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Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles

Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles Below

In 2015, Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she threw down the gauntlet to the biggest taboo of our times. Revisionism . . . on German TV! A seismic event.

  • Erik on January 28, 2016

    Nations Who Make Themselves Into Mongrels SIN Against God & Nature.

    God made in a certain way. If you think that you know better than God what’s Good for you, then you SIN against God. There’s a reason Why God made you an Aryan. Don’t try to “Play God” by thinking you know better than God what’s better for you!

    Don’t race-mix! Don’t destroy your genetic line! Mate only with individuals who are part of your race – part of your gene pool!

    Preserve God’s creation. Preserve what’s natural and good in this world. Preserve the way God made you! God knows better than you!

    Oppose Multiculturalism which is nothing more than a genocidal scam against our folk. Oppose this attack on nature. Remove the invaders from our homelands. Send them back to their ancestral homelands by whatever means necessary.

    Please don’t doom future generations of our people for destruction. We are taking about the fate of the earth for the next tens of thousands of years! It is not a game.

  • Edward on November 22, 2015

    I watched TGSND 2 days ago. It crushed me and caused me to shed a tear for humanity. I’m an American. Both of my grandfathers and 4 of my great uncles fought in this war. It hurts to learn that we were fighting on the wrong side. I’m not sure as to whether or not I’m glad that they didn’t live to learn the truth. I was in the military as well, and after reading the now unavailable autobiography of Saddam Hussein, I realized we truly were on the wrong side again. It’s tough getting people to lower their inhibitions enough to open their minds to the now available facts – they look at me like I’m crazy or ask if I’ve become a “Neo-Nazi”. We’ve been so brainwashed and it’s depressing. At least, for the time being, we can still talk about it without being thrown in jail here – so I’ll keep trying. It opens the door to so much else that’s going wrong today. We have a tradition of thanking our veterans for their service here in America. I hope I’m able to meet an old German soldier before they’re all gone, so I can thank him for fighting valiantly for the Western world and to say I’m sorry. I hope the German people will be able to finally lift their heads, they have much to be proud of.

    • Manny Baudet on December 9, 2015

      I want to thank all the brave people that have bought us the truth finally, I have been to Germany several times and have found the German people to be the kindest European people. I know this information is true and I would have gladly fought along side the German people. I have been tortured and an attempt was made on my life in 2009 by the enemies of Humanity in the UK(parasites,bankers,etc)If anyone cares to take note, It was a German Consultant that has operated on me 5 times since 2010, and has kept me alive. If any body needs to contact me regarding security issues I would gladly help. Also a warning to all Europeans, the enemy is far closer than most realise. Best wishes to all the people that have finally woken up. Manny

    • Johnny on June 11, 2016

      Edward I agree whole heartedly with you. I has unsettled my tremendously. My grandpa was also in ww2. It is very hard to deal with. I feel we owe a tremendous apology to the German people. It is very sad.

  • Erik on November 17, 2015

    Heart Breaking Show By Dr. David Duke About the Genocide Of European Mankind by Multiculturalism and the terrorist attack in Paris:

    Dr. Duke talks about how during the past 50 years, the Zionists wanted to wipe the peoples of Europe – who for thousands of years preserved their heritage – and replace us with Negroes, Arabs and other low IQ dark races from the third world.

    We must understand how the Zionits wanted to take our organic identities of “German”, “Irishman” etc. and turn them from something organic – biology/reality based – to something abstract with no meaning – i.e. passport based.

    For example,People like Abdullah Almani in the comment section who are racially, genetically and practically Arab but like to pretend that they are “German” because they were “born” in Germany- His parents must have been guest workers who came to Germany in the 1960s or 1970s from some hellhole in the middle-east :).

    A Japanese would laugh if told that a Nigerian can suddenly turn into “Japanese” by just being “born” in Japan or that a Tiger can just become a “lion” by being “born” in the Lion’s natural habitat.

    Yet We Whites are asked to put up with this kind of insanity.

    Usually when, for some reason a Brown bear is born among Polar(White)Bears, the brown bear isn’t considered to be a “Polar bear” but rather the Zoologists transfer him to live among his own kind i.e. among other brown bears in their natural habitat. This is what we are going to do with people like Abdullah Almani 🙂

    Just as I’ve said, The Brown bear isn’t considered by the Zoologists for one second to be just another “polar bear”. Why? Because “Political Correctness” didn’t manage to distort the perception of reality of Zoologists yet 🙂 – Their brains aren’t dead yet in this regard.

    People Abdullah Almani like to think that they are “German” and like to think that they can date our blond blue eyed Germanic women under the guise of “Germanic” and thus be used as a weapon to kill our genes and our people in the process – something which we the Nationalists will not allow!

    But as I just said a Brown bear remains a brown bear. Passport cannot change genes or racial origin. It says “German” in the passport but it is still an Arab in the genes and thus in REALITY 🙂

    Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on November 11, 2015

    Imagine Nigerian born in Japan telling the Japanese people “Do you think you are more Japanese than me because your ancestors live here longer”?!

    Only we whites have to put up with such silly arguments!

    You wrote “Because I was born in Germany, a germanic country…”

    What made Germany a “Germanic” country is the fact that it was made from a specific ethnic racial group – Scandinavians who are the original Germanics who formed it! Germanic is blood not region! If a nation has an Arab gene pool – even if they speak a Germanic language – such a nation isn’t Germanic but Arabic. Place of birth and language doesn’t make you Germanic or Japanese or Nigerian or an Arab. Blood DOES!

    “I’m german. And I’m germanic,nothing more or less than you”

    Your are as much as “German” as a Nigerian born in China is a “Chinese”.. 🙂

    Isn’t it true that Arabs have an IQ of 85?! 🙂

    I don’t hate Arabs but I believe that you Arabs should live in Arabia and not in Germanic nations under the guise of “Germanic”..

    “I admit I hate all germanic nationalism and patriotism because it’s evil in my eyes”..

    Of course they are “evil” in your eyes because they are in touch with reality as they recognize that you are not “German” or “Germanic” any more than a human being born in the sea is a “fish”..

    Everybody who recognizes true is “evil” because truth isn’t always nice nor is it “politically correct”.. You hate Germanic nationalism because they recognize the truth as the truth is that you are not “German”..

    “At the end we’re not even that different”

    We are VERY DIFFERENT. We can easily identify you by your low IQ ,non-creativity, temper , Arab facial features of black hair, black eyes, brown skin and hooked nose.

    Keep try present us as “evil” while you try to wipe out our existence!! Good for you! Germanics never wanted to wipe out Arabs. We don’t desire your extinction! Only that you live us along and please don’t walk with our ID.

    The people in the following video don’t look like Arab:

    Gud Med Oss

    • Erik on November 13, 2015

      Spelling correction:

      After reading my post I realized that I’ve made a spelling error.

      The correct sentence is :

      “Keep try present us as “evil” while you try to wipe out our existence!! Good for you! Germanics never wanted to wipe out Arabs. We don’t desire your extinction! Only that you LEAVE us ALONE and please don’t walk with our ID.”

      The words “live” and “leave” sound alike but have different spellings(Same is true for “along” and “alone”). This is why I made a spelling error. The sound of the word can be misleading especially in case that English isn’t your native tongue (Mine’s Swedish 🙂 ).This is why I made a spelling error. Usually I don’t analyze my comment for spelling errors when I post it :).

      At least I can acknowledge my errors and fix them. Unlike many who think that they are a “God” who can never make mistakes. No one’s perfect. Yes, Even Nordics aren’t perfect 🙂

      Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on October 16, 2015


    Many people think that I’m too harsh and too offensive with my language and that I’m too cruel and too hard on people. Yes, it seems like that, unless you know my intention and motivation.

    I use offensive language “insane, stupid, brainless etc.”…”people like you will be punished etc.” with an intent in order to create an emotional response within the heavily programmed liberal individual to bring about change in behavior (Look: ) . “Hate” isn’t never my motivation.Result and Change of behavior toward healthy thinking is my motivation. I don’t “hate” the avg liberal who was brainwashed not to believe in race and justify our genocide as he was brainwashed by the Evil NWO, But I intentionally use offensive language and humiliation in order to deprogram him. It works. When I say that “Races are not equal and aren’t of the same value” I know it is offensive and I myself don’t feel good with myself saying that. But I say that because I know that this is the truth. What ever you do, make sure that your INTENT isn’t motivated by hate and vengeance or revenge but by what is right and wrong. We need to hang the people who brought the third world into Europe not out of revenge but out of the fact that they MUST be used as an example for OTHERS on what is the fate of traitors who endanger society because otherwise society will decline into chaos. If I wanted revenge I would have supported TORTURE, but I don’t because my motive isn’t revenge. They need to be hanged before tribunal and that’s it. We need to remove the non-white immigrants from Europe in order to save our race from extinction not because we “hate” them, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do. I know it is more difficult said than done but what ever we do we need to make sure that we aren’t motivated by “hate”. We do need to hate bad behavior it is good to hate evil. But evil people need to be punished not because we hate them but because it is the right thing to do so society could function and not decline into chaos and destruction.

    Criticism Is Not “Hate”:

    We are ruled by fools and idiots:

    Information IS a product.

    Gud Med Oss

    • Erik on October 17, 2015

      Correction to my post : The link isn’t “…/FTWR-12.mp3” as shown above but rather this :

      This link will teach you humiliation tactics in order to deprogram liberals and other Anti-Whites in your area. Make sure that you “humiliate” and “threaten” liberals regarding the implications of their destructive views in order to DEPROGRAM them. Make sure that your INTENT is never “Hate” and don’t be motivated by it , only by what is RIGHT and WRONG. “Hating” will not solve our problems. Only doing what’s RIGHT will.

      Gud Med Oss

  • Erik on October 13, 2015

    Hi Mr. Tony.

    I don’t think you are willing to go back to the stone age and live as Africans today live in Africa in are

    as which were not effected by Western (White) aid. But you are trying to prove how “tolerating” you are towards other races and by doing that boosting your own ego. Honesty isn’t important to people like you. Only ego – YOUR EGO. You wanna look good in the eyes of others and I understand that. But when it comes to the real world you will never wanna go and live like these Blacks live in Africa:

    By trying to show how accepting you are toward other races you just made a fool of yourself. People who seek the truth and aren’t driven by political correctness and ego don’t look kindly at people who make a toilet paper out of themselves.

    “I find beauty among all races” is technically correct. Yes, there are good looking people among all races, even among blacks. But the reality that by the world’s standard Aryan beauty rules. You barely see Black or brown women advertised as ideal for beauty. The Aryan women is and was the ideal beauty among all races. White man will almost never want to date or have sex with a Black woman as Black woman aren’t that attractive. But almost all Black man would like to have sex with a White woman. Why is it?

    Ordinary German women in training 1937 (These women aren’t models. They were the avg look of young German women back in the 1930s before the multi-culture filth infected our lands)

    Most Aryans are beautiful not only in my view but by the worlds STANDARD of beauty. The fact is that BEAUTY is the RULE among Aryans (especially Aryans of Germanic origin) and being UGLY is the EXCEPTION. While among other races (Muslim/Browns and Africans) it is the exact opposite. As a Swede I myself saw Black people that look good. But they are very rare. The fact is that I find most Blacks and Muslims to be ugly and their looks is offensive to me. Only a few are good looking in my eyes.

    The fact is that White Americans in generals regard Black as ugly: New University Study Claims Americans Subconsciously Associate Black People With Apes:

    Why Non-Whites and Liberals are the greatest White Supremacists:

    People say that I “hate” Blacks and browns. But I don’t. I don’t “like” them but I don’t “hate” them. It’s the same as : I don’t “like” pasta but I don’t “hate” pasta. We Swedes just not happy, being around them. We feel alienated . It is nature to want to be with your own.
    In a multi-racial society people don’t “love” each other. In the worst case scenario they hate each other. In the best case scenario the “Tolerate” each other, but they don’t “love” each other and they don’t “like” each other. People are different. I prefer my race over other races in the same sense that a parent would prefer their own children over the children of others. But that does not mean they “hate” the children of others. It’s just nature that you put your own flesh and blood first and you feel more connected to your own.
    In this sense my race – the Germanic race – is my flesh and blood i.e. my extended family and I naturally love them more than I would any other group.

    People accuse me of “racism”. But TRUTH isn’t hate. It is only hate for those who hate the truth. Reality that is, Racial realities (differences in worth and Intelligence etc.) are very inconvenient to people and therefore people hate this cruel reality i.e. Truth and they hate those who point out this truth that the races aren’t equal and aren’t of the same value. What is TRUTH :

    I offend people with intention – a good intention – better tell a painful truth to people that “all men are NOT created equal” and have a healthy society without multi-racialism and its destructive results, Than being “nice and polite” and have a society where people are in pain and suffer- society with hate and no love. National Socialism is really following the natural laws – i.e. reality – and accepting it as cruel and unfair as it may be and building your morality in a way that will not be in conflict with natural law to bring about a society where people are happier and healthier and truly LOVE each other – society based on race and blood relation. If you follow the natural design created by God i.e. don’t say “all men are created equal” (which BTW is a LIE with no basis in reality), don’t mix races in the same geography, don’t promote gender role confusion and unhealthy values and our lives would be happy and fine.

    Better painful and offensive TRUTH that creates a health and happy society than a “nice” and “polite” lie of “all races are equal” and have a society where people are in misery. Without this marxist lie of “all men are equal” multi-racialism couldn’t have taken place in Europe. They had to sell it in media and education. What is the result of this lie?! PAIN and destruction of our race. Painful Truth is always better the a nice lie. By telling the Truth I don’t mean going to an ugly person and telling him in is face that he is an ugly looking person. That’s wrong. That’s evil even if Truth. Sometimes it is better not to tell the truth as telling the truth isn’t efficient in terms of society. By telling the Truth I mean only in cases were not telling the truth is damaging to society. When the benefit of telling the truth is bigger than not telling it. The lie of “all races are equal” is DAMAGING to society as it is the basis of the multi-cultural religion and racial integration of Schools that DESTROYS our White society. In this case, We have to tell the truth. We need to tell the truth when we see something that is against the natural order. Something harmful. The idea of “racial equality” is harmful and its results are devastating. In this case better tell the truth and offend people than being “nice” and allow society to decline into chaos. And the truth is that the Black and Brown races aren’t equal to the White Race. They don’t have the same value as the White race and they shouldn’t be treated as equal to whites in any way shape manner or form. You don’t expect from a Nigerian the same as you would from a German in duties. At the same time we should not harm other races or oppress them and I believe that the punishment for those who harm Blacks or Browns for no reason would be the same as those who harm whites. Legally the races should be treated as equal under the law. But socially and economically the races should not be treated as equal as it is in conflict with natural law. You shouldn’t expect that a Somali or a Negro or an Arab manage IQ tests in the same way as Whites.

    Why do Liberals behave the way they behave I was asked. They have EGOS and they want to “look good” and “respectable” in the eyes of the media and people in order to boost their sense of self worth and ego. At the same time they are willing to destroy the future of their nation, their children and their race in the process. They are NOT Good people. They want to look good to colored people by allowing a colored man to date their White daughters (over my dead body- I still have honor:)). They don’t like these Blacks who date their daughters. They like their EGO. What motivates them isn’t “love” towards other races but respectability and ego. They don’t care about right and wrong. National Socialism’s 2nd rule means RACIAL IDEALISM : Putting YOUR race FIRST:

    This is TRUE LOVE. Adolf had TRUE LOVE. NO EGO. JUST PURE LOVE for the German people and the Germanic race as I have for it and I’m willing to die for the right of my race to live.

    True Love is based on Honor. Honor means truly loving your own group, your own flesh and blood FIRST while respecting other races – not “hating” them in any way.
    Humanism in the modern politically correct sense means “loving”(which is really about ego) other races by HATING your own race and people. Our Zio media in Sweden really HATES our own people by promoting race-mixing and degeneracy. If you truly love something. You would want it to survive and go on. Wiping out a race isn’t loving a race.

    The net result is that Honor has love and no hate. White Humanism – Universalism- has no love (or little love) and more hate – hate to your own. What is more efficient system to bring about a world of love?!

    Liberals want to pretend that they “love” other races and they do that by HATING their own race and their own people (i.e. being anti-white). The net result is that they don’t love anybody. They love only themselves and their ego and self image. They want to “look Good” and “Tolerant”. Respectability is their disease and it’s used by their master the Zionists. Only someone who hates the Swedish people would bring the third world into our once beautiful land.

    National Socialism is about TRUE LOVE. You love YOUR people and your race FIRST and you put your own race FIRST while at the same time respecting – not harming – other races and their RIGHT to be DIFFERENT. NS is far more efficient system in terms of LOVE. It’s God way. If God had a formula that would be it.

    Regarding Hitler racial views. Hitler in Mien Kampf (read it carefully) recognized the Superiority of the Aryan race over other races. But Hitler’s motives weren’t hate. But love for truth. The Aryan is the Creator of culture. The East-Asian is the Carrier of Culture and African is a destroyer of the the Higher culture. But Hitler’s motives weren’t driven by hate. They were truth. Every place in Africa where the Whites built was destroyed by Blacks who couldn’t maintain a high culture. Hitler observations were an accurate image of the world.

    But Hitler recognized Aryan superiority in Mein Kampf. But He wasn’t a Supermacist in the sense that he did not “hate” other races or wanted to be supreme over them:

    In Mein Kampf Hitler saw the presence of negroes led by the french as a threat to the biological integrity of the German people and he also opposed Multi-Racialism and Multi-Culturalism. But wanting to preserve your own people doesn’t make Hitler a “racist” or an “hater” of others. Every race has the right to preserve itself:

    To say that National Socialism wasn’t based on race is a lie. Race is the foundation of National Socialism. National Socialism was a RACIALIST movement NOT A RACIST movement and that’s a big difference. NS was based on racial pride and racial preservation. NS was NOT based on hatred toward other races. National Socialism Explained:

    Hitler opposed Multiculturalism and Multiracialism and he pointed out in mein kampf many times that people who make themselves into mixed blood SIN against God and Nature. Yes Hitler opposed race-mixing since he wanted to preserve the Germanic race. Hitler was a RACIALIST NOT A RACIST!
    “Racist” is someone who hates other races and want to harm them or rule them. Something Hitler wasn’t while RACIALIST is someone who is racial identity and racial consciousness. German “Racism” was based on improving the Nordic race while at the same time telling other races in Africa and the middle east to improve themselves as well with Germany’s help. Hitler wanted to HELP all races to improve themselves. This is not “hate”. This is care.

    Regarding the Multi-Racial Waffen-SS . Originally the Waffen SS was meant to be 100% of Germanic blood (either German, dutch or Scandinavian)as all Germanics are the same blood and are family :

    but as time went on and Germany needed more troops Hitler had agreed to welcome volenters from non-Germanic and and even non-white nations. They were brought Including Indians, East-Asians, Arabs,Japansese, Iraqis, Georgians and even, yes even Negroes!. They fought as part of the German army, The were NOT SEGREGATED (unlike in the US army) and were treated well with respect. They were also told that they have to respect German Racial Laws and not have sexual relations with German women etc. But you need to realize that these Arabs, Africans and Asians were VERY FEW in numbers (150,000 Jews not included) and were only allowed to stay in Germany temporarily, for the duration of the war. They were to return to the home nations after the wars’ end. In no way did Hitler allow them to stay in Germany or assimilate in Germany. They were told to respect the German Racial Laws and the National Socialist State. They were NOT allowed to engage in sexual relations with German women. But overall they were treated well with respect. In fact, obeying the Racial Laws were the last point Hitler made to the German people in his Last Political Testament:

    Hitler’s Multi-Racial Army:

    Hitler NEVER supported Multiculturalism as we understand the term today. He was for a very short time for multi-racial branch of the army. NOT multiracial country! Please Don’t confuse between the two. Hitler said many times in Mein Kampf and in the German Law that race-mixing is wrong and is forbidden. However, It does prove that Hitler wasn’t “racist” per-se and he did not “hate” other races per-se as long as they respect German racial laws and the National Socialist state.

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

    • Abdullah Almani on November 7, 2015

      I read all of your comments here..and I’m sure you meant everything seriously.I’m sure you don’t know that you’re completely obsessed… I don’t know why, I also don’t know why Hitler was, but I guess he would be damn proud of you! As well as Anders Behring Breivik!
      I know any cure is to late for you and considering this I’m even a bit sad about this…I feel slightly sorry for you and your ideology companions.
      Actually it doesn’t make sense for me to reply to anything what you have written but let me point out just these two arguments:
      First: I’m german. And I’m germanic,nothing more or less than you. Because I was born in Germany, a germanic country as probably you were born in sweden, a north germanic country. There is no difference! I admit I hate all germanic nationalism and patriotism because it’s evil in my eyes. So yes, I’m a self hating german… but man, isn’t that better to hate on other people?! My ancestors were arabs but I’m not at all! Do you think you are ‘more’ germanic because your ancestors have lived longer in europe? This is a false logic because a nation is an ongoing process, made up by it’s people…there is no point, when a nation is finished. Thus, everyone who gets born or assimilated to that country is part of the ethnicity/race. You wrote a lot about nature process, so then here you are: this is nature! Second:You might be germanic as a swede
      Your whole ideology will fall if you consider, that human are free individuals, with free will. You are just one single guy in this world, I guess you’re no god, no holy ghost or whatever so you have absolutely no right to speak for a whole race. You have no race my friend. It’s not youre race! You don’t own it but any individual human owns himself! You are not the absolute emperor of nature and NO one of us human will probably ever be. People will decide with whom they have sex as it always has been. For sure you try to create a system and breed human but there will be resistance. You’ll never find support in your whole race without force. You might then think you have won but the truth is, that you have lost everything: you lost your humanity. You will be no human any longer! No human is allowed to decide about human fate!

      Last bun non least I need to say that I’m to 100% left-orientated with anarchistic tendency. I believe in tolerance and individual freedom. And I used to believe in pacifism but I’m afraid, after reading stuff her on that website, I lost that pacifistic moral. Yes, you made it possible. Because now I see pacifism is just idealism and not possible because there are just people like you. People I would probably kill now, if they were about to get in power and it would be my last chance to save the freedom of humanity!
      So as you can see, at the end we’re not even that different. We don’t know who is the good or the evil, we just believe in what we feel and we want to defend it. It’s sad but true.

      I’m not sure right now if I hate you or not…I know I should not but, man, it’s damn difficult, are you feeling the same?
      Well, at least you widened my horizon once again and this is positive. Actually I didnt even wanted to visit this nazi page at the beginning but now I’m glad I did.
      So thank you for that man

      • Erik on November 11, 2015

        Hi White Bear…Sorry..I meant “Brown” Bear.

        You are not a German any more than a Sudanee born in Japan is a Sudanee and anymore than a Chicken born among horses is a horse.

        And yes we are going to save our race and kick your kind out of our nations. We are going to get rid of you one way or the other. Hopefully peacefully.

        You are not Germanic and you will never be. You don’t have a Germanic blood or a European blood. Hence you are not part of our people and you will never be.

        You have the right to exist in your country as much as we have the right to exist in ours.

        Usually when a brown bear is born White bears the brown bear isn’t looked at as a “white bear” but rather the Zoo Personal transfer him to live among his kind (brown bears). This is what we are going to do with you.

        In the upcoming civil war for our survival we will show no mercy to those who want to wipe our seed and our genes from the earth.

        Gud Med Oss.

        • Erik on November 11, 2015


          You are not a German any more than a Sudanee born in Japan is a Japanese and anymore than a Chicken born among horses is a horse.

      • Erik on November 11, 2015

        Imagine Nigerian born in Japan telling the Japanese people \”Do you think you are more Japanese than me because your ancestors live here longer\”?!

        Only we whites have to put up with such silly arguments!

        You wrote \”Because I was born in Germany, a germanic country…\”

        What made Germany a \”Germanic\” country is the fact that it was made from a specific ethnic racial group – Scandinavians who are the original Germanics who formed it! Germanic is blood not region! If a nation has an Arab gene pool – even if they speak a Germanic language – such a nation isn\’t Germanic but Arabic. Place of birth and language doesn\’t make you Germanic or Japanese or Nigerian or an Arab. Blood DOES!

        \”I’m german. And I’m germanic,nothing more or less than you\”

        Your are as much as \”German\” as a Nigerian born in China is a \”Chinese\”.. 🙂

        Isn\’t it true that Arabs have an IQ of 85?! 🙂

        I don\’t hate Arabs but I believe that you Arabs should live in Arabia and not in Germanic nations under the guise of \”Germanic\”..

        \”I admit I hate all germanic nationalism and patriotism because it’s evil in my eyes\”..

        Of course they are \”evil\” in your eyes because they are in touch with reality as they recognize that you are not \”German\” or \”Germanic\” any more than a human being born in the sea is a \”fish\”..

        Everybody who recognizes true is \”evil\” because truth isn\’t always nice nor is it \”politically correct\”.. You hate Germanic nationalism because they recognize the truth as the truth is that you are not \”German\”..

        \”At the end we’re not even that different\”

        We are VERY DIFFERENT. We can easily identify you by your low IQ ,non-creativity, temper , Arab facial features of black hair, black eyes, brown skin and hooked nose.

        Keep try present us as \”evil\” while you try to wipe out our existence!! Good for you! Germanics never wanted to wipe out Arabs. We don\’t desire your extinction! Only that you live us along and please don\’t walk with our ID.

        Gud Med Oss

        • Erik on November 14, 2015

          Dear Admin/Dennis Wise.

          This specific comment can be erased (The comment with the “\….\”. error)

          It was sent twice (I thought it was not sent in the first place). The CORRECT comment is in the top of the comment section with my spelling error correction attached to it)

          Thank you in advance. And I hope that we can move people into healthy thinking and healthy instincts with this website for the sake of their children and future generations.

  • Max on August 5, 2015

    Hi Eric

    The immigrant riots in Sweden are already old news and the mud races you have in your country will be destroying something else unless you stop them.

    Eric, many of you Swedes are naive and don’t understand why this happened. What the hell did you Swedes expect when you let those creatures into your country?! Mud races specialize in destroying cultures and civilizations . They are not White.

    They don’t act, belive, feel or function as the White Man does. They do not under any circumcetens or condtions belong on the same continent let alone in the same country as White People. There’s nothing White people can do to change the fact that no matter how much schooling or training is provided, Mud Peopleare never going to be like us. They are never EVER going to be White.

    But this is what the Marxist line is : “We are all the same” they claim. Marxists and Leftists claim the only reason Mud Peoples aren’t great buidlers of advanced technolgical civilizations with moral fiber and integrity is because they werne’t given the same advantages as the White Man was given. So if we bring all of these “distatantage minorities” into our countries and share what we have with them and teach them our ways and how to live as we live they will respond and act accorgdingly right?! They only differene between us will be purly physical right?! But nothing else that will make them diifernet from us in any qualitative way such as Intelligence, Achievement or Innovation will be observed.

    The all house of cards comes crushing down when race reality sets in. Rather than bringing mud peoples up to our level, the truth of the enourmoes diffrences in race is highlighted.

    The more we try to make them like us, the more fraustreted they become and as that fraustation builds anger and hatred starts to set in.

    Eventually they come to despise with a hatred fired and fuled by who we are and the fact the can never EVER be us. They DO NOT and CANNOT understand our countries and our cultures. They are NOT us.

    We must stop to try to make them what they are not. The natural way is the only way. The more they live among us, the more inferiority complex they have and eventually they come to hate themselves for not being like us and they come to hate us for reminding them with our presence that they are a lower form of life.

    What relation do Middle Easterners or Negroes have with us White People !? None! The races of humanity were never meant to share the same space to begin with! Why go against nature?!

    They hate us for they know that we are BETTER than they are. We are a higher form of life and they know it. Negroes and other Mud races can look at the mirror and see their resemblence to the apes. Their women aren’t as attractive as our women and this is why they seek our women. Yes, They can look at us, they can look at our Aryan physical features with envy for they know that we are better looking they they are. They know that we are more creative and productive than they are. They know that we create societies everybody wants to live in and technologies and products that everybody wants and they hate us for it.

    They hate us for being better than they are. Our very existence reminds them everyday of their inferiority in relation to us and this is why the hate us. We don’t hate them. They hate us.

    We didn’t make them look ugly and unattractive – Nature did.

    We didn’t make them less intelligent – Nature did.

    We didn’t make them less creative – Nature did.

    Yet, we are those who take the blame for their misfortune.

    “White Privilige” that mud people always talk about isn’t about discrimination or denying them opportonities. No, “White Privilige” is the that fact that we are White and they are not. We were given a privilige by nature to be White. We won a genetic lottery. This is what “White Privilige” is all about. Our biological privilige, our Whiteness. We are a more evolved race. This is our “privilige”.

    White Superamcy (Superiority) isn’t an ideology. White Supremacy is just a fact of life.

    • Erik on August 6, 2015

      Hi Max,

      First of all I’d like to be called “Erik” rather than “Eric”, even though these are two different forms of the same name.

      Thanks for sharing your viewpoints on the subject of race. Racial realities are obvious to anyone who isn’t brain dead and anyone who is still connected to the Real World. We can’t do anything to change the racial makeup, behavior and character of the non-white races. What we should be doing is to separate ourselves from them as intended by nature. Regarding the invasion we have here in Sweden. This isn’t a matter of circumstances. This is about a policy of genocide against our people carried out by members of our own government who work for the NWO agenda on behalf of the Zionist power structure. Swedes will be a minority in Sweden in about 17 years from now. Our people have the right to live and continue. Our Nordic/Germanic ancestors didn’t fight and die for thousands of years so we would be replaced in our own land by alien invaders – Arabs, Negroes etc. – who don’t belong here and who come here only to exploit us and people like parasites.

      You seem to blame ethnic Swedes for this situation. We are naïve. We are to be blamed for what’s going on. I have news for you : We weren’t asked about this at all. We weren’t asked whether we want our race to be wiped out in our own land. It was forced against us. No sane people on earth would agree with its own extinction… It is an agenda. It doesn’t make sense because it is a agenda carried out by the NWO. but our people are slowly awakening.

      We will make sure that the non-whites living among us return back to their nations peacefully or otherwise. We the Nationalists who love our people will not rest until every Zionist traitor in our government, academia and media is dead. We will hunt down these communists until everyone of them is dead. God is our witness.

      Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP got rid of the traitors to Germany in the “night of the long knives” for the sake of Germany for Hitler was a Germanic hero who loved Germany and loved the Germanic peoples and the Germanic race as a whole. He knew this was needed to be done. We shall carry out his holy tradition.

      Communism is our eternal enemy. Once the revolution is under way the punishment we shall give for those who are communists and Marxists is one : DEATH BY HANGING. Those who endanger a entire race and nation will pay with their lives for TREASON.

      Gud Med Oss

      • Kämpande göteborgare on January 12, 2016

        Gött erik du har klockrena analyser.

        • Erik on January 15, 2016

          Tack så mycket ! 🙂

          Gud Med Oss

    • Tony on October 7, 2015

      More evolved ?
      You mean instead of pissing into the grass, we dump sewage into the oceans, and instead of horseshit, we leave our exhaust fumes everywhere.
      And instead of hitting each other with clubs, we devised high tech ways that are capable of ending life on this planet.
      Not really something to admire.

      And who are you calling ugly and unattractive ?
      I find beauty amongst all races…

      Incidentally Hitler showed none of this racial superiority, he merely wanted to preserve the German way of life and get rid of the Zionist threat.
      Furthermore, the SS was multi cultural, check it out.

  • So far she is talking BS on July 1, 2015

    At round about 16:00 she says something like how can you have armament workers and exterminate them at the same time? Well, it’s not possible at the EXACT same time but they could have quite easily have had forced labour (or ‘interns’) as she calls them until they werent the most productive in the group and then simply take out or EXTERMINATE the weakest… That’s how it happens at the same time!!

    • So far she is talking BS on July 1, 2015

      “Your comment awaiting moderation.” And you people complain about censorship??

      • TGSNTtv Team on July 1, 2015

        It sure does await moderation, and for good reason, people who are trolling and using bad language for example.
        This ensures that the public, who are mostly here to learn something new doesn’t have to listen to fowl mouthed imbeciles who can’t even thread a sentence together. Your comment has now been approved.

  • Druid on June 25, 2015

    She’s not only a Nazi supporter, she is also an Anthroposophist, that is a disciple of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, like her late husband Werner Georg Haverbeck, who was a researcher for the Ahnenerbe, as well as a priest of the Christian Community (an independent religious community based on Steiner’s teachings but distinct from the Anthroposophical Society). He was mainly known for being the founder of the Collegium Humanum, which has been banned by the US-Zionist-led anti-nazi government that is now called “Germany”.

    • Druid on July 7, 2015

      By the way, I read somewhere that anthroposophy was being equated by dubious writers with the “Extreme Right”. This is absolute nonsense due to outright ignorance. Rudolf Steiner corresponded with Socialists, such as Rosa Luxembourg. He used to teach not only at the Theosophical Society but anywhere they wanted him to speak, for instance he spoke a few times in socialist popular education lectures. He financed the writing of a book of conspiracy theories and wrote the introduction to that book, but he was’nt a nationalist or fascist, not by a long shot. But the fact is that anglophiles and German-bashers can be offended by the way Steiner defended Germany against unjust accusations, thus they may mistake him for a pangermanist.

  • Nick on June 25, 2015

    I think the Swedes inner Vikings, the ones who wiped out Ivan the Terrible’s invasion force, and terrorized the world during the Middle Ages has opened their eyes
    and do not like what they see. Their Germanic genes are waking up. Their anger is indeed justified.

    There is hope for them yet. You cannot push and provoke even the most civilized people indefinitely without them pushing back.

    This is just the beginning, and the Zionists and Non-Whites both who are raping Swedish girls and women, setting fire to their cities and terrorizing the populace
    are going to pay in their blood.

    I hope the Swedes start killing both en masse, because that is what it will take for them to take their land, and their freedom back. It will be the only way whites will take their lands back worldwide. It will not take eloquence, reason or persuasuion, it will require ruthless and merciless force.

    It is now time .

    By the way, Swedes realize what the Zionists are doing to them, and therfore a growing number of Swedes regard them as a threat to their lives, freedoms and their Germanic blood.


  • Erik on June 24, 2015

    Couldn’t agree more people.

    Those who advocate the physical assimilation of their race into one monoethic globalist collective are as just as psychotic, and just as evil, as those who advocate the physical extermination/sterilization of every race but their own. Both extremes are forms of genocide but while one is universally condemned the other is universally advocated in our Zionist media.

    Should we blend blacks in Africa out of existence too with the Chinese ?! Should we sterilize the black race?! After all no gassing is involved ?!

    This is what’s happening to Europeans and its about time we stop it and reverse it before it’s too late!

    Our “leaders” should die a painful and slow death for selling our races future to World Jewry.

    Wake up ppl!

    • Johanna on July 4, 2015

      I agree that our leaders should be executed for taking part in our genocide, but I don’t support torture. Do you support Torture?! Lethal injection should do the trick…

      I like your style of writing but I must ask why do you express yourself in that manner?

      I’m not criticizing you or something, but I really want to know why you write the why you do (Making a point that hurts even when someone might be offended by it)? 🙂

      • Erik on July 5, 2015

        Hi Johanna,

        No, I don’t sopport torture. I believe torture is immoral and using it turns us into the same monsters that we are trying punish. I do support the death penality for the traitors in our goverments, academia and media – a quick death. this way they will pay for what they have done and they will serve as an example for others what is the fate of traitors who endanger an entire nation .There are many methods that can bring about the death without causing too much pain. I want to see the death sentence but I cannot
        imagine torturing just for the sake of it, even to those who should and deserve to be tortured. Why? because torture turns you into a monster. We can execute the criminals and the traitors without mercy while at the same time without turning ourselves into monsters. This is what we can and shall do. A lot of people will be hanged for our attempted genocide but torture will not be part of it.

        When I wrote “Our leaders should die a slow and painful death” I used the term “should” which means that in practice they DESERVE to die a “slow and painful death” i.e. by torture. This is what they SHOULD be getting judging by what they have done. but I didn’t say I support torture.I do however support and encourgage the death penality WITHOUT MERCY for these criminals by either lethal injection (The method you gave) or hanging. But causing physical pain (torture) i.e. cutting organs etc. is just barbaric and out of the question for me. There are many ways to excuture criminals without resorting to torture.

        The reason I write the way I do (humliating etc.) is in order to remove negative programming :

        Yes, it doesn’t “seem” “nice” to repatriate to non-white immigrants but it is the RIGHT thing to do. Just think – think don’t feel- what will happen if we don’t do it?! how much suffering for future generation of our people we can avoid, We can avoid our genetic and cultural genocide. It’s better to hurt the feelings of the immigrants now, than have our children and their grandchildren face a hellish future. Our children don’t have feelings?! Our race doesn’t deserve to live?!

        What is really immoral : denying the future of our race and the safety and well being of our children or forcing the non-whites who live among us for the past 20-30 years without our consent* to go their ancentral homelands and thus “hurting and being mean” to them. Their “suffering” would be minor compared to suffering of future genenrations of our people if we won’t do it. What’s wrong in simply asking them go home to their ancestral homelands where they really belong?! They don’t belong in our land, they belong in the middle east, they belong in Africa. They have the right to exist in their own nation just as we have the right to exist in ours.

        We aren’t flooding into their lands, endangering their own race of genetic and cultural genocide. It is they that are flooding into our land and denying our future from us. Of course our “leaders” and the Zionists who control them made this invasion possible.

        At the same time I’m not advocating violence against innocent non-white people. When the option of repatriation gets practical, we will do it. If they oppose repatriation violently then we won’t have any other choice but to react in the same way to those who attack our people. They will pay in thier blood. Self-Defence is the first law of nature and we shall honor that law. If we don’t we won’t we simply survive as a race. Nature doesn’t like weakness.

        All we need is courage – moral courage – to do what is neccesary and we shall win.

        *It is forced, There was no vote regarding immigration – most White Europeans oppose immigration and Multiculturalism which a program of of genocide.

        Gud Med Oss

        Occupied Sweden,

  • Erik on June 23, 2015

    Dear Kevin,

    Sorry for the late reply,

    Self-Destructive Compassion that was taken advantage by our enemies.

    We are the most compassionate race on earth. We are the only race who cares about the life forms of the planet. Negroes and other brown races don’t give a damn about global warming, about helping other races etc. They simply cannot as a group identify and feel compassion as we do. That does not make them evil or bad but it does mean that they are on a more primitive scale of evolution than us white people.

    We don’t need to put our noses in their natural habitat and harm them or help them in any way. They should be left alone and we should make sure that we are separate from them. I don’t “hate” them and I wish them no harm. But I cannot love them either. Simply put, When I see them, their primitive behavior what they do to our once beautiful cities , I just cannot stand them. If you don’t believe go live in some black and brown areas in America and see what I’m talking about. Primitive beings. They don’t respect themselves so why should I respect them?!

    In Sweden they have destroyed every building they live. These so called “refugees” from Africa are savages. They burn cars in our cities and you are correct we cannot do nothing due to “hate” laws. Once the PC system we are under goes down the pay day will come and we’ll teach these black and brown savages a lesson they will never forget. they will taste hell from the angry thunder god himself.

    Our hammer will smash their skulls and they will be left to bleed like dead animals for every Swedish woman raped and murdered by them while taking advantage of our good hearts and our hospitality and our humane character.

    We shall deal with these savages as we should deal with our so called “leaders” who betrayed us and our people. We will make them taste FEAR. They won’t be safe in Sweden any longer….

    My reaction is a natural reaction of every form of life that wants the best for its kind. That wants its kind to survive. You can call it “racist”. It’s not.

    I prefer being called “racist” and to ensure survival of my race and future for our children than being called “tolerant” and have my race and my children have no future.

    “Racism” is a “hate” word used by Anti-Whites to justify the genocide of Whites.

    There’s no such thing as “racism”.. This term is used for political reasons. It has no basis in logic or common sense.

    If opposing the genocide of a racial group – my group – makes one “racist” than I am indeed a “racist” and proud of it.

    I know that if we do nothing now, we are not going to bring about a world of peace, love and happines.

    Being “tolerant” and “loving” towards these non-white immigrants isn’t going to happen in the real world as they are not tolerant and they will never be tolerant towards our
    right to exist. They are not going to go back to their contries through talking. Only force works. This is unfortunatly they way it’s been tourghout human history.

    I don’t like war – a racial war (which we will Easley win) . I don’t enjoy it at all. But we will come to that if there’s no other choice.

    Imagine what YOU would have done in my place.
    I was hoping we could talk these non-white invaders into returning back to their nations peacfully we some compensation on our part so they could feel good. This is what’s called to be humane and Swedes (and Germanics in general) have this in their DNA.

    But is not going to happen. They will must use force to send them back.

    Getting rid of the White Race isn’t going to create a better world. It’s going to create a World with more hate, with more pain and with more suffering. The world would be primitive and vile without White People who created western morality, who care about
    the planet, we are the race that contributed the MOST to the world in terms of technology and science. It’s better for us and for the world that we survive.


    Our racial bloodline will not be pushed out of existence on a land we cherish more than life itself, The land of Our Germanic (Scandinavian) forefathers.

    Gud Med Oss

    Occupied Sweden

    • Terry on August 15, 2016

      I cannot agree more as I’ve seen the exact same behaviour from the blacks here in Ireland. I feel sorry for the Syrians who really need the support and the black folk jumping all over the idea of a free life on offer here. Well let me tell you this won’t last long here people will get pissed off and anarcy will begin. Bring back concentration camps for the blacks and it will force them to appreciate the simple things in life. Terry

  • Erik on June 8, 2015

    Guys, Listen to the following amazing podcast and understand how people were brainwashed and programmed to justify White Genocide via psychological manipulations. The so called “Jewish Holocaust” never happened, but present day war of extermination against the White Race is real and it’s happening just before our eyes by the Anti-White psychopaths who promote the holocaust of our race race.

    No Jews were gassed in camps, but Whites are being wiped away in a deliberate attempt of genocide whose end result is a world without white people.

    Gud Med Oss

  • Patrícia Coelho on June 3, 2015

    You can all go to hell and starve like the jews, homossecuals and all other people who died on concentration camps. If you understand a little thing about Biology you’d known that is not such thing as “races” -.-

    • Erik on June 4, 2015

      You’re “correct” there is no such thing as “race” : 🙂

      Example I why race “doesn’t exist”:

      Example II why race “doesn’t exist”:

      BTW what would happen to the German economy if all of Germany’s population is replaced with that of Somalia?!

      Yet, races don’t “exist” according to you :).

      Listen to the following podcasts and get educated about the real world. Your insanity and stupidity would be reveled to you.

      BTW. if “race” doesn’t exist should we breed Asians or Blacks out of existence too?! To you agree with mixing all the Blacks in Africa with Asia in order to get rid of the Black race that “doesn’t exist”?!

      This kind of talk i.e. denying the existence of the White race thereby justifying its genocide via assimilation will have people like you in the upcoming revolution hung from the top of the tress for attempted, complicity and justifying GENOCIDE.

      If you think people like me will show mercy onto people like you who don’t want Swedish and Germanic babies to be born anymore then you are mistaken.

      I’m not advocating genocide of any race. I know races DO EXIST and every race has the right to exist including my race the Germanic and White race. Yet, using “sweet” words you are calling for the genocide of my race!?

      Listen to the last 17 mins of this podcast and you’ll understand you are advocating genocide.

      Marxism will be destroyed soon enough and with it the enemies who want the death of our race.

      BTW do you support BLACK babies to not be born anymore since race “doesn’t exist” according to you?!

      I know what would be your answer.

      Yet what do you support the genocide of my race, the White (and with it the Germanic) race?!

      How can one such an obvious reality as race is beyond me…:)

      There different races of humans just like there are different races of dog..

      Denying that the White race exists is not something idealistic or “progressive” but rather it is something that a lot of people would be hanged for in future tribunals… and you better not be on the wrong side when that time comes…

      Read the mantra:


      Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

      The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

      Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

      What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Asians were brought into EVERY Asian country and ONLY into Asian countries?

      How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the YELLOW problem?

      And how long would it take any sane Asian man to notice this and what kind of psycho Asian man wouldn’t object to this?

      But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

      After you read and understood the mantra, can you tell me who is the genocidal maniac between the two of us?!

      I believe all races have the right to exist and you believe that my race doesn’t have the right to exist… so who is the genocidal maniac here?

      Gud Med Oss

      Occupied Sweden

      If my race doesn’t have the right to survive no race has the right to survive:

    • Erik on June 6, 2015

      What is this “diversity” (i.e. genocide though assimilation) that Anti-White genocidal maniacs and psychopaths always talk about and why we don’t need it if we wish to preserve real diversity (i.e. diversity on a global level) :

      Do you get the point?! 🙂

  • Alireza on May 20, 2015

    Plz place the subtitle in a srt file as well …. Youtube is banned here and i could hardly download the mere video But it didn’t had the subtitle with it …. I Baddllly wanna watch it !! thanks

  • Ephaniel on May 19, 2015

    The Jews hate the Germans because the Germans are one of the 12 tribes of ISRAEL. The Jews are not. The Jews are the people of darkness and the darkness is always afraid of the light. The 12 tribes represent the devine LIGHT and LOVE. But the LIGHT can never be destroyed.

    • Erik on May 20, 2015

      Hi Ephaniel,

      What you have said is the most offensive thing one can say about Germans..

      The 12 Tribes of Israel are SEMETIC people with who modern Europeans have no relation genetically and in DNA terms. In fact Jews more resemble Arabs and other middle eastern European people in terms of their DNA.

      No European people today has any relation in terms of DNA to any middle eastern people. This is complete non-sense. As a Swede it take it personally as Scandinavians and Germans are one and the same race and people biologically and historically i.e. Scandinavians = Germans and Germans = Scandinavians. We have the same Germanic roots and bloodlines.

      Look :

      Adolf Hitler would been offended by what you just said, comparing a tribe of devil worshippers (the 12 tribes most of the times worshipped BAAL and other false Gods) from the middle east the Holy Germanic-Nordic Race from which Western Culture emerged after the fall of the Roman Empire.

      The Germanic race is holy. The Germanic blood is holy. It is the mother of creation among humanity. If preserved, humanity as a whole benefits from its creations, if destroyed, humanity as a whole suffers. Many of the technologies you are now using are its creations – an expression of its creative mind.

      The Jews as a group HATE Germans and gentiles in general because of Talmud. They are told from a young age that they have a god given right to rule the world, that non-Jews are beasts and insects to serve them, that non-Jews hate Jews for no-reason like its in their blood.

      I do hate international Jewry, I hate Jewry as a group, but I don’t hate individual Jews who are honest and kind and aren’t poisoned by the Jewish Anti-Gentile propaganda. It is sad that such Jews are very few, at least in public.

      I’m proud of my Nordic/Germanic heritage and I want my people in Sweden to LIVE. I want the other Germanic peoples of Europe also to survive and LIVE as we are One Germanic Blood.

      If demanding the survival of one’s own people and one’s own race makes one “racist”, then I’m guilty of being “Racist”.

      If wanting Germanic babies to continue to be born in the future makes one “bigoted” then I’m guilty of being a “bigot”.

      If caring for the future of ones children makes one “hateful” then I’m guilty of being hateful.

      If wanting a better world i.e. a world of true love and brotherhood without racial war and tension, a world of peace and harmony where every race has its own natural habitat without the division and conflict of multiculturalism and multiracialism which against natural law – if wanting all of this makes one “evil”, then I’m guilty of being “evil”.

      The things that really represent divine light are your actions for future generations, for life and healthy values of honor, courage, duty and strength.

      True courage is not that which found in the battlefield, but rather MORAL courage. The courage to do what’s right morally. Once you’ve established courage on a moral level – I.e. demanding the survival of your people – then such courage will be expressed LATER in the battlefield. But moral courage is needed FIRST.

      Without moral courage i.e. being weak and coward our people will go extinct well before the fight on the battlefield.


      Occupied Sweden,

      Gud Med Oss

      • Thank You on May 21, 2015

        Hi Eric,

        So true Words , but i Never loose the Hope. Even if they kill all Germans they will fall Later ! Because all of theire Multiculture Guys they will bring to our countrys never will make any efforts for the Jews 🙂 so justice will come at some day.

        They can kill us, but we will never Surrender.

        Hail Brother
        From Occupied Germany

        • Erik on May 21, 2015

          You must never give up!

          We can save our race by removing the our Zio controlled Governments from power and by HANGING our fake leaders who sold our people for dirty Jewish money.

          Awaken as many Germans as you can to the genocide charge. Do not tolerate assimilation of alien races into our Germanic Folk. Once our people our awaken we shall remove the racially alien migrants from our ancestral homelands and thus secure the survival of our folk and future generation.

          We shall enact laws that who ever hires aliens to work or job will be punished by our future government. We will make the lives of the aliens so difficult and painful that they will beg us to send them to their ancestral homelands.

          When I say “racially alien migrants” I include the aliens that were also born in Germany. A Somali born in Germany is still a Somali. A Nigerian born in Germany is still a Nigerian. He is not part of the German people and he will never be.

          We need to learn from the proud people of Japan. Japan is 98% ethnic Japanese. The Japanese are proud of their nation. They would be horrified by the idea of Third World races flooding into their country…

          A Japanese knows that a Negro born in Japan is still a negro and NOT Japanese anymore than a human being born in the Sea is a fish.

          Why have we Germanics – and White people in general – lost our pride and our moral courage !? Of course we’ve been poisoned by the Jewish media and Jewish Holywood… But no more…..

          A war for our race survival shall begin in Europe very soon….The Millions of Muslims and other aliens will either go back to their ancestral homelands freely or they shall get to feel the wrath of our Germanic warriors.

          Do not loose hope brother. What we do right now shall determine future generations for thousands years to come – if we win we shall be remembered as the ones who did what is needed.

          Lets remember the greatest Germanic leader of all times ADOLF HITLER whose was sent by God himself to awaken our folk, and whose spirit still resides in us today:

          The Germanic (Nordic) race is a lion waking up to save our folk and our children:

          Here’s the White Genocide Mantra, Read it, SPREAD it in every street corner in Germany, Spread it via the internet, Spread it in Universities, 1,000 will turn into 1,000,000 and it will turn into 40,000,000 and then our people will be awaken

          We must win. If we win our future generation will honor and admire us. If we fail our children and their children will course us for being cowards and for giving them a hellish future.

          WE MUST NOT FAIL.

          We are indeed waking up and thanks to Dennis Wise’s amazing work we now have a very efficient weapon to save our people:


          My German brother, Let us not forget the Germanic heritage our Germanic forefathers from Scandinavia gave us. They gave you not only Germany. They gave you their blood . Let’s protect it . Our people will be reborn again.


          Occupied Sweden

          Gud Med Oss

          • Kevin on June 17, 2015

            Hi Erik,

            I agree with you 100%.

            But I would like to ask you how do you suggest we should be dealing with the non-white immigrants?

            We are not dealing with people who have the same mentality and compassion as white people and who might not care about our racial survival and the future of white children.

            These third worlders don’t care if your people survives or not.

            They just want to use you.

            This is why they are flooding our lands and raping our women while we can’t do nothing because of so called “hate” laws.

            We also have the religion of “political correctness” who doesn’t care about what is healthy and good for our race.

            Any suggestions?!

        • NAIMA ELLOUZI on June 5, 2015


          • Alain Guionnet on November 14, 2015

            Je trouve lamentable que tout le monde jase rosbif au forum, alors qu’Ursule est vraisemblablement d’origine huguenote.

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