the time of Jesus, and that includes Jesus, did not believe in heaven or hell. Therefore they did not believe in a devil. Check it out for yourself. It metaphoracly means their god was evilness, not a evil creature. A huge mistake was made when translating the Aramaic old and New Testament to Greek, there was no understanding of how the written word worked. They took it all literally, due to their culture having gods.

  • B166ER on June 1, 2014

    “Why Beauty Matters” by Roger Scruton. Excellent documentary about the degeneracy and vapid self-serving nature of so-called “modern art”.

  • Erik on May 19, 2014

    The social engineers bring in all those non-whites into Europe and want to “assimilate” them into the peoples of Europe in order to destroy the the peoples of Europe racially and thus culturally.

    Those who promote race mixing in white countries under the the guise of “Tolerance” are simple sick, disgusting and genocidal maniacs.

    We will hang the social engineers for every non-white child integrated into White kindergarden, School, and City as this creates the conditions for racial genocide of the peoples of Europe through race mixing. No one is flooding Asian countries with alien races, No one is flooding African countries with alien races, No one is flooding Middle eastern countries with alien races. This is ONLY HAPPENING IN WHITE COUNTRIES and whites shouldn’t put up with this.

    White should put up with their racial extinction and the destruction of our people. The only justification to defend a nation is a RACIAL justification – The survival of that gene pool that created the culture. Bringing third worlders into Europe will turn Europe itself into a third world hell hole. The social

    engineers will pay for this genocide with their lives and their assets.

    I don’t blame the non-white immigrants at all. It is not their fault. I only blame our evil Zio led politicians who brought them into Europe.

    Listen to the last 17 minutes of this podcast it will explain white multiculturalism in white countries is GENOCDIE.

    Just compare the disgusting culture the Jews imposed on the West to the culture created by the Aryan & Germanic peoples of Europe (especially Germany) :

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony 40 in G min KV 550

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Piano Concerto No.23 In A Major, K 488 Adagio:

    German boys Choir Tolzer Knabenchor from Bavaria (Southern Germany) :

    Austrian Boys Choir from 1962 film “Almost Angels” – How kids are thought to love real German Culture :

    Karl Ritcher of Germany directing Bach :

    Bach – Mass in B minor BWV 232 (Karl Richter, 1969):

    Bach – St. Matthew Passion BWV 244 (Karl Richter, 1971):

    Bach: St. Matthew Passion, Karl Richter, 1959

    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.4 in G major, K41 – II. Andante – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.22 in E flat major, K482 – II. Andante – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

    Air – Johann Sebastian Bach:

    Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (FULL)

    Beethoven: Ninth Symphony 1st movement :

    Peer Gynt CD 1989 Kurt Masur by composer Edvard Grieg played in Leipzig Germany:

    Unlike the ugliness, the deviance and the barbarity of the Jewish Hoolywood, black RAP music and MTV , Our Germanic (and Aryan) race had created a culture and music that is truly in God’s image :

    If you are Aryan be PROUD OF IT.

    We must not let non-whites assimilate into Europe’s population! it is RACIAL GENOCIDE!


    • Aragorn on May 21, 2014

      You’re right. Those who flood white countries with non whites and promote race mixing (race destruction) under the guise of “Tolerance” are criminals. No race should agree with its own extinction. The drive to live and survive is the most healthy and natural thing in the world. The basic law of life and evolution that your genes go forward.

      Those who flood white countries with non whites and promote race mixing under the guise of “Tolerance” are the most intolerant people on the face of the earth – they are INTOLERANT towards the white race and his god given life to survive, exist and live.

      They are intolerant of our right to live.

      White people are not trying to wipe out Africans in Africa, Asians in Asia or Arabs in the middle east.

      But the social engineers and the Zionists are using Asians, Africans and Muslims to wipe out white people through race mixing (race destruction) in the natural homelands of white people in Europe


    • JA Grey on September 29, 2014

      I can understand your viewpoint. However I must ask how you see “third-world invaders” who accept and follow European culture and values? I’m Hispanic and I am culturally European. I would carry on the “white culture” with pride and tear myself from my Hispanic roots.

      Besides, races can cohabit if they followed the same values and ideals. That is what we should REALLY work at. I’m not saying you’re racist, but someone should not be boxed because of their color. One’s entire composition, potential and values are not a product of how God painted us.

      • Erik on November 3, 2014

        Hellow JA Grey,

        The issue is GENOCIDE – Not Culture. If Third Wolders want to adopt European culture, they can do in their third world nations – Not in our own countries as it is genocidal for us. What does the issue of a negro mixing with a Germanic woman has to do with culture? Do you think I shall tolerate the extinction of my race because this non-white had adopted our Germanic culture?! Will celebrating midsummer with us in Sweden, turn this non-white into a Swede i.e. Germanic racially?!

        If this non white want to adopt our culture, I’ll be the first to help him do that and I shall do that with love. But I don’t want him mixing with us NOT BECAUSE I HATE HIM since I don’t have any hatered in my hart toward non-whites. But just as I want non-white peoples to exist and survive, the same I want for my own people. I hope you can respect that.

        I repeat again and again until people get it into their heads:

        I don’t “hate” non-whites (and non-Germanics), but I DO LOVE my race enough to not want to see it go extinct through assimialtion.

        And I respect that right to any other race of humans. All races of humanity have the right to survive and preserve themselves, their unique racaial character and their culture and live.

        Culture is a product of race. Brining third worlders into Europe will, in the long run destroy European culture. And I’m against it.

        Many of you were brainwashed and programmed by the Jewish media that every white person who cares about the future of his people must be an “evil racist” who “WantsToKillSixMillionJews”.

        Myself and my woman are a young couple and we are very worried about the furue for our children. Should we not?!

        Do I need to agree with extinction of my race and my people just to “prove” to you that I’m not a “racist” ?!


        Occupied Sweden.

        • Donald on December 13, 2014


          You’ll never be able to explain why you are not a “racist”.

          This is because of decades of Anti-White brainwashing by the media.

          You’ll never be able to explain why you are not a racist and that’s because of :

          1. “All Whites are racists”

          2. “Only whites can be racists”

          And you are going to be a “Racist” until you go extinct.

          “Racism” is only attributed to white people. That’s because of conditioning.

          Why aren’t the people of Tibet called “Racists” when they want to preserve their racial existence and culture?

          Why aren’t the Kurds called “Racists” when they want to preserve themselves in a land that is their own.

          Why aren’t the blacks in south Africa and their leader Nelson Mandela called “racists” when they say that South Africa is “only for blacks?!”

          You see, the slanders of “Racism” implies only to White People.

          True racism is an attempt to wipe out a race by breeding them out of existence in their own lands. Wiping out a race and culture – as happening today in Europe – is the ULTIMATE form of racism and evil.

          If what’s happening today in Europe through immigration and assimilation, was to happen only on Blacks in Africa or Asians in Asia, the outcry of “Genocide” from these “Human Rights” groups would have being immense. Tribunals would take place.

          It seems that in our sick world non-white races – as well as panda bears – have more value and so called “human rights” than do whites.

          Race doesn’t exist only in white countries. In non white countries race suddenly does exist.

          So I completely agree with you Non-Whites shouldn’t mix with Swedes/Germanics in Sweden just as Swedes/Germanics should’t mix with Japanese in Japan.

          Exceptions always exist.

          But you don’t create the conditions that allow this in the first place.

          Don’t apologize to anyone.

          Don’t justify your right to exist.

          The fact that whites need to justify their right to exist shows how crazy our so called “Western Civilization” has become.

          BTW I like your thought inspiring posts 🙂

    • LaDonna on November 10, 2015

      Great music. Thanks.

      Now, where are the links for your compositions, my dear white supremacist? What are your personal contributions and discoveries, or do you just get by on another person’s glory?

      • Noble Wolf on November 11, 2015

        Patience is a virtue.
        Part 26 of 27 is dedicated to Sources & Credits.
        Something I think you’ll be hard pushed to see in any other documentary. Their sources.
        12th most popular German Language documentary on IMDb out of 9575 other titles:,asc&title_type=documentary
        Thanks and FYI, no one is claiming to be a supremacist here, so please don’t try and start arguments for the sake of it.

        • LaDonna on November 12, 2015

          That remark wasn’t aimed at you or the documentary, which, I think, is actually quite interesting. I always had my doubts about the Allied version of history.

      • Erik on November 11, 2015

        Hi Silly

        What is your definition of a “White Supremacist”?!

        We are not “White Supremacists” in the sense of wanting to rule over or being supreme over other races.

        We only recognize the Natural Superiority of the White Race in terms of intelligence and Civilization. This “Supremacy” is just a fact of life that even Blacks and Browns accept. Why do you think Blacks and Browns are the ones who want to flood into White Western Nations and not the other way around?!

        Last time I checked there’s no Swede who wants to flood into Somalia or into Arab nations, become a citizen there and live there. It is THEY that are flooding into our land and want to live on OUR EXPENSE and the fruits of OUR LABOR while drowning us in the process!

        Silly, Races aren’t “equal” in their abilities and advancement (Why didn’t Arab nations or Black Africa develop their own Space Program yet?!) You need to plug yourself into reality and get rid of the liberal crap we’ve been fed up with during the past 50 years.

        Let me tell you a secret! You are also a “White Supremacist” whether you want to admit it or not. And if you deny this you are lying to yourself! Every race (Including Asians, Blacks, Browns, Indians etc.) is a “White Supremacist” i.e. recognizes the fact that the White Race made the modern world what it is today in terms of technology, inventions, medicine, scientific breakthroughs,political power and influence. Yes even the international language – English – is a White language (A White Germanic language). All peoples and all races are “White Supremacist” including you!

        Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:

        And please stop with the “White Supremacist” crap. You are a “White Supremacist” as much as you are a “Somali inferiorist”. Do you want to go and live in Somalia and earn a wage 1/2 dollar a day?!

        No you want to live among advanced race in an advance nations because you recognize that in real life some races are just “better” than others.

        Why Aryan Beauty Is Admired And The Delusion That Rules In Economics:

        Gud Med Oss

        • LaDonna on November 11, 2015

          Let me ask again – What are your personal contributions and discoveries?

          • Erik on November 12, 2015

            When one cannot deal with the accusation at hand the only thing one can do is to personally attack the accuser.

            I’m talking about groups i.e. races and you are making this debate personal issue. Not every white man invented something or discovered something but I’m talking about the gene pool or the group as a whole. Groups not individuals!

            Are there no limits to your stupidity?!

            Gud Med Oss

          • LaDonna on November 12, 2015

            To Erik –

            When one cannot provide actual proof for being ‘better’ than others, one resorts to ad hominem attacks like you are doing.

            “I’m talking about the gene pool or the group as a whole. Groups not individuals!”

            Yes, and it is not ‘groups’ that make discoveries, invent things, compose music, and so on.

            It is the individual, and individuals of all races have done so.

            You can continue to feel superior for your white skin, but if that is the only thing you have, it is rather sad and pathetic.

            People who are actually superior don’t need to go around tomtomming it and trying to put others down.

  • konwayk on May 13, 2014

    I thought I should share this video to people who are not aware of this.
    It may sound very hard to believe. But it is actually true.

    During Passover, Jews kidnap young non Jewish children and sacrifice them and after that they use their body as meat by grinding and sending them to Fast Food Chains especially McDonalds.

    Here is a famous painting by Hungarian painter Mihaly from 1800s that shows Jews sacrificing a non Jew.

    Here is the link –

    Here is the video (below) where Jewish rabbi Abe Finkelstein points out how Jews kidnap non Jews and sacrifice them during passover and how they grind their meat and send them to fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and innocent non Jews end up eating them through sausages, hamburgers, etc.

    Whenever I think of this subject, I think of Charlton Heston’s line – “Soylent Green is people.”

      • Prrride on August 27, 2014

        Yes we do. I need a gf. Haha

    • Warron Mann on September 3, 2014

      Uh-oh, “Rabbi Finkelstein” again. Truly, I wouldn’t be surprised, but these interviews are propaganda. No rabbi would lay it all out there like that.

      Let me state emphatically, however, that I think the ritual murder charge is justified–one only has to read the medieval Hebrew chronicles recounting the Rhineland “massacres” of the first crusade and similar from events in late twelfth century (AD 1190) England to know that ritual slaughter of humans (in this case Jews, in order to prevent Christian baptism) was endorsed in Jewish religious culture (see: “Mainz Anonymous”). As for contemporary cases, who knows, the Jews come out swinging at any suggestion that a Jew could ever commit such a crime and are willing to exert all their power and influence to discredit or destroy anyone who’d even entertain the possibility were it to come up. Two such cases that I know of in the US, in which the possibility of Jewish ritual murder was initially suspected, happened in Messina, NY in the late ’20s or early ’30s and then the Schuessler-Peterson murders in Chicago 1955. The Jews are very proactive with respect to this “blood libel” charge. The ADL was successful in suppressing Israeli scholar Ariel Toaff’s “Blood Passover” (2007) for example because he concluded–on the basis of things in the Jews’ confessions which the Christian prosecutors could not have known–that at least two medieval cases of Jewish ritual murder (the two he investigated, which were extensively documented) could be effectively proved. He was also heavily pressured to “recant” this conclusion.

      As Jacob Robinson of the Institute for Jewish Affairs (which successfully lobbied starting in 1941 for what became the Nuremberg (Show) Trials) suggested in 1943 and Romanian Jewish filmmaker Lupu Gutman in his ludicrous “Monuments of Soap” (ca.2000), Hitler and Goebbels’s real crime against the Jews was in “making the world Jew-conscious” and then (per Gutman) that “deniers of the Holocaust” are “spreaders of Judeophobia.” That is, true or not, jeopardizing their reputation and public image (and probably a delusional narcissistic self-image) is regarded as a campaign of “hate” tantamount to their extermination. Nothing in the world will stop them, however, from inventing the most hateful libels and campaigns of defamation imaginable; no, paradoxically, it seems to raise their moral standing in the eyes of a naive public eager to pander to their contrived victim grievances.

      All that said, I by no means deny that there are Jews just as disgusted with Jewry as anyone, but it’s obviously more complicated for them, and given the relentless deception harder to voice it convincingly. Break the spell, people, your survival depends on it.

  • Dirk on May 13, 2014

    Great job!

  • tomas on April 25, 2014

    Fact: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg were no Jews (5:04).
    I dislike the Neo-Nazi-like mood in the comments, talking about white countries, jewish villains and animal-like homosexuals.

    • pete on April 25, 2014

      You’ve programmed to react emotionally without logic.
      I dislike mindless people like you unable to come into terms with reality.
      Everything he said is 100% true and can be proven LOGICALLY.

      He did not say homosexuals are animals, you idiot, what he said is that biologically and physiological homosexuality is no more “normal” than zoophilia and he is 100% right. The human body is designed anatomically and sexually ONLY for the opposite sex and not for animals, main battle tanks (MBTs) and same sex partners Do you deny human physiology?!

      Furthermore why is it that blacks are allowed to have black countries, Asians are allowed to have yellow countries, Arabs arab countries but white countries are for everyone?!

      The real racist here are people like you who support genocide against Europeans via race mixing.

      Genocidal freaks you are!!!

      • Erik on April 28, 2014

        You’re right. This is the same BS the German people had to deal with, when the Jews promoted sexual perversions (homosexuality and zoophilia) in Germany before the Hitler era . They present these sick and disgusting pathologies as “Art”. Even the degenerate “Art” presented in this “Part 4 Cultural Clash” presented not only homosexuality but also a Jewish promotion of bestiality (The scene with the human and a pig in an erotic way)

        Here is my homeland Sweden. Jews came and presented their disgusting “Art” in an exhibition intended for families and children. Normal and healthy people find the idea of homosexuality and bestiality repugnant, but the Jewish extremists don’t have a problem to present these abnormal and pathological sexual disorders as “normal” and “cool”. Still, ethnic and proud Swedes couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t let the Jews hurt the feelings and health of the Swedish people. The Swedish Nationalists came and destroyed the disgusting garbage the Jewish extremists presented as “ART” in our country. The reason Jewish extremists promote everything disgusting and ugly is because this is what they are deep inside, and this is their strategy to destroy us, weaken us, make us sick, and take over our nations (This is the same reason they promote “Multiculturalism” i,e white genocide). It is divide and conquer. This is the kind of “Art” the Jews presented to us in Sweden :

        In 1973, Jews funded and supported Gay activists to make the Amercican Psychiatric Association remove homosexuality from the DSM list of mental disorders. It was a political move that degenerated and destroyed our society even more.They also are responsible for the W.H.O decision to remove homosexuality from it’s list of disease in the mid 1990s. They came up with a “liberal” criteria that is used to define a disorder (distress and social disability) ,not an objective (anatomical) criteria. But their manipulations of criteria and their nonsense did not manipulate reality i,e homosexuality is no more “normal” than Zoophilia.

        The reason homosexuals are disordered is not the specific acts they do (oral sex etc. ) as these acts are done by normal (Straight) people too, but the sexual attraction to those objects who the body is not designed to be sexual with that makes homosexuals mentally disordered. Whether it be sexual attraction to animals, plants, inanimate objects, same-sex etc. Homosexuals, much like Zoophiles, are sexually attracted to the WRONG object (Same Sex). The human body isn’t anatomically and physiologically designed for the same sex any more than for animals. If we ignore this basic principle than we can easily argue that it is “normal” for people to be sexually attracted to animals. Can a zoophile argue that it is “normal” for a human to have “oral sex” with a sheep since a man and a woman (Straight people) do it as well !? Of course not!. What makes the Zoophile sick and a pervert isn’t the act per se, but the fact that he commits that act with the wrong object (an object with whom he wasn’t meant to be sexual in the first place, physiologically speaking).The same is true for homosexuals.

        Sex is also a private issue, even normal people shouldn’t present it in the streets, let alone people who are inflicted by sexual perversions (homos, zoos etc.) Homo/bi people may have a genetic defect created by hormonal imbalances in the womb, that makes them have sexual tendencies that are inconsistent with their body’s design and anatomy.

        in case of human males, in a normal and healthy sexual development they are meant to feel sexual desire to the female form i,e female body, since their body is anatomically designed specifically for human females in terms of sexual interactions.

        Hormonal imbalance can create a biological developmental error (i,e disorder), an abnormal condition, in which, you can have female brain (that is by nature attracted to males) “integrated” into a male body (that is by it’s nature anatomically designed specifically for females) i,e integrated in the the wrong object, built into the wrong vessel.

        This is a sick and unfortunate situation for gays and I’m VERY SORRY for them. I really am. It’s like someone putting a car engine in a a space shuttle and then wondering why is the shuttle not working well.

        Before reclassifying same sex attraction (Homosexuality) as a disorder, we’ll have to bring down “political correctness” and promote some common-sense and reason. homosexuality is a sexual perversion and should not be presented as “normal” to children. We many not be able to help gays overcome their same sex tendencies. But the least we can do, is to make sure that such disordered and abnormal tendencies aren’t promoted as “normal” to children in schools.

        • James on April 28, 2014

          You made a good point. We may not be able to help gays overcome their same sex tendencies but the least we can do is to protect normal children from being exposed to such abnormal desires.

          Political Correctness wants us to pretend that homosexuality is “normal”. It is not. Not statistically nor functionally.

          Sadly, they continue with their pc lies.

        • Neo on April 29, 2014

          hi Erik

          It’s nice to see some honesty and common sense rather than politically correct nonsense.

          What you said is already obvious to any sane individual.

          Men are designed for women and women are designed for men. They complement each other anatomically, physiologically, mentally etc. Like a puzzle.

          But we should show compassion, love and understanding for those inflicted by same sex desires (homosexuality). But at the same time we should not tolerate for such disordered tendencies to be promoted and advertised as “normal”.

      • Erik on May 7, 2014

        I agree. It would seem very funny to suggest that being sexually attracted to main battle tanks is “normal”. But political correctness lies to gays and society by telling gays that their sexual orientation is “normal”. If homosexuality is “normal” than being sexually attracted to animals or tanks is also “normal”. They try to present sexuality as something that is separated from human anatomy and physiology. Political Correctness is a religion that’s being imposed on you. Just like in regards to white genocide, you don’t argue, you just make a point over and over and over again until people get it into their stupid minds.

        if you ignore human physiology by saying that homosexuality is “normal” than being sexually attracted to animals or tanks is also “normal”. YOU DON’T ARGUE you just make a point and you move on.


        if a nut ball argues over this, you make the point over and over and over until he gets it.

        Children in schools shouldn’t be lied to by selling them the sick lie that homosexuality is normal.

        Even if we ignore the biological aim of sex i,e procreation and pretend that sex is mainly for pleasure IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS A DISORDER AND A PERVERSION.

        why? because even if sex is mainly for pleasure the human body is STILL designed specifically for the opposite sex and it isn’t designed for animals or tanks or plants any other object. There’s an OBVIOUS design.

        Even if go with the line of thought that “sex is mainly for pleasure” the fact remains that the human body remains HETEROSEXUAL is its design, hence even if we argue that sex is mainly for pleasure the fact remains that the only normal, healthy and valid sexual object of choice is the opposite sex, Not tanks, animals, plants or same sex (i,e homosexual) partners. it is a physiological PRINCIPLE.

        A Zoosexual person couldn’t argue “sex is not only for procreation but also for pleasure so it is normal for a human to be sexually attracted to animals”. A homosexual couldn’t make the same argument either, That would be a very stupid argument, since homosexuality is no different than Zoophila/Bestiality i,e people aren’t sexually designed to be with the same sex object anymore than than they are sexually designed to be with animals, tanks, pc monitors, Intel processors, trees, AK-47s, submarines, battleships, iPhones etc .

        It’s quite funny when you think about it logically and the truth is obvious to anyone whose not brain dead, how those criminals manged to brainwash people that a sexual disorder , a perversion (i,e homosexuality) which is no different than being sexually attracted to an iPhone, is actually “normal” and “healthy”.

        Just because there is a tiny percentage of the population that’s been inflicted by genetic defect that perverted their sexual orientation doesn’t mean that we need to redefine reality for them so the could “feel better” at the expense of the health and feelings of the vast majority of the population. We don’t to that with any other form of disease or genetic defect by claiming these conditions are “normal” and thus distorting peoples perception of reality.

        The guy nicknamed “Morba55” at one of the comments made a good point by saying “The right of those who are objectively ill to REMAIN ill and be shown compassion and understanding for their illness”.

        I agree, we don’t need to distort peoples perception of reality by pretending that homosexuality (same sex desire) and “Gay Marriage” is “normal”. Especially when it is no more “normal” than being sexually attracted to animals or iPhones.

        Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists did not want this perversion to be legitimized and normalized in Germany. It is because he understood reality. There are Straight girls who aren’t even lesbian who “behave” in a lesbian way (kiss erotically with girls) because they are told by the sick Jew media we have that if you are lesbian and weird you’ll get attention, so there are girls who aren’t even lesbian who “behave” in that manner.
        If only they knew that what they are doing is no different than for a human talk on all fours like a dog they wouldn’t behave that way, since humans are physically designed to walk on TWO ,not fours..

        They also try to divert the debate by presenting homosexuality as an issue “love” in order to “guilt” society into excepting these diseased and abnormal tendencies as “normal”. Homosexuality has nothing to do with love. it is a sexual perversion. Sex per se has nothing to do with true love. True love is unconditional and it is about caring of others not about one’s own sexual needs, Not to mention dysfunctional sexual needs.

        BTW sex biological aim is procreation and the sexual desire for the opposite sex is nature’s way to ensure that procreation will take place, Just like the hunger for food.
        Of course we eat food and enjoy it for its own sake but no one could ever argue that the eventual aim is to ensure self survival.

        They are able to control the message and the debate over the issue of homosexuality because political correctness and the media is on their side, not because objective truth is on their side.

        Don’t let anybody fool you by selling you the lie that homosexuality is “normal”.

        By lying “homosexuality is normal” they might as well say the “Earth is Flat” or “2+2=5”.

        Homosexuality is a medical disorder, one of MANY medical disorders and genetic defects that exist out there.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate homosexuals/bi people. I wish them to happy life with no pain. I don’t hate them anymore than I hate people who suffer from color blindness, autism, diabetes, cancer, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Clinical depression. Zoophila, Necrophilia, Pedophilia or any other form of abnormality.

        If someone is Gay/Bi he should live is life, don’t put it in people’s faces, don’t try to change how people think, Don’t try to redefine marriage and be married and call it “normal”. He should except his condition and live with it for better or worse, just like many genetically defective and ill individuals in society. Even people in Wheel chair get to have more symphaty for their condition than do LGBT people. Why? because they don’t try to redefine reality for society by saying that it is normal to be born physically paralyzed.

        LGBT people should know that despite what the media wants them to believe, most people see them as “freaks of nature” even if they “pretend” that they are “normal”. In the end, no normal parents want to have a gay child anymore than autistic. a-sexual, color blind, or mentally retarded child. I know it is painful and unfair, but reality is sometimes painful and unfair. Pretending that the Earth is flat wouldn’t make it flat. Pretending that gays are “normal” wouldn’t make them normal.

        I’m not sorry for not being politically correct.

  • ttgfg on April 20, 2014

    Once we get control over our white nations. We will remove the Jews from power and disinfect our country and our institutions from all of the sickness and abnormal behaviors the Jewish extremists pushed onto our societies. All of the promotion and “normalization” of the following disgusting and abnormal disorders will come to an end and we we’ll criminalize the promotion of such abnormal medical conditions and unhealthy values :

    1.Homosexuality = a sick and disgusting disorder no biologically different than having sex with animals.

    2. Drugs = a habit that ultimately destroys the lives of millions of people.

    3 Feminism – is good only for those who want to DIE as a race.

    4 Abortion – is good only for those who want to DIE as a race.

    5. Sick Values- Ugly Values and “ART” and Hollywood sickness and Violence.

    The days when sickness and ugliness is celebrated are NUMBERED !

    • Thor on April 21, 2014

      You’ve made a good point on homosexuality. It is an abnormal and disordered behavior that were “normalized” in the west due to jew political correctness . Those who promote and push this sexual perversion as “normal” are as sick, perverted and ugly as the disorder itself. Tell me what you support are and we’ll tell you WHO YOU ARE.

      Yet. gays are not to be harmed or blamed as they are not criminals and they are not the ones responsible for pushing this disorder on normal people. It is the politically correct establishment that’s responsible.

      Sadly for the west, supporting ugliness and sickness became “ok” now days thanks for Zionist politically correct media.

      But as you say. We should clear the perverts from our media – Just as the National Socialists and the German people did. We shall return homosexuality to where it has always being and belongs : list of medical disorders.

      Also white the push for feminism. feminism is destructive as it divides men and women and makes the possibility of forming a family and having kids the last priority. This is the reason White Brits are going to be EXTINCT in their own homeland by 2050 if nothing is done. Especially when you consider the hight birth rate of non-whites and Muslims

      Here’s a short explanation on the danger white Brits are facing.

      All of the so called “progressive” movements western civilization had witnessed since the 1970 and 1980s were not “progress” at all. They in fact were very “regressive” and suicidal and destructive to the survival, medical health and moral of white people. People today are behaving in a manner worse than animals. Animals are far more civilized than people now days. People’s minds are numb, they are like zombies totally disconnected from the real world and yet they are convinced that they are awake. But how are they “awake” when you let your society become sick, when you let the Jewish banks steal your money, when your people face extinction, when it’s obvious to anyone who studies that subject that 9/11 was an inside job. , when you cannot the truth of simple things that are before you and you don’t have basic common sense. You let Jewish political correctness think for you and tell you that black is white and white is black. wake up people!

      White people, I’m telling you that you have to wake up now if you want a future for your children,

      People are getting ANGRY at the current situation. It’s about time. History repeats itself. The awakening in Germany in the 1930s is going to happen again.

    • tomas on April 25, 2014

      The only good point here ist the one about drugs. How would equality of men and women degenerate the society?
      Why is it so important that the people of your “Reich” are white? How are white people better than non-white? tell me!

      • pete on April 25, 2014

        Are you an idiot?

        White people are facing extinction via non white immigration. If this trend continues there will be no more white people left.

        According to you twisted logic African nations are allowed to have their “Black Reich”, Asians are allowed to have “Yellow Reich”, Arabs are allowed to have “Arabic Reich” but whites have to be blended out of existence and be extinct.

        Nothing is wrong with men and women having equal rights. The problem with feminism is that it makes forming a family a last priority hence you have whites facing extinction.

        Stop with the pc crap and start using your brain if you have one still left.

      • James on April 25, 2014

        No one is flooding Asia with non Asia and tells Asian who oppose their own racial displacement “Why is so important that people of your Reich are Asians”.

        No one is flooding Africa with non Africans and tells Africans who oppose their racial displacement “Why is it so important that people of your ‘Reich’ are Africans:” etc on and on.


        BTW when Nelson Mandela didn’t want white people in south Africa he was and is considered an African “hero” and a “noble man who fought for his people”. Why then don’t use that same argument against Mandela?

        Tell him ” why is it so important that people of your Reich are black?”

        Tell palestinians the same line and so to any people who oppose their own destruction.

        You are really an example of the Anti White insanity in our world

        Whites are no better than anyone else in terms of HUMAN RIGHTS but races differ in IQ and temper from one another i,e blacks are better runners and whites are better thinkers i,e have a higher IQ on average.

        and homos are no different than those who are sexually attracted to animals i,e bestiality PHYSIOLOGICALLY speaking.

        These are just FACTS of life whether you like it or not

        Truth is sometimes painful but it far better than self deception and LIES.


      • Erik on April 28, 2014

        tomas, look at the following link. it is a parody for you: Once you’ll look at it the insanity of your anti-white arguments will be revealed to you!

        Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White!

  • konwayk on March 21, 2014

    I highly recommend the German film “Jud Suss” (1940).which was made under Joseph Goebbels. When this film was released, Allies called it “Anti-Semitic”, “Nazi Propaganda”, etc.

    But if you watch the film, then you will see how truthful this film is and how this film still demonstrates the problems of today’s society created by Jews. This film shows how Jews take complete control of a country or region even though they are a small minority..

    Here is the link to watch the film –

    A famous quote from this film is where the Jewish Rabbi says “if you want to rule the goyim, rule their money.”

  • Jaan on March 1, 2014

    Its interesting how the movie the rise of hitler was used for examples here and of course only parts because overall that movie is an absolute load of garbage! Jewish influenced for sure!!!!

  • konwayk on January 11, 2014

    It was the renowned Jewish author and Nobel Prize winner Gertrude Stein who led the campaign that got Adolf Hitler nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1938.

    “I say that Hitler ought to have the peace prize, because he is removing all the elements of contest and of struggle from Germany. By driving out the Jews and the democratic and Left element, he is driving out everything that conduces to activity. That means peace…”

    This was disclosed by Gustav Hendrikksen, a former member of the Nobel committee, in Nativ, a political magazine published in Israel. (Reports about this appeared in the New York Jewish community weekly Forward, Feb. 2, June 14, and Oct. 25, 1996.)

    Hendrikksen recalled: “…Gertrude Stein… turned to a number of intellectuals–no, not all of them Jews–who signed an appeal urging the Nobel prize committee to give Hitler the Nobel peace prize. The committee rejected this proposal politely but firmly…”

    In 1939 Adolf Hitler was once again nominated for the Nobel peace prize by E.G.C. Brandt, Member of the Swedish parliament. He was subsequently pressurized to withdraw this nomination.

    • TRUTH on January 20, 2014

      How true is it that Hitler Demanded “No” German could ever accept a peace prize after his denial? Is that all just propaganda? I read about that a couple of nights ago

  • elvan on December 30, 2013

    This is a one-sided presentation (propaganda) as it already decided to make Hitler a “hero”. It does not in any way promote critical thinking as the presenter suggests.

    • Doomguy14 on January 2, 2014

      First of all this is not propaganda, this is just looking at the facts from a different point of view! Propaganda would lie to you to make you think what they want you to think, but this all actually happened!

      • Razorbath on January 8, 2014

        If I may chime in here, a great example of “propaganda” would be the myth of the gas chambers. To this day critical thinking of it is forbidden in the mainstream. Why?

        Because the myth does not fair well under scrutiny.

    • Richard on January 28, 2014

      This is just the other side of the “story” that we have been fed unrelentingly, by the Jewish controlled media. Refreshing to see another viewpoint.

    • Jaan on March 1, 2014

      Suppose all the jewish influenced “history channel” documentaries are NOT one sided and promote critical thinking ? This is the other side of the story. Please dont comment if you have no idea and cant even understand that there is the “history channel” side and this side. Comments like yours are very irritating.

    • Dirk on May 13, 2014

      And yet the irony of your own words escapes you! When has their ever been a fair and balances, even handed approach in reporting of Hitler or Nazi history? Whatever we know, think or feel has been beaten into our subconscious by the Jews!

  • me! on December 27, 2013

    if they didn’t do the holocaust or start war, i would have somewhat liked hitler

    • toppestofkek on December 29, 2013

      He didnt ‘do’ the holocaust you moron

    • Johan Visagie on March 23, 2014

      It is exactly because of this type of stupidity that the lies about WW2 is still accepted as fact. Seems like most people just don’t have the ability to think for themselves and figure things out.

      • Latimer the Cat on April 21, 2014

        For this reason, I don’t think that I’d call it stupidity, ignorance or naivety perhaps, but not stupidity. Human beings function in the context of framing their lives upon or within (be it true or false) a contextual cultural narrative. A collection of assumed cultural givens as it were. Some even call-it a world view or “the flow” as in go-with-the-flow. Even though it’s taken for granted and assumed, it’s a foundational aspect of how everyone functions. While it shouldn’t be, it’s rare that busy basic people ever have reason to question the cultural narrative that they’ve been born into and live life in. Is it not more difficult to go against the flow? We tend to circumstantially do what we have to do in order to make it through life with those foundational assumptions as anchors for our plans and dreams.

        Consequently, those who control the flow, control the people who don’t question it. That’s why non-semitic fake Hebrews (as given in their conflation-based fake identity narrative) early-on gained control of the “establishment medias” and publishing companies via their control of the nation-states money exchanges (banks).

  • Chris on December 2, 2013

    what is the movie with the clips of the english speaking hilter?

    • Doomguy14 on January 2, 2014

      He is a surprisingly good actor though! Very good at portraying his character!

      • Ibrahim on August 7, 2014

        At 6:30 is the voice of Ahmed (Albert) Huber, the Swiss German journalist and Muslim

        • konwayk on August 7, 2014

          Thanks you so much, Ibrahim.

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