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  • Denice Twombley on February 26, 2015

    Simply want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness for your post is just nice and i could assume you are a professional on this subject. Well along with your permission let me to seize your RSS feed to keep updated with coming near near post. Thank you one million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  • cch on February 7, 2015

    Ok.No more questions temporarily.This is what for thank the answers from sir konwayk.

  • cch on February 6, 2015

    Can someone tell me if Hitler created eugenics? And if he killed the handicapped peoples?

    • cch on February 6, 2015

      By the way,eugenics is right or wrong;good or bad?

      • konwayk on February 6, 2015

        I believe Blaming Hitler for Eugenics is just another way to cover up the agenda of Allies and blame Hitler for the experiments Allies were doing. From what I know of, Eugenics idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California many years before Hitler came to power.

        As for me, I don’t support it due to the fact that it tampers with human lives.

        • cch on February 6, 2015

          So Hitler received eugenics and used it in the region where he occupied?

        • cch on February 6, 2015

          And if Hitler killed the handicapped peoples?

          • konwayk on February 7, 2015

            Where did you get the idea that Hitler received eugenics and used it in the region where he occupied?

            You shouldn’t follow what the mainstream media tells you. They don’t tell facts.

            Why would Hitler kill handicapped people? It is just another media cover up to put the blame on Hitler in order to hide the war crimes of Allies.

  • Simon on November 30, 2014

    Hermann Goering was a smackhead, whose brother and wife loved Jews, and had become so delusional in his drug-induced fantasy world that he thought he was going on a power sharing trip with the Allies right up to the bitter end.

    “We will promote healthy family values once again.” A man (father and husband) shooting up 24/07 just because he hurt his leg?

    “most ordinary Jews are innocent just like anybody else”

    What? Judaism is misanthropic and is by it’s own definition an anti-gentile cult, so anyone who subscribes to it is supporting this, and tehrefore are not innocent.

    Lets see what these lovely people have to say about us goyims then;

    “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” TALMUD: Baba Mezia, 114b

    “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture says to honor the dog more than the non-Jew.” TALMUD:Ereget Raschi Erod, 22 30.

    “If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: “God will replace ‘your loss’, just as if one of his animals had died.” TALMUD: Jore Dea 377.

    “Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.” TALMUD: Sanhedrin 74b.

    “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” TALMUD: Abodah Zara, 4b.

    And so on …..and so on…… Get a grip

    • konwayk on December 1, 2014

      When you bring an accusation against someone, you need to provide evidence. Not claims.

      In one of your posts, you also said Christianity is just a spin-off of Judaism.

      Judaism and Christianity are two different things. Judaism only began in 500 AD with the completion of Babylonian Talmud and it is a reconstruction out of Pharisaism.

      Even Jewish rabbis agree with this. Here is the link –

      • cch on February 6, 2015

        Sorry,I am cch,don’t know if you still remember me.Can you tell me how to leave a independent messages?(I can’t find the button of post comment)

      • cch on February 6, 2015

        Ok I found it.Thank you.

  • Simon on November 27, 2014

    Re LGBT “Put them in prison for the rest of their lives if needed”

    ALL? Can you expand on that and morally justify it please?

    Did you realise that most LGBT people live very modestly (hence don’t get any publicity)?

    Do you realise that just as many %age LGBT people loathe Zionism – themselves being the victim of “Israeli Pinkwashing” in order to split the opposition to the suppression of Palestinians? (which has largely backfired)

    As you recognise that homosexuality is likely to be hormonal/genetic, would you be happy to incarcerate one of your children for life (without hurting them of course) if they were gay?

    Are you aware that there are many LGBT people who are strongly in favour of having a full and comprehensive, open and honest debate about the holocaust?

    I’d be interested to hear your feedback on these questions – that’s if you can stoop so low as to answer them from from such a disordered creature as myself.

    Kind Regards


    • konwayk on November 28, 2014

      LGBT people living modestly? Talk about hypocrisy. How can there be modesty in their lives if there are no moral laws? LGBT are only concerned about committing perversions.

      The world should do exactly like Putin did where homosexuality is against the law. In other words, Putin allows homosexuals to choose their life styles. But only privately.

      In Putin’s Russia, the homosexuals are forbidden from parading their depravity publicly.

      • Simon on November 28, 2014

        “The world should do exactly like Putin did where homosexuality is against the law. In other words, Putin allows homosexuals to choose their life styles. But only privately.”

        So that’s a complete contradiction in terms – so it’s not illegal?

        “In Putin’s Russia, the homosexuals are forbidden from parading their depravity publicly.”

        I never mentioned gay pride parades, and the majority of LGBT people find them uncomfortable and wouldn’t be wouldn’t be seen dead on one.

        “LGBT people living modestly? Talk about hypocrisy……. LGBT are only concerned about committing perversions.”

        The ones I know live modestly. Clearly you mix with the wrong types. You seem to know a lot more about it than I do for whatever reason.

        Well my question was not about whether we should have Putin’s Law or not. I personally don’t like seeing anyone flaunting sexuality in public, and on many issues I have a lot of respect for Putin. My question to the writer was whether he thinks gays should be locked up for the rest of their lives, and whether he’d be happy to do that to his own kids if any of them were homosexual.

        However top marks for missing the point of my question in absolutely every sentence of you rant. 100%.

        (Please only comment to this if you have the intelligence to address the subject matter in hand, rather than making me waste my time responding to unsubstantiated ad-hominem drivel as above – thanks)

        • konwayk on November 28, 2014

          First of all, you need to stop your snobbish attitude.

          You are making a fool out of yourself by making illogical comments.

          You claim about LGBT living in a modest life is 100% hypocrisy, because LGBT itself completely reject moral laws.

          People with LGBT don’t need to be locked up. But they have no right to express their support for LGBT publicly.

          Whatever LGBT want to do, they can do inside their homes. But not outside.

          I said homosexuality is against the law in Putin’s Russia. Law of a country usually refers to public rules and regulations. Not personal and private matters that take place inside homes unless it interferes with someone else’s life.

          I don’t know how the definition of Law is applied in your country.

          • Simon on November 30, 2014

            “LGBT itself completely reject moral laws.”

            Well I should expect this from a Roman Catholic article.

            Christianity is just a spin-off of Judaism. I suppose the followers of this misanthropic Nazarene Jewish cult would be opposed to adult homosexuality. Their priests are are only interested in sodomizing innocent young boys.

            It’s just that some of us aren’t enslaved by the diktats of a raging mad, sadistic Jewish god imposed on us from a bunch of nomadic Jewish tribesmen roaming around the Middle East. I should have known. The article is full of praise for these anti-gentile “innocent Jews” They must be having a right old laugh.

      • Donald on January 11, 2015

        People don’t “hate” LGBT people who are sexually attracted to their own sex due to a birth defect i.e. hormonal imbalances in the womb where their mind and their bodys design aren’t in line with each other.

        People, however, DO HATE when they are asked by “Political Correctness” to pretend that same-sex tendencies are medically and functionally “normal” against all logic and common sense that tells you otherwise.

        It was and it is a medical problem – not something to promote and sell as normal”

      • Donald on January 11, 2015

        People don’t “hate” LGBT people who are sexually attracted to their own sex due to a birth defect i.e. hormonal imbalances in the womb where their mind and their bodys design aren’t in line with each other.

        People, however, DO HATE when they are asked by “Political Correctness” to pretend that same-sex tendencies are medically and functionally “normal” against all logic and common sense that tells you otherwise.

        It was and it is a medical problem – not something to promote and sell as “normal” to the masses. It is no different than being sexually attracted to animals.

        I’m sorry to say this but this is just the truth.

        If you – your body – are designed physically for the opposite sex but your mind pulls the other direction one does not need to be a doctor to recognize that while you are not a criminal – you do need help.

        Homosexuality will soon be reclassified and accepted for what it is – medical problem and a sexual disorder.

        This is it used to be until 20 years ago.

        But people are sick and tired of promoting and pushing what is a essentially a sickness on their children a society.

        No sane parent want a homosexual child. It is a shame it is sick and disgusting.

        No sane parent wishes their child a life of sexual deviance and abnormality.

        Every parent want his children to be born Straight i.e. 100% normal and healthy in terms of their sexuality. Being LGBT is a shame.

        BTW same sex attraction is a mental defect. It’s not just “another option”.

        The Russians will remind you that if human anatomy can’t.

        Wish you full recovery from your disorder. 🙂

    • Donald on January 15, 2015

      I don’t think he meant that LGBT should be locked up as he mentioned they aren’t criminals. I think he meant that the people who push same sex tendencies as “normal” should be locked up NOT LGBT themselves.

      I guess misunderstanding on his part.

      But sexual and erotic relationship between people of the same sex should not be presented as “normal”.

      Normal and healthy people with normal sexual tendecies don’t need “closets” to begin with. You don’t see people “come out” as Straight.

      Things that are normal and healthy don’t need to hide in “closets”.

      Sexual orientation that is abnormal and deviant does need a closet.

      Freaks of Nature need “closets”. Normal people don’t need “closets”.

  • Morba55 on April 13, 2014

    Great Interview.

    for the sake of our children, we should revive and continue Htilers legacy.

    If we don’t, we are doomed.

    Thank you Dennis for this amazing work.

  • Steven on March 6, 2014

    I agree with the problem of International Zionism,
    But we also have to understand that not all Jews are guilty. Ordinary Jews in the street aren’t aware of the Zionist Globalist agenda. They are brainwashed and mislead just like the rest of humanity. We have to make a distinction between Organized Jewry/Zionism and ordinary Jews as most ordinary Jews are innocent just like anybody else and they are used by the Zionists.

    I am not a Jew but I have Jewish friends who have watched the video series presented by Dennis Wise. Some of them are shocked of how they were lied to, some even told me they had tears of what had happened, and are shocked just like the rest of us.

    Within the Jewish community there are Jewish Extremists who have a Global Governance agenda. They are called “Zionists”. Not all Jews are Zionists, 99% of ordinary Jews just want to be left alone and have a normal life. But they take the blame for the crimes of their leadership – international Zionism. Most are not even aware that they are hated because of the actions of the Jewish leadership of the west. Some Jews like Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chumsky and Gilad Azmon spoke openly about the crimes of Zionism and the evils that it brings to the world.

    I think we should be careful and not blame or hurt ordinary Jews in the street for the crimes of Organized Jewry and the Zionist Globalist Elite. Otherwise we will be morally wrong just like the Zionist Elite we blame.

    My Jewish friend embraces Dennis Wise’s work and he says that a lot of Jews, once awaken will join forces and speak out against the crimes against humanity that the Jewish leadership of the west – Organized Jewry/Zionism/Bankers commits.

    It is no doubt that Jews control the politics, media, the finance and the academia of the western world and try to destroy nations, races and the health, morality and well being of nations and they use it as a strategy to weaken the population so they can have a On World Government. BUT THE ORDINARY JEW ON THE STREET IS NOT AWARE OF THIS SATANIC CONSPIRACY. ordinary Jews are not interested in the destruction of the white race or of the morality of the country, many of them themselves victims of the same depraved values the Zionist media pushes onto the rest of us. They are victims of the same anti-Hitler, holocaust propaganda as the rest of us and once awaken many will change their minds and join the good fight.

    All I am saying is that it is morally repugnant to hate and harm ordinary innocent Jews because of the crimes of the Zionist Elite and Organized Jewry.

    All of us – Jew and Gentile alike – have to unite forces against the enemies of all of humanity -The Jewish Extremists and International Zionism.

    Once people are awaken we will be able to save European heritage by repatriating the non Europeans back to their own natural homelands.

    We will be able to cleansed the media from the Jewish extremists and their unhealthy values.

    We will be able to remove the Zionist FED and the central banks from our lives

    We will be able to stop the normalization and promotion of sickness abnormality and ugliness in our society (ie, Homosexuality, Trangenderism, Abortion etc) and bring before tribunal and punish the criminals pushing such abnormal and diseased activities as “normal” and to our children.

    Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals should not be hated or harmed for their tendencies for they suffer from a genetic or hormonal flaw or defect, But at the same time, we shall not tolerate such pathological tendencies to be imposed on normal/healthy society.

    Put them in prison for the rest of their lives if needed to ensure our children are grown healthy and normal – the way the were intended by their anatomy – and not disordered, sick, abnormal an “accident of nature”.

    We will promote healthy family values once again.

    We need to get the word out!

    Hitler was indeed right when he talked about the threat of international organized Jewry but now we must learn and act so history will not repeat itself by another world war.

    We we’ll criminalize Abortion – so human life will have value again. Once we say babies are not humans, we are crossing the line here,

    • Erik on March 6, 2014

      I agree completely. I think most people understand that when we say “Jews” are guilty we don’t mean ordinary Jews as most are innocent. By the term “Jews” we mean “Extremist Jews” or “Zionist Jews”. This is also what Hitler meant the term “Jews”. Hitler did not hate Jews per se or Jews in general as the video series presented by Dennis Wise proves he had Jewish friends he respected and called “Honorary Aryans” as they were on Hitler and Germany’s side.

      There were also 150,000 Jews in Hitler’s army and in the SS and they fought and died for Hitler. Hitler knew of it and embraced that. It proves that Hitler was not anti Jewish per se and that when he blamed “The Jews” he really meant “Zionist Jews” or “Jews who have anti German agenda” – not every Jew. But because he couldn’t tell what Jews are pro German and what Jews are anti German , he ordered the removal of All German Jews from Germany to Palestine.

      • Steven on March 7, 2014

        Yes, even the commander of the Nazi Air Force Herman Goring agrees that by the term “Jews” he did not mean every Jew but only “Zionist Jews”.

        Herman Goring Said “I DECIDE WHO IS A JEW” when he found that one of Germany’s military leaders was a Jew. Herman Goring protected his Jewish friend by saying “I decide who is a Jew”. which means you can be biologically Jew and not be considered as a “Jew” by the Nazis as long as you don’t act in an anti German manner like many Jewish extremists that were in the German Jewish community)

        There were some rumors that Hitler’s greatest military leader Eric Von Manstein was a Jew or of Jewish blood. (Manstein is a family name not normally used by Germans since the ending “Stein” in the surname is a Jewish thing)

        Which mean the Nazis used the term Jews to describe Jews who are anti German and not necessarily Jews by biology. Only because they couldn’t tell between pro German Jews and anti German Jews they had to isolate the entire Jewish population in Germany and Europe as they could not be trusted and they were a security risk to Germany’s war effort and therefore had to wear a star of David and put in camps – isolation camps that are not death camps – as they were a security risk and “enemies of the state” until some could prove they are loyalty to Germany and were excepted by the Nazis. The Nazis isolated the Jews as a security risk much like the Israelis are doing today to the Palestinians in Gaza – The world largest concentration camps with walls around it. The Nazi camps were not death camps with intentional plan to exterminate Jews, but many Jews died in them as a result of the disease “Typhus” caused by the Germans not able to supply those camps when Germany cities, factories and roads were wiped out from the face of the earth by the allies. Some Jews were helped and saved by German doctors and even Joined the German army’s escape from the Bolshivks. There is no unique evil about the camps the Germans had built for the Jews because they posed a security risk. The United States Government did the same thing to Japanese Americans after Japan attacked pearl harbor and the Japanese Americans were considered to be a security risk and “Enemies of the state” and put in camps. The Nazis did not intend to exterminate the “Jewish race” any more than America intended to exterminate to “Japanese race”. Any country in the world would have done the same thing.

        The only difference here is that



        DUE TO THE CONDITIONS OF THE WAR Germany’s camps could not be supplied by the Germans and as a result many Jews and non-Jews in those camps (communists etc) died of disease This was exploited by the Zionist influenced powers as “prove” of the “holocaust” and how “evil” the Germans are.

        In fact the USSR had the largest concentration camps on the planet when tens of millions of Russians and other Europeans were worked to death, much worse than the conditions present in American, British and German concentration camps for their “Enemies of the State”.

        But the USSR was not criticized by the Allies as it were on the victors side. Unlike Nazi Germany the Soviets murdered tens of millions and the United States and Britain murdered millions of innocent German and Japanese women and children and prisoners of war. but there is no “collective guilt” for Americans and the British in this respect since the US was on the victors side., If Germany and Japan had won WW2 they would have had Eisenhower, Churchil, Roosvlet and Stalin and their Generals brought before tribunal for “crimes against humanity” that have basis in reality this time.

        As I said the only difference here is that


        This permits the allies do the moral Judgment

        • Tom on March 18, 2014

          The problem is that Jews are brainwashed by their religion and culture to fear non Jews. This is why they hate non Jews and seek to control everything, even the planet itself. They suffer from paranoia of being under threat 24/7 when NO SUCH THREAT EXIST. This is why they seek to control the planet, and they seek to degrade humanity morally and medically to keep us under control.

          Now when you combine the power they have in media, academia and over world finance, and when you combine the fact that the Zionist Jews in control are Zionists and Satanists i,e Kabalistic – it is no wonder we have the seek world we have today

          • Tom on March 18, 2014


            meant it is no wonder we have the SICK world we have today

          • Max on March 18, 2014

            There is some evidence that not only the Rotschild and Warburg family are Jews, But also the famous Rockefeller Family (i,e David Rockefeller etc,) are also Jews.

            Rockefeller is a JEW.


  • Alex on March 5, 2014

    I am a Student of History and I am shocked about how powerful your video series are. They are ground breaking and potentially world changing.

    It’s amazing how six hours of video can undo 70 years of brainwashing.

    The enemies of freedom, heritage and healthy values have a big reason to be afraid now for their end is coming soon.

    All we need to do is to spread the message for the entire world to see.

    Thank you Dennis Wise!

  • Erik on February 18, 2014

    The same sick and psychopathic Jewish mental insanity that tries to convince us that the disgusting disorder** of homosexuality is “normal” is the same sick and twisted mentality that pushes white GENOCIDE on white children. This is what Political correctness is all about : DENYING REALITY. They would tell you that race doesn’t exist only in white countries while ignoring medical protocols for different races that prove that race does exist. They would tell you that race doesn’t exist only in white countries while ignoring physical features, mental abilities (like IQ) and temper that proves that race does exist. The same mentally insane people who deny race in humans will quickly admit that they are different races of dogs and cats based on the same protocols they deny prove race in humans (like Physical features, abilities and behaviour). These same people will also try to protect the disorder of homosexuality by denying the obvious : The human body is designed specifically for the opposite sex. The human body isn’t designed for the same sex any more than for animals, Volkswagens and TVs. But this is what political correctness is all about : DENYING REALITY. DENYING THE OBVIOUS. Now they have a trick to change the subject as they know they cannot win a rational debate : if you point out the obvious that race DOES EXIST, they’ll call you a “racist” and a “Nazi”. If you point out the obvious that homosexuality is a DISORDER , they’ll call you a “homophobe”.

    Next time if you point out the obvious that blindness is a defect, they will call you a “Blindophobe”

    This show who we are dealing with. a group of insane people who can’t really think for themselves, who cannot acknowledge reality, who came to basically believe that 2+2=5, and who might have an IQ of 30. And if you don’t agree with their nonesense, they are going to call you ‘PHOB, PHOB. PHOB, RACIST RACIST RACIST”

    While in reality the REAL racists are those who flood European countries with non Europeans and thereby causing a GENOCIDE of a the European peoples – destroying a race of people – that’s the ULTIMATE form of racism.

    Those who deny human physiology by pretending that homosexual tendencies are “normal” (When objectively and physiologically speaking they are no different than Zoophilia) are themselves suffering from a phobia : Phobia from acknowledging reality, Phobia from Political Correctness.


    ** Until 1973 homosexuality was listed as a disorder by the APA but was removed form the list of disorders due to political pressure and due to manipulations of a new criteria that is used to define a disorder. Until 1992 97% of all psychiatric associations around the world still recognized homosexuality for what it is : a disorder, a sexual deviation. (Read Jeffery Satinover MD: The Politics of Diagnosis and Charles Socarides MD : Homosexuality : Freedom To Far)

  • John on February 11, 2014

    Hitler faced the same Jewish money demons the world faces today. He knew that unless this cancer (The Zionists) is treated, it will destroy not only the German people but all the peoples of Europe.

    His warnings were prophetic as now we see who are the demons responsible for the destruction of the western world.

    In WW2 Germany fought for the survivel of the white race and healthy values.

    If the white Americans, the French and the British knew what’s to become of thier countries, they would have never go to war against Germany but instead joined it and would have had their leaders (Churchil etc) jailed for treason.

  • Peter on February 10, 2014

    Hitler was indeed right. Soon enough the world will learn he was right. I can’t believe I have tears when I write this.

    Now we know who are the poisoners of nations – Orgenized Jewry.

  • Erik on February 9, 2014

    In order to save the white race, to wake up the European peoples to preserve their people’s existence by repatriating the non whites back to their own natural homelands so the European race can survive (the white race can’t survive if it does not have a home as in time it will blend out of existence with the non whites in Europe. So repatriation of all the non Whites (Arabs, Negroes, Turks etc) out of Europe is a HUMAN RIGHT ISSUE and not racism. No African and No Asian will just sit there while is country is taken over by other races and say “Oh this is Ok”.

    Every race, including the White race has the right to exist. Not allowing the white race to exist is GENOCIDE. That’s why the Japanese have their own country so they can survive, That is why the Turks, The Arabs and The Africans have their own countries so they can survive, But it seems that only in our sick politically correct world every race has the right to exist, every race, but the White race. Only white people are thought that their race existence is evil and illegitimate. Obviously the parties and people who promote this social engineering and genocidal scam against Europeans will soon be brought before tribunal for attempted GENOCIDE. Once the banking system goes down. thousands of social engineers, academics, politicians and Jews who push the genocide against the white race will face the death penalty. They actually don’t know what trouble they’re in. but they will know soon enough and they shall receive no mercy.

    Here are talking points that can be used to bring down the politically correct system in white countries that is so destructive to white survival.

    Here are the podcast that can teach you on how to bring down the PC system we’re under:
    Follow them in order.

  • Erik on February 9, 2014

    An interview of Dr. David Duke and Rodney Martin of American Nationalist Association about the nature of the Jewish subversion and destruction of The Western World:

  • Mark on February 9, 2014

    The the Jewish psychopaths and the cult of ugliness called “international Zionism” who run the West I say this:

    Your end is near. You we’ll be shown no mercy. The tens of millions dead Europeans who were killed due to the world wars you funded and instigated will come to get their justice.
    Your NWO is going down. Your banks will be destroyed and the trillions of dollars you stole from the American and European peoples will return to their true owners. The half a million Iraqi children you killed will also have their justice.

    The sickness your promote in your mass media will soon come to an end

    The ongoing program of genocide you are carrying out against the white race in Europe will have your neck for attempted genocide.

    You shall receive no mercy for your crimes against the white race and humanity as a whole.

    You are like a little worm trying to dominate an elephant. but now the elephant of the European race and humanity as a whole is waking up and it will crush you. The message is out. People are waking up to your criminal subversion. Humanity is waking up. No one is going to protect you. Bolshevism is your wicked creation and its victims will have their Justice. WW1 and WW2 is your creation it its victims will have their Justice. The Iraq war is your creation (The Jewish neocons) and its victims will have their Justice, Feminism and the destruction of the family is your creation and it victims shall get their Justice done, The hundreds of millions of lives you’ve destroyed through the sick values you promote in hollywood and the media will have their Justice, The ethnic cleansing and program of genocide of the European peoples you are promoting in white countries and only white countries via your “multiculturlism” scam, which is no more than a big genocidal scam against the European people will have its Justice.

    People are waking up. your wicked plans will not be realized. the message is out on the internet and it is just a matter of time before you’ll be destroyed, you demons, enemies of humanity. We will crush you, you sick dogs.

    Your accusing people for being anti semetic while promoting the largest anti human program of al time. how dare you!?

    You promote sickness, abnormality, deviance , race mixing (so called “multi-culturalism”) and decadence in white countries and only white countries in order to destroy, But your reign of lies will soon come to an end and the the European peoples and humanity as a whole will soon feast on your felsh.

    Mark my words. your end will soon come. the count down has begun. YOUR MONEY WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. we will hunt you down like a we hunt down a virus.

    • Erik on February 9, 2014

      Indeed, The Jews promote sickness, abnormality, deviance and race mixing in order to destroy us and our people. They are really destroyers of nations. That’s why historically they were hated in every country they’ve lived in. They always had dual morality: one morality for themselves and one for others. They Jewish Talmud even considers non Jewish human beings as animals that should be ruled over and exploited. The Jewish tribe is the most racist tribe ever. The greatest enemy humanity ever faced and faces. They want to destroy every country they’ve lived in. To destroy the health and the morality of the country. This is not a conspiracy. It is fact and all of the data in on the web for everyone to see. I hope there still people willing to think for themselves rather than let the Jewish media do the thinking for them.

      Even Henry Kissinger used to say about the Jews :
      “A people who was hated for 2000 must be doing something wrong”.

      Jews will be continued to be hated until they start to examine their mental insanity and anti social behaviour and correct it. Until then they endanger themselves. people will not be nice next time. They will not even get the favor to live the West with their belongings as they did in Nazi Germany. Jews also have to wake up and understand that their leadership endanger them too. If Jews won;t denounce their wicked leadership (organized Jewry they will take the blame. Once people wake up Jews will be in grave danger and they will have to pick sides. The side of good or the side of evil. Because there are many crimes against humanity for which the Jewish leadership of the west and their gentile puppets will have to make an

      The days when anti semetism was considered an irrational disease are over. Because they run the media (not for long) they rely on gentile ignorance of their true intentions. But once the American and European peoples wake up they will understand the truth and know that for the sake of their nations well being and survival the Jews will have to be deported from America, as they prove that they don’t have those nations interests in mind and work endlessly in order to destroy the ethnic survival and the morality of every nations they historically lived in. Many people in Britain, France, Germany, The
      Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy see a problem of their race and people being wiped out in their own homeland by non-white immigration invasion but they can’t point the finger as to who is behind it. If only they knew. If only they knew it is the Jews who are behind it with the politicians they control (as the Jews own the FED and World Bank they don’t lack money). If only they knew the Jews are behind the destruction of their people and health of their children. Jews would have being in a great problem. their holocaust lies and deceit will not protect them next time. And for Jews I say this : ” the only way you can redeem yourself is by speaking out against the anti human mentality of organized Jewry.

      Jewish anti Gentile mentality

      How Jews want to destroy nations and races:

  • konwayk on December 6, 2013

    Hitler’s belief in truth has resurrected him. The world will soon know that he was right.

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