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The Latest Interview with Dennis Wise on Alternative Media

The Latest Interview with Dennis Wise on Alternative Media hosted by Farren Shoaf.

1st Hour Farren Shoaf interviews Dennis Wise


Hour 2 members of the public call in. Dennis is not here. But some callers do talk about the documentary.


Source: Alternative MediaRepublic Broadcasting

  • Erik on June 24, 2015

    Couldn’t agree more people (Watch The Following Link That Any Sane Person Agrees With).

    Those who advocate the physical assimilation of their race into one monoethic globalist collective are as just as psychotic, and just as evil, as those who advocate the physical extermination/sterilization of every race but their own. Both extremes are forms of genocide but while one is universally condemned the other is universally advocated in our Zionist media.

    Should we blend blacks in Africa out of existence too with the Chinese ?! Should we sterilize the black race?! After all no gassing is involved ?!

    This is what’s happening to Europeans and its about time we stop it and reverse it before it’s too late!

    Our “leaders” should die a painful and slow death for selling our races future to World Jewry.

    Wake up ppl!

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

  • John Fitzgerald on May 14, 2015

    Mr. Wise,

    Thank you very much for your courage and integrity writing, producing and directing this masterpiece of suppressed history. As others have said, it truly has changed my life and I’m sure the many I have sent the documentary link to. I just purchased your DVD last night and look forward to sharing it with those who have courage to face truth head on. I also plan on incorporating your film into my campaign for Congress discussion if I should choose to run again in 2016 here in Northern California. This information has to be spread far and wide. Thank you again and know that you have many people who appreciate your dedication to righting the wrongs cast upon Germany and its people. You truly have inspired me to do more.

  • ego sum qui sum on May 7, 2015

    Yes we are losing our identity through “multiculturalism”, but don’t forget those who sided with the SS and volunteered for the Axis. So don’t be getting all “Scandinavian blood of Thor thunder god”. Keep it real, keep your eyes on the prize and respect the reality of what the documentary represents. Know what Adolf stood for, not what we have been told he stood for.

    Brilliant interview Mr. Wise. With elections in England and “Victory in Europe day” tomorrow let us all hold true to the Truth while the blind and misled believe they have freedom of choice vote for their preferred puppet.

    Gott mit uns.

    • Erik on May 11, 2015

      Hi to you

      “Losing identity” is an inaccurate description of what’s going on. The accurate term would be GENOCIDE and I’m not going to give up on this issue.

      Yes Great Adolf stood for many Good things such as opposing the Jewish-Masonic-Satanic NWO.
      Yes Adolf respected other races and peoples. Yes Adolf was maybe the greatest leader of all times.

      But I promise you Adolf was against multiculturalism. Adolf was a German and a Germanic patriot who loved his race and was proud of his race – Not only in Germany but the Germanic race as a whole.

      Yes Adolf was a Christian who believed in God and who was in opposition to the Godless Marxist ideology.

      You are correct Adolf was all of these Good things, But Adolf never accepted the idea of “Multiculturalism” which is essentially genocidal scam designed to wipe out White people from the face of the planet.

      Regarding “genes of Thor” etc. I just mentioned it to boost moral so don’t take it literally 🙂

      But as a Swede I’m proud of the Germanic heritage of the Swedish people and I recognize the historical blood relation the Swedes have not only with Norwegians and Danes but also with the German people – We have the same historic and biological roots.


      Gud Med Oss

      Occupied Sweden

  • Thank You on April 6, 2015

    Greetings from Germany.
    Thanks so much for your work. I felt all the time we get lied, im sorry for my bad english. Thanks So Much again for your Work. Our Non existing (Goverment) Try to kill us by Mass Imigration … Like its descriped in the Hooton plan. May God Bless you , Thanks this Documentary brought me new Energy and Hope that this zionist Guys plan will Fail Some day before we get swapped away from mother earth.

    • Erik on April 14, 2015

      My German borhter.

      Your Germanic brothers and sisters in Scandinavia feel the same way you do.
      Your brothers in Sweden are also worried of the ethnic cleansing taking place in our land.

      Sometimes I’ so worried that I fall into depression. But then I remined myself that defeatism isn’t the way of our ancestors.

      Sometimes I wonder why have kids if their Germanic genes – my genes – aren’t going to survive the program of genocide through assimilation taking place in our lands. Why bother ?! Why invest in kids if those kids are going to date a Third Wolder and my bloodline is dead.

      This are bothering toughts. But these thoughts are damaging. Our race does have hope. There’s always hope. HAVE babies – don’t let such stupid thought enter you mind.

      There are those who care about the people of Tibet’s right to survive and live but don’t care about are right to exist. They see this cute blond blue eye Germanic kid and say that kids that look like this should die out. They don’t have the right to exist on the earth. Other races fine.
      But this little cute Germanic kid has no right to exist they say. It is “racist” and “evil” to even try to defend the right of such babies to be born. It is “evil” to even want our race to exist.

      What would happen if people like you and me were to say that BLACK babies
      don’t have the right to be born anymore?!

      You must spread the mantra I present here. Created by Bob Whitaker, this can help us awaken as many of our folk to the reality of what’s going on, The reality that’s in everybody’s face.

      Fight without hesitation the genocide thorough assimilation. Defend the honor still left in German girls. Don’t allow German girl intermarry with a non-white.

      Protect the honor still left in our race.

      Awaken our people and make sure that the racially alien migrants REMOVED
      from Germany through repatriation. This immigration isn’t aid us, it is there to kill us and our people.

      Don’t give a damn about what other people think – Don’t tolerate a Turk, a Arab or any other alien date the women of our race in our own lands – It is killing our race.

      Awaken as many of our people to the genocide charge – HANG the criminals
      who brought the Third World into our nations. Remove the aliens from our
      nations. Remove the aliens from Germany : From Berlin, From Bavaria, From
      Saxony, From Hamburg, From Dreseden – From ALL Germany. Do it humanly
      as possible and provide them with compensation. If they resist their
      relocation and start acting violently that we shall act violently as well and don’t forget my German brother we have the genes of our forfathers
      within us – we have the genes of the Vikings and the Germanic warriours who destroyed the Roman Empire, we have the genes of Werner Von Braun – The man who put NASA and mankind on the moon.

      We have the genes of Thor – the thunder god himself – in our veins.

      Bob’s Training :

      Anglo-Saxon girl is angry at what’s happening to our race:

      Fight for our race’s survival!


      Occupied Sweden

      • Thank You on April 23, 2015

        I have 2 Kids and im Worried about what happen near the russian borders , In our Media The most time they tell us the Russians Comming but Putin not looks like acting like the North Atlantic Terror Organization guys wich bring theire bases close to theire borders …

        Yes we are occupied too and Obama said 2009 or so Germany would stay an Occupied Country , they also have Nukes on our ground and also Many Bases , and with that Bases they gonna kill ppl in Theire Countrys from German Soil.(if a War Breaks out i Bet They Say the Germans are the Bad Guys again).

        And we must take this Refugee guys then in Our Country. when the People would say No They Tell them Nazi or Racist’s. 70 Years of Bullshit Propaganda did a Good Job i Think.

        Oh I Ask my Self: When someone Break In Your Home you Would let him Finish his “Job” To Theft you, or you will Pull him Out ?! But the Goverment wich is Installed By the Allies will never Hear this Question instead the call you a Racist.

        Yes then im Guilty as a Nazi / Racist because i Want that also my Kids , Family & Friends and all People can Life in Peace and Save theire Culture ands Nations.

        I’ll wish you all the Best , And ill hope there will come Better Times for all of Us.

        PS: Sorry for my English 😉 i didnt liked it much and my School time is long time gone.

        • Erik on May 7, 2015

          My German brother.

          This is an issue of SURVIVAL it is not a game. It is the future of our race of our children that is a stake here.

          If nothing is done there will be no German people in 50 years from now, there will be nor German culture left and there will be no German economy left.

          There reason the German economy is strong is because of the genetic potential of the German people. Bringing Third World people into Germany is not only genocide of the German people but also genocide of the German economy.

          Human races are not the same – the races of humanity had evolved differently in different regions of the Earth depending on the harsh conditions in those areas.

          The harsher the geographic area the stronger the race that is forged in this are for the struggle to life.
          Here’s Dr. David Duke’s book “My Awakening” providing an objective non-pc info on the races of humanity and their development in period hundreds of thousands of year.

          The German race was originated in Scandinavia. The German race was forged in Scandinavia for tens of thousands of years. Living is the frozen north was very difficult for our Germanic forefathers and this is exactly what made the German race stronger and intelligent as only the strongest and smartest genes survived in the frozen north – What does not kill you make you STRONGER.

          The Black and Brown races had evolved in a different geography where “life is easy” – no need to survive from cold or save food for the winter, no need to delay pleasures etc. hence their low IQ and violent tendencies.

          Human races are not the same. The were created differently by God or Nature. And every race of humanity whether Black, Asian, Brown or Our Germanic race has the right to live and be preserved.

          Fight for our race!

          The German race was originated and forged in Scandinavia:

          The Vikings – Another German influence on Europe.


          Occupied Sweden

          Gud Med Oss!

      • hernan on October 25, 2016

        hello Erik.
        the video “Anglo-Saxon girl is angry at what’s happening” was removed in possible This video can be achieved anywhere else?
        youtube often block these videos …..
        hernan from Argentina.

  • Sandis on April 4, 2015

    Mr. Wise, it is inspiring to listen to you, it’s great to hear that you’re still strong, I’ve watched AHTGSNT and it changed my family in the best way possible, I’m from Latvia and we still have a strong presents of our veterans from (WAFFEN-SS), who pays their respect at 16th of March every Year, and they get a lot of hate, of course Russia is playing big role in our countries oppression, but I can’t thank you enough for your incredible dedication, I’ve thank you from the bottom of my hearth!…

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